More UFO silly and Joan Arc is one closer step to dead.

You would think people had enough of silly little UFO’s, I look around and I see it isn’t so....


On this day in 1431, Joan was asked by the militant inquisitor:

Will you refer yourself to the church....

Joan: Concerning what you ask I will refer myself to the Church militant, provided that it does not command me to do anything impossible.

I call this impossible—that I should revoke the things which I have said and done, as they are set down in this trial, concerning the visions and revelations which I have said that I had from God.  Not for anything will I revoke them.  And what our Lord has caused and commanded me to do, and shall command, I will not cease from doing for any man living. And it would be impossible for me to revoke them.  And in case the Church wished to make me do something else, contrary to the commandment which I say God has given me, not for anything would I do it.

Inquisitor: If the Church militant tells you that your revelations are illusions or diabolical things or superstitions or evil things, will you refer yourself to the Church in respect to them.

Joan: I will refer myself to our Lord, whose bidding I shall always do.  And I know that what is recorded in my trial came to pass at my Lord’s bidding,it would have been impossible for me to do otherwise.

Inquisitor: Do you believe that you are subject to the Church which is on earth, that is, to our holy father the Pope, the cardinals, archbishops, bishops, and other prelates of the Church?

Joan: Yes—our Lord first served.

Inquisitor: Have you a command from your voices not to submit yourself to the Church....

Joan: What I answer is not whatever comes into my head. What I answer is what is at their command.   They do not command me not to obey the Church, our Lord first served!



Good Fridays and bad eyesight.

I am amazed daily at how gullible people are everyday.    They believe millionaire politicians -- about 80 percent, most of the them -- who's main purpose in government is to protect their fortunes and the fortunes of others in the same tax bracket, yet, they tell you they are going to get government off of your back by making it smaller when in reality they are just making it which will soon be serving you for dinner.

I guess I shouldn't be so amazed, that's the way it is, always has been, and always will be.  Someone with the gift-of-gab tells you what you want to hear and you obey.  Take for example this day (March 30th) in 1750.  John Taylor had a successful business with such passed clients as King George II and the pope -- who else could afford a doctor back then, or today for that matter?

Taylor in his Sunday Shirt
Back to my story: Taylor, who had adopted the title "Ophthalmiater Royal," rode from town to town in a carriage emblazoned with painted eyeballs, made grandiose speeches before gathered crowds at each surgery, and left a long trail of blinded people in his wake.  One of them was Johann Sebastian Bach.

The great composer had long suffered poor eyesight, but as his condition worsened, he had the misfortune of meeting the itinerant Taylor, who had just arrived in Leipzig to great fanfare.  On March 30, 1750, the celebrity oculist plunged his sharpened instruments into the musical genius's eyes.  Then he applied a healing poultice of pigeon's blood, pulverized salt, and just a dash of mercury.  After several days, Bach could no longer see.  Four months later Bach was dead, and just as we are blinded by the tax-cuts for the rich, smaller government for the poor, and a global Corporation to control it all,  eight years after Bach's eye-sight was taking away, Handel requested the same treatment and too went blind.
Parts of this info from "Bad Days in History" by Farquhar


Don't bat an eye, my friend, the illusion has been going on forever, take for instance on this day in the great year of our lord, 1218, in England: King Henry III proclaims the Yellow Badge Edict, under which every Jew older than seven must wear a yellow identifying badge.  (And you thought it started in Germany the Nazis.)

Then on this day in 1533, the protestant faith is created by Henry VIII so he can divorce his first of five wives and still get into heaven.  

On this day in 1581, Pope Gregory XIII forbids Catholics to use Jewish doctors.

Finally, on this Good Friday, I'll leave you with the entry from Klemperer's "I Will Bear Witness" journal from 1945 in Berlin Germany:

     Today we heard the military bulletin at five, as we were drinking coffee....  The speaker formulated thus: "If we resist, we have the possibility of continuing to live; if we capitulate, we shall certainly die.  Because not only the Bolshevists want to exterminate us, but the Anglo-Americans want to do so, too, behind both is the Jewish will to destroy."  

This said after the Germans had murdered millions of Jews in the gas chamber.   

People, if you continue to tolerate the racial hate of today, we will become Nazis Germany of tomorrow, with or without our eyes.

Hmmmmm, I think I meant "I's" not "eyes."



False Flag USA, Rosenberg's and Coca-Cola.

March 29th, a crazy day for justice.   On this day in 1682, a great fire erupted in Edo (now Tokyo), forcing Yaoya Oshichi, a 16 year-old girl and her family from their home.  They ran to the temple where our heroine meets Ikuta Shonosuke, a temple page with whom she soon fell in love with.  Sady, though, the romance ended after the family found a new home and left the shelter.  So upset was young Yaoya, that she did what any broken-hearted girl would do:  she torched her own home in hopes of returning to the temple to see her lover again.

The penalty for arson in Japan at the time was burning at the stake, but only those above the age 15 could be executed.  The judge wanted to spare the girls life, and so said, "You must be fifteen years old, right?"  The frightened Yaoya gave her true age.

And so on this day in 1683 the girl who couldn't tell a lie was consumed by flames.

In an interesting coincidence, on this day in 1940 Japan established its own government in conquered Nankin, the former capital of Nationalist China.  In 1937, Japan drummed up a rationale for war against China by claiming China was responsible for the bombing of one of their trains.   Yes, a False-Flag explosion to justify their invasion.   The move went so well, others took note, most notably the USA War Machine who was chomping to get into the second world war so allowed the Japanese to invade Pearl Harbor.    It is common knowledge today that Roosevelt knew it was happening and so had all our aircraft carriers and other key war vessels moved safely out to sea away from the attack.   This False-Flag ploy would be used again by the USA for the Vietnam Conflict by claiming the Vietnamese were responsible for torpedo damage to one of our ships in the the Gulf of Tonkin.  That worked so well, President George Bush decided to use it in composing his demolition of the World Trade Towers like castles in the sand in the September 11 attack that led to the Iraq Invasion.  

Finally, on this day in 1951, one of the most sensational trials in American history, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were convicted of espionage for their role in passing stick-figure drawings of a nuclear bomb to the Soviets.   Truth is, the Rosenberg's were used as an example and warning to the Left Leaning people of the US to get in line and shut up.   From Eisenhower down to the prison guard bringing them bread-and-water, the Rosenberg's were told all they had to do was admit they did it and they wouldn't be executed -- just paraded through Dallas in Jester clothing.  They wouldn't.   And that "liberal" stubbornness really pissed off conservative's of the day, and so, they were executed by the electric chair -- after several tries.  Conversely, just has 50's TV wanted you to believe your mom and dad slept in different beds, the press wanted you to believe there were no dissenting voices in the USA and so the thousands of protestors who came out in support of the Rosenberg's was kept out of the newspapers.

Dr. John Pemberton

There is some good news for this day back in 1885 for Dr. John Pemberton brewed up his first batch of his "brain tonic and intellectual beverage" called Coca-Cola.  And yes boys and girls, it was loaded with the real stuff: cocaine.  

Coca-Cola (Coke) had cocaine in it, in varying amounts, from 1886 – 1929. At the time cocaine was legal and treated as a medicine. Coca-Cola didn’t invent using the coca plant in drinkable products (coca wine was also popular), it’s just the one product with its history and name firmly rooted in it. In short, Coke used to have coke in it.


From Joan of Arc and UFOs, to fake news and "We're all gonna die."

The gentlemen of France wanted to go before Paris. And I think they did their duty in that; it was going against their enemies.

It lies with our Lord to make revelations to whom he pleases.

As for signs, if those who ask for one are not worthy of it, I am not accountable for that!

I believe, as firmly as I believe that our Lord Jesus Christ suffered death to redeem us form the pains of Hell, that they are Saint Michael and Saint Gabriel and Saint Catherine and Saint Margaret, whom our Lord sends to comfort and counsel me.

I shall call them to help me as long as I live.

I ask in this manner:
     "Most sweet God, in honor of your holy passion I beg you, if you love me, to reveal to me what I am to answer to these churchmen.  As to this clothing I well know by what commandment I began to wear it.  But I do not know the manner in which I am to quit it.  Therefore, may it please yo to teach me."

And immediately they come.

That Jesus has failed me I deny.

As to the Church militant, I wish to show it all the honor and reverence that I can.  As for referring my deeds to the Church militant, I must needs refer them to our Lord, who caused me to do what I have done.

I am a good Christian.

The offenses that you bring against me I have not committed: as for the rest, I refer it to our Lord.

Joan of Arc,  March 28, 1431 (from her testimony at trial).
Joan of Arc In Her Own Words 


And in UFO news today fella, a pilot saw another one, more shockingly -- not -- he saw it over Arizona and New Mexico.  That's right according to such bad-ass periodicals as Newsweek and Benjamin Fearnow, (who got it from Newsweek), a pilot flying in a Learjet asked air traffic controllers if traffic had passed over his plane.  The controller responded no, but the pilot responded confidently, "Somethin' did," as another unidentified pilot on the frequency chimed in, "UFO."

"Yeah," the Learjet pilot confirmed.

So there you have it, fellas, the UFO phenomena is not even news anymore and part of the pilots vernacular as common as he or she saying: ...delay on runway or, we're all gonna die.

Around the same time this happened, a watcher of the Space Station feed (boring) captured this:

Yes, to use the vernacular of a pilot:  We're all gonna' die!


And in today's news, we have a perfect example of how to manipulate the masses with fake news to keep you from having any form of common-sense gun laws.    Here's how it works...

You take a Republican appointed (retired) judge to come out and say something that no one in their right mind is even considering to take the attention away from what is really happening.  Here's the deal, since the recent school shootings, the majority of citizens want some kind of gun reform, like, stop selling gangster machine guns to kids, for one.  And with all the recent killings this should be a slam dunk.  Even the NRA has been revealed as the masochist son-of-a-bitches they are by protecting gun manufactures profits over childens rights.

Then steps in Retired Judge John Paul Stevens who says: we should repeal the Second Amendment!

Wow Cowboy, where did that come from?

Doen't matter.  It worked.  In today's headline news, Donald Trump says, in big letters I'll have you know: 

'The Second Amendment will never be repealed': Trump slams John Paul Stevens’ call for change'

That's how it is done, no longer are we talking about yesterday's news of the thousands who marched on Washington over the weekend demanding common-sense gun control, now, we are talking about saving the Second Amendment before they elect another black man!
Relax, it's okay, sleep, you're safe with me....

It's your country people, wake up, smell the coffee.   Vote the bums out:  all of them!  Get your country back.  Demand guns are kept for home protection and hunting, not an extension of Billy Bobs private parts.   Demand the rich pay their taxes, fix out streets, open the state funded hospitals Ronald Reagan closed and get these homeless people the medicine they need and off the streets.   And for you bigoted Christians, remeber your Jesus said these people are not going to make it to heaven, so why are you following them.... oh, that's right, you still have a decent job so continue to look the other way and blame the less fortunate for the problem.  

 You suck, have another donut, forget I said anything.  




Postcards from the 99%

First, for your admonishing me for my good and in our faith, I thank you and all this company.  As for the counsellor that you offer me, I thank you too: but I do not intend to forsake the counsel of our Lord.

I believe that our holy father the Pope of Rome and the bishops and other churchmen are there to guard the Christian faith and to punish those woh are faulty.

But as for me I will not submit myself in respect to my deeds, save to the church in Heaven alone--that is, to God, the Virgin Mary, and the saints in Paradise.  And I firmly beieve that I have not been faulty in our Christian faith.  Nor would I wish to be.

I do not do wrong to serve God!

f the judges refuse to let me hear mass, it certainly lies in our Lord to let me hear it, when he shall please to, without them.

At Arras and at Beaurevoir I was many times admonished to wear women's clothing: I refused, and I still refuse.  As to other womanly duties, there are enough other women to perform them.

As to the Duke of Burgundy, I begged him, by letters and through his ambassadors, that there might be peace.  As to the English, the peace that is needed with them is that they should go back to their homes in England.

There was neither sorcery nor any other evil art in anything that I have done.

If the English had believed my letter they would have done wisely.  And before seven years are ended, they shall be well aware of the things that I wrote them.

I did not send it out of pride of presumptiom, but at the bidding of our Lord.

First I asked them to make peace.  And in case they would not make peace, I was all ready to fight.

Joan of Arc,  March 27, 1431 (from her testimony at trial).
Joan of Arc In Her Own Words 

 In 1922, New York City Mayor John F. Hylan said, "The real menace of our republic is this invisible government which, like a giant octopus, sprawls its slimy length over city, state and nation. Like the octopus of real life, it operates under cover of a self created screen.... At the head of this octopus are the Rockefeller Standard Oil interests and a small group of powerful banking houses generally referred to as international bankers. The little coterie of powerful international bankers virtually run the United States government for their own selfish purposes. They practically control both political parties....”

So what did talk like that get you back in 1922? Simple: your own Democrat party runs a less people conscious politician to get him out, and then, to remind him he did a bad, bad thing trying to expose the real people running the country, they put you on a children’s court.

Hylan was one of us, a 99%. He grew up poor in the Catskills, educated himself working for the man, and like many of us, looked more conservative than he was and so, with money of William Randolph Hearst Hearst, was giving a cushy mayor job until, that is he spoke the truth about the governing powers of 1922.  If, you think it’s gotten better you’ve been drinking too much tap water.  Stop it, wake up, smell the coffee... oh, and get your money out of the banks before it’s too late: invest in hemp oil for the sake of us all!


Chinese Spaceship, Porn-Stache Bolton, and we all going to die!

So the Chinese Space Station named Tiangong is going to land somewhere between South Dakota and Tasmania.  That's pretty much anywhere it wants.

Big problem for Donald Trump who just placed Tariffs on Chines products: if it lands in the USA it will be an act of war for it's tariff violation.  Fortunately for the USA, Donald Trump appointed the man who brought you the Iraq Oil War (John Bolton) as National Security Advisor.   This should be very alarming to you boys-and-girls, for, Bolton's screwed up war in Iraq was one of the things Trump campaigned against.   And, even more disturbing than his Porn Mustache, Bolton had drawn of the plans for the preemptive war against Iraq under the Clinton presidency, only Clinton didn't approve them because, well, he had other things on his mind which a Bolton porn-stache would have helped, and so didn't.   George Bush (the smartest Republican ever), however, did, and the rest is history: Cost of Iraq War: 190k lives/$2.2 Trillion debt/zero tax increase to pay it!

Oh, but you don't care, you wear girls underwear. 

Bolton giving the , Hi Hitler! Mein mustache! Salut
Getting back to the Chinese spaceship... ah, who gives a shit.  We're all going to die!


Joan of Arc in a Salem Dream on this Palm Sunday.

I could well be allowed to hear mass as I am, which is my highest wish.  But I can not change my attire, nor does that lie in me.

It does not lie in me to do it.  If it lay in me, it would be quickly done!

Joan of Arc,  March 25, 1431 (from her testimony at trial).
Joan of Arc In Her Own Words 


Not to be confused with March 25, 1692, when John Proctor of Salem Village encountered Samuel Sibley at Walter Philip's tavern for an ale and asked, "how are the folks of the Village?"

"Very bad last night," Sibley answered, "your made (Mary) is at it again, she is practicing magic."

Proctor:  "I'm going there now then to fetch the jade (A jade is a worn-out horse, a term, when applied to woman is comparable to 'bitch').   If they are to continue (he was upset they had been hanging out laughing), we should all be devils and witches quickly.  I tried to keep her busy at the spinning wheel and threatened to thresh her if she tried that again.  It worked, too, until I had to be away...."

While they were drinking their beers and planning another whipping of a jade, away from the Village at Stephen Sewall's house in Salem town, Betty Parris had such terrible seizures that her hosts feared she would die.  When she recovered enough to describe the apparition, Betty told Mrs. Sewall how the dark shape of a menacing man terrorized her.  And in her dream he had promised her anything that she wanted, and a trip to a golden city besides, if she obeyed him.
The Salem Witch Trials, Marilynne Roach

Esoteric Note: Interesting dream, very Joan of Arc inspired, dare I say on this Palm Sunday.

Speaking of Palm Sunday, enjoy this holy of all pagan celebrations with the passing over of the Sun to usher in Spring as the Sun begins it's ascension into Summer.  As you are plenty aware by now, they want you to believe that the Son of God, is not the Sun of God which has been worshiped since we first looked up the sky and said, "Hey, what's going on?"   Just as they want you to believe that the words God and Evil don't derive from the mathematical brain washing of removing an "O" from good to form God, and placing a D in front of Evil to create the word Devil.

Religion is a scam and the fact we are waking up to it is scaring the hell out of them.

Good job believers in the real light that is in all of us, which doesn't include a heaven, hell, or mad-man on a donkey.


c'est tout pour aujourd'hui

Give me a woman's dress to go home to my mother in, and I will take it.  That would bring me out of prison, and when I am out of prison I will take counsel over what I should do.

Because of the solemnity of these days and this season, I beg to be permitted to hear mass on Palm Sunday.

Joan of Arc,  March 24, 1431 (from her testimony at trial).


In other news, as much as I was hoping it isn't so (so that we can get on with the fact that there is  intelligent life out there somewhere), the six-inch mummy called Atacama isn't an alien.  But then, deep down inside you knew that.  The six-inch mummy is a human being with the DNA of the Chilean people from where it was found.  So, nothing to see here sports fans, however, the good news is, that the little person presumed to be hundreds of years old, is real and not a hoax created to make a few bucks -- which so many of these things are, i.e., the staged Big Foot shots, Crystal Skulls, Alien Autopsy... the list goes on.
Good news however!  The Ancient Alien Theorist will have to give us another season of Giorgio Tsoukalos telling us that I am wrong because, "well, what if all of the people of Chili are aliens?"

It's True: I read it on the internet!


Corporate Greed is made of People!

On this day (March 24th) of the year of their lord, 1989,  shortly after midnight, the oil tanker Exxon Valdez (yes, the same Exxon which is a direct decedent of John D. Rockefeller's Standard Oil company who wrote the book on how to make a fortune by keeping the masses bent over...) struck Bligh Reef in Prince William Sound, Alaska, spilling more than 11 million gallons of crude oil. The spill was the largest in U.S…Many factors complicated the cleanup efforts following the spill. The size of the spill and its remote location, accessible only by helicopter and boat, made government and industry efforts difficult and tested existing plans for dealing with such an event.

First of all, fellow sheeples, I hate to be the one who tells you this, but 29 years later, it's still not back to normal and Exxon is still crying "foul" because they had to pay $100 million in restitution, which, was a deal since without missing a beat, Exxon stayed at the top of corporate profits: They made $3.8 billion profit in 1989 and $5 billion in 1990 and it has yet to stop. 

If you're really not feeling the burn over this, you should be, not only did Exxon get away with the greatest attack on our environment since the USA tested nukes over Japan, but you and me paid them handsomely for doing so in the form of tax subsidies, or, should I say, Corporate Welfare!   Okay, I will: Corporate Welfare!  Food-stamps for their Gated Communities, private schools, and personal tollways!: All Designed To Keep You and Me Out!

Yes, it is time for a non-violent revolution before they finally figure out a way to serve us as food to each other.  Don't think they're not trying:  Soylent Green is made of people! It's enough to scare Mr. NRA himself.


Wait, there's more:

As if that isn't enough, try this: On this day of that same year, two respected chemist, B. Stanley Pons, professor of chemistry at the University of Utah, and his colleague Martin Fleischmann of the University of Southhampton in Englad, announced in a press conference that they had achieved "cold fusion."

"We've established a sustained fusion reaction by means that are considerably simpler than conventional techniques," Professor Pons declared.

In a nutshell, what this meant was that the world would have an endless supply of cheap, clean energy.

No shit, it happened on the same day, and guess what, the two have never been heard of sense.   What a payoff they must have gotten.  I wonder how many other's have been forced to stay quiet by the Toxic Energy people?

The road to peace is at hand if we can grab it from the Corporate Stink holding us back; all we have to do is demand it. Buy more Ben and Jerry's ice-cream is a good start. 


Racist Pope and another Christian murderer in a long line of hate.

Father Edward Staniek (racist)
Nothing like old-time religion:

Priest publicly wishes for Pope's quick death because of his views on immigration and Islam

That's right sports fans, in case you missed it, this priest (Father Edward Staniek) is calling Pope Francis a "foreign body" in the church because, Francis wants to be open to people of the Islamic faith, to which, our racist priest says: "As a religion, they (Islamist) are hostile to the Gospel and the Church. They murdered millions in religious wars...)

Ouch, isn't that like the pot calling the kettle "black" by using the N Word?

Fortunately for our racist priest, he's keeping pretty good company historically on this March 22, for on this day in history...

(Dream Sequence for my visual followers.)

1144: According to The Life and Passion of William of Norwich, a monk stated that he found a dead child who had been sacrificed by Jews in a gruesome ritual mocking the crucifixion of Jesus.  This fantastical tale is what many experts consider the origin of the legend that Jews routinely killed Christian children in secret rituals.  This myth influenced anti-Semites from Martin Luther to Adolf Hitler, and caused untold misery to millions of innocent people over the centuries.

1630: Anne Hutchinson--'''the instrument of Satan," as Governor John Winthrop called her-- was banished form Massachusetts for having dared to challenge the colony's theocratic establishment.  Hutchinson believed that a person could reach God through personal intuition, rather than through the observance of institutionalized laws and the precepts of ministers.  "As I do understand it," she wrote, "laws, commands, rules, and edicts are for those who have not the light which makes plain the pathway."

1871: North Carolina's William Woods Holden became the first U.S. governor ever removed from office.  His crime: coming down a little too hard on the Ku Klux Klan.

1943:  The Nazis herded the entire population of the village of Khatyn, Belarus, into a shed, covered the structure with straw, and set it on fire.  Those who managed to escape the inferno were immediately shot.

1984: Mass hysteria in Manhattan Beach, California, culminated with the indictment of seven teachers and administrators at the McMartin preschool, charged with hundreds of counts of child abuse.  Coaxed by "experts" from Children's Institute International, the little ones reported not only sexual abuse but also satanic rituals involving the dismemberment of babies and the exhumation of corpses.  The trial of the "McMartin Seven," one of the longest and most expensive in history, ended with total vindication for the defendants.  But given the lives ruined, it was a shallow victory.

And Finally on this day, the Austin Bomber's facts are starting to come out:  Conservative, Christian, Gay-Basher.   Are you shocked?   Let's see: Liberals Commies = 1 (the Una-Bomber) / Conservatives Racist = all the rest!


Signs we are winning and the racist are losing is official per The National Review.  In this article they go on to explain how the Steve Bannon's Insurgence is over because Steve Bannon's select pick (Danny Tarkanian- an Neo Nazis if there ever was one) for the Nevada Senate race backed down for the Tea Party candidate Dean Heller.   So, extreme extreme is replaced with just extreme and you are suppose to feel good about the political mess.   Do you see what they are doing?  They have moved things so far right that what use to be a quack-job is now a centralist candidate.  I guess that means I have to be a communist just to get us a good Democratic Socialistic government where we can own guns in homes, only don't have to spread our behinds for healthcare and a safety net (safety net = affordable healthcare, unemployment, social security, etc.)   

The safety net, by-the-way, is crashing so hard we'll soon be buying eggs off of a street corner for survival (a family story of how my grandfather made a living during the Great Depression).   Need proof, how about this:  that tax cut for the rich last month, isn't enough!   What!  Yes, really, Trumps new millionaire appointee, Kudlow is now asking for another tax cut, this time without a vote.   Can you say fascist boys-and-girls?   Read about it here if you want:

Trump Economist Wants to Give Rich People Another Tax Break, Without a Vote in Congress

I wonder on this March 21, 2018, how we have come not very far from our intolerant past; just look at this day in history:

1349: Thousands of Jews are slaughtered in the German town of Erfurt after being accused of causing the devastating plague known as the Black Death.

1556: Archbishop Thomas Cranmer, a leader of the English Reformation and compiler of the Book of Common Prayer, is burned at the stake for heresy by Queen "Bloody" Mary I.

1861: Confederate vice president Alexander Stephens declares "...its (the United States of America) foundations... is the truth that the negro is not equal to the white man: that slavery, subordination to the superior race, is his natural and normal condition."

1925: Tennessee governor Austin Peay signed into law the Butler Act: "any theory that denies the Story of the Divine Creation of man as taught in the kicked out of class.

1933: The Nazis announce the opening of their first concentration camp, Dachau.

1960: Police in the South African township of Sharpeville opened fire on a large group of protesters who objected to the sever segregation polic9es of the white-run government.  As a result, 69 people were killed, and 180 injured.

And in today's headline news:

Racist recordings of ex-Pilot Flying J head to be released


Racist incidents at universities show they aren’t as tolerant as we think


Long Beach Woman In Viral, Racist Rant Offers To Enlighten Public On 'Displacement Of European-Americans'



In wake of Richard Spencer’s Michigan rally, the racist alt-right’s infighting over optics comes to a head


Finally, on this day in 1994, U.S. Vice President Albert Gore addressed the International Telecommunications Union.  He said, "The Global Information Infrastructure will help educate our children and allow us to exchange ideas within a community and among nations.  It will be a means by which families and friends will transcend the barriers of time and distance.  It will make possible a global information marketplace, where consumers can buy or sell products."  

I was in my late twenties when he said that.  And I'm here to tell you what the Republican's were saying back then:  things like:  "What a waste of tax money..." and yes, "Gore should be worried about lowering taxes and improving the economy instead of giving us an "Information Highway."  What we need is jobs, not Information."

 No shit, that's what they were saying.  And when Gore's word became profetic, they used it agaisnt him by saying that he thinks "he created the internet."  That was after old-man Bush had lost an election calling Gore "ozone-man."

And here we are today, benefiting from the internet in ways never imagined and the closed minded Republicans are still blowing the "lower taxes" horn.   And sadly, they're getting away with it and you don't care because you wear stinky underwear!

Feeling the Burn yet! 


Zodiac Killer and a message to Neo Nazis

 On this day in 1968, the Zodiac Killer murdered his first victim.  To celebrate, he sent the following message to the newspapers:

I like killing people because it is so much fun it is more fun than killing wild game in the forest because man is the most dangerous animal of all to kill something gives me the most thrilling experience it is even better than getting your rocks off with a girl the best part of it is that when I die I will be reborn in paradise and (all the people) I have killed will become my slaves I will not give you my name because you will try to slow me down or stop my collecting of slaves for my afterlife.

The Zodiac Killer continued to write letters and murders he took credit for continued to add up until 1971, when he sent his last message:  Me = 37, SFPD = 0.   There were no more murders after that and the man behind these murders remains a mystery.


Steve Bannon
It's gotten real ugly boys-and-girls -- if you haven't noticed.   What appears to be the problem is we're getting taken advantage of by the 1% on one end as our social services and security net collapses around us while the rich-get-richer -- not to mention using our tax payments to bailout their investments and pile up US debt on unfunded oil wars -- the George Bush War still has never been paid for, remember, there was a tax-cut with that increased spending, a play right out of Ronald Reagan's Play Book:   run up the debt and blame it on the social problems.

That's right, they're grabbing up all the marbles and blaming you for the theft.  But I'm not talking about the 1% today, I'm talking about the lower 1%, the Steve Bannon White Supremacist.   Do you know they all joke about the N tax (I don't use that word even in jest).  They really have convinced themselves unfunded oil wars and government bailouts for wealthy investors isn't the problem; in their minds the problem is the blacks (they use the N word) and the N... Tax, and when it isn't the blacks, it's the Hispanics, Arabs, Jews, you name it.

Not funny anymore. 
Killer of 17 in school shooting and admitted White Supremacist
In today's news Youtube admits it has a Neo-Nazi problem.  And why's that?   Because the small percentage of low self-esteem white people are polluting the blogs -- like this one -- with crazy talk -- like this one.   This is why I write against them -- along with the religious fakes keeping us from enlightenment.    Someone needs to be a voice of reason.   My god, do they really think they can have an all white world?   WTF, they never have or never will.   It is a decease.   A Jerry Seinfeld TV remake.

Let's say they do get their all-white world back, then what?  We know what, they would start pointing fingers at the Italians, Irish, and Polish.   Remember all those jokes?  I'm 57 and I do.   Let's see, there were the Waps and The Polocks and Irish drunk jokes.  Most of these White Punks On Hate today don't remember that. They don't realize that we all need to get along or we all sink with the ship.  That simple.
Inside they know they aren't going to have an all-white world anymore and I guess it is killing them. They need to find a reason for why they hate themselves and so project this hate on people who look different.  The truth is, society norms have come to repossess the trailer and they're holding to the carpet for dear life.

Finally, I wish there was a way we could give them their white world.  Maybe a State.   Shit the whole South again if they want.   Within a few years they would be eating each other for not being White Enough.   It's an incurable disease they have and I for one, will not go down with them.

That's all I have to say on this, and, well, everyone in the country should learn English.   That way idiots like Donald Trump wouldn't get elected.


Yeah, no more unions.

On this day in 1834, England figured out how to handle its workers requesting fair treatment from the 1%: they shipped them to the penal colony in Australia.  That's right,  six agricultural laborers from the English town of Tolpubble in Dorset were sentenced to seven years of imprisonment.  Their leader, George Loveless, wanted to create a union to give them greater bargaining strength with landowners.  The laborers lived in desperate poverty on wages of nine shillings a week.   Yes, they were working in poverty.   Not too different from most people today.  It might not be you, but it is someone you see everyday: maybe that hairdresser, they fast-food counter person, or that security guard given a gun to protect your apartment complex.  It's bad today, only there are no more islands to send us to for punishment, now, we stand on street corners begging for quarters.   Yes, this is your conscious speaking ass-whole:  do something, get off your doughnut.   Pay attention, soon it will be you... unless, that is, you are one of them.  But then, why would you be reading this.

Ironically enough, on this day in 1948, The Taft-Hartley Law was invoked for the first time.  Workers in the Atomic Trades and Labor Council could not walk off their jobs at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory until a "cooling off" period of 80 days had passed (allowing their 1% leaders to find their replacements while pretending to negotiate terms).

Fast forward to today where the Supreme Court is hearing the "Fair Share" practices where workers are forced to pay union fees.   Now, this may sound un-Amercian to force workers to pay for union fees, but the fact is if you don't the unions won't exist.   Why?   The companies will hire people on the bases they agree not to pay the union fees.    Now, my mother worked under a union in Detroit and every week complained about the $30 dollars they took out, especially since the unions weren't doing anything for woman at the time, and so she worked beside men making a third of their pay.   So, I grew up not appreciating the unions; however, without them we would never have gotten an 8 hour work day -- which more and more people are losing today.   Conversely, we wouldn't have paid-holidays, healthcare benefits, and be working beside children.    That is what the unions gave us:  a middle class.   And once the Supreme Court votes away the "fair share" provision, the remaining unions, mostly city workers at this time, will go the route of the auto unions and pilot unions:  gone.   Or worse, as reported in HuffPost, Pilots on Food Stamps to make ends meets.   What?   In America!  Yeah, no shit, Sherlock, sit back, have another donut, don't concern yourself with it, your flight to Cancun is probably safe.
 So, I end this post by saying I'm glad the unions will be gone soon: then we can get on with our revolution against the 1% by blocking their tollways and jamming their gated locks on their private neighborhoods so they have to deal with us, because, soon the imbalance will be so noticeable they will be effected too.    
For those of you who don't believe workers rights are being destroyed so the 1% can add a few more cars to their collections and coins in a Swiss bank, are fooling yourself.   When the bottom falls out it falls out for all of us.  When the rich don't pay their share, we all suffer.   I have a friend now who works for a major department store, I won't mention their name because it might affect my trips to the mall because I park by the Dillard entrance to my mall and have to enter through that door.   Anyways, she sells cosmetics, she has too, she left an abusive relationship and so has to pay her rent, food, etc, and that jobs does get her closer to making ends meet than the fast-food options.   The problem is, she works slave hour, slave rules, and has no say.  For instance, they don't allow them to bring coffee to their counters, nor do they give them a break on Sundays.   They also don't five them chairs to sit in, and here is the kicker, they really don't give them days off.  The few days she gets off she has some-kind of training to go too.   Then, her job is threatened daily for not making enough sells, when, the mall is so empty you could fire an AK14 through it and not hit anyone -- fortunate for her,  that is probably why no one has.
So there you have it, take it or leave it: enjoy your red-white-and-blue sprinkles on your donuts.   This doesn't concern you, now does it.


St. Patrick's Day, "Muckrackers," and Marx.

The first St. Patrick's Day Parade was held on this day in New York in 1762 by Irish soldiers serving in the British soldiers serving in the British army.  Early Irish settlers to the American colonies, many of whom were indentured servants, brought the Irish tradition of celebrating St. Patrick's feast day to America.  And what a feast day it was, from his journal writing in 1865, the Pennsylvania-born sergeant in the Irish Brigade, recounts:

St. Patrick's Day in the morning, and it is a fine morning, weather beautiful.  This is the day of the "Irish Brigade Jubilee"....  At ten O'clock the horses and riders came in...and arranged themselves in line, and then the word was given and away they go.  Some went over the hurdles and ditches, some flew the track and ran through the crowd of soldiers.  A sergeant of the 69th New York was trampled to death and half a dozen others badly wounded.  The Ambulance was hauling dead and wounded away all day.  The second round the Black Stallion of the Dutch Col fell over a hurdle and broke his neck and both arms of the Colonel.  They sent the Colonel to the Hospital, rolled the dead horse out of the way and went ahead as if nothing had happened.  Corporal Chisholm and myself sit in the Head Quarters carriage of General Meade on top of the hill four hundred yards away and we was hardly safe there, as one horse flew the track and nearly run through the carriage we sit in...On they went, horses flying the track, running over the spectators, faffing over the hurdles, into the ditches, breaking arms, legs, etc.  We soon got tired and came back to camp.  Never did I ever see such a crazy time.  I  will have to alter my mind if I ever go to see another Irish fair.


Oddly enough, on this day in 1883, the inventor of the word "capitalism" and arguably the world's most influential economist, Karl Marx, is buried in London's Highgate Cemetery.  The grave was virtually unmarked (a monument stands there now), and fewer than 20 people attended.  Not to fear though, in the true spirit of Marx himself, on this day in 1906, the term muckraking journalist is coined by President Theodore Roosevelt in a speech to the Gridiron Club in Washington.  The origin was ironic.  Speaking against sensationalist "yellow journalism," Roosevelt borrowed the term from John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress ("the Man with the Muckrake...who could look no way but downward"). However, "muckraker" soon became the nickname of great journalists who exposed the miserable abuses of the top 1 percent: forced child labor, predatory finance, marketing of unsafe food and drugs... etc.



Tax Cut: Less infrastructure.

What their tax cuts gets you:

Less infrastructure.

Don't worry, they'll fix it with a tollway.

Have another doughnut.

Here's what it looked like before.

Here's what you look like with that doughnut in your mouth:

What happened to my country?

Speaking of the 1 percent, there is a petition going around to have Betsy DeVos resign.  Remember her?  She's the Secretary of Education who's soul purpose in life is to de-fund public schools.   She hates everything they stand for.   They scare her because the people going to public schools don't always live in gated communities, feel bad about themselves because they are of color, and/or, sometimes wear Hijabs.

Okay, that's a little harsh, I know.  Maybe it is just the Jesus thing.  You know, as I said a few days ago she wants every-one to be home schooled so they are brained wash -- as I was -- to fear the Capitalist God!   More precisely, the Creation Myth thing that public schools only teach when forced too, and then, as "a Theory!"  -- Run for your life, it's the school of Satan! -- So they actually believe.

News for you boys-and-girls, I've changed my views, I think we should be able to teach Creationism as a fact, along with the Native American's "Turtle on the Back" story, and of course, the "Ancient Astronaut theory."   Why not: the Nazca el astronauta thinks so:

Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!