peaceful, loving, change is coming!

The world is changing, and the change is good. 

That thought came to me this morning in my Buddhist chants/prayers.  As those of you who have been reading me know, I'm a Nichiren Buddhist and proud member of the SGI.  We're a humanistic organization that is working for peace and security for society of the world.  We believe our lives are inextricably connected, and that we cannot enjoy true happiness and security while others are suffering or imperiled.  We don't push our faith on others, but we do chant that the world will come together as it is today with the peaceful marches.  And this brings me to today's post: peaceful, loving, change is coming!

Trump holding bible to create chaos: nice try bozo!
The signs are everywhere:  Trump has tried to use the U.S. police/military and Christian church for his evil doings, and has failed.  Pictures yesterday showed police officers taking a knee in solidarity with the protestors and the military soldiers hugging men with Black Lives Matter signs.  This had to drive Trump more crazy than he already is -- scary. 

Along with the love between the police/military and protestors, many Christian church leaders have recognized Trump's awkward stunt of gassing protestors to clear a spot for him in front of a church for what it was: an attempt to lie White Church Going People into believing that the Black Lives Matter protestors are out to get them.  Why not, such stunts have worked before! NOT THIS TIME BOZO!  Most of the protestors are of the christian faith!

Then, finally, some Republicans are speaking out against Donald Trump: The Dictator.  The best example of this is Susan Collins (R-Maine), who said:  "It was painful to watch peaceful protesters be subjected to tear gas in order for the president to go across the street to a church that I believe he’s attended only once."

And then Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb) who said: “There is a fundamental — a constitutional — right to protest, and I’m against clearing out a peaceful protest for a photo op that treats the Word of God as a political prop." 

And most glorious of all, the last Christian Right president, George Bush said, " remains a shocking failure that African Americans are harassed and threatened in their own country."

And the most telling sign of change, as printed in an CNBC headline:

Iowa voters oust Rep. Steve King, who defended white supremacy

That's right, Steve King is the guy who recently asked, "When did White Supremacist become a bad word?"  

What a dick, and he's gone!  Change is good. 

So enjoy your day everyone, keep protesting peacefully with your mask, and vote, Vote, VOTE! this November. 

~~ Dr TV Boogie


White Silence is Violence

More fires and destruction which they blame on the liberals.  Again, with the liberals!  They continue to blame us for everything from Ronald Reagan's conservative agenda which gave us today's wealth inequality, to the Donald Trump "riots" now happening in the U.S. -- make no mistake, these protest are as much against the last three years of Trump's hate as everything else.

Blaming liberals again makes me want to grab a torch and run downtown and say, "Fake News" -- which is actually "Fuck You" in Trump Speak.  I've been to hundreds of protest in my life, from animal protection to the Bush Wars and all points in-between, and in most of the protest there is usually a guy everyone wonders, "What the Hell Is He Doing Here?"  In a protest here in Texas a few years ago, a guy with a cowboy hat threw a stone at a news building.  We pounced on him like White on Donald Trump, told him to get on his horse and ride the hell out of Dallas.  He was an instigator trying to make us look bad and we knew it.  In smaller marches it's easy to see these assholes, in marches the size of today's BLM, it's not.  There are going to be radicals, some radical left and some radical right; those who want chaos, and of course, the looting criminal element who just want a pair of new shoes before things go back to normal. More power to them, the capitalist pigs steal shoes from us every day, what's the difference?

We (liberals) don't want chaos, we want peace, love, equal rights, fair pay with an equal wealth distribution, and they know it and so will bring on the hate to make us look bad.  It's worked in the past, in the Detroit protest of 1968 when the term "riots" came in to being to defame the protesters,  I was one of the kids living on the East Side of Detroit.  There was a curfew.  I would play with my black friends until 6pm and then we'd go back to our warring families.  We didn't care about the hate, we just wanted to play with our toys and be left alone.  I often wonder about my black friends that I played with as a kid.  Did they get out of the inner-city Detroit alive as I did?  Did they get the breaks I did?  I dropped out of high school, joined the Navy, moved to Dallas, and being "white," blended in... somewhat.

I had white privileges, there is no doubt.  I got jobs with a GED where others had college degrees.  I was pulled over by the police more than once with a belly-full-of-beer and talked my way out of it with a handful of mints in my mouth.  I got fired from a job at nineteen as a security guard for sleeping on the job, and within a few months was working as a supply clerk for a manufacturing company making twice the money.  It sure paid being white.

There's no doubt in my mind that this journey would have been tougher if I had been black.

White Silence is Violence! 

Enough said. 


Join a March today!

thousands protest in Dallas yesterday

This is what democracy looks like.  Real protest.  The majority speaking.  Look at the numbers!  A few weeks ago there were "fake" protest from the angry-white gun owners who were upset they couldn't get their hair cut.  Those weren't real protest; those were tea-party, right-wing nuts on the same corporate funded, anti-union, white-supremacist email list told to show up with their guns to scare the shit out of those who don't believe in guns as a form of communication.  Everyday they get the hate emails that tell them things like former President Obama wasn't born in the U.S.A, Nancy Pelosi is a Satan Worshiper, Hilary Clinton sold babies out of a pizza parlor in Washington D.C.  to keep them from seeing the truth that Corporations Are Destroying The U.S.A as Thomas Jefferson feared they would.

Another pathetic "hate" protest: 38 people.

That's right, the author of the Declaration of Independence warned against the threat to democracy posed by big banks and big corporations, and would be proud of the thousands of us protesting the killing of another black man at the hands of law enforcement.  Here in Dallas we had a march with a few thousand people and I noticed they were the same faces I saw at the Anti-Wall Street marches, the anit-Trump marches, and the women rights marches.   The silent majority.  The sissy liberals who try to be nice to not hurt the asshole loud mouths feelings.  Dare I say, the meek who will inherit the earth.  That's right, if Jesus were here today which march do you think he would be involved with?  The assault-gun loonies out to play, or the thousands of us who have had enough of the shit?

What you are seeing now is not only protest of the killing of another black man, but people who have had enough of the Trump hate organization lying to us everyday to keep their power as they do things like strip away our healthcare and social security.  For four years now we have watched Donald Trump lie to his glassy-eyed followers as they foam at the mouth to create more hate in the world.  We've had enough.  You watch.  Trump has been telling his minority of loud-mouth followers with most of the guns and money in the country to protest, when they don't have shit to protest about.  They have every god-damn thing they want!  

The world changes today!

We shall overcome!

Join a march today! (Wear your mask to really piss them off.)


Union Busters and Aggressive Dog Owner Meets Passive-Aggressive Bird Watcher.

Okay, so it is May 26th, historically speaking not a good day for working people.  In Dearborn Michigan on this day, labor activists Walter Reuther, Richard Frankensteen, and a few others are preparing to distribute leaflets outside the Ford River Rouge plant in accordance with the permit they have obtained from the Dearborn city council, when a pack of goons from the Ford service department challenges them:  "This is Ford property, get the hell out of here."  The labor leaders started to leave when their path was blocked and they were attacked and beaten.  The four bleeding and semiconscious men were dragged to the end of the overpass leading to the plant and thrown over the edge onto concrete steps.  There were 39 steps leading to the parking lot: Reuther later recalled, "The end of my spine hit every one."

The security forces mob also attempted to destroy photographic plates, but the Detroit News photographer James R. Kilpatrick hid the photographic plates under the back seat of his car, and surrendered useless plates he had on his front seat. News and photos of the brutal attack made headlines in newspapers across the country. 

The photographed incident greatly increased support for the UAW and hurt Ford's reputation. Bennett and Ford were chastised by the National Labor Relations Board for their actions. Three years later Ford signed a contract with the UAW.  

Thank god for cameras, they tell the truth. 

Speaking of which, in today's news, I'm not so sure. 

I'm talking about the woman walking her dog in Central Park and the guy approaching her with is phone camera and telling her to put her dog on the leash. 

I've watched it a few times now and really don't think it's a hate crime.  I mean, the guy with a camera is being passive aggressive if you ask me.  We have a no leash law here in Dallas and I see people with their dogs off the leash every now and then.  Do you think I'm going to put a camera in their ("there" if this were a Donald Trump Tweet) face?  Heck no.  Do you think he would have stuck that camera in her face if she was a man with a Pitbull and not an adopted poodle?  

I call bullshit on this guy.  Have a look for yourself.  

~~ Dr TV Boogie


May 23 a day of endings to some bad things.

May 23rd, a day of endings.  

In 1865, the ending of the Civil War is celebrated as the Army of the Potomac marches along Pennsylvania Avenue in celebration.  Only weeks before, mourners had watched Abraham Lincoln's funeral cortege pass along the same thoroughfare. 

In 1934 on this day the crime spree of Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker was finally over as they were shot to death by Texas and Louisiana state police.  

Another strange ending on this day was in 1945 when Hitler's appointed successor, Karl Dönitz, was captured.  It was Hitler's last deviant act to leave Germany in the hands of a Nazis who could eventually rise to power again by playing stupid in a country village.  This was a way to end The Second World War with a disputable surrender as Germany had the First World War.  The surrender Hitler had used as a platform to build his vicious Make-Germany-Great-Again campaign (MGGA-pronouced with a gag one gets from drinking bleach similar to the pronunciation of today's MAGA).  Fortunately on this day in 1945 the Allies declared that they would not recognize the legitimacy of Dönitz's administration, and arrested him as a regular Nazis for which he served ten years in prison. 

Stay tuned to see what other bad things end today.  Last I heard, Trump and his idiot followers still weren't wearing their mask.  

I don't need to wear no F*(king Mask!


May 22, the day they killed Forrestal Becasue He Opposed The War Machine.

At around 2 a.m. on the morning of May 22, 1949, America's first Secretary of Defense, James Vicent Forrestal fell to his death from a small window on the 16th floor of The Bethesda Naval Hospital.  A lot has been made out of his death, most recently by the UFO community who believe Forrestal was murdered to keep him quiet about Rosewell.   Undoubtedly, Forrestal's death is peculiar as pointed out by Richard Dolan and his Richard Dolan Press website where Dolan tells us "several oddities" of the death:

         1. Very unusual that Forrestal was placed on the 16th floor, as opposed to the first floor where most mental patients were kept.  

          2.  Scuff marks were found on the window ledge as if Forrestal had changed his mind and tried to climb back up, or, fought to get back up. 

          3.  Why was a rope used when he was jumping out a 16th floor window?  

Finally, in his article, Dolan reminds us:  "The investigation was as much of a sham as that of president Kennedy...fourteen years later."

Okay, so there was something fishy about Forrestal's death, no doubt and before I give you the EsotericDaily read on this, I believe a quick refresher course on the man James Forrestal is in order:

First, Forrestal was from a wealthy family and if he had been born today, would probably be one of the "Deregulation  / Lower My Taxes /  Gated Community" 1%'ers who refuse to pay their fair-share of the pie.   Fortunately, however, this was the early 20th century and a good number of the wealthy were progressive and fought for such things as Fair Wages for employees, Safety Net for the Old, and Rights For Minorities. Yes, Forrestal was a New Dealer who supported the Roosevelt policies that gave us Social Security --  can I get an Amen?

Before he was the first Secretary of Defense, Forrestal had also been a successful -- wait for it -- Wall Street Banker!  That's right, he hobnobbed with the Rockefeller and Morgan’s and helped them get richer.  He was definitely in the club.  Also, though, unlike the Trump and Bushes of today, when war came, Forrestal joined the fight and made a name for himself there.  Forrestal was so proud of his service in the Iwo Jima battle that he kept the original flag as a souvenir -- the famous photo done by Rosenthal of the battle was actually a larger one hosted up for the photo, not the actual flag used in battle which Forrestal kept dear to his heart: a true American!

So, as you can see, by today's standards, Forrestal would be another greedy bastard bitching about your $15 an hour protest for a minimum wage, but as I have said, he wasn't because back then the wealthy knew they were blessed with their fortune from those of us plowing their fields.   Unfortunately, it was probably this reasoning that he either committed suicide over, or was tossed from a window to keep his mouth shut.  Why?

Well, lets look at the highlights of what this man did:

          He introduced the policy of racial integration in the military.

          He opposed dropping the nukes on Japan which some of the politicians back in DC thought approached insubordination (Zacharias, Ellis, "How We Bungled the Japanese Surrender).

          He argued against the Partition for Palestine which created The Jewish State.

          He advocated the release of UFO Roswell UFO records.

          He implemented a "Needs" based budget for military spending.

The list goes on from  Communist Hater to a supporter of the
Republican (Dewey) candidate who ran against Truman and almost won -- yeah, that probably pissed off Truman a little.

So his life was a bit controversial, and his death...  well, let’s look at his death:

On the morning of his death, Forrestal had been reading a book of poetry which he had left opened to an excerpt from Sophocles “Ajax.” 

In the tragic play, Ajax is the last hero and halfway into the play, commits suicide.   The remainder of the play is the argument to bury him as a hero or let him rot above ground.  In the play, Ajax says:

“Woe, woe! Will be the cry—
No quiet murmur like the tremulous wail of the lone bird, the querulous nightingale.”

Forrestal had written these words on a pad of paper beside the the book of World Poetry.   He stopped at “night” of the last word “nightingale.”

So what’s it all mean?  

1st of all, it is highly unlikely that a murderer would have the literature background to leave this book of classical writing for a suicide note, so one has to conclude that Forrestal himself left it.  Maybe he knew the killers were coming for  him and so Forrestal left it as a warning that there are no heroes left, that the governing power is all corrupt.   In the Ajax story, Ajax is mislead by a goddess to slaughter innocent “Sheep” thinking he was killing the real enemy.   This definitely is worth mentioning, but I’ll leave it to you to define.  My read on the Forrestal story is that he was the first casualty of the Military-Industry Complex President Eisenhower warned us about in his final message to the people.   The same War Profiteering company that killed Kennedy because he was standing up to them.   The same War Machine that Forrestal came across as the leader of the department of defense when he implemented his “Needs Basis” approach to spending tax-payers money to profiteers. The same greedy war machine that made the Bush’s and Koch Brothers wealthy.   The same War Machine that fears regulations for they will expose their corrupt lies keeping you and me down.

RIP Forrestal.


Viking leader Ragnar Lodbrok is remembered on this day.  He was captured by the Northumbrians and killed by being thrown into a pit of poisonous snakes.  His death song, which reflects his faith in the afterlife, has been passed down from generation to generation to provide hope and reassurance about what lies beyond.

Rangnar Lothbrok's Death Song

I did not look to a snake
to be my bane
things happen very often to one
that one thinks of the least.

Soon now will my body
die among the beasts.

The young pigs would squeal
if they knew the state of the boar
of the injury done to me
Snakes dig in my flesh
stab at me harshly
and have sucked on me
soon now will my body
die among the beasts


Eisenhower’s words have never been more important than they are today with the War Machine owning all politicians through the Koch Brother's Millionaire Fund.

In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of  unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military–industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists, and will persist. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals so that security and liberty may prosper together. [emphasis added]

                                                President Eisenhower, a Republican

peaceful, loving, change is coming!

The world is changing, and the change is good.  That thought came to me this morning in my Buddhist chants/prayers.  ...

Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!