Saturday, June 16, 2018

Samson, the Sun God.

We all know the Bible (and Disney) story of Samson, the Jewish Hercules who goes on an unstoppable rampage, slaughtering the Philistines, but then, done in by a woman, Delilah, who cuts off his hair, the source of his strength.

Ignorance is fine, it keeps some smiling.   And those who smile from it are okay by me.  However, those who condemn others by it, very much, scare me.  Take for example the biblical story of Samson.  One can say that there are three attitudes towards this Old Testament story.

The first sees Samson as an actual event in history and to think otherwise is blasphemous. 

The second type see the story as a lie, an old story told to keep a tribe of people scared so they would be obedient to their leaders. These people are sometimes atheist, but more times than not, power-hungry/greedy bastards who want to rule the world by pretending to believe to get your vote.

The third type are you and me, Truth Seekers and Lovers of Light.  This essay is for you. 

We look to the facts that the primitive people who told the old bible stories, were familiar with their own feelings, but knew little else.  So they explained everything in nature by projecting themselves mentally upon it, by personification.  The stones, the trees, the hills, the earth, the clouds, etc., were all real to them, not figurative.  If a single person related a story of an isolated event to one of the other tribe members, it would soon be lost, but if this person related it to the natural world, it would live on. 

Chief among these stories were the ones connected with the sun, and such an all powerful heavenly body as this could but be represented as a God.

When his father has gone to rest, Sun God is born and goes forth to fight with Storm and Darkness and make Earth fruitful.  He has many amorous frolics with the Dawn Maidens and many midnight escapades with the Evening Twilight Goddesses.  He is mighty in his own strength and slays his enemies.  After victory he retreats and sinks to rest or dies.  Something like this was used to explain the solar year.

The name Samson, according to the best etymologists, is most clearly derived from the Hebrew word shemesh, meaning sun.  So, from shemesh, sun, we have Shims-on, the Sun God.

Samson is the son of Manoah, a word meaning “rest,” a representation, like the more famous Noah, of the winter sun.  After the labors of summer, primitive man and woman conceived the sun to be tired and to have gone southward to sleep — a conception much like the resting of the Creator on the seventh day.  The angel who predicts his birth disappears in the fire of the altar, which introduces the series of fiery incidents carrying a strong taint of solar origin.  Like all Sun Gods, he must have his frequent love affairs, and the first one is with a daughter of the enemy, whom he weds.  This is the marriage of the sun with the moon, daughter of night, and must end in a separation, for the two luminaries do not keep company long.  On his first journey down to woo his captivator, he kills a lion, an emblem occasionally sterility; it is his first triumph — the youthful sun destroying the winter’s dearth and warming it into fruitfulness.  On his way to the marriage he sees bees in the carcass, which suggest a wedding riddle and he proposes it under a wager: “Out of the Eater came forth Meat and out to the Strong came froth Sweetness.”  This riddle was probably a part of the Hebrew folk-lore and the author of Judges weaves the popular solution of his times into the story, but it is very unsatisfactory, for we know that bees would not make honey in decaying flesh; it would spoil and the whole swarm be starved out.  A better explanation was close at hand but, of course, could not be seen in those days: “Out of the Eater (burner) came forth Meat (fertility) and out of the Strong (Sun) came forth Sweetness (fruitfulness).  His bride weeps before him seven days, longing with female curiosity for the cue to the mystery, and when she finds it, straightway goes and tells it to the thirty companions of Samson.  What could more plainly indicate the solar character of our hero than the recurrence of those mystic numbers, seven and thirty, the days of the week and of the month?  Here we deviate a little from the order of the narrative to call attention to the deception practiced upon Delilah.  When she teases for the secret of Samson’s strength, he fools her with the seven withes, the seven cords, and the seven locks of hair.  The amount of the bet was thirty sheets and thirty changes of garment.  While he is killing thirty Philistines to get booty sufficient to pay the stakes, his wife, supposed by her father to be deserted, is given to one whom Samson “had used as a friend.”  Here is the cruel separation which we predicted.  In the month called Jarad or Irad, the month of the “Descent of Fire,” corresponding to our August, Samson lets loose his three hundred foxes, tied tail to tail with burning embers between, and sets fire to the wheat of the Philistines.  This is so plainly an action of the sun, that it is hardly necessary to say that the fox was an animal symbolic of solar heat, because of his color and long-haired tail; and that at the festival of Ceres at Rome, a Pagan festival, a fox-hunt through the circus was held, in which burning torches were tied to the foxes tails, a reminder of the robigo or “red fox,” a sun-blight of their fields.  Then the Philistines burn his wife and father-in-law and in revenge Samson inflicts a great defeat upon them.  Now comes the cowardly flight and hiding in the rock Etam, from which retreat he allows his countrymen to take him bound into the hands of the enemy.  We are getting along toward autumn, in this legend of the year, and signs of weakness begin to appear — the Sun is retreating toward the South.  But when he comes among the Philistines his bands “become as flax that was burned with fire” and as with an ass’s jawbone a heap, two heaps — with an ass’s jawbone he slew a thousand men.”  Casting down his curious war-club, he names the place in its honor, and, becoming thirsty, water issues from a hollow place in the jawbone, and this pool is named En has-kore, (Spring of the Crier).  The writer tells us that both these names are attached to the locality in his day.  These are plain cases of those frequently recurring mythical explanations of the configurations of the landscape.

 The ass, like the fox, was in many nations sacred to the Sun God on account of its color, and is often prophetic; witness the case of Balaam’s ass.  The jawbone being cast by Samson, and the coming forth of the water, suggest the Divining Rod and the Wishbone, symbolic remnants of the rock-cleaving, forked Lightning God, thrown down during the thunder storm; and the name, “Spring of the Crier,” fits well the thunder peal that follows.  Rustics still use the Witch Hazel crotch to search for springs, and no child can eat a Thanksgiving dinner without longing for the Wishbone.  Samson now pays a midnight visit to a woman of questionable repute at Gaza, and the Philistines think they have him entrapped.  But he takes “French leave,” and, as a practical joke, takes along the gates of the city, posts, bars, and all, depositing them on the top of the hill opposite Hebron.  This harlot, and Delilah, are sunset Goddesses, daughters of darkness, with whom every Sun God must have frequent escapades.  The humor of the exploit with the gates vanishes, when we see that they are an explanation of the great clouds of winter, appearing on the southwest at sunset and on the southeast at dawn; Samson, the Sun, takes them with him and leaves them there.  Now comes the last love experience, with Delilah.  True to her sex, she pines for secrets, and now it is the secret of secrets, the cause of his strength.  After fooling her three times with false answers, he at last  tells her the true source; it is his long hair.  While he sleeps she has it shaved off and he falls an easy captive to the enemy, who put out his eyes.  The blind old man is called in to amuse them at a feast given to their god Dagon.  But his hair has begun to grow again, and bending between the pillars of the temple with one last effort he pulls it down upon them and dies. 

These last events are the ones of all to fasten the solar character of Samson.  His strength is in his long hair — the rays of the sun; while he sleeps, in the winter, or at night, or when covered by the storm cloud, the rays are cut off.  His enemies, the Gods of winter, darkness or storms, put out his eyes and laugh at his helplessness.  There is a touch of sublimity about the scene of his death.  He goes down between two pillars amidst the general destruction of his enemies; by one sun’s death a new one is born, which destroys completely the opposing forces of cold and darkness.  Hercules also had to do with two pillars; he sets them up at the mouth of the Mediterranean, those world-famed rocks of Gibraltar.

Many minor points of symbolism have been omitted in this brief survey of the narrative, and in those given, there is ample opportunity for shades of distinction to be pointed out by differently constituted minds; for in such interpretations there can be no iron-clad rules to follow.  But the atmosphere of mythology enveloping the story is so oppressive, that no one, who has the least susceptibility to its influence can resist it for a moment.  Only such as cannot distinguish between accurate history and mythology at all, or are completely stunted by theological preconceptions, will fail to respond to such overwhelming case as this. 

Friday, June 15, 2018

Medgar Evers shot in the back!

Medgar Evers

So, I'm avoiding news like Trump supporters are avoiding truth, and so, no news here today, people.  Move along.

"If I die, it will be in a good cause," Medgar Evers told a reporter just days before his assassination.  "I've been fighting for America just as much as soldiers in Vietnam," said the World War II who was now a Civil Rights Activist.

Yes, this proud man-of-color who served the US in Military, was shot (in the back, I might add!) by another ex-military man with a French name, Byron De La Beckwith, but Beckwith was no Frenchman.  Unfortunately, he was born in these here United States of America, and after earning a  Purple Heart for his service in the US Marines, went White-Supremacist Nuts, and became a Make America Great Again, Segregationist, and was certain he had the right to murder Evers based on the color of his skin. 

Beckwith pretending to be human.
The scariest thing of all about this, is that Beckwith really thought he'd be giving another medal for having murdered a US Citizen and be completely allowed to continue his Mississippi life filled with Christian Sunday services, Saturday Night White Sheets with eye-holes,  bass fishing, and deer hunting for the rest of his life without interruption.   And he almost did, for his two trials ended in a hung-jury (yes, all white male jurors, go figure).

Fortunately for justice, after years of white sheets and Sunday Church appearances, Beckwith was convicted at the age of 71.  That's right, like many of the Nazis, he was allowed to live a long life before being prosecuted for killing someone that wasn't white. 

In 1963 on this day, his funeral was held and Roy Wilkins, the NAACP executive secretary spoke these words, which I present here for you to look at in today's America where White Supremacist are on the rise again threatening our country! 

The lurking assassin pulled the trigger, but in all wars the men who do the shooting are trained and indoctrinated and keyed to action.  The southern political system put him behind that rifle.... The southern system has its outposts in the Congress.... The killer must have felt that he had, if not immunity, then certainly a protection for whatever he chose to do, no matter how dastardly.  But nothing can stop the drive for freedom.  It will not cease here or elsewhere. 

Finally, in  2017, one of the last things our First Black President would do was make Evers's home a National Historic Landmark.


Max Baer, the boxer

In 1934 around this day, Max Baer knocked the shit out of Primo Carnera in the 11th round to win the heavyweight boxing championship.

Thirty years later, his son, Max Jr, would brighten our day as Jethor Bonine on the Beverly Hillbillies.  

Fortunately neither were racist and no one got hurt.
Max Jr, the Beverly Hillbilly.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Trumps Intuition

 Okay, so the right side of the brain governs imagination, emotions, and intuition.  Physiologically, it crosses over and controls the left side of the body.  On the other hand, the left side of the brain, controlling the right side of the body, is the practical and problem-solving side.  Clearly we need both sides to be whole.  However, it is the problem-solving, logical, and rational side that has been encouraged in people.  But right-brain (left-handed) folks have suffered through the centuries from a fear of the physiology of intuition.  Even the derivative of the word left reflects this.  The Latin term for left is sinsitra, from which we get the word "sinister."  Thus, the intuitive and creative side is considered dangerous and evil in the lexicon of our mother tongue.

The fear of intuitive has been a recurrent theme throughout history.  Until only three hundred years ago, from the thirteenth to the seventeenth centuries, over 9 million people throughout Europe were accused as witches and burned and tortured.  The leading theological text of the time dictated that "thou shall not suffer a witch to live."  This justified the genocide of millions of people, most of them women.  These were not Walt Disney creations flying around on broomsticks, but women, mainly midwives, herbalists, and healers, who still utilized a connection to the earth, sky, and living creatures.  These were women who were in tune with the earth, with the processes of life and death, and with each other.  It was believed that the mysterious, psychic power of witches brought about the plague, rendered husbands impotent, and caused famine.

Intuition is natural.  It is human.  How can it be scary?

Oh, that's right, Sir Donald Trump (Dictator Number 2), our president, thinks he has intuition today in Singapore when he meets Kim Jong Un (Dictator Number 3)... so, I guess intuition can be a scary thing when used by a dictator.

I stand corrected. 

Meanwhile, back in Korea:

 In ancient Korea on this day, rice farmers washed their hair in a stream as part of an annual ritual to ward off evil.

Must be working too, they seemed to have warded off Kim Jong Un (Dictator Number 3) by getting him out of their country for a few days. 

In case you want to do the same, the traditional meal for this festival consists of fresh fish, steamed rice, and greens.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Sir Isaac Asimov and Christian Penis Worship

I get furious letters from creationists occasionally, letters that are filled with opprobrious adjectives and violent accusations.  The temptation is great to respond with something like this:  “Surely my friend, you know that you are right and I am wrong, because God has told you so.  Surely, you also know that you are going to heaven and I am going to hell, because God has told you that, too.  Since I am going to hell, where I will suffer unimaginable torments through all of eternity, isn’t it silly for you to call me bad names?  How much can your fury add to the infinite punishment that is awaiting me?  Or is it that you are just a little bit uncertain and think that God may be lying to you and you would feel better to apply a little torment of your own (just in case he is lying) by burning me at the stake, as you could have in the good old days when creationists controlled society?”

                                                                                                          ~Isaac Asimov~


And... you are doing this to me because?...

On a loving note, let us talk about the Gospels.  First, the fact that the word looks very much like Go Spells, to the average Pagan, it has nothing to do with spells and everything to do with go!

Around the year 180 CE, a man named Irenaeus (yes, rhymes with 'Your Anus'), decided to write a book attacking all forms of Christianity that differed from his Penis-Centered Faith.  All other forms in his mind were heresies and most of these fit into what we now call Gnostic.

Why was Irenaeus so pissed about the Gnostic way of things?  Easy, they didn't see the Penis as the high-mighty god, and cherished the nurturing vagina as the brainier, co-creator to the penis.   This vagina knowledge was called Sophia. 

The Gnostic faith also believed that all people would be reincarnated until they got it right, and so, Irenaeus and his penis really weren't necessary.  But the greatest problem the Christian church had with the Gnostic worshipers was they knew the wealthy would burn in hell for their greed, which, as we all know is what the Christian Faith of today is built on.

So yes, dear Truth Seeker, all Christians are going to hell for worshipping the Donald Trump/ Fox News penis faith.

You heard it here first.

The brought into being 
Gold and silver, 
Presents and money, 
Iron and other metals and all things of this sort. 

And the people who were attracted were led astray into troubles
And grew old
Experiencing no pleasure
And died
Finding no truth
Never knowing the true God.

This is the way that they enslaved all of creation
From the foundation of the world until now.

                                                 The Secret book of John

Sunday, June 10, 2018

2018 = 1984 Do The Math.

I am not believing this.  Donald Tic-Tac Trump just accused Canada of being a bad-guy while requesting that Russia be allowed back in the G7 world leader's summit, a few days before he excitedly meets with North Korea's leader in Singapore.  

So, let's see if I have this straight: Trump is pissed at Canada, a very democratic country,  while he wants Russia, a dictatorship, to get back in the G7, and he is meeting with North Korea's leader, a dictator, and no one is doing anything about it!

2018 = 1984. 

Seems to me, Orwell wrote his book around 35 years before 1984 (in 1948), and now, some 35 years later, we have Trump and a Republican Party selling us out.  

Am I the only one doing the math here?


Free Yourself People.  Before it's too late. 

Thursday, June 7, 2018

I was going to write a negative post about our president this morning based on reports I found the he actually owns/owned a book of Hitler’s speeches as well as the frog bible: Mein Kampf. I was going to ask the question of how anyone could own that material and be taken seriously as a president Of the people for the people, but then, trump goes off and does something no liberal president would ever have the balls to do: he pardons a woman - black , which wouldn’t matter if it didn’t concern Trump — who was unfairly convicted on drug charges ... what? That’s right. He did he did. And unlike the other side who would never point out anything positive about the other side, I will .

Now back to the Nazis book thing: wtf Donald! 

On a brighter note, the ex-porn star, Stormy Daniels is suing her ex-attorney because it appears he was taking orders from Trump's attorneys.  

Warning: The Following Are Actual Clips From A Stormy Films Which Trump Must Have Liked.  

Stormy Before Trump Payoff.

Trump Supporters in a Stormy Daniels Film.

"Best B... Job"

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Wednesday Morning Sermon, calling Bull Shit on Jesus.

Nice purging rain this morning at about 3am.  Now it is sunny, clear, cool, birds chirping.   I went to sleep reading about how Adolf Hitler had taken the best art works from the museum for his private estate and wondered, what kind of selfish, egocentric, person puts his personal needs ahead of those of the country he runs?
Oh, yeah, right, we can't take the high ground on that one anymore, can we.  For we now have the most UN-American person in the world as our president, a man who's birthday is the same day as Benedict Arnold was hanged for treason.   What is more scary than this one-person with Hitler needs running our country, is the support he has from a network of news stations, business moguls, and a political party, all in the name of Jesus. 

I get feedback now-and-then asking why I condemn the Jesus, that I should just let them be.   My answer, one, I never have liked being lied to, and two, they won't leave me alone.
As a kid I took the whole Jesus thing seriously.   I was saved, baptized, and felt guilty when I didn't push Jesus to other's who were lost in the world of sin.   There were Christians who I really looked up to: my sixth-grade teacher (who also taught Bible Study after school--and yes, it was a public school you fucking lying son-of-a-bitch power grabbers using your, oh-poor-oh-me, they teach evolution in schools, to gain you Hitler power over the world), this teacher caught me cheating on a math test after the only kid stupider in that math class than me yelled, "Dr TV Boogie is cheating!"  The Christian teacher looked at me and said, "That's between our young Dr TV Boogie and god."   

The teacher walked away.   I felt like shit and stood up and yelled, "No, wait, not god, send me to the principal, I can handle him."

That was the liberal sixties, in a Democratic city.  

I followed this faith in Jesus to my Christian college where we had to take Old and New Testament classes.   That's where I noticed that the focus on most of the students wasn't on saving souls and doing onto others as you would have them do to you, but, Speak English, Stop Killing Babies, and drop bombs on children for President George Bush.  

Fortunately, there were still Christians in the midst, like one of the professors when teaching old-testament and read a line that supposedly condemns homosexuality.   This tall, lanky, nerdy professor, raises his shoulders and say, "Some people say it condemns gays, I don't know."  

I remember thinking, "How loving an open minded."  Of course it ended there.   For the next five years I saw the forgiving Jesus church I had grown up in become THE SILENT MAJORITY, THE CHRISTIAN RIGHT, THE REPUBLICAN PARTY.   Business' starting placing fish symbols in their logos, woman wore crosses over their cleavage, and men boasted that, Jesus loves my football team better than yours, that's all that matters. 
That's when I got on my knees and was just about to get on my knees and say, Take Me Satan, these fuckers are nuts... but I didn't.  Fortunately, I realized that worshiping Satan was worshiping their Jesus.   For their Jesus lies were nothing but a way to totally rule the world.  It also came known to me that the politicians and billionaires who went to church on Sundays but did as they pleased to keep their power seven-days week, weren't Christians at all, but using it to keep power.   It was obvious by their greedy actions.   Then, I noticed that you didn't even have to pretend to be a good person anymore, you could drink and barf at a Baylor Football game and Jesus totally understood.   You could sings country sexual songs like, She Likes My Tractor in Her Vagina, and as long as you did it with your hands in the air, you were a Christian....

It was this Pop-Christian movement that made me wonder?  Where have I seen this before, in history, I am certain I read about it somewhere.... "Wait A Minute, this is the Nazi Party!"

From there I researched the facts and found that there never was a historical Jesus until around the year 300, and that it was built on rumors, or put in today's language, Republican Talking Points. 

Finally, I'm sorry if you take that myth to heart, and I really don't have a problem with it, but it's not Main Stream America.  And the lie just keeps multiplying on itself, and some of us have had enough.  
We are calling your bullshit.  


About the NFL Football thing. 

Calm down everyone, let's go back to the good-old days, the 1950's, I think we can all agree to that, right!  Back then, the players waited in the locker rooms while the fans stood for the national anthem.  Do your homework, they didn't start coming out of the locker to stand for it until the George Bush Baby Killing war.  

No shit. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

RFK Killed on this Day.

It was fifty-years ago today, that Bobby Kennedy was murdered in L.A.   He had just won the California primary and was, as his final words said,  on his to to Chicago "to win...."

Kennedy had entered the race mid-summer, after president Lydon Johnson said he would not seek a second term in office.   A lot of speculation as to why Johnson didn't run a second term, seems to me he was told not to by the puppets-masters he worked for.  Most notably, the same group he met with on the eve of President Kennedy’s assassination at the Dallas home of Clint Murchison (with Murchison was Harold Hunt, Edgar Hoover, Clyde Tolson, JOhn McCloy, Richard Nixon, and Lyndon Johnson).   This was the meeting where Johnson had said: “After tomorrow, those Goddamn Kennedys will never embarrass me again.”  I see no other reason, unless "guilt" for his involvement in the assassination of John F Kennedy got the best of him.

I'll stop there on the order brothers assassination that happened on November 22, 1963 in Dallas Texas, today we are talking about the June 6th, 1968 assassination of Bobby Kennedy.

As I have said, Bobby Kennedy had just won the California primary and was on his way to win the Democratic Presidential Nomination when he was murdered.  Bobby had left the acceptance speech through the hotel kitchen when a man named Sirhan, came up to him and yelled "Kennedy, you son of a bitch," as he unloaded his .22 caliber pistol into Kennedy.

Yes, another Kennedy in the span of five years was murdered in public under strange circumstances.

Before I list the conspiracy facts, let me tell you that Bobby Kennedy was quoted in privacy that he felt the C.I.A had something to do with his brothers assassination.   And, well, although Bobby seemed to running for president to help the poor and give a voice to the civil-rights movement, revenge for his brother's death was definitely a problem for whoever was behind the JFK killing in Dallas.  And so, Robert Kennedy had to die too.

The Theories:

The blood seeping from Kennedy’s head came from the would behind his right ear.  Powder burns indicated that the shot came from no father than two or three inches away.   Sirhan was at all times in front of Kennedy. 

Based on evidence of bullet holes and bullets found in the pantry, at least thirteen shots were fired.  Sirhan’s pistol held just eight shots and they were accounted for, having been recovered from Kennedy’s body and the bodies of other wounded victims.   

At least five witnesses—acording to police reports—saw a woman in a polka-dot dress fleeing the scene yelling, “We killed Kennedy.” 

Sirhan has always maintained that prior to being hauled to the ground by, among others, pro-football player Rosy Grier, who was Kennedy’s bodyguard that evening, his final memory of the evening was of drinking coffee with a woman in a polka-dot dress.

Friday, June 1, 2018

Roseanne Barr had a face job to look like Trump?... and Bernie is at it again.


So, seems the greedy corporations still are squeezing every penny out of the working man/woman and there isn't a damn thing you can do about it.  In a recent email by Bernie, he states: The Walt Disney Company is an enormously profitable corporation worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $150 billion. Last year, it made $9 billion in profits and rewarded its CEO, Bob Iger, with a compensation package worth up to $423 million over a four year period. And as a result of the Trump tax cuts, they were given an additional $1.6 billion.

At the same time — and this is a national disgrace — employees at the company’s theme park in Anaheim, California are paid so poorly that many of them are literally living in a tent city not far from the park.

According to one recent study, nearly 1 in 10 workers employed at the park reported being homeless in the past two years, more than 2 in 3 say they are food insecure, and 3 out of 4 employees say they do not make enough money for their basic needs.

This is not what Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck are supposed to be about. This does not sound like the “happiest place on Earth” to me.

Now, I could be wrong, but I don’t expect you will see the plight of these low-wage workers at Disney discussed tonight on ABC, which is owned by Disney. Nor do I think you will be hearing too much about income and wealth inequality in the mainstream media.


Did Roseanne Barr get a face job to look like Trump?

She posted it for public viewing!  I didn't.

The gift that keeps giving.

Close, but the answer is "No," Roseanne Barr did not get a face job to look like Trump, she only chooses to mock his bigotry.

You heard it here first Truth Seekers.



On this day in 1638 an earthquake rocks Plymouth, Massachusetts.  It was the first time colonists in the New World had observed this phenomenon.

On this day in 1888, California, a state that would become identified with earthquakes, installs its first seismograph.

On this day in 1927, New Jersey had its greatest earthquake ever recorded.

On this day in 2018?...   hold on, Trumps a tweeting.
To all you white supremacist bastards.  Today, in 1921, all hell broke loose in Tulsa Oklahoma because a black man took an elevator ride with a white woman.  It’s called the Tulsa Riots, but the better term would be the Tulsa Massacre.

The massacre was carried out by a white mob, the police, and airplanes from the national guard!

The town massacred was the Greenwood section of Tulsa, considered the most wealthiest black community in the USA at the time.  By the end of the massacre, 800 black men, woman, and kids would be injured, 300 dead, and 10,000 left homeless.  

So why did this happen?  The answer is “guilt.”  That’s right, white-man guilt for having enslaved a race of people for no other reason but the color of their skin.  It was wrong.  It was evil.  And to accept this fact would mean condemning their ancestors.   So, the evil continues to this day with the angry-white vote of today that now enslaves us all.   The solution?  Grow up, accept the sins of your father and read a Dr. Wayne Dyer self-help book.  

It really is that simple.


June 1 is the sacred day to Carna, the Roman goddess of doors and locks.  Carna was the equivalent of the Norse goddess Syn.  This is also the day of Tempestas, the goddess of storms, who tests the doors and locks without mercy.  Today's pagan festival of the Oak Nymph honors the hamadryads, the female nature spirits who inhabit oak trees.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

 I dreamed of George W Bush last night.  He had invited me to his house.  I think it might have been a suggestion from the Harold and Kumar movie Escape From Guantanamo where George Bush smokes a bong with them and when Kumar ask, "Isn't that hypocritical of you to smoke pot when you don't support any of the anti-drug laws?"  To which Bush replies: "Do you like to give a hand job?...Do you like to get one?...That makes you a hypocrite too."

Bush smoking pot in movie

In my dream Bush was similar: really nice, he showed me his house and introduced me to the family.   I was careful not to bring up politics because I knew he had only invited me over to see who this liberal-blogger in Dallas Texas was.   I mean, I am certainly on some list from that time I sent him back the medal I earned in the Navy after he and Dick Chaney did away with the Geneva Convention laws and in my book, made the USA the bad guys.

Yes, true to nature, I was the perfect logger, perfect guest and only complimented him on everything he did and said.   At one point I was outside the house on the patio and could see a black guy at his car screaming: "No, no, NO!   I'm not buying this, you still have blood on your hands for your profit war and bad policies...."  Bush stepped in front of me so I wouldn't see the guy.   I pretended not to notice.   Next thing I knew, we were at the dinner table, and I was standing and talking when I noticed Barbara Bush had had enough of me.  She punched the table and told me to shut the f8(K up.

I was rushed out the house then.  That's when I woke up screaming. 

I guess the guilt of letting Bush off the hook for all his dirty deeds upset me.   Unfortunately, it's what we liberals do.   We bleeding heart softies.   We are so easy to win over and not at all like the nuts on the other side who still to this day hate Jimmy Carter and still deny that our first black president did a pretty good job after inheriting the government meltdown George Bush left us. 

Ha, I said "Left" in that last sentence.  Am I still dreaming?

Oh, and yes, I did take an Ambien, maybe that had something to do with it.   Let me look and see what the side-effects are?

- Lightheaded

- Nausea

- Diarrhea

- Euphoria

- Racist Tweets

"Racist Tweets!" Holyshit, Roseanne Barr was correct!   She's not a racist.   Her racist tweets comparing a black woman to an animal was not her fault at all.  Give her her show back ABC.  

Roseanne Barr Self Portrait

Her Ambien Tweet about Valerie Jarrett:


Theravada Buddhist observe the annual Triple Blessing of the God Buddha on this day.  Shrines and houses are decorated with flowers and special prayer flags in celebration of the Buddha's birthday, enlightenment, and passage into nirvana.  Offerings of flowers, incense, and rice are made during the festival's three days.