Excerpt from “The Hand Book of Idiotcy” written in 1856 by James Abbott, M.A.. 

(Modern pictures added by the staff of

“The popular notion of an Idiot,” says Mr. Charles Dickens, “would probably be found to vary very little, essentially, in different places, however modified by local circumstances.  To the traveler in France of Italy the name recalls a vacant creature all in rags, gibberish and blinking in the sun with distorted face, led about as a possession and a stock-in-trade by some phenomenon of filth and ugliness, in the form of an old woman.  In association with Switzerland, it suggests a horrible being, seated in a chalet door (perhaps possessing sense enough to lead the way to a neighboring waterfall), of stunted and misshapen form, with a pendulous excrescences dangling from his throat like a great skin bag with a weight in it.  In the Highlands of Scotland, or on the roads of Ireland, he becomes a red-haired Celt, rather more unreasonable than usual, plunging ferociously out of a mud cabin, and casting stones at the stranger’s head.  As a remembrance of our own childhood in an English country town, he is a shambling, knock-kneed man, who was never a child, with an eager utterance of discordant sounds, which he seemed to keep in his protruding forehead, a tongue too large for his mouth, and a dreadful pair of hands, that wanted to ramble over everything — our own face included.  

Does this sound familiar?  

Sure it does:

So, making fun of the French because they couldn't defeat the Germans without the US in WWI and WWII in not a noble thing.  But Sir Donald Trump has done this.  He is an idiot.  Here's the tweet Trump gave:

This is even beyond idiot Talk Show host like Hannity and Limbaugh.  I mean, it's like Emmanuel Macron cracking a joke about the US not achieving its mission in Vietnam after they had failed there too.  What Trump doesn't realize is it took all the powers of the world to beat Nazism, not just the USA.


Trump is the Zoolander Manchurian President.

 You would think that Trump would have the sense to hide his giddiness when he sees Putin, but he doesn't. 

Look at the faces of the other leaders in the above photo.  They know the threat of this dictator.   But Trump, he is smiling and Melania is totally checking out the despot's package. 

Have they both been brainwashed?

Is Trump the The Manchurian Candidate? 

Only time will tell, but geeze, something is amidst in that smile.

This isn't the first we've heard about Trump being The Manchurian Candidate. wrote about it before the 2016 election:

 Condon (the Manchurian Candidate author) exposed the cynicism behind right-wing politics for the Cold War Eisenhower years and chillingly his book's narrative applies today. By articulating how “brainwashing” symbolizes the mass process of humiliation and repetition that the American working-class experiences at the hands of cynical right-wing leaders, the book and film anticipate a time when the radical right subverts American democracy.

 Condon’s page-turner features the right-wing mastermind Eleanor Iselin, a red-baiting Republican senator’s wife who works hand in glove with the Kremlin. During the Korean War, Russian and Chinese scientists brainwash a group of American POWs so that they provide Eleanor with an assassin, her son Raymond Shaw, to unwittingly murder his mother’s enemies while in a hypnotic state and eventually turn the White House over to an alliance of right-wingers and communists.

If that isn't enough to convince you how about this: in the movie Zoolander, Will Ferrell plays the Manchurian Brainwashed charter "Jacobim Mugatur," who, in a flashback where he becomes "Little Cletus," demonstrates the brainwashing process. And well, there is no denying the resemblance:


Jesus is still shacked up with Mary in a hotel room and they don't like it.

How about a little Jesus love on this Sunday morning.  Did you know, our Lord and Savior said: "If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you.  If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you."

He did, he did!  He said that in the Gospel of Thomas he did.  

Thank God for the Gnostic Gospels for I totally believe these gospels show the real Jesus.  The church tried to destroy these documents and by doing so, gave us a false Jesus, and of course, this has brought us 2000 years of pain and misery in a church built on lies.  Don't you want to know the truth?  Don't you think Jesus wants you to know the truth?  He does.  

What if Jesus was a regular guy who did the dirty-deed now and then with a woman?   According to the Gospel of Philip, he did: 

"... the companion of the (Savior is) Mary Magdalene.  But Christ loved her more than all the disciples, and used to kiss her often on her mouth.  The rest of the disciples were offended...They said to him, 'Why do you love her more than all of us?'"

 And I guess it is this same stupid question that keeps the Money Changers today asking why things are as bad as they are and instead of meditating on what is within them, they meditate on Abortion Clinics, Lower Taxes, and Bad-Ass Machine Guns...  "caus, Jesus would definitely be a part of that if he were down here now...."

 Sorry for that Jab at the religious Money Changers calling themselves Christian who are running US policy today; yes, the boastful haters of truth who are controlling the world through fear and lies as they always have.  Here's the poop people: it has got to end if we are to go forward into the real Jesus love.  I for one believe there are truths in all spiritual teachings.  I try to blog about these here on where every day is considered a magical day.  There is a change coming, we've seen it in the recent election where the Mean Party lost a lot of seats in Congress.  It can also be seen in the face of the USA.  Just look at the people on the streets, in their cars, the coffee shops, the shopping malls.  They are no-longer all-American, anti Everything, money changers with similar skin tones; no, we are now of every skin color, every religious faith, and every sexual preference -- ooh la la.   This is what scares them the most.   This is why they call you a Liberal,  this is why they call you a Socialist, this is why they call you a Baby Killer, and my fellow Truth Seeker, this is why Jesus isn't listening to them.  This is why he's probably shacked up in a Memphis Hotel room with Mary Magdalene saying, "Look at those fools.  Let's get some bagels for breakfast."  


More Republican Hyprocrisy before the Revolution.

If this doesn’t tell all, I don’t know what does.  In the 2000 election, Former President George Bush won the presidency by a handful of votes in the state of Florida, and when the loser, Al Gore, asked for a recount he was told to shut-the-fuck up.

So what happens when the shoe is on the other foot and the Republican Governor loses by a handful of votes in Florida?

You got it.  Recount.

You know, those bastards really think we are stupid shits.

The revolution is coming.  And it won’t be creepy, mean, or violent.  It will simply be the awakened of this country to the love that once was.

The revolution is coming and the Shot Heard Around the World this time won’t be from a gun.  It will come from a peaceful meditation and they won’t be able to stand it.  Cowboys will lay down their guns and Goth will put down their razorblades to join in and we will all finally sing “Let’s Live Together and Feel Alright” to a Reggae beat. 



Cry Baby Republicans.

Let the Hate Begin!

How I hate talking politics.  Tis the season though.  The Democrats just took control of congress.  Funny, but when the same thing happened back in 1994 -- I was there mother-f8*&k3r, so quite your lying -- the Republicans called it a REVOLTUION and began shoving down our faces tax-cuts, welfare reform, and bankers protection.  I still don't believe it.  After a few years of their Revolution, they actually changed the bankruptcy laws to where if you or me, an average middle class dude or dudet, filed bankruptcy we could no longer claim all of our credit card debt.  No, the bank was entitled to a percentage.  Now, if you were Donald Trump or some other rich bastard, i.e., not a wage earner, you could get it all written off.  Talk about class war.  

After they cut taxes for the wealthy, they shut the government down pretending to want a balance budget, when in fact, that really don't want a government at all unless it is for imprisoning pot smokers, or people-of-color who take the bus to work in their gated communities...  

Then finally, the bastard impeached President Clinton for getting a blowjob.  Not for selling us out to the Russians as Donald Trump is, but for getting a blow job. 

The bastards!

Last night a group a group of anti-fascist protestors surrounded the home of one of the lying bastards at Fox News (Tucker Carlson) in hopes of getting him to move out of their neighborhood.  I say, "fucking A right!"  Make the bastard move to Missouri or another Red State where he belongs.  They know they are keeping power by lying about liberals. It's time they realize we don't want liars giving a free ride.  This is a nation of laws and truth.   You either with us or against us.  If you are against us, move out. 

Yeah, we really don't want to be your neighbor. 

And finally, how about those cry-baby Hollywood actors who are conservative and say they stay quiet about their Trump Loving selves for fear they won't get an acting role.  Join the fucking real world dick heads.  I'm a liberal in Texas trying to make a living.  I go to work and bust my ass with conservatives every day who don't want to hear rants like you just read, and so I keep my left-wing, liberal ranting mouth shut, and don't cry about it.  You should do the same.  Stop being a bunch of finger-pointing cry babies.  We're tired of it.  Join the human race or move out.  

Dr. TV Boogie.  

wah, wah, wah... move to Texas and get a real job.


Giant Turd in the Sky.

So, the giant cigar, which actually looks more like a giant turd, has just visited us and folks say it might be an alien craft. 

Funny, how come I suddenly have this urge to watch South Park?

"It's all shit boys-and-girls, to keep your mind off the fact the rich are winning and the poor are shit!"


And so there is an Election this Tuesday and both sides have spent millions making you believe there is a difference.  Well, there is!  Donald Trump is now sending American troops down to the boarder because thousands of South Americans are headed this way.  He is doing this to make you think there is a problem only he can fix with his wall.  What he doesn't know, is there are some of us here in Texas who believe the wall needs to be built north of Texas to keep assholes like him from buying Waterbugers. 

I'm just saying.

~ Dr Boogie


Watch What You Say!

I keep telling you guys and gals to watch what you say for words have meaning.  As the good-book tells us:  In the beginning was the word....   And yes, this is true; any major dude or dudet will tell you this.  

And yet, in recent news, I read:

Celebrity Fitness Trainer Amanda 'Mandy' Blank Suddenly Dies at 42


Yes, this health-conscious woman of only 42, who once said: “Without my health and fitness, I have nothing....”  was found dead in her Los Angeles home.  


Watch what you say, watch what you say. 




I thought I would talk with you today about the Four Noble Truths.  If you are like me, you don't get it.  And so, let's look at them again:

They are the truth of suffering, the truth of the cause of suffering, the truth of the end of suffering, and the truth of the path that leads to the end of suffering. 

 That's easy, isn't it?


 How about this:


Everything is suffering

The origin of suffering is desire

There exists Nirvana, an end to suffering

A path, defined by the Buddha, leads to Nirvana.


Now, isn't that better? 

A story is told of a traveler, impressed by his peaceful presence, who inquired: 'Are you a god?' 

'No," the Buddha replied, 'I am not a god.' 

'A spirit, then?' 

'No, I am not a spirit.'  

'Are yo a man?' 

'No, I am not a man.' 

'Then what are you?' 

'I am awake.'

A Buddha is 'awake' to the true nature of existence and thereby free of its sufferings -- and the purpose of Buddhist teachings and art is to point the way to awakening for all. 



 ~ Demian Sinclair


November 1st. Cailleach Bheur

In parts of Britain, Cailleach's Reign, a festival in honor of the ancient Celtic crone goddess, is still celebrated annually on November 1st.  Cailleach is the hag aspect of the Triple Goddess.  she returns each year on November 1 to bring the winter and its snows.  The magical staff that she carries freezes the ground wherever she taps it. 

The Cailleach Bheur is possibly the oldest Goddess of the Briitish Isles:  worn down over the centuries from deity to giantess, from giantess to the archetypal witch.  Her name now is Gaelic, from the "Q" Celtic Goidelic culture that spread through the Highlands -- but it seems she was there from ages before, waiting for them to come and call her crone. 

The word 'Cailleach' comes from 'Caillech,' which has its roots in 'Caille'-veil-a loan to Gaelic from the Latin 'Pallium' -- as the Goidelic languages are without the letter 'P'. The Cailleach was therefor the 'veiled' or 'hooded' old woman. This in turn led to Nuns being known as Cailleachs.  But the name is also linked to owls -- the most mysterious and 'wise' of the birds of prey -- and to the tinder that was vital to kindling a fire. 

The wizened old hag goddesses appear closely linked to particular locations throughout the British Isles.  'The Cailleach' is not a national deity of a whole country but is rather bound closely to the land -- associated with particular mountains, rivers, lochs and other wild places.  her form -- the powerful old giantess -- may be almost identical wherever she appears but her name and her tales are localised.  It has been argued that the Hag of Beare -- Cailleach Bhéirre -- is the eldest of the Cailleachs.  

In Ireland she has a 'wizard's wand' with which, when herding her cows, she strikes a bull, turning it into a stone, and she is connected with cairns and dolmens.  There is a 'hag's chair' in County Meath.  In Northern Ireland she formed a cairn on Carnbane by spilling stones from her apron, and she broke her neck when leaping from an eminence.  'She lives in a cave on the hills abouve Tiernach Bran.'  Her black dog gives milk which imparts great strngth to a man who drinks it.  She is credited with some of the feats of 'Aine ae Cnuic' -- Aine of the hill, knockainy, 'the Queen of the Limerick fairies', and she is the 'banshee' of some Leinster and Meath families, as Cleena, Grian of Gnoc Grèine, Aine, Una and Eevil are of other families, there having evidently been 'culture mixing' and the mixing of myths.  Most of the Irish stories emphasize the Cailleach's great strength and longevity.  She had seven periods of youth and was a great lover:

     It is riches
     Ye love, it is not men:
     In the time when we lived
     It was men we loved. 
     My arms when they are seen
     Are bony and thin:
     Once they would fondle,
     They would be round glorious kings. 
                                          (Scottish Folk-lore and Folklife.  D. A. MacKenzie, London 1935)


Cailleach Stones

What if Satan Was One of Us?

A Halloween Poem. 

What if Satan was one of us?

Not just a molecule filled with puss. 

Look no further. 

Truth seeker.

Without hesitance,

I'm certain,

It's Mike Pence.   

Happy Halloween boys and girls.  Booo!!!

le film complet:


No one is safe baby! It's Halloween!

Martian Luther "Boo!"
It's Halloween, finally.  So many thoughts of this day creeping around in my mind.  Like, why was the protestant church born on this day of all days?  For it was on this day in the year 1521 that Martin Luther posted his 95 Theses which condemned the Roman Catholic Church and so began the protestant movement.  Would not this professor of biblical interpretation at the University of Wittenberg Germany know the significance of posting his 95 revolutionary theses on the door of the Castle Church on this "November Eve day?"  Of course he did!

Just as the Catholic Church itself knew the importance of this day which the Celtics celebrated as the beginning of the new year and called Samhain, for "summer goes to rest, the turning of the year when winter begins,"  the Catholics built their church converting the attendees at this "feis of Samain" by changing it to the festival of All Saints.   Those who didn't convert were then called Witches and Devils. And so, what once was a beautiful day of celebrating Summer's Harvest, became the backbone of the Christian Faith, more precisely, the Christian Festival of the Dead.

In his book "Halloween," Mark Oxbrow reminds us:  Either the Catholic Church saw the pagan feis of Samain as a direct threat that had to be eradicated and decided to replace it with a Holy festival or alternatively the dedication of the festival of All the Saints on November 1st was purely coincidental.  The truth may, in fact, be altogether more interesting and unexpected....Hallow Tide, the festival of All Saints or All Hallows, begins with its eve, Hallowe'en: it was appointed a festival in the seventh century, when the Pantheon in Rome was dedicated by the Church to the memory of the Virgin Mary and All Martyrs.  The date at that time was May 1st, but in the year 837 November the 1st was chosen as more suitable time for this observance.  This date synchronized with Samhuinn, the great autumn festival of the Celts; 'all the gods of the world, from sunrise to sunset, were worshipped on that day.'

...Its rites were destined to ensure the consecration of gathered fruits and crops, the purification from evil influences by fire, and communion with and commemoration of the dead. The chief features in Scotland were bonfires, divination, saining, and the ceremonial lighting of the neid fire.  As spirits were believed to roam abroad on Hallowe'en they might then be questioned about future destiny, or compelled, under certain spells, to restore those who had fallen under their power. 

Now, folks, the question has to be asked?  Who's day is this with pumpkins and devils and rotting pumpkins?   This day condemned by the right-wing fundamentalist Christian leaders wanting to steal your soul from truth?  You got it:  The False Religion.  The male dominated religion that feared the woman priest of the early faiths.  The Pumpkin-heads.

Surely, Martin Luther knew this when he began his Protestant Reformation; as well as did the Catholic faith when they dedicated this beautiful day to their dead saints.  And as I light my druid candle fire this November Eve, I want to remind you there is only good and evil, light and dark, truth and lies.   And, as I have said so many times before, by following these Christians lies, we are following evil.  On this November Eve, brethren, take a step back and think about it.  Think about how the Christian dominated world has done nothing but corrupt though the ages.  Instead of giving us enlightenment it has given us greed, wars, poverty and lies.  And then, like the Republican politicians of the day, blames it on the devil.  The devil they created.  The devil they serve.  The devil they are.

Yes, everything you think you know is wrong and until we wake up and honor the real gods again, and ask for their help, we are doomed to the world we have.

It's hard I know.  To break away from the Christian faith is hard.  It took me years.  This is the night to do it.  Good luck.

Join me next Halloween when we expose the Muslim faiths for their race to the bottom with the Christians.  (No one is safe baby!  It's Halloween!)

Dr TV Boogie


Another Good Christian Speaks Out!

I read stories like this and remember why I once was a Christian:

Methodist pastor interrupts Sessions, quotes Bible, gets escorted out of room


A Methodist pastor from Massachusetts was escorted out of the room today after interrupting Attorney General Jeff Sessions to question the Trump administration’s immigration policies.

Sessions was speaking at the Boston Lawyers chapter of the Federalist Society when a man, later identified as United Methodist Pastor Will Green of Ballard Vale United Church in Andover, Mass., interrupted with quoted lines from the Bible.

“I was hungry and you did not feed me. I was a stranger and you did not welcome me. I was naked and you did not clothe me,” Green said. “Brother Jeff, as a fellow United Methodist I call upon you to repent, to care for those in need, to remember that when you do not care for others, you are wounding the body of Christ.”

The pastor was then escorted from the room. Another pastor, identified as Darrell Hamilton of First Baptist Church of Boston, also addressed Sessions and was escorted out.

Now, I get my fix on route 66, or should I say the "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" now playing on Netflix.


 So it is October 28th.  Three days before Halloween.  No big deal... or is... it? 

It is! 

First of all, Halloween as we know it began with the bloody Celts and was called Samuin.   In a tale known as "The Wasting Sickness of Cu Chulaind and the Only Jealousy of Emer' the annual assembly at Mag Muirthemni was held over Samuin.

Each year the Ulaid held an assembly: the three days before Samuin and the three days after Samuin and Samuin itself.  They couldn't get enough Halloween it seems.

They would gather at Mag Muirthemni, and during these seven days there would be nothing but meetings and games and amusements and entertainments and eating and feasting.  That is why the thirds of Samuin are as they are today! 

In his awesome book "Halloween,"  Mark Oxbrow recants for us:

...As well as meetings, games, entertainments and copious amounts of drinking and feasting Samuin was marked by attacks by strange supernatural women....

So boys and girls, enjoy today as the beginning of the Thirds of Samuin.  Or should I say, the thirds of Halloween! 

Booo... Hurray!!!... Hiss.... Peace...  Love... Forever!!!


A message to my Republican Friends.

Sure looks crazy to me.  The right-wing nuts have been so emboldened by the Donald Trump mobs that eleven people were killed in a synagogue yesterday by a mad-man with a ton of weapons and Make America Great Again hat.  

A day before this, another right-wing nut sent pipe-bombs to popular Democrats such as former president Obama, liberal actor Robert De Niro, and the main-stream media giant, CNN.  None of them went off, and so the real Fake News outlets have been allowed to say that the Democrats have mailed the packages to themselves to gain sympathy from the voters in the upcoming mid-term elections, and the 30 percent Republican Mob following Donald Trump believes it.  

 Is this the government anyone wanted?  The conservatives can't win any elections on their true message to do away with the government programs -- not government spending, they never seem to mind that when they are in control --  such as welfare, EPA, Social Security, and the Post Office. Gone are the days when they ran on truth.  

I use to think that they would go away, now I see they won't.  The 30 percent mob is going to have their way to protect the Fake News because the Fake News benefits the rich.   The rich are paying less taxes than ever, the national debt is skyrocketing, and jews are being shot in their synagogues while liberals are being sent pipe-bombs.  

Well done America.   Well done.

On a brighter note...  election in two weeks!   

Finally a message to my Republican friends:  stay home this election, you're conscious will thank you.  This is a land of laws and truth.  Without laws and truth, we will surely all fail.   Your party is dealing in neither truth or law today.  Clean it up!

~ Dr Boogie


vote, then meditate

A wise monk was once asked if the world would get better if we all shared everything.  Would there then be no reason to kill and lie?  

In plain monkness, he answered:  'No.' 


Yes.  The pupil went on.  

"Why you say that! What's wrong with you!"

Monk:  "Humans will be humans and can not control anything but themselves.  So just don't kill or lie asshole.  Jeeze, what's wrong with you people.  Leave me alone.  I need to meditate." 

And so the monk did, he meditated, but later that night, a new spirit evolved.  More evil than any before.  It had no feeling for others.  It boast of its worldly goods.  It wanted everything, but had nothing.  It was scared but hid its fear by denouncing the things it didn't understand.  And the monk thought:  "Fuck this, I need to do something." 

And so he registered to vote and voted.  

So vote.  

~ The Monkster


The only hate in America is fake news.

So it is election time of year and you're wondering who's winning?  The Russians.  Here's how:

In 1959, the Soviets created a new disinformation section within the First Chief Directorate of the KGB that was initially know as Department D and later became Service A.   Its staff of fifty officers had the task of undermining the will of government and people in the NATO countries and of influencing potential allies by planting false information.  One of the first acts of the new department was to dispatch a team to West Germany to daub swastikas and anti-Jewish graffiti in several towns.  The campaign was remarkably successful and resulted in a blizzard of anti-German publicity, which portrayed the country as being in the grip of a resurgence of fascism.  

Do you think this agency went away after the wall came down and the name changed back to Russia?  

No doubt the Russians have used social media in a way to get us to hate each other.  Well, I don't hate you.  I don't hate none of you.  We are all in this together.  As John Lennon said:  "There ain't no Guru going to come from the sky to save us."  And so, we need to save each other.  Face the facts.  There is no going back to a a make-believe Megyn Kelly world where kids can dress up with black-faces for Halloween.   I grew up in an all-white suburb and none of us dressed up as racist with black faces or KKK men in sheets.   WFT!   Who's listening to these people?  Don't you realize that the talking-heads are all wrong.  Donald Trump is not a bad-guy either.  He is just a scared-kid afraid of losing.  It has been his greatest fear in life and why wouldn't it be after having been giving all the benefits from life other than love.  

On your way into work today look at the faces of the people you see.  That is the face of America and it is not going away because of Donald Trumps angry mob of voters who gather around him hoping to see a hanging.  

The only hate in America is fake news.   

 ~ Dr. Boogie


I spoke to God this morning and he wants me to say a few things about the current world.  First, for those who think they speak for him... you don't.  No one does, not even this blogger.   The reason is I have never identified myself to any of you.  Not a single one.  Not even this blogger.  For me to identify myself is like asking dirt or sun-raze to explain their selves: can't be done.  Think about it this way; you build a chair.  Can you talk to that chair?  No.  Can that chair talk to you?  No.  The only thing you can do with that chair is sit on it, or admire it, if it breaks, use it for firewood.  You are that chair I created.  So stop thinking yourself more.  

The other thing I wanted to say to you is...  nah, nothing else to say.  I'll return you to Demian.    

~ Demian Sinclair. 



So begins the Scorpions

Today (echo, echo, echo...)  is the 23rd of October which means it is Scorpio time of year.  Why did the ancients name this time of the year after the Scorpio?  Well, season of the witch was already taken.  No, seriously, the scorpion is regarded as "a creature, which has a very tender face to be compared with the countenance of a chaste virgin."  Like women, therefore, it has its beauty and innocent charm.  At the same time, however, its opposite end is capable of delivering a painful, possibly fatal sting, and the creature is, therefore, to be feared and avoided.  Thus the scorpion evokes the same ambivalence and the same quivering conflict of desire and fear.

Folklore also holds that the oil of the scorpion is a cure for the pain of its sting, and the scorpion is, therefore, all the more appropriate as a symbol of the fair sex, for as Hermann Hesse notes in his book Steppenwolf, "Women...relish much of scorpions, for both have stings, and both can hurt too." 

And so it is with this time of year when the veil between heaven and earth is so thin. 

Good haunting boys and girls. 

~Demian Sinclaire

I Ching

Impressed by the impressed ones I decided to consort the I Ching.  Here's what I found out.  Breaking News at 11.

A wise teacher once said:  “You should let yourself be carried away, like the clouds in the sky.  You shouldn’t resist.  God exists in your destiny just as much as he does in the mountains, oceans, and skies. It is very difficult to understand this, because man is moving further and further away form nature, and also from himself....”

He then pointed me to the I Ching.

The I Ching has served for thousands of years as a philosophical taxonomy of the universe, a guide to an ethical life, a manual for rulers, and an oracle of one’s personal future and the future of the state.  It was an organizing principle or authoritative proof for literary and arts criticism, cartographery, medicine, and many of the sciences, and it generated endless Confucian, Taoist, Buddhist, and, later, even Christian commentaries, and competing schools of thought within those traditions.  In China and in East Asia, it has been by far the most consulted of all books, in the belief that it can explain everything.  In the West, it has been known for over three hundred years and, since the 195 0s, is surely the most popularly recognized Chinese book.

In a nut shell, the I Ching tells us of the hero Fu Xi, who studied the patterns of nature in the sky and on earth.  He studied the markings on birds, rocks, and animals, the movement of clouds, the arrangement of the stars.  He discovered that everything could be reduced to eight trigrams, each composed of three stacked solid or brown lines, reflecting the yin and yang, the duality that drives the universe.

It is an understanding machine.  And here begins my I Ching prognostication.

On October 9th, I consulted the sticks and received this info:

I shook the cup...

Until a stick came up...

And a fortune I took!

 and on that day:


And by October 10th everything had changed.  I won a bunch of money and met the love of my life.

Okay, not yet, but the day isn't over.