The essence of Nichiren Buddhism in 300 words

In 13th century a Japanese’s Buddhist reformer named Nichiren Daishonin developed a practice accessible to all people to enable us to bring forth our Buddha nature.  Nichiren taught that we all have the Buddha nature, but like a jewel hidden in a coat pocket, we never reach deep enough to pull it out. Nichiren gave us the tool for accessing this jewel by chanting Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo.  When we chant Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo, we undergo a process of self-transformation called the “human revolution.” It is this personal “revolution” that allows us to change our Karma in this life and live a happier life. 

Nichiren Buddhism left us a mandala he create which embodies the Law of Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo. This is called the Gohonzon and can best be described as a mirror that enables us to perceive our true nature.  As President Ikeda said: “When we focus on the Gohonzon while chanting Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo, our lives and the universe merge like cogs in a great machine meshing together with perfect precession, and we begin to move in the direction of happiness and fulfillment.”

Chanting Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo is the central theme held by The Soka Gakkai International, also called SGI.  SGI is a lay organization who’s members believe that all people possess Buddhahood and that we can directly access this Buddha nature without priests or clergy; we do this as equals encouraging each other through discussion meetings like these.

Finally, the president of the SGI, Daisaku Ikeda, serves as a great example of actualizing the limitless potential that exists within each person’s life.  He has dedicated his life to spreading throughout the world a message of peace rooted in respect for the dignity of life, engaging in countless meetings with ordinary citizens as well as many leading figures.  His philosophy of peace can be summed up with these worlds: “When we change the world changes. The key to all change is in our inner transformation—a change of our hearts and minds. This is the human revolution.”

~~ Buddha Bop


Flat Earth is a 1% plot to keep us divided.

So, I'm here in Dallas and there was a Flat Earth conference this week.  I could tell something was up because they brought with them their reality and I noticed airplanes were flying upside-down from the confusion.  

Yes, a joke, the fact is that the Flat Earth movement is another of those Right Wing obstructions to keep us from a world of love, peace, togetherness.   The money-backers of the these movement, always autonomous, are wealthy and they benefit from these "splinter societies" which keep our focus off of them.  Think about it.  Who benefits most?  It is definitely the 1% who know if we ever got our shit together as a group we have the power, they don't.  So, they keep us from forming a group. 

The good news is deep down inside they know it won't last.  Eventuality, as it has in the past with revolts and progressive leaders like FDR and JFK, we will come together as one factual group demanding equal rights for all and a fairer wealth distribution.   That's the conference we should be having.  

On another note, today is November 17th, the day Queen Mary died of influenza at the age of 42.  She was known as Bloody Mary because she had over 300 Protestant's burned at a stake.   She was a Catholic.  Today the two faiths are known as Christian Brothers and Sisters.  So you see, there is hope for the world peace, she look at the Christians! 


Torching Trump on Hecate Night

So it is November the 16th.  This is the day Pagan's call Hecate Night.  The legend goes that St. Edmund, the king of East Anglia was killed by Danish archers and then beheaded.  In the tradition of Saxon magic kingship, his severed head was guarded by a wolf until it and his body were recovered and later buried in Suffolk. Sunset marks the beginning of this magical night. 

Now for those of you practicing rituals tonight, remember, as stated in her book "Pagan Every Day," by Barbara Andinger:

Older than the Olympians, Hecate comes from Thrace.  Hesiod says she's the daughter of the Titans Perses and Asteria, both representatives of shining light, which tells us that she was not originally Shakespeare's dark and midnight hag.  In early Greek art, in fact, she's Hecate Phorphoros, "the Light Bringer," a beautiful maiden holding two torches. 

Another of Hecate's titles is Propylaia, "the One Before the Gate," guardian of our space, whether at home or where three roads meet.  She's also Hecate Propolos, "she Who Leads" us through the darkness of the underworld and the mysteries.  Denise Dumars and Lori Nyx write, "When you access darkness, you access power, and it is up to you what you do with it.  It can consume you, like a black hole in space, or it can set you free."
So what's this got to do with anything on the eve of President Trump's Impeachment?  

You guessed it: Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are Hecate Phorphoros, the Light Bringers on Donald Trump's corruption.


A recorded UFO abuction from 1572

It's Friday the 15th.  On this day in 1572, Hans Buchmann, a 50-year-old Swiss farmer was abducted by a UFO.  According to my favorite toilet book:  "Wonders in the Sky," Hans went missing on the night of November 15th and wasn't seen again until February 2, 1573 when he returned home dazed, confused, hairless.  His wife and kids were astonished to see that he did not have a single hair on his head, his face or chin; and that his face was so swollen they didn't recognize him at first.  

The authorities questioned Hans and here is his bizarre story:

As I was passing through the forest, I suddenly heard a buzzing sound.  At first I thought it was a swarm of bees, but then I realized it sounded more like music.  I was afraid, and was no longer sure where I was nor what was happening.  I pulled out my knife and swiped at the air around me, losing my hat, gloves and coat in the process.  Before losing consciousness, I could feel that I was being lifted up into the air.  I was taken to another country.  I was disoriented and confused, with no idea where I was.  I felt pain and swellings in my face and head.   Two weeks later I found myself in Milan, with no idea how I had gotten there.  

Wow, that was way back in 1572 and recorded in the town's history.  At the time they didn't know about UFO abductions like we do today and so they suspected fairies.  That's right, they believed in fairy abductions back then.  How silly, everyone knows fairies aren't real, but UFO's are.  

~~ Eso Terry 


Tax The Rich While You Still Can.

If your are a regularly reader, and I’m betting you are, then you know here on we are predicting two major events coming soon:  1st, there is an asteroid headed right for us and the governments of the world don’t want to freak you out so they are just going to let it hit and then deny they saw it coming.  Secondly, there will soon be a revolt against the wealthy 1% who have ignored us too long and are stock-piling their cash in Swiss bank accounts while we clean their toilets. 

Today, I’m not going to talk about the doom of the asteroid, but I will talk about the similarities between today’s evil 1% and France’s ruling class before the Revolution that basically gave us today’s “Of The People, By The People, For The People” government which has all but been wiped away since the 1980’s when the Right Wing Hypocrites began cutting taxes for the rich to increase the debt to a point where the government would go bankrupt and they could say,”See, I told you so,” from their spaceship in the sky.

Before the Revolution, France was one of the richest countries in Europe, but most of the wealth was in the hands of the king and the nobles, while the vast majority of the populace had little.  This did not stop the rich from seeking ways to avoid taxes and shifting the tax burden for France’s wars onto the shoulders of the poor.  France’s involvement in the Seven Years’ War, followed by its support of the American colonists, had cost it dearly, and by the late eighteenth century, France was so deeply in debt that most of its tax revenues were being used to pay interest on the loans it had taken out, some of which ironically were to help America fight for independence from England.  The simple solution then, as it is now, was for the wealthy to pay more, which they wouldn’t, and the rest is history.  

Sound familiar?  It should.  Most of our debt is still from the George Bush ”Iraq War“ and subsequent Financial Crisis from cutting taxes during a war for the first time in history; not that STD test your neighbor’s runaway daughter got because she couldn’t take her suburban hand-grabbing neighbor any longer and so ran away to Southern California and now lives on the streets.   The rich today keep finding ways of passing the tax burden onto us through tollways, copays, deductibles, fines, etc.. while they are paying less taxes than they did in 1950’s.  They really don’t think they should pay a penny for your kids runny nose so you can take a bus to their home to clean their toilets.  

When is enough, enough folks!

Do you really want to wait until they have us in food lines like they did before the French Revolution to ask them to pay their share?

The rich have their mouth-piece of Conservative Talk Radio and Propaganda Fox News to keep you misinformed into believing their tax cuts are good for you and the disasters their tax cuts are causing to our environment, social services, and infrastructure has nothing to do with them and everything to do with that PAP test your neighbors runaway daughter got from the Planned Parenthood.

I wish this was just liberal hyperbole, it’s not.  

                       “Where there is too much,
                             Something is missing.”
                                         ~~ Leo Rosen, author

~~ Dr TV Boogie


The History of Tea

In the year 510, an Enlightened Prince landed in a new country on a missionary enterprise.  He wanted to spread his compassion to the people and so made a vow to chant every day until the people of the new land awakened.  After several years of chanting non-stop he grew tired and fell asleep.  He woke up distressed that he had broken his vow and immediately yanked off his eye-lids and tossed them on the ground so he would never fall asleep during his chants again.

On returning the next day, he noticed that the eyelids he had tossed to the ground had changed into a beautiful shrub the likes of which he had never seen before.  And being the inquisitive seeker that he was, he ate some of the leaves and found his alertness increased and he could chant for longer than ever! He also found that the leaves were especially tasty when sprinkled in warm water and so created and ceremony that is still going strong today.

Seeing how the people loved his new drink, the prince recommended it to his followers and the use of his drink spread from nation to nation.  All nations of the worlds loved it so much that they found a way to tax it to make a lot of money that they could leave behind for future generations the profits so they wouldn’t have to work for a living and could make fun of the poor people and accuse them of not working as hard as they had because they had inherited a ton of money they never earned.

Fortunately for the world, the enlighten prince has continued chanting every day which has given some wealthy people compassion and so they created food lines for us so we wouldn’t revolt.


Stop blaming liberals like me for CEO greed.

In a recent Forbes Magazine article, it is stated that CEO pay has increased 1000% since the 1950’s.   In another article written in Huffpost, the ratio is 204 to 1 times the regular worker — which I might add has gone from 20 to 1 in the 1950’s.  

You do the math.  This is ridiculous and if you are a true, hardworking, red-blooded American, this should make you sick.  These CEO’s don’t deserve 1000% more than the workers no matter what they do.  I agree they should get more, but this is ridiculous and the reason we have a homeless population is every city in the USA.  The extra money going in their pocket is coming from somewhere folks. 

Furthermore, according to the conservative Economical Institute, the average working man and woman’s pay has not; actually, with inflation it has gone down.  What truly sucks about this is our productivity has gone up while our hourly rates haven’t. 

My big question:  How do they sleep at night?  

Look at the facts!   They have programmed you to blame their sin on liberals like me.  

We’re not the problem.  Greed is and we all know it.   And if God were here he would tell it to your face!

Oh, one other thing; they’re not going to voluntarily give it up; we are going to have to request it... politically.   

~~ Dr TV Boogie 

The essence of Nichiren Buddhism in 300 words

In 13th century a Japanese’s Buddhist reformer named Nichiren Daishonin developed a practice accessible to all people to enable us...

Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!