Sun good for you: no shit

 Read this this morning and had to post it as this year's top "No Shit" post:

Grandma Was Right: Sunshine Helps Kill Germs Indoors

Researchers at the University of Oregon set up a study of dusty, dollhouse-size rooms to compare what happens in rooms exposed to daylight through regular glass, rooms exposed to only ultraviolet light and those kept dark. They used a mix of dust collected from actual homes in the Portland area and let the miniature rooms sit outdoors while keeping the insides at a normal room temperature.
After 90 days (because that's how long dust can hang around, even if you vacuumed), they sampled the dust and analyzed the types of bacteria present. 

 Tell me something I don't know. 

Okay, how's about this:  

The ultra violet rays from the sun is good for
  • bone health
  • anti-cancer
  • supports the immune system
  • protects against dementia and brain aging
  • good for loosing excess fat
  • essential for decreasing symptoms of asthma
  • strengthens teeth

It's now rained for ten-days straight here in Dallas and I'm loving it! 




Conversation With Buddha -- includes swear words.

I’ve been working on letting go of my ego.  You know, the thing that says “I have to this…,” “I need to meet her/him…,” “I’m not successful enough for….” 

The happy New-Age definition of Ego is:  The ego is a collection of beliefs and past experiences that defines how a person interacts with life.

Okay, that’s boring as shit and could take us down the road of reverse marketing, when “marketing” is a big part of why our ego’s are so fucked. 

So, let’s see what the Buddha says:

You will not be punished from you anger, you will be punished by your anger.

Shit, that’s because I used the “fuck” word in my blog again, isn’t it?

Better than a thousand hollow words is one word that brings peace.

Okay, sorry for swearing, I won’t do it again.

Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.

Okay, Buddha, I get it.  I suck.

Pain is certain, suffering is optional.

Now you are really confusing me.

A man asked Me, ‘I want happiness.’  I said, ‘First remove I, that’s Ego, then remove want, that’s desire.  See, now you are left with only Happiness.

Wow, Buddha, I think I’m getting it. 

Don’t call me Buddha, Buddha.

And so, my conversation with the Buddha ended, or… has it? 


'nother weird dream, and saying good things about Trump.

Another dream last night.  This time I was starting a business with a few other people.  It was some kind of consulting thing.  I was overwhelmed trying to get the I.T. part going.  I was also overwhelmed by not having control of others and get them to see things my way. 

When I woke up two things were on my mind:   one, I needed to go back to dreaming of being an isolated monk meditating alone trying to achieve nirvana; two:  Donald Trump definitely is not the loser I've made him out to be.  Even with all the tea in China it takes a skill to control those around you like he does. 

And so, yes, I've said something nice about Trump for a change.  Something I'll try to do from now on.

And, he really has done something great today.  It’s probably going to increase the cost of everything, but by changing the International Postal Rates, where Chinese (Russian, Australian, British, etc.) countries can ship items for a few dollars by the host countries absorbing the cost the final leg of the devlivery, which is why a Chinese company can ship an item to a buyer cheaper than a local company can, and why you can buy those cheap items on eBay and Amazon from China, will come to an end.   

It’s a crazy thing that changes everything.   Deal with it: I said two things nice about Trump today.  Maybe he is the greatest Republican president ever.  


Dreamed of a parking meter, ces tout.

So I dreamed last night that I was out with a group of friends and we were going to have dinner in about an hour.  I said I would be there, but then, remembered I had several parking meters to pay.   I went to one of the parking meters.  It was in a junkyard, beside what seemed to be a broken-down ATM machine with old money in it;  I figured the old money was marked to be destroyed because it was so used.   I left it alone.  I started putting coins in my meter but it was registering them.  I began to panic.   "What about the other meters," I thought.  "Have they already expired?"

Finally, I pushed a button to show time remaining.   It said around 70 minutes.  I was safe.

That's when my alarm-clock went off. 

So, I'm thinking this has something to do with aging and running out of time. 

Hopefully it is telling me my meter is paid until 70 plus years, at which time, I'll have the option to reset for another 40 years.

I'm just saying.

~Eso Terry 



Some say the nightmare is 
a horse
that starts to gallop in a dream
and scares the sleeping one awake.

Some say the nightmare is
a sea
where storms have made the waves so big
that they frighten me. 

     I do not know
     What nightmares are,
     I only know
     They are.

But though the nightmares come
at times,
they do not come as often as
the pretty horse, as often as
the calmer sea, that bring
all other dreams to me.

                                                                           ~Siv Cedering Fox


It's Monday, and last night I had a Motorcycle Zen dream where I woke up in this strange place with long hallways and shocked people telling me to return to my room because I needed to return to sleep; however, I knew for the first time in my life, I was awake, and they knew it too, and the yin and yang of it is that awake is the dream part.

This theory came big again after the Matrix movie, where it is theorized that we are all in some kind of zombie sleep hooked to a giant Main Frame of life.   Reality is not true, it is a game and we are never awake to know this.  Life is a big sleep.

The Buddhist monks have known this for years and so we meditate.  For me, there is that moment when all there is is the air that I breathe.  At that point, I know I'm alive, awake, off the matrix. 

So, fully functioning today, I go to my news feed and find this:

A fictional painting of Trump and other Republicans now hangs in the White House.

Really, a painting soon to be seen on a Farm to Market Road along with John Wayne tapestries, ceramic Elvis bust, and Rebel Flags.

No doubt I am still sleeping.  


If the Republican Painting From White Heaven isn't enough,  Elizabeth Warren had a DNA test and the results are she is about 1/32 Native American.  So, Donald Trump's has disgraced another decent person in a long line in unstaniated lies starting with his calling Jeb Bush an idiot, John McCain a sissy for being captured in battle, and Elizabeth Warren, "Pocahontas" for her Native American clams. 

Yes, I am definitely dreaming.


Just Rain.

It's raining.  There's thunder in the distances.  Dancing thunder, the kind they calls you out to play.  It's shooting across the sky.  "Come join me," it says, "you'll be sorry."  

"Sorry?" I ask. 

"Yes, sorry."

The thunder stops.  The rain rattles against the ground, expands.  It's knocking. 

"She didn't mean, 'sorry'," says the rain.  "She meant, souring.  You'll be soaring." 

There's a new shot of thunder, like a shot from a pistol.

"Why are you listening to us now, after all these years?" The Pistol Thunder ask, as it's voice fades away into nothingness, only to return closer, more embolden:  "I asked you a question."

"I'm thinking," I answer.  "It is all too much to take in.  I never knew rain could talk."

"We've always been here," a distant voice says.  "You've just never listened."  

"That's not true," I challenge.  "I've always loved the rain."

"Ha," says a stream of rain running down my gutters.  "Since when have you loved?"

"That's not fair,"  comes a louder voice, followed by a more distant, "He's only human, we're rain.  Leave him alone."

And the rain continues to speak to me.  And I continue to listen.  


We are the same as plants, as trees, as other people, as the rain that falls.  We consist of that which is around us, we are the same as everything.

                                                                                                                       ~Gautama Buddha


Decartes was right!

Are We Awake or Not?

Decartes first asked the question.  And when I first read it I thought, how ridiculous, of course we are, "I think, therefore, I am" -- okay, he said that first, still, it was never hard for me to distinguish between my waking and sleeping existence, until now. 

When I was a young man, in the seventies -- late seventies, pre 1984 Ronald Reagan wealthy-tax cuts madness -- the world looked like it was on the right track.  Equal rights were cool, immigrants were considered an asset by Republicans for "cheap labor"  --  yes, immigration, another Republican lie they blame on everyone else but their greedy leaders -- and Nazis... were evil. 

Today, with Trumps 3:16 Mob followers, the world looks scary.  Equal Rights is considered an attack on Gray Headed White Men, cheap labor is now replaced with kiss-my-ass/shut the fuck up/Peasant Labor, and, Nazis are cool in their Frog Meme suits. 

Donald Trump is president.  And so, obviously, I am not awake because the world is illogical and is transcending time and space, and is definitely breaking the normal laws of physics. 

So, in closing boys-and-girls, Descartes was right:  we are asleep while the Nazis have figured out a way to move around us.  

I think, therefore I am.
I think, therefore I scam.

On this day in 1492,  greed came to America.  The first white man arrived and claimed these here United States for himself.  Think of it this way if you live in Texas and our pissed about all the liberal Californians moving in.  You started it!


Be where you are, otherwise you will miss your life. 

                                                   Buddha said that. 

Don't eat yellow snow. 

                                                   I said that (Dr TV Boogie).


Stop voting Republican. It could save your life.

Nothing today folks, because, well, sometimes nothing is everything.  It's cyclical, bicentennial, tricentennial, scam.  Trump holds another Angry Mob rally while a devastating storm hits Florida.  It really doesn't matter, but Trump once tweeted that Obama was "Wrong" for doing a similar thing.  

It's obvious the only people supporting Trump are members of the Angry Mob running through the streets with torches in their hands wanting to destroy everything.  

Interesting perspective.  A similar Roman Leader used people in the same way.  It was Nero.  

Nero also sang and played his lyre while the city of Rome burned in a fire some believe was set by the Republican Senators who wanted to destroy everything to build it their way.  Sound familiar? It should.  That is exactly the came plan of the Wealthy Tax Cutters.   Starting with Reagan and his massive peacetime deficit, to Bush and his financial depression, and now Trump.  

You don't get it because fortunately, it hasn't hit you yet because you have a good job.  Trust me, when the shit does come down and the wealthy fly to their private islands and we are left to deal with this mess, you won't be saved. 

Stop voting Republican.  It could save your life.  

I now return you to your regular blogcasting. 

Dr. TV Boogie


Trump: Mother Earth Is coming for you!

Another hurricane headed for Washing DC because the idiots there refuse to see that climate change is real, and according to recent reports, if we don't do anything within ten years to address it, like stop being so greedy and voting for idiots who deny global warming, WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE! 

First, my wishes and prayers go out to those in the path.  Good luck.   

If you look at the mad, however, just like the last storm, it ends up going through Washing DC on the way out, the home of Donald Trump: the greatest Global Warming Denier of them all.  

I'm just saying. 

The Dire Warnings of the United Nations’ Latest Climate-Change Report

 Last night, in Incheon, South Korea, after a week of deliberation, the I.P.C.C. released the new findings. The summary tells a nightmarish tale—one much worse than any of those in the I.P.C.C.’s previous reports—surveying the climate-change impacts we’re already experiencing with one degree of warming, and the severity of the impacts to come once we surpass 1.5 degrees of warming. Ten million more people would be exposed to permanent inundation, and several hundred million more to “climate-related risks and susceptible to poverty.” Malaria and dengue fever will be more widespread, and crops like maize, rice, and wheat will have smaller and smaller yields—particularly in sub-Saharan Africa, Southeast Asia, and Central and South America. Security and economic growth will be that much more imperilled. “Robust scientific literature now shows that there are significant differences between 1.5 and 2 degrees,” Adelle Thomas, a geographer from the Bahamas and also one of the report’s lead authors, told me. “The scientific consensus is really strong. It’s not just a political slogan: ‘1.5 to stay alive.’ It’s true.”


Trump Quotes on Climate Change:








Transformation means: kick off the mask of our personality so the essence of who we really are can come out.  Easier said than done.  Or is it?  In her book "The Unknowable Guddjieff,"  Margaret Anderson says, "I am carrying with me, wherever I go, a huge sack.  In it is my personality--that manifesting 'animal' which expressed itself so incessantly for so many years, and that now lie dormant in the sack, stirring only faintly from time to time in its likes, dislikes, pleasures, rebellions, happiness, angers and obsessions."

There is an old Russian saying:  'A hunchback can be straightened only in the tomb.'  Just so, a man must die to become changed. 

I wish you not to be Nonentity.  So first I make you feel like nonentity.  Only from there can you begin. 

It is nothing to know your nonentityness, you must experience it personally. 

To know mentally is nothing, worth nothing.  You must have a third kind of knowledge. 

The great science of transformation--the birth of the soul, that conscious 'second birth' which parallels automatic (physical) birth and for which Gurdjieff had such a marvelous phrase: 'the arising of the presence of man'...this transformation demands years of study and practice for its incorporation.  'Past joys,' he said, 'are as useless to man in the present as the snows of last year which leave no trace by which one can remember what they were.  Only the imprints of conscious labor and intentional suffering are Real, and can be used for obtaining good.'

When you have finally grasped the meaning of transformation and realized how false your picture of yourself has been, when you have discovered the kind of person you really are, and heard the little song you've been singing all your life...this is the moment when you can say that you've begun at the beginning.  


Benedict Trump

Donald Trump is a chump.
He has a big, fat, rump.
Every time he turns around,
His jaws go chump, chump, chump
on democracy.

Am I being silly?

Maybe, but consider this, Donald Trump is the reincarnated spirit of Benedict Arnold and I can prove it.

First, as with most reincarnated spirits, dates play a role.  Benedict Arnold died on a June 14th, and Donald Trump was born on a June 14th.

Now, if sharing a day of the year was all there was, I wouldn't be wasting your time here, but there is more, way more.  Actually, more, mores than the Moors who invaded Spain....

Allow me to pontificate:

Benedict Arnold supported the British enemy during our struggle for independence, read any history book and you'll see he did this for three major reasons:

1.  He was an ego-maniac who felt no one was better, stronger, or smarter than him, and so when he was passed up for a leadership positions by the revolutionary leaders, he considered them idiots for not seeing he was the greatest thing ever. 

2.  He was very greedy.   Benedict Arnold had been reprimanded several times for using his military positions for personal gains.  For instance, he once let a whole town starve while he ate like a king every night by closing the stores to the public.  He was actually court marshaled for that shady dealing, but then, giving back a military command by George Washington who, like today's Republican party, couldn't see the threat this ego-maniac posed to the independence of the United States.

3.  Arnold owed the enemy banks of London a shit-load of money.

Okay, let's look at Donald Trump.

Like Arnold, Trump is a narcissistic ego-maniac.  Do I really have to even say this?  No one, even those who will support him until the Purge, doubt this.  The guy bullied his way into the front of a group of world leaders so he would be in the front of the photo.  The guy said last week in a television interview:  THE WORLD NEEDS HIS BRAIN, that without it, the world will fail.

Then, there is the greed thing.  Instead of listing the numerous samples of this one, I'll just quote the Donald from his own words January 9th, 2016, when he said:  “I like money. I’m very greedy. I’m a greedy person. I shouldn’t tell you that, I’m a greedy – I’ve always been greedy. I love money?

Yes Donald, we know that.  That's probably why you die your hair the color of gold bullion.

And of course, there is the indebtedness to the enemy thing.  This one is the hard one to figure out because it goes so deep.  Here are the cliff notes:  Trump was bankrupt in the 90's.  All of his casinos had failed.   Fortunately, the Soviet Union had just collapsed and all the state-owned assets -- everything was owed by the state before the collapse of communism) were now being bought up by... wait for it.... the KGB.  Here's how it worked:  As the Communism plan was failing, the KGB officers were giving huge bonuses so they could buy up all the assets.  And they did.  They also needed a safe place to put the money:  and so, steps in the one American with no allegiance to the country, Donald Trump.   The details are foggy but trust me, but they all point back to Trump and will eventually come out and then what happens?

Well, did you know that Benedict Arnold went back to England to avoid being hanged and lived out his disgraceful years there.  Of course, he was considered shit there too, because, no one likes a trader.

Other reincarnated spirit things to consider:

In his memoir, Benedict Arnold wrote:  I like blondes.

Of course, Donald Trump like blonds too:  especially porn star blonds named Stormy Daniels.

Then, long before the access Hollywood Access tapes where Donald Trump brags about grabbing women by the pussy because he can, Benedict Arnold wrote in his memoir: the main chance of success in assaulting a walled fortress is to take her by surprise; thus an assault is ever preferable to a siege; but again as in the case of a lady, it is more difficult to talk surprise than to succeed in surprising her.

So yes, Benedict Arnold was a pussy grabber too.

Both Arnold and Trump were really ass wholes about their soldiers and sailors of their country.

Arnold called the Navy a "Motley Crew" for passing him up for a promotion, and after he was court marshaled said, "My leg is worth more than the whole army."

Then Donald Trump said, and I have to pause and tell you as a proud veteran of the Untied States of America, this one disturbs me the most and makes anything Jane Fonda did or say in the 60's look meek, "I don't support soldiers who were captured," Trump said about a Repbublican Senator who had been help prisoner in Vietnam, " “He was a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.”

Then, there are similarities of their wives.

Both around 20 years younger. Both, questionable allegiance to their countries:  Anold's wife: Peggy Shippen, was from a proponent "Loyalist" family in Philadelphia, and with her connections, helped old Benedict with his British connections; compared to Melania Trump, who was raised in a communist-socialist country and speaks fluent Russian.

It's not coinky-dinky, folks, it's coinky-stinky.

Finally, back in 1801, we didn't have a political party supporting the English enemy like we do today, and with the Republican party's acceptance of Russia's meddling in a US election because, their side won, well, they are now accomplices.  I had a top-secret clearance in the US Navy, and one of the many training films showed how Russian's were trained in obtaining little things from you, such as a briefcase you accidentally left in a hotel room, and then even thought there were no secrets in it, they would use it against you to get more.  Obviously, the whole Republican Party now supporting Donald Trump have been compromised, and are working for the Russians now to protect their own ass.  Fox News is there propaganda machine.

In 1958, the Russian Country (then called Soviet Union, not that that matters) leader, Khrushchev said he would "bury" the United States without firing a weapon."  Now we know how.

The current Russia leader, Vladimir Putin, who Donald Trump thinks is a really great guy, is an ex KGB officer, and when he was running for president of Russia, said the United States was a problem and if elected, he would destroy us.  It's taken almost 30 years since he said that, but with the election of his boy, Donald Trump as president, he finally has the power to do it.  And with the Republican Party protecting him, along with the Fox News propaganda machine feeding the lies, the enemy has infiltrated this country.  As I said, when the Soviet Union failed in 1990, the KGB never stopped being paid.  They actually got bonuses to get them through the hard part.  Most of them used that money to buy up everything and are now billionaires.  These are the guys Donald Trump is beholden to.  Putin changed the election process so he can rule the country just as the old appointed Soviet Leaders from Lennon to Khrushchev had.  The goal of the Soviet Union then, and the goal of the Russian country now is and always will be world domination.

And with the help of the Republican party who Donald Trump once called "the dumbest group of voters ever," Putin and the other dictators of the world are so close to having the world dominance they desire, that they can taste it.   All they have to do is fix a few more US elections with more of their sympathizers, and heck, their harvest is now the whole Republican Party.

I had lunch with a Republican Friend the other day, who said:  Putin isn't the bad guy, did you know they have a flat-tax?

"Are you shitting me," I said, "He's a dictator." 

"Fake News," he said, laughing. 

Unfortunately, it's not fake, nor is it funny.

Either Trump goes, or Democracy goes.

You choose, or should I say:  твой выбор (pronounced Ter-voy vee-bop)

Join me next week when we discuss Stormy Daniels new book and how she describes Donald Trump's private part as looking like a Nuclear Bomb Mushroom Cloud.



Kavanaugh compared to Decartes (Sperm Down the Drain)

In yesterday’s post I talked about the sickness of Kavanaugh and his abuse of the privileged class.  Well, looks like he has been appointed to the Supreme Court, and I couldn't be happier.  Looks like we finally have a Savior for the Fetus.

Now, some of you are thinking: what a dick, to make fun of abortions.  What you don't get is some of us think your jacking off in a shower is the same thing.  So, deal with it.

What happens when sperm goes down a shower drain?


and this:

and this:

So, thank god for this:

I have it all!!!!!  I am God!!! Bow down to me peasants!

So we won't need this at our religious schools:

~Dr TV Boogie


 What ever happen to the good old days when the privileged class used their fortune to contemplate life’s problems and make the world a better place.  Take for instance, Rene Descartes.  The guy did something with his privileged upbringing.  He was the son of a Nobleman and really didn’t have to do anything but drink excessively and give give Fox News interviews like Brett Kavanaugh, but instead, he used his brain!

What!  Tell me it isn't so!

Yes, Descartes used his privilege wisely.  Thus, he is known as our first real modern philosopher.

“I shall bring to light the true riches of our souls, opening up to each of us the means whereby we can find within ourselves all the knowledge we may need for the conduct of life and the means of using it in order to acquire all the knowledge that the human mind is capable of possessing...”

Unfortunately, however, the church still had a hold on everything and so Decartes had to pretend to be a Christian to save his job.  No shit, in his personal writings he stated that he knew the Earth rotated around the Sun, but because of what happened to Galilao -- the church locked him up for the rest of his life for stating the obvious, which the church then, not only believed masterbating in a shower was a sin, but also questioning the fact that everything evolved around the earth -- as recently reported on Fox news.

Grow up people, the church is still controlling you with lies.  They are keeping you from the truth of one world, one love.

~Damien Sinclair


The Stories of Cain

 The story of Cain who bore the mark on his forehead, has always bothered me.

Someone may certainly kill his own brother in a quarrel, and he may panic afterwards and eat humble pie.  But that he should be marked with a special “sign” for his cowardice that acts as a kind of protection and inspires fear in everybody else is strange indeed.

What happened and lay behind the whole origin of the story was the “sign.”  Here was a man who had something in his face that frightened other people.  They did not dare lay hands on him; he impressed them, he and his children.  It is virtually certain that he bore no actual mark on his brow like a  birth mark; the mark was a little more intelligence and self-possession in his eyes than people were accustomed to.  This man had power and they all went in awe of him;  he had a “sign.”  You can explain that how you will.  People always want whatever is comfortable and puts them in the right.  They were afraid of Cain’s children; they bore a sign.  So the sign was not interpreted for what it really was but the contrary.  They said that people with this sign were odd, as indeed they were.  Men of courage and character always seem very sinister to the rest.  It was a sinister thing that a breed of strange, fearless people should be going about, and so they attached a nickname and a myth to this family as a way of taking revenge and ridding themselves of guilt for all the fear they had experienced. 

These ancient stories are always true in a sense, but they are not always properly recorded or given a correct interpretation.  In short, I consider Cain to be a fine person and they pinned this story on to him merely because they were afraid of him.  The story had its basis in hearsay, the kind of thing people bandy about, and it was true in so far as Cain and his children really bore some kind of mark and were different from other people.”

Did Cain kill his brother?  Yes, that is certainly true.  The strong man slew the weak.  But we may well doubt whether it was his brother.  It isn’t important.  Ultimately all men are brothers.  Thus a strong man slew a work man.  Perhaps it was the deed of a hero, perhaps not  At all events the other weaklings were now filled with fear, complained bitterly and when they were asked, “Why do yo not slay him too?” they did not reply, “Because we are cowards,”  but, “We cannot. He has a sign.  god hath branded him.”  The fraud must have originated somehow like that…But, I’m keeping you from your life.  Goodbye then!

And the Gods spoke and Brett Kavanaugh is elected to the Supreme Court, hero of the Fetus!

~Demian Sinclair


Others say (lifted from The Ancient Hebrew Research Center):

We have all heard the story of Cain and Abel. Two brothers bring their sacrifices to God; Abel's sacrifice is accepted, but Cain's sacrifice is not. Out of jealousy, Cain take's his brother out into the field and kills him. Because of Cain's sin, he is branded with a mark and sent away. However, if we carefully study the text, we find that there is much, much more, to this story.
Their Names

Let's begin with their names. The names Cain and Abel come from the Greek Septuagint, a 2,000 year old Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible, where their names are written as "Kain" and "Abel." These names are the Greek transliterations of the Hebrew. In Hebrew, Cain is קין (qayin) and Abel is הבל (havel).

The word קין (qayin, from the root QN) means to acquire or possess something which is why Eve (chavah in Hebrew) said "I have gotten/acquired (qanah, also from the root QN) a man" (Gen 4:1). The word הבל (havel) means to be empty, often translated as vain or vanity in the sense of being empty of substance.

The Hebrew word for "name" is shem and literally means breath or character. In Hebrew thought, ones name is reflective of one's character and the Hebraic meanings of the names of "Cain and Abel" are windows into their characters. Cain is a possessor, one who has substance while Abel is empty of substance. 

This is not gay, right?

 This may seem odd to us, because we have always assumed that Abel was the good guy and Cain the bad, but this is an oversimplification of the facts, as according to their names, a reflection of their character, Cain is what we would call "a man of character," but Abel is "vain."
Their Births

It is a well-known fact that Jacob and Esau were twins, but what is not commonly known is that Cain and Abel were also twins. In the normal Hebraic accounting of multiple births the conception then birth of each child is mentioned such as we can see in Genesis 29:32-33 where it states that Leah conceived and bore a son, and then she conceived again and bore a son. Note that there are two conceptions and two births. But notice how it is worded in Genesis 4:1-2.
Now Adam knew Eve his wife, and she conceived and bore Cain; And again, she bore his brother Abel. (RSV)
Notice that there is only one conception, but two births. The Hebrew word for "again" is asaph, meaning to add something, in this case the birthing of Abel was added to the birthing of Cain. Cain and Abel were twins.
Their professions

According to the Biblical text, Abel was a shepherd. The KJV uses the word "keeper," but the Hebrew word ro'eh means shepherd. Cain is a "tiller of the ground." The Hebrew word translated as "tiller" is o'ved, which literally means a "servant." The word o'ved, is the participle form of the verb avad and the verb avad is found in Genesis 3:23 where it states that when Adam was expelled from the garden he was sent to "till" (avad) the ground. Therefore, Cain, who is the older of the twins, takes on the profession of his father, a very common occurrence in the Hebrew culture. I should note that while Adam, Eve, Cain and Abel are not Hebrews by definition, they are the forefathers of the Hebrew people. 

Their sacrifices

When the two boys brought their sacrifices to God, Cain, the farmer, brought fruit from the ground he worked and Abel, the shepherd, brought sheep from his flock. We are then told that God had respect for Abel's sacrifice, but not for Cain's, but we are not told why Cain's sacrifice was not respected.

Something of interest that can be gleaned from this story is that we often assume the first commands by God were given to Moses at Mt. Sinai, but this is evidently not the case, God gave his commands, or at least some of them, to Adam and Eve and their children and it is apparent from the narrative that Abel obeyed those commands, but Cain did not.

Because God did not respect Cain's sacrifice Cain was angry and sad. Then God gives him some instructions. The first of these is; " If thou doest well, shalt thou not be accepted?" God is telling him that he can overcome this; all he has to do in the future is bring the correct sacrifice, and all will be well. Then God says, " and if thou doest not well, sin lieth at the door." In other words, if you continue to bring me the wrong sacrifices, you will sin. Lastly God says, " And unto thee shall be his desire, and thou shalt rule over him." It is assumed by most that the "his" and "him" in this verse is "sin," however, this is impossible.

It is important to understand that in Hebrew all nouns are either masculine or feminine. For instance, the earth is feminine, but the sky (heaven) is masculine and the word for fish is feminine, but the word for bird is masculine. The Hebrew word for sin is hhatah, which is a feminine noun. If the "his" and "him," which by the way are the correct gender for the pronouns in the Hebrew text, were referring to "sin," then the correct pronouns would have been "hers" and "her." We can then conclude that the "his" and "him" are referring to something or someone other than sin. 

You make me hate myself, man!

Their Relationship

Let's take a closer look at that the last part of what God told Cain. Here is a literal rendering of this passage from the Hebrew; "and toward you is his desire but you will rule over him." Now, let's go back to the previous chapter (Genesis 3:16) where God is speaking to Eve about her relationship with Adam; "and toward your husband is your desire, but he will rule over you." Did you notice that these two passages, aside from the gender of the pronouns and to whom the passages are referring too, are identical?

In the passage about Adam and Eve, Eve is to follow her husband and her husband is to rule over her. In the passage about Cain and Abel, "he" is to follow Cain and Cain is to rule over "him." So who is the "he" and "him?" It has to be Abel. Remember that Cain was born first and is therefore, according to Hebrew tradition, the leader. But apparently, Abel is attempting to take over the leadership, possibly because he felt superior to Cain as his sacrifice was accepted by God. Also, don't forget that Cain's character was one of substance and Abel's was one of vanity.

The Murder

The King James Version translates Genesis 4:8 as follows.
And Cain talked with Abel his brother: and it came to pass, when they were in the field, that Cain rose up against Abel his brother, and slew him.
This is a pretty straight-forward passage, but it has been altered in order for it to make sense. It is not uncommon for the translators to "fix" the text so that it can be understood by the reader easily. In my opinion they do a disservice to the reader by hiding these problems. I am of the opinion that the translator should remain true to the Hebrew text and then footnote their opinions. The very first part of that verse actually reads, from the Hebrew, "And Cain said to his brother."

What did Cain say to his brother? We don't know, that is missing from the text. The King James translators fixed this by changing the word from "said" to "talked." This may sound trivial, but you must understand that every time the Hebrew uses vai'yomer (and said) the conversation follows, but not here. At some point when the scroll was being copied, a copier accidently skipped over what was said by Cain. 

Why is this?  Truth is, what Cain said was taken out on purpose and we will never know what he said, or will we?

The punishment

The first punishment for Cain is that he is will no longer be able to work the ground.
And now you are cursed from the ground, which has opened its mouth to receive your brother's blood from your hand. When you till the ground, it shall no longer yield to you its strength; (RSV, Genesis 4:11-12a)
The second punishment is banishment.
you shall be a fugitive and a wanderer on the earth. (RSV, Genesis 4:12b)
Cain is distressed by this punishment and says to God, according to the translations;
My punishment is greater than I can bear (RSV, Genesis 4:13).
This implies that there is no remorse in Cain and he is more worried about his punishment than the evil act he did to his brother. However, the Hebrew word translated as punishment is avon, which means "iniquity" or "guilt." With this understanding, he is actually saying, "My guilt is greater than I can bear." With this translation we see great remorse. Cain then continues to say,
Behold, thou hast driven me this day away from the ground; and from thy face I shall be hidden; and I shall be a fugitive and a wanderer on the earth, and whoever finds me will slay me. (RSV, Genesis 4:14)

Grace and Mercy

It is often taught that the Old Testament taught Law and the NT taught Grace. However we find throughout the Old Testament instances where God shows Grace. The story of Noah, the exodus of the Israelites and many others are stories of grace and this story is no different as God grants mercy, grace and hope to Cain.
Then the LORD said to him, "Not so! If any one slays Cain, vengeance shall be taken on him sevenfold." And the LORD put a mark on Cain, lest any who came upon him should kill him. (RSV, Genesis 4:15)
God evidently believed that Cain's murder did not deserve death, either by his or anyone else's hand and this may be a sign that there is more to this murder story than we are told. Don't forget that the conversation between Cain and Abel is not known for sure and it is also possible that there are elements of this story that have not been passed down to us.

What is the mark that God placed on Cain? We of course cannot know with any certainty, but there are some clues. The Hebrew word translated as "mark" is the word 'ot, which is used in the Biblical text for a "sign." This word is also used in non-Biblical texts for a "letter," as in a letter of the alphabet.
And the LORD said to him, "Go through the city, through Jerusalem, and put a mark upon the foreheads of the men who sigh and groan over all the abominations that are committed in it." (RSV, Ezekiel 9:4)
In the above passage, the Hebrew word for the "mark" is tav, which is last letter of the Hebrew alphabet. The above passage would be better translated as, "and put a 'tav' upon the foreheads." In the Ancient Hebrew alphabet, the letter tav was written as a picture of two crossed sticks, a cross if you will, and is a sign of a covenant.

It is possible that the "mark" God placed on Cain was the letter tav and may also be a sign that God was in covenant relationship with Cain.


As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, if we carefully examine the text more closely we will find that there is much more to the story of Cain and Abel then most of us have been taught. I don't have all of the answers; in fact, as I study the Biblical text carefully, I will usually wind up with more questions than I do answers. But this is what Bible study is all about. It is not about getting all the answers, it is about the search. It is not about the destination, it is about the journey. 

You Decide! 


Good Riddance Judge Karma Kavanaugh.

Still don't believe in karma boys and girls?  

How about this one.  The guy being considered for the supreme court this month, yes, Brett Kavanaugh, really seems to be dealing with some karma. 

In a quick recap, the guy was born privileged, went to Yale, and so, yes, he pulled himself up from his bootstraps like the rest of the wealthy bastards -- at least, that's what they want you to believe.  Inside they know the truth.  

Kavanaugh drank too much as a youth.   Okay, so what, so did I and a lot of us.  He also drunkenly forced himself on a woman... that's where I think most of us bow out.   No matter how drunk I got, that wasn't going to happen.  I might say some screwed up things, you know, lie about maybe have gone to Yale, but I didn't put my hands on her mouth and humped her while another rich friend laughed.  

So now, all of this has come out in the hearings to appoint this guy to the highest judgeship in the land, and you know what, it doesn't matter.  That's not his issue.  His issue is that while being pissed off for having to answer questions about his past indiscretions, Kavanaugh went conspiracy wacko on us by saying it was the "Clintons" who were doing this to him.  

Now, this is where the karma comes in.  If you remember, president Bill Clinton was impeached for having gotten a blow-job by an intern while in the White House.  Most of us didn't care, and I'll admit, we probably should have.  I mean, it was consensual, but as the metoo# movement has showed us, she might of sucked the presidential penis out of fear of retaliation.  So, in hindsight, the impeachment was a good thing.  

Clinton and his Victim

The attorney prosecuting Clinton on this was helped by the young, Brett Kavanaugh who gave him the questions to ask President Clinton.  One of the questions was about phone sex.  And, of course, this really did help destroy President Clinton -- which, for the record doesn't matter because he was a Democrat in Republican clothing and so, good riddance ....  

back to this story:  so, Brett Kavanaugh made his mark in the prosecuting of the Bill Clinton blow job.  And this fact alone, elevated Kavanaugh to a cush job in the George Bush White House, which ultimately allowed Brett Kavanaugh to be up for this appointment for the supreme court.  Yes, Kavanaugh's personal insight to abusing woman helped him impeach Clinton, and ultimately, elevated him to this opportunity.  Nothing else.  Not his wealthy, rich boy schooling or high brow family connections.  And, since it is football season, let me put it to you this way, Kavanaugh just scored a touch down, but it is because one of his linemen held a would-be tackler and without this foul, Kavanaugh would have been sacked a long time ago. 

Kavanaugh yelled in the trial:  "It is because of the Clintons!"  And the truth is, "No, it is because of your privileged class!" you haven't earned shit.   You've done evil to get where you are, and evil is bringing you down. 

Good Riddance Judge Karma Kavanaugh. 

~Dr. TV Boogie


This day was Justice Thurgood Marshall’s beginning.

The story of the Passion of the Savior, has something about it that I don't like. Read it through, I mean really read it, and you'll see there is an insipid element in it.  It's this business of the two theieves.  Wonderful how the three crosses stand next to each other on the Mount!  But they why this tract-like story about the honest thief!  First he was a criminal and had committed evil deeds, God knows what, and now he melts and takes part in tearful scenes of sorrow and repentance!  What sense is there, I ask you, in such repentance when he is only two steps away from the grave?  It’s nothing but one of your pious moral tales, sugary and unconvincing, helped down with the grease of sentimentality and an edifying background.  If you had to choose one of the two thieves today for a friend or consider which of the two you would prefer to trust, it certainly wouldn’t be the sniveling convert.  No, the other is the man and has real character.  He despises a conversion which for a man in his position can only be a pretty speech, and pursues his own way to the end; he does not forswear the Devil who must have aided and abetted him at the eleventh hour.  He has character in the Bible.  Perhaps he was a descendant of Cain’s.  Don’t you agree?

I know, it’s the old story, as long as you don’t take the thing seriously.  But threre’s something I would like to tell you: we are here darling with one of the places where one is very conscious of the weakness of this religion.  The point is that this God of both the Old and New Testaments is a wonderful figure but not what he purports to represent.  He is all that is good, noble, he is the fatherly, the beautiful, the most high, the sentimental — all right!  But the world consists also of other things which are merely ascribed to the Devil.  And that half-section of the world is suppressed; it is never mentioned.  It’s is the same as the way they celebrate God as the father of all life but the whole of sex-life which is the basis of life itself they are silent about, or indeed, whenever possible describe it as sinful and the work of the Devil.  I have no objection to people honoring this God Jehovah, far from it.  But I consider that we should sanctify and honor everything, the whole world, not merely this artificially separated, official half.  Therefore alongside the divine service should be a Devil’s service; that in my view would be right and proper.  Otherwise you must create a God for yourself who embraces the Devil in himself and before whom you don’t have to drop your eyes in shame when the most natural things in the world take place. 

I know some of you are having thoughts you can not process from what I’ve just written.  If that is so you must know that you too have not lived so far according to your own conception of life, and that is not a good thing.  Only the ideas that we really live have any value.  You have known that your “permitted” world was only half of the world and you have tried to subjugate the second half after the manner of the priests and teachers.  It will not be to your benefit. That is to say, it benefits no one once they have begun to think....

I’ll end it here with a message to Brett Kavanaugh:  “Thou shalt certainly not kill — nor rape and kill girls. 

Speaking of which, today is the anniversary that our first non-white male judge was appointed to the bench in 1967.  It was Justice Thurgood Marshall.  Funny how far we’ve come.  Today, Marshall would be the poster child for Fox News’ “Everything Wrong With American” talking points.  Funny, that on this historic day, we are considering the most outright, right-wing justice ever in Brett Kavanaugh.  Maybe this is a turning point.  On Thurgood Marshall being placed on the bench, a man of color, the conservative world went nuts and started taking over every office from school boards to governorship to publi TV.  Maybe with the outright nuts of appointing a operative Republican to the bench, we can now start bringing the United States back to the center before if falls off the cliff of despotism. 

~ Demian Sinclair