It's February, yea, the second month of the current Gregorian calendar and the third month of Winter's rule, derives its name from Februa (also known as Juno), the name of a Roman purification festival held on the fifteenth day of February in ancient times.

Brigit, the Celtic Earth-Mother and goddess of fire, wisdom, poetry, and sacred wells, is honored on February 1st. In Ireland, offerings of yellow flowers are made to the goddess at sacred wells dedicated to her.

February 2 is Candlemas, Cthonic emergence -- the first stirrings of life in darkness beneath the Earth.  Harbinger of Spring, and good for "seedings" of all sorts, including projects. It is the Sabbat which celebrates the coming of Spring time, and represents new beginnings and spiritual growth.

February 14 is, be still my beating heart, Saint Valentine's Day, a good time for love potions, or a good Hockey game.

February 26 is the "Pentagram Night," a night to reaffirm your dedication to the craft of Wicca and the Old Ones.

Going to Katmandu

Each year on or around January 31, a sacred festival is held in the Katmandu Valley of Nepal in honor of the goddess Sarasvati, an ancient Indian deity who presides over all forms of education.  At temples dedicated to her, offerings of food, flowers, and incense are made by fiathful Hindus and students who seek her help on their school exams.  In the courtyard of the Januman Dhoka, an ancient palace where the king is accompanied on this day by Napalese officials, the annual rites of Spring begin with a traditional gun salute, followed by veneration ceremonies which are performed by the royal priest.

So begins our quick journey of Katmandu Valley.   Once, a great lake 30,000 YEARS AGO:

This panorama by Dinesh Shrestha, taken from Lakuri Bhanjyang in 2008, was manipulated to visualise what the Kathmandu Valley must have looked like when it was a huge lake.

Katmandu Then

Katmandu Now

Kathmandu Valley is where mythology and geology intertwine. The former holds that the Tibetan saint, Manjushree, flew down to Kathmandu. Upon seeing the huge lake, he cut the Chobhar ridge in half with his mighty sword and drained the waters to allow civilisation to flourish in the fertile sacred valley.

In his book Power Places of Katmandu Valley, Keith Dowman tells of the Myth of Katmandu Valley, which reads like a script from the television series Ancient Aliens:

In days of yore, in vedic times when the gods were young, when the Kathmandu Valley was a wild jungle, in Mrigasthali above the banks of the Bagmati, the sky-god Prajapati was intent upon copulation with his daughter Ushas, Goddess of dawn. Mahadeva in his wild and dangerous form of Rudra, the hunter, interrupted Prajapati's incestuous activity by shooting arrows at him. A lingam arose on that spot representing Siva as Pashupatinath, Lord of Beasts. 

A later legend tells of a time when Siva Mahadeva as Vishvanath Baba was overwhelmed by the adulation of his devotees in Kasi, Banares. Fleeing from Banares, Mahadeva transformed himself into a gazelle and lived in peace on the Mrigasthali hill. Visnu, Brahma and the other gods, unable to tolerate Mahadev's absence from Banares, came to fetch him back. They caught the gazelle by the horn, but in so doing the horn broke. Thereupon Siva declared himself Pashupati, Lord of Beasts, and Visnu erected the broken horn as the original Pashupati lingam and all the gods worshipped it.
Much later, the first human being to walk the forests of the Valley was called Ne, the progenitor of the Nepali people. 

None the less, I think I'm going to Katmandu, that is, if I ever get out of this place.


Ishtar Day

Each year on the second new moon after the winter solstice the traditional Chinese New Year begins and is celebrated for two consecutive weeks until the full moon.   On the first day of the New Year, ancestral spirits are honored and houses are decorated with strips of red paper to attract good luck and ward off evil ghosts.  A Lantern Festival and Dragon Parade traditionally take place on the last night of the New Year celebration.

January 27th is also the annual Day of the Ishtar ceremony that takes place to honor the ancient Assyrian/Babylonian goddess of love, fertility, and battle.  Ishtar is identified with the ancient Phoenician goddess called Astarte. 


The Threefold Law and Led Zepplin

The term "dark magic" is used to describe both black magic and gray magic, which is basically any type of magic that is not of a White Magic nature.  White Magic is the true magic, the type most Wiccans and complementary Pagans choose to practice.  It is magic that is positive and used mainly for the good of others, healing, love matters, spiritual growth, and beneficial transformations.

The opposite of white magic is, of course, black magic.  Even those who possess a limited understanding of the Craft are aware that black magic deals with such negative things as curses, hexes, sticking pins into dolls, the summoning of demonic energies, the manipulation of others against their own free will, and basically any spell cast with a deliberate evil danger.

Black Magic is a false promise of power without cost and the idea of greedy wishes granted that lures the naïve into the darkness like flies to a spider's web.  Jimmy Page of the very popular rock band of the 70's, was said to practice both white and black magic.  Any study of the rock bands history shows a strong connection with black magic in the form of Aleister Crowley.  The group not only read his materials but purchased his castle to record several of their albums.  There were many evils that happened to the band including the death of Robert Plant's son (the nude boy in the film The Song Remains The Same) and the eventual motorcycle accident of John Bonham, their drummer, which ended his life as well as the band.  There was a popular rumor with other musicians of the day that when Marc Bolan of TRex snubbed the band, he shortly thereafter, died in a tragic car accident.  No one really knows, but after that accident there was no other "deep" rock band to stand in the way of Led Zepplin and the number one slots on the British and US music charts. 

This threefold karmic retribution is known as the Threefold Law, or Law of Three.  It works every time you do something bad, even if you do not believe in magic or Karma.   The Threefold Law also works every time you do something good.  According to the book Earth Magic by Marion Weinstein, this is "The only law of Witchcraft.


Churchill bust back in the Oval Office

Interesting that President Donald Trump has moved the bust of Winston Churchill back in the oval office of the White House.   President Obama had removed it for the bust of Martin Luther King JR.

Winston Churchill came from royal stock.   If you believe most of the "Bloodline" material out there, Winston Churchill came from the Davidic bloodline (as have most of our presidents including George W Bush).   Yes, direct decedents of Jesus the Christ.

The Bloodline itself isn't a problem, but how it was used, is.  And Winston Churchill definitely used it as most of the Royal Class has with no respect for the people of which they consider commodities.  In his book "Children of the Days, Eduardo Galeano explains it perfectly:

     In 1919, when presiding over the British Air Council, he (Churchill) had offered one of his frequent lessons in the art of war:
     "I do not understand this squeamishness about the use of gas...I am strongly in favor of using poisoned gas against uncivilized tribes.  The moral effect should be so good...and would spread a lively terror."
     And in 1937, speaking before the Palestine Royal Commission, he offered one of his frequent lessons on the history of humanity:
     "I do not admit that a great wrong has been done to the Red Indians of America or the black people of the fact that a stronger race, a higher-grade race...has come in and taken their place."

There is no disputing the fact that Winston Churchill represents racism at its most disturbing root.   President George Bush had it in the Oval Office and must have found some kind of reassurance in it as he murdered thousands of people with his "fake" war.   Apparently, Donald Trump plans to do the same.

I hope not.

Anyway, today it January 25th; on this day in 1965 Winston Churchill passed away.


Yes, the Bible is a good record for supporting sin.

A father and son accused of raping a teenage girl over a three-year period and keeping her shackled in a basement have made it clear that they don’t have faith in the law or in the people who practice it. When they face an Ohio jury as they defend themselves against criminal charges that carry long prison sentences, they will rely on one book: The Bible (Washington Post). 

You know, by using the Bible  in defense of "rape," Timothy Ciboro and his son, Esten Ciboro, are keeping good company.  Christian's have been rapping in the name of Christ for centuries.  As I recently wrote in an article called: Christopher Columbus Was A Pig, the beloved Christian Explorer wrote about raping an Island Woman in the New World in his ships log:

 “ While I was in the boat I captured a very beautiful Carib woman, whom the said Lord Admiral gave to me, and with whom, having taken her into my cabin, she being naked according to their custom, I conceived desire to take pleasure. I wanted to put my desire into execution but she did not want it and treated me with her finger nails in such a manner that I wished I had never begun....

And why not, the Bible is filled with passages on rape:

(Deuteronomy 22:28-29 NAB)
If a man is caught in the act of raping a young woman who is not engaged, he must pay fifty pieces of silver to her father.  Then he must marry the young woman because he violated her, and he will never be allowed to divorce her.

(Deuteronomy 21:10-14 NAB)
“When you go out to war against your enemies and the LORD, your God, delivers them into your hand, so that you take captives, if you see a comely woman among the captives and become so enamored of her that you wish to have her as wife, you may take her home to your house.  But before she may live there, she must shave her head and pare her nails and lay aside her captive’s garb.  After she has mourned her father and mother for a full month, you may have relations with her, and you shall be her husband and she shall be your wife.  However, if later on you lose your liking for her, you shall give her her freedom, if she wishes it; but you shall not sell her or enslave her, since she was married to you under compulsion.”

(Zechariah 14:1-2 NAB)
Lo, a day shall come for the Lord when the spoils shall be divided in your midst.  And I will gather all the nations against Jerusalem for battle: the city shall be taken, houses plundered, women ravished; half of the city shall go into exile, but the rest of the people shall not be removed from the city.

Then there are the many child molestation's done in His name by the Catholic Priest, not to mention the womanizing rants and self-incriminating remarks of our current President as he boasted to a TV host that he just "kissed" and "grabbed" woman as he wished, albeit, he did use Tic Tacs.

So, yes, I see why these two guys would ask for the Bible in their defense of rapping a woman.


Today is the Festival of the Muses: Feel like dancing? You should.

January 22nd, in ancient times, was the Festival of the Muses.  Each year on this date, the invisible spirits that inspire and watch over all poets, musicians, and artists are honored and invoked with Goddess-inspired poetry, Pagan folk songs, and dancing.

And, to enlist the support of your muse, here are the nine daughters of Zeus to call upon:

1. Callipoe, epic poetry and eloguence

2. Clio, history

3. Erato, love poetry

4. Euterpe, lyric poetry and music

5. Polyhymnia, sacred poetry

6. Thalia, pastoral poetry and comedy

7. Melpomene, tragedy

8. Terpsichore, dancing

9. Urania, astronomy

 Finally, an artist clip I made for today's celebration.  Enjoy.


Saint Agnes' Eve

January 20th is Saint Agnes' Eve:

Saint Agnes was a Roman Catholic child martyr who was beheaded in the year 304 A.D. for refusing to marry.  The eve of her feast day is an ideal time for Witches to perform all forms of romantic enchantments, especially love divination.  According to a very old legend, it is on this night of the year when an unmarried woman is able to catch a glimpse of her husband-to-be in a dream.

To perform such a divination, light a pink candle before you go to bed.  If you wish, you may anoint the candle with any herbal oil associated with the art of love magic, such as orris, sandalwood, vetivert, or ylang-ylang.  Hold a hand mirror up to your face.  Gaze into the mirror and recite the following incantation:

Dear Saint Agnew, Sweet and Fair
I call to thee with humble prayer:
with clarity I wish to see
the face of my true love to be.

Tonight let him be dream-revealed;

with a kiss this rhyme is sealed.

So mote it be!

Place a kiss upon the mirror's glass and then place the mirror with the glass side up, underneath your pillow.  In your own words give thanks to Saint Agnes for listening to your prayer, and then go to sleep with an open mind.

If there is a marriage in your future within the next twelve months, you should receive a vivid dream about the partner in matrimony.


Christopher Columbus was a Man(?)

On this day in 1493, Christopher Columbus wrote in his cruise log that he saw three Mermaids, but they weren't as beautiful as he had hoped (lucky for them).  The general thought is that these were actually manatees.  Let's see:

It's interesting that on a previous voyage in 1492, the same year Columbus is credited with discovering woman-in-thongs on Miami beach (paraphrased), he and his crew saw what might be the first recorded sighting of a U.F.O.  In his ships log Columbus describes the UFO as a "flying candle." 

While we are on the subject of Christopher Columbus, did you know that he never actually made it to what is now the USA?  The closes he ever got was Cuba.  

When Columbus first went to the Bahamas, he wrecked his boat and the "natives" repaired it for him.  Here is what the evil bastard had to say about the friendly islanders

"They are evil and I believe they are from the island of Caribe, and that they eat men."

Even more disturbing is what Mr. Columbus had to say about the island woman he did terrible things to!

 “ While I was in the boat I captured a very beautiful Carib woman, whom the said Lord Admiral gave to me, and with whom, having taken her into my cabin, she being naked according to their custom, I conceived desire to take pleasure. I wanted to put my desire into execution but she did not want it and treated me with her finger nails in such a manner that I wished I had never begun, ” de Cuneo wrote . “But seeing that, (to tell you the end of it all), I took a rope and thrashed her well, for which she raised such unheard of screams that you would not have believed your ears. Finally we came to an agreement in such manner that I can tell you that she seemed to have been brought up in a school of harlots. ’’

GOSH, what a bunch of Nice Men.  But wait, they were sailors, oh, and Christians. 


Day of the Triple Goddess Day of the Triple Goddess is observed by many Wiccans and Neo-Pagans of various traditions on January 6th each year.  This is a time to pay homage to the Goddess in Her three aspects which consist of the Maiden or Virgin (represented by the new and waxing moon), and the Crone (represented by the waning and dark of the moon).

The Goddess is recognized around the world in many trinities, such as the Morrigan of Ireland who is personified by Ana (the Virgin), Babd (the Mother), and Macha (the Crone); and the ancient Greek lunar trinity of Artemis/Selene/Hecate, just to give two examples.

The following Triple Goddess Ritual can easily be adapted to suit whichever Goddess trinity you feel most drawn to.

Place three candles (one white, one green, and one black) upon your altar.  Light the white one first in honor of the Goddess in Her Maiden aspect, and say:

I light this candle for the Maiden:
A Goddess of Beginnings
And the birth of Spring.
She is fertility, She is Growth.
She reflects the mystical beauty
Of the sacred woman-spirit

Next, light the green candle in honor of the Goddess in Her Mother aspect, and say:

I light this candle for the Mother:
She is nurturing and protecting.
She is the giver of life, the divine.
Matrix of never-ending mystery.
With her light of white she heals.
Of summer's sweetness.

Finally, light the black candle in honor of the Goddess in Her Crone aspect, and say:

I light this candle for the crone:
With wisdom she rules
Like ancient queen.
She guides us
When our Autumns
In the world end.

So Mote It Be!

(mote paraphrased by G Dunwich in her book Everyday Wicca, pg. 86



On January 3rd, an annual fertility ceremony known as the Deer Dances is performed by the Native American tribe of the Pueblo in the southwestern United States.  The ceremony, which includes sacred ritual dances performed by shamans wearing deer headdresses, is centuries-old and dedicated to the great female spirit goddesses known as the Deer Mothers.

Along with these deer dances which mimic the movements of the deer, many Native American groups see the deer as a sacred totemic animal, as well as good food.  Deer is widely hunted for food and several groups have deer dances considered valuable for curing the meat.

The deer is chief character in many Native American folktales, but unlike most other animals it is not usually portrayed as a trickster figure.

In beast marriage tales a deer wife proves a valuable companion to her human husband until she is offended by a careless remark or act, when she returns to her deer form and departs forever.  The wife of Finn Mac Cumhal took the form of a deer.


Happy New Year!

January 1 is sacred to the goddesses known as the Three Fates, the German goddess Bertha, the Morrigan, the Parcae, and the Japanese household gods.

Many modern Witches and Wiccans around the world traditionally start off the new year with a spell for good luck and a ritual to bless the new year with peace, love, health, and prosperity for all.

This is a traditional time for ending bad habits and beginning New Year resolutions.

The first day of January was dedicated by the ancient Romans to the god Janus (whom the month is named after.)  Janus possesses two identical faces looking in opposite directions: one to the past, and the other to the future.  He is a god of gates and doorways, and a deity associated with journeys and the beginning of things. 
Roman Coin of Janus

Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!