Trump's Twilight Zone Fake News and His Chairman Mao Zedong followers. The Death Astroid Is Here!

I've been warning you that it is coming, and I hate to tell you this: but it is here.  I have consulting my Chinese magic sticks and they say that an Asteroid will hit the earth within the next two days.  

So I searched online and found this story: 

Massive Asteroid That Could Cause Impact Event Approaching Earth Tomorrow, NASA Warns

  • The biggest asteroid to approach Earth this month is arriving tomorrow
  • The asteroid has been labeled by NASA as potentially hazardous due to its size and natural orbit
  • The asteroid is big enough to wipe out an entire city upon impact
So prepare yourself. 

~~ Eso Terry

Trump's Twilight Zone Fake News and His Chairman Mao Zedong followers. 

I normally don't get into political conversations anymore; why bother?  People are going to believe what they believe.  But when it comes to people who are suffering I can't stay silent.  Case in point: I was talking to a Trump Supporter who said the DACA individuals should be sent back to Mexico to get in line and wait their turn.   To which I said:  the people who come to the USA to escape poverty are only doing what any father or mother would do for their children, and for a politician to lock them up in cages or send them to a country they have never been to in their adult life is a political system I can't support.  The problem with the world is not undocumented people looking for a better life, the problem is greed, climate denial and the 1%.  What is happening in the USA today is similar to the Chinese Nationalism movement that eventually led to the destruction of their country and gave them communism.  It won't be called Communism here but it will be the same.  Communism has always had a wealthy 1% who owned everything, and today they call themselves a capitalist society in China, but they are still the same Protect-The-Wealthy-At-The-Expense-Of-The-Poor government they have always been and it has the wealthy 1% in the USA salivating.  China is controlled by fake news, and not the Twilight Zone Fake News Donald Trump uses to keep his uneducated supporters ready to raise their red Chairman Mao Zedong flag every chance they get.  Only it's not Chairman Mao Zedong, it's Make America Great Again.  

Chairman Mao Zedong
Make America Great Again.

Chairman Mao Zedong
Make America Great Again.

Chairman Mao Zedong
Make America Great Again.

Chairman Mao Zedong
Make America Great Again.
(repeat and fade.) 

~~ Radical Sam


I made an Enlightenment Tree this year to celebrate my conversion to Nichiren Buddhism.

The song, “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus” came on.

I cried.

When did Christmas become so painful?

Weren’t most of them joyful?

Probably not.  Just that one day a year we are suppose to give a shit about something other than ourselves.

I made an Enlightenment Tree this year.

~~ Dr TV 


Capitlaism Killed the Druids and the Native Americans by gosh by golly, and the Druid Roots of Chistmas!

So, it is a fact that the Christmas we celebrate today begun with the Druids, and so let's have a look at the Druids.  First of all, most of the historical facts we have about the Druids are bull crap because they were written by the Greeks and Romans who were extremely hostile to the Celtic people, and so reading those accounts of the Druid people written in the history books is like reading Davy Crockett's writings to understand the Native Americans.  

 "We shot them like dogs," Crockett said after he had slaughtered 186 men, woman, and children in the Creek War.  

The Romans confiscated the lives of the Druid people much as the European Settlers confiscated the lives of Native Americans. In both cases a spiritually dead group of people took over a spiritually alive people.  The Romans were materialistic, the Druids spiritual. The American Settlers were greedy-land grabbers, the Native people, spiritual.  For the Romans and Americans Settlers the State was a monolithic structure spread over territories deliberately organized into a hierarchy.  With the Druids and Native Americans the State was a freely consented moral order with an entirely mythical central idea.  The Romans and American Settlers based their law on the private ownership of land, with property rights entirely vested in the head of the family; the Druids and Native Americans considered ownership COLLECTIVE.  The Romans and American Settlers looked upon women as bearers of children and objects of pleasure, while the Druids and Native Americans included women in their political and religious life.  Is it any wonder that the spiritual peoples would have to be "Christianized" in the name of God, or slaughtered.  

That's right, Capitalized: the gift that keeps giving.  

And, least we forget, here is the Druid roots of Christmas:

The roots of the Christmas traditions that we recognize today can be traced back to pre-Christian celebrations of the Winter solstice. The solstice is the twice yearly event when the sun appears to be at its highest or lowest point above the horizon. In the northern hemisphere the Winter solstice usually occurs annually between December 20 and December 23.

The Winter solstice was seen by the ancient Celts as one of the most significant times of the year. The Neolithic monuments of Newgrange in Éire, Maes Howe in Orkney, Scotland and Bryn Celli Ddu in Ynys Môn, Wales are examples of burial chambers scattered throughout the Celtic nations constructed to capture the full impact of sun’s rays during the solstices.

Druids, the priestly class in ancient Celtic society, celebrated the festival of Alban Arthuan (also known as Yule) at the time of the Winter solstice.  It was on this day that they ceremonially gathered mistletoe from oak trees.  A practice described in the writings of Roman historian Pliny the Elder (Gaius Plinius Secundus AD 23 – August 25, AD 79).

The name Christmas is from the Mass of Christ (Christ-Mass).  The actual date of the birth of Jesus is not given in the Bible.  The spread of Christianity during the first millennium (January 1st AD to December 1000 AD of the Julian calendar) was aided by the new religion adapting to the ceremonies and traditions of the existing religions.  At times the early Christians also adopted existing deities to ease the transition from old beliefs to new ones, as is thought to be the case with Brigid the Celtic fertility goddess who became known to Christians as Saint Brigid.

So when celebrating Christmas the traditional trappings that go with this festive season have roots that go far back into Celtic history.  The Mistletoe gathered by the Druids for its magical and health giving properties.  The Yule log burnt by the Celts to counter the darkness of mid-Winter when they thought the sun stood still for twelve days and to bring good luck.  The Holly and Ivy; evergreens that Celts saw as important to keep evil spirits at bay. The Tree decorated with symbols of solar objects and gifts to Celtic gods and goddesses.




For years I have had this dream where a room I am in is possessed by a spirit who does tricks like move furniture around and turn lights on and off.  These are the craziest of crazy dreams for they seem so real.  In the dream I'm in a house from my past and the spirit moves things around when I ask her to.  I'll say, "Show me you are here!"  And something in the room will always move.  Sometimes it is frightening. Sometimes she moves things to freak me out.  Sometimes I’m very scared. 

Last night she introduced herself to me as "Lisa."  I think.   I say 'think' because there was another woman in the room who told me, "That's Lisa."  Lisa wouldn't do any tricks for the 'other woman,' but when the ‘other woman’ saw me asking the spirit to do something, the ‘other woman’ said, “I know she is here.  Her name is Lisa.”  

The next thing I knew me and the ‘other woman’ were in what I thought was the living room of the house but turned out to be an old music store where I worked when I was in my twenties.  As dream so often do, the next thing I knew I was outside of the store and saw it was an abandoned building with broken windows and holes in the ceiling that allowed you to see the rotting wood inside.   

This morning I was going to write about the dream and tell you that for the first time the spirit was gone.  For she never really showed herself last night.  The only way I knew she was in the dream was when the 'other woman' told me the spirit’s name was 'Lisa.'  Now, I realize, the ‘other woman’ was the spirit.  There is no 'Lisa.'  She's a tricky devil that one. 

~~ Eso Terry


Even the Pagans know about Donald Trump.

The goddess Ops

Here's an interesting except from "Pagan Every Day" by Barbara Andinger regarding December 19th and the Saturnalia goddess Ops.  (Take note, she wrote this in 2006, long before Donald Trump became president.  Funny that she referenced him as the Greedy Robber Baron.) 

“We get our word opulence from the name of Saturn's consort, the grain, fruit, and harvest goddess who is also associated, Paticia Monaghan says, with the god Consus, ‘ruler of conservation of the grain that Ops brought to her people.’

It's possible that worship of Ops has been misconstrued.  One of the books I'm editing is about ‘affluenza.’ Advertising teaches us, the author says, that shopping is not only a major pastime, but also an almost religious rite/right.  Except now it’s a disease that has metastasized throughout the body of society.  Affluenza isn’t a new idea, however.  The Roman Senate passed sumptuary laws, setting limits to what Romans could own (and show off).  The laws didn’t work.  Medieval monarchs, including popes, tried passing similar laws, and we know that one motivation for Protestant Reformation was to protest against the Vatican’s wealth and greed.  The robber barons of late nineteenth century were great opulists, and we see how their descendants — The Donald, Gordon Gecko — live today.’

Gordon Gecko from the movie that gave Capitalist a hard-on the size of Donald Trumps sex organ — according to him. 

Reader, wealth is not bad, but we need to spend our money wisely.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t live on trust funds or stock dividends.  I earn my money and live thriftily.  I think all pagans do. We share and recycle and have give-always. 

This holiday season let’s be Opulists.  We can do magical work.  When I walk I pick up any coin I see lying on the sidewalk.  When I get home I put it on my Fortuna altar and say, ‘For those in need.’  (Which can include me.). One penny isn’t much, but pennies add up.  What other Opulistic work can we do?  We can also donate things we don’t need to shelters for people who do need them.  Ops was a goddess of grain and fruit, we can also make donations to feed people.” 

So there you have folks, even the Pagans see through Donald Trump, so why can’t you?


What's The Raiders' Game Have To Do With Trump's Impeachemnt?

Okay, if you have been reading my blog you know that I'm a Raiders fan.  And if you watched the Raiders’ final game in Oakland this past Sunday, you know they suck.  I have some theories why, first, the coach Jon Gruden is just bad luck for the team.  I mean, he was coaching the Raiders the year that they lost to New England from a bad call that changed the "tuck" rule in football.    The referees said a fumble wasn’t a fumble and so New England got to kick the winning field goal and go on to win Super Bowl XXXVI while the Raiders looked forward to the next year; unfortunately, the next year, Jon Gruden went to Tampa Bay and coached that team to their first Super Bowl against his old team: The Raiders: Yikes! 

So if Jon Gruden’s bad-luck for the Raiders isn’t the problem, then what is?  I’ll tell you: Quarterback Derick Carr has no football sense.  The guy can throw the ball, and that is all.  It takes more than throwing a ball to be a winning quarterback in the NFL.  The examples of Carr doing something stupid to lose a game are countless, but one of the best examples is a few games ago when he fumbled a winning touch down by leaping “stupidly” across the goal line with the ball out in the open.  There was no need to!  There was plenty of time.  Carr just jumped with the joy of Jesus and fumbled the ball which gave the other team the ball, and of course, the Raiders lost the game.

”God, help me find the in-zone without fumbling the ball like that sinner Aaron Rogers does....”

So this past Sunday the Raiders are up by 4 points with 2 minutes and 15 seconds left in the game when Derick Carr runs for a first down and then slides to be “down by contact.”  The problem is the referee made a bad call and said Carr had slid out of bounds and so stopped the clock.  This of course gave the other team time to get the ball back and score the winning touch down.  Now, the problem wasn’t the unfortunate call; the problem was Derick Carr jumping up in the air all giddy like a cheerleader, most likely thinking he had down something great for his team.  WTF!  Even if he had gotten the first down and wasn’t ruled out of bounds, there was no reason to jump like a little boy/girl at a high school cheer event when you hadn’t won the game yet.  Do you think Aaron Rogers or Drew Brees would be giddy with 2 minutes left in a game and only up by 4 points?

So, the Raiders’ fans have stuck with the Raiders through the last 19 losing seasons and even packed the stadium to full capacity for the final game in Oakland — in case you are one of my anti-jock readers with a brain who I love so much, the Oakland Raiders will move to Las Vegas next year.  This past Sunday’s game was the last in Oakland, and the Raiders played the dreadful Jaguars who had only won 4 games out of 11.  The Jaguars had nothing to play for, oh, well, except for pride.  And not a “giddy dance on the sidelines for having done something expected of a professional quarterback,” but Pride In Winning THE LAST HOME GAME IN OAKLAND!!!   Pride, something the Raiders haven’t had since Coach John Madden was seen smoking cigarettes on the sidelines. 

”God this is a proud team!”
Okay, so Carr showed he really is clueless about the big picture and will probably never win a Super Bowl.  This is obvious.  The esoteric part of this story, however, is how the fans felt like I do about his giddy dance before the game was over and so booed him as he was leaving the stadium.  Now compare this “booing” after having spent so much time supporting a team that has stunk for 19 years with those Republicans still supporting the losing Donald Trump:  you can boo him now or boo him later, but you will be booing him when he leaves office because he has about as much Political Sense as Derrick Carr has Football Sense.  

There, I said it. 


The Pokemon Seizure makes me Hungry.

In 1997 on this day, that classic parental admonition of "Television will rot your brain" was given  sudden urgency.  Seems, over seven hundred Japanese schoolchildren became dizzy and nauseated while watching an episode of the popular Japanese cartoon series Pokémon.  Some even had seizures.  Hospitals across the country were inundated with retching, convulsing kids, and a few parents, in scenes reminiscent of a really bad Japanese sci-fi movie.

"I was shocked to see my daughter lose consciousness," said Yukiko Iwasaki, whose eight-year-old suffered a seizure.  "She started to breathe only when I hit her on the back."

The spasmodic mass reaction was triggered about 20 minutes into Pokémon episode 38, "Computer Warrior Porigon," which, like other episodes of the top-rated show, was produced in an intense version of animation known as anime.  A vivid explosion, with pulsating strobe-light effects, apparently walloped those kids with their eyes glued to their television sets on the evening of December 16.

Warning, the following episode has been know to cause seizures in young children.  Watch at your own risk:


Finally, on this December the 16th, I think we should remember the hungry:  it was this day in the year 2007 that experts from the world Bank, with the assistance of the International Monetary Fund and a few United Nations agencies, updated their statistical tables from the Regan/Bush era projections to admit that the estimated numbers of poor people in the world was five-hundred million more than previously recorded.

As Eduardo Galeano said in his book Children of the Days,  "They, the poor, already knew."


Save the Republican Party: Impeach the Bastard already!

Neither party is worth a shit without the other, that's for sure.  Most politicians are just kissing Corporate Ass trying to keep their jobs.  Unfortunately, the biggest Corporate Ass Kissers today are Republicans.  It wasn't always that way though.  For those of you who believe Hate Trumps Love, I'm here to tell you that the Republican Party was a great party up through Eisenhower.  Eisenhower stood up to the Greedy Bastards and after serving eight years, warned us of the Industrial Complex.  He said it could destroy America.  The way things are looking, Eisenhower was right.
Will the Republican Party survive Donald Trump?  I doubt it.  There are signs of hope though.  Signs such as this billboard sign placed by a conservative group:

Then, equally as impressive, there is a "Young Republican" group 
that has launched a nationwide campaign to promote a carbon tax to combat global warming, defying the Republican Party and opposing Chief Climate Denier: President Donald Trump. 

So the good news:  the "New Republican" party will probably be in step with America's values of tolerance, acceptance, and good stewardship of the earth.  More like the Republican Party was before Ronald Reagan made it the hypocritical "Christian Right" party.  

Until then... 

Save the Republican Party: Impeach the Bastard already!

~~ Radical Sam


Okay, so it is December 7th, the unlucky day for the USA back in 1941 when Japan attacked the USA island.  There have been conspiracy theories for years that the USA allowed the attack so we could get the people behind a war with Germany.  This "false flag" theory seems highly likely to me given the fact that we used a "false flag" to get into the first world war as has been documented through declassified records.  If we would do it once, why not do it again, and again, and again.  Some say we have.  I mean, the Vietnam War was based on the lie of the Gulf of Tonkin Incident which was started based on an attack on the USS Maddox which is now commonly acknowledged as being a false report.  Of course, there is also 911 where there is some evidence that the Bush administration not only allowed the hijacked airlines to be crashed into the world trade towers in Manhattan, but might have been involved in the planning.  

Only time will tell which of these "false flags" are real and which are myth, what is not a myth is the deaths and profits:

The deaths were:

16 million

75 million

Vietnam War

Iraq War
461,000 thousand

Like it or not, that's a lot of killing based on lies.

But wait, as reported in Global Research by Lily Dane, there is good news:  Profits!  According to her article, these folks made a shit-load of money while we died for them: 

10. Thales Group (Paris)
Arm sales 2013: $10.4 billion, profit: $800 million

Profile for 2014 Election Cycle
LOBBYING: $520,000 (2014), $460,000 (2013) (ranks 614 of 4,065 in 2014)

9. Finmeccanica S.p.A. (Italy)
Arm sales 2013: $10.6 billion, profit $100 million

Not only is this company a top war profiteer, it is a huge U.S. political campaign contributor.
Profile for 2014 Election Cycle
CONTRIBUTIONS: $446,850 (ranks 696 of 16,793)
LOBBYING: $1,754,000 (2014), $1,965,500 (2013) (ranks 303 of 4,065 in 2014)

8. United Technologies (U.S.)
Arm sales 2013: $11.9 billion, profit $5.7 billion

United Technologies might be the lowest ranking of the U.S. companies in this list, but don’t let that fool you.OpenSecrets bestowed the company with the label “heavy hitter”, which means it is “one of the 140 biggest overall donors to federal elections since the 1990 election cycle, as compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics.”
Profile for 2014 Election Cycle
CONTRIBUTIONS: $2,105,245 (ranks 124 of 16,793)
LOBBYING: $15,738,000 (2014), $13,900,373 (2013) (ranks 13 of 4,065 in 2014)
REVOLVING DOOR: 52 out of 70 United Technologies lobbyists in 2013-2014 have previously held government jobs.
24 Congressional members own United Technologies shares.
CEO Gregory J. Hayes has a reported annual salary of $949,583 and an annual bonus of $1,600,00, for a total annual compensation of $2,549,583.

 7. Airbus Group (France/Netherlands)
Arm sales 2013: $15.7 billion, profit $2 billion

Profile for 2014 Election Cycle
CONTRIBUTIONS:  $365,752 (ranks 855 of 16,793)
LOBBYING: $3,288,178 (2014), $3,749,750 (2013) (ranks 156 of 4,065 in 2014)
For a list of bills this company has lobbied, click here.
Additional information about Airbus Group:
The total of contributions to candidates from Airbus Group PACs is 4 times largerthan contributions from individuals.
REVOLVING DOOR: 42 out of 57 Airbus Group lobbyists in 2013-2014 have previously held government jobs.

6. General Dynamics (U.S.)
Arm sales 2013: $18.7 billion, profit $2.4 billion

OpenSecrets labeled this company a “heavy hitter”, which means it is “one of the 140 biggest overall donors to federal elections since the 1990 election cycle, as compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics.”
General Dynamics is one of the nation’s top defense contractors, assembling virtually every type of military machinery engaged in modern combat. The company builds warships, nuclear submarines, tanks and combat jets, not to mention the command and control systems that link all of these technologies together. The company has lobbied hard to encourage lawmakers to step up appropriations for the Navy, one of the company’s biggest clients.
It has fought attempts to shrink the nation’s fleet of submarines and warships, thereby helping block Defense Department attempts to shift that money to other facets of the nation’s land and air defenses.
Profile for 2014 Election Cycle
CONTRIBUTIONS: $1,974,599 (ranks 140 of 16,793)
LOBBYING: $10,720,923 (2014), $11,066,974 (2013)
For a list of bills this company has lobbied, click here.
More information about General Dynamics:
The total of contributions to candidates from General Dynamics PACs is 6 times larger than contributions from individuals.
6 Congressional members own shares in this company (click here for the list).
REVOLVING DOOR: 96 out of 133 General Dynamics lobbyists in 2013-2014 have previously held government jobs.
CEO Phebe Novakovic earned nearly $19 million in total compensation in fiscal 2014.

5. Northrop Grumman (U.S.)
Arm sales 2013: $20.2 billion, profit $2 billion

We’ve got another heavy hitter here:
Northrop Grumman is the fourth largest defense contractor and the world’s largest builder of naval vessels as of 2010. As a member of the miscellaneous defense industry, Northrop Grumman specializes in aerospace systems, electronic systems, information systems, ship building and technical services.
Northrop Grumman focuses much of its efforts securing government defense contracts and earmarks. During the 2008 election cycle, people and political action committees associated with Northrop Grumman contributed more than $2 million to federal candidates and committees, favoring Democrats slightly.
Profile for 2014 Election Cycle
CONTRIBUTIONS $4,050,624 (ranks 45 of 16,793)
LOBBYING $10,216,960 (2014), $20,590,000 (2013) (ranks 28 of 4,065 in 2014)
For a list of bills this company has lobbied, click here.
More information about Northrop Grumman:
The total of contributions to candidates from Northrop Grumman PACs is 9 times larger than contributions from individuals.
REVOLVING DOOR: 32 out of 49 Northrop Grumman lobbyists in 2013-2014 have previously held government jobs.
6 Congressional members own shares in this company (for the list, click here).
CEO Wesley G. Bush’s total pay package, including the change in the value of his pension, was $18.6 million in 2013, reports The Washington Post. His salary and stock awards remained steady at about $1.5 million and $8 million, respectively.

4. Raytheon (U.S.)
Arm sales 2013: $29.9 billion, profit $2 billion

OpenSecrets has identified Raytheon as a heavy hitter:
Raytheon is a major American defense contractor that specializes in defense and homeland security technology. As the world’s largest producer of guided missiles, Raytheon specializes in manufacturing defense systems and defense electronics.
A member of the defense electronic industry, Raytheon is most active lobbying on defense, homeland security and federal budget appropriation issues. Until 2008, individuals and political action committees associated with Raytheon had favored Republicans in campaign contribution giving, but after Democrats won both chambers of Congress and the White House, the defense firm favors Democrats, giving 55 percent of campaign contributions to Democrats and 45 percent to Republicans in 2008
Considering that access is needed when securing large government defense contract, it’s of little surprise that Raytheon spends millions of dollars each year lobbying the federal government. Raytheon is the primary manufacturer of Tomahawk cruise missiles, dozens of which have been used by U.S. and British military forces in strikes against targets in Libya during 2011.
Profile for 2014 Election Cycle:
CONTRIBUTIONS: $3,588,668 (ranks 58 of 16,793)
LOBBYING: $6,250,000 (2014), $7,650,000 (2013) (ranks 65 of 4,065 in 2014)
For a list of bills Raytheon has lobbied, click here.
More information about this company:
The total of contributions to candidates from Raytheon PACs is 11 times larger than contributions from individuals.
REVOLVING DOOR: 51 out of 67 Raytheon lobbyists in 2013-2014 have previously held government jobs.
8 Congressional members own shares in this company (click here for a list).
CEO Thomas A. Kennedy made $5,324,743 in total compensation for fiscal 2013.

3. BAE Systems (U.S./United Kingdom)
Arm sales 2013: $26.8 billion, profit $275 million

Profile for 2014 Election Cycle
CONTRIBUTIONS: $1,360,369 (ranks 210 of 16,793)
LOBBYING: $3,920,000 (2014), $4,635,000 (2013) (ranks 124 of 4,065 in 2014)
For a list of bills BAE Systems has lobbied, click here.
More details:
The total of contributions to candidates from BAE Systems PACs is 9 times largerthan contributions from individuals.
REVOLVING DOOR: 27 out of 36 BAE Systems lobbyists in 2013-2014 have previously held government jobs.
CEO Ian King’s total annual compensation is $3,826,308.

2. Boeing (U.S.)
Arm sales 2013: $30.7 billion, profit $4.6 billion

Boeing has been labeled a heavy hitter by OpenSecrets:
Boeing is the world’s top manufacturer of commercial airplanes, including well-known aircraft such as the 787 and the 747. The company is also a leading military supplier, making fighter-bombers, transport planes and the Apache helicopter.
Along with rival Lockheed Martin, the company regularly lobbies Congress to win military contracts and increase defense spending. Boeing is a major supporter of free trade, especially in Asia, where it has focused on selling more planes. The company also lobbies on environmental rules and transportation regulations, among other issues.
Boeing is also a large recipient of government loan-guarantees, primarily coming from the Export-Import Bank of the United States.
Profile for 2014 Election Cycle
CONTRIBUTIONS: $3,227,934 (ranks 67 of 16,793)
LOBBYING: $16,800,000 (2014), $15,230,000 (2013) (ranks 10 of 4,065 in 2014)
For a list of bills Boeing has lobbied, click here.
More information on this company:
The total of contributions to candidates from Boeing PACs is 6 times larger than contributions from individuals.
REVOLVING DOOR: 83 out of 115 Boeing Co lobbyists in 2013-2014 have previously held government jobs.
17 Congressional members own Boeing shares (click here for the list).
CEO W. James McNerney Jr. made $23,263,562 in total compensation in 2013. Of this total $1,930,000 was received as a salary, $12,920,972 was received as a bonus, $3,763,503 was received in stock options, $3,763,534 was awarded as stock, and $885,553 came from other types of compensation. He earned $23.5 million total in 2014.

1. Lockheed Martin (U.S.)
Arm sales 2013: $35.5 billion, profit $3 billion

As the top war profiteer on this list, it should be no surprise that Lockheed Martin is ranked as a heavy hitter by OpenSecrets:
Lockheed Martin is the nation’s top defense contractor, the brains behind such high-tech military hardware as the F-16 jet fighter and a variety of land and sea missiles. In 2001, the company landed the biggest defense contract in history when it was named the main contractor for the Joint Strike Fighter.
Considering that access is the name of the game when securing such lucrative contracts, it’s no surprise that Lockheed splits its campaign money equally between Democrats and Republicans. All told, NASA and the Defense Department account for roughly 80 percent of the company’s annual sales.
Profile for 2014 Election Cycle
CONTRIBUTIONS: $4,132,497 (ranks 44 of 16,793)
LOBBYING: $14,581,800 (2014), $14,516,226 (2013) (ranks 16 of 4,065 in 2014) 


St Nicholas Gave You Food Stamps, Millionaire Perdue Takes Them Away!

Ah yes, it is December 5th, more precisely: the Reason for the Season.  That is because it's the Eve of St. Nicholas.  On this day in former times children put out carrots, hay, and straw for St. Nicholas' horse in hopes that the jolly ole' fella' would leave them some food stamps.

 So who was St. Nicholas?   I'm so glad you asked.  According to the St. Nicholas Center -- yes, there really is such a place -- the true story of Santa Claus begins with this guy who was a "good Christian" and obeyed Jesus' words to “sell what you own and give the money to the poor" -- tell that to a Christian in the USA today and them be fighting words.  The more popular phrase you hear from Christians today -- as with all the other faiths too I might ad -- is, "I ain't selling shit for the poor...."  Okay, they don't put it that way, here's how they put it: "We’re taking action to reform our SNAP program in order to restore the dignity of work to a sizable segment of our population and be respectful of the taxpayers who fund the program.”  

The Secretary of Agriculture by the name of Sonny Perdue said that!  And to him I say:  Really!  "Dignity of Work."  After days with your Billionaire Think Tank friends that's the best you can do?  It's bullshit and you know it. Nothing more than  George Orwell's Doublespeak to confuse the issue and tell your rich pals what they need to hear to help them sleep at night.  The reality of your statement is that you are blaming the poor for being poor.   It's like challenging a one-legged man to an ass-kicking contest:  "I'm going to take away your government handout so you can be proud of yourself again."  Gosh, you guys must really think we're stupid!  You just added another thousand people to your homeless payroll and you know it.  

Sonny Perdue and the only Halo he'll ever receive.
Truth is, by taking away this benefit you're throwing more hungry roosters into the ring so we can poke out each other's eyes while your millionaire ass gets fatter and fatter and fatter and fatter. 

It's time for a revolution folks.  No more talk.  This is the greatest insult to the human race ever.  

Oh, wait, we're talking about St. Nicholas aren't we.  

Here's all you need to know:  St Nicholas helped the poor, Millionaire Perdue helps the rich.  Period!

~~ Radical Sam


My last visit to Fry's. Fry's is like the USA today: empty.

Dr TV Boogie likens the empty isles at Fry’s Electronic store to the empty presidency of Donald Trump and how Fry’s going out of business is a good place to start an affordable housing conversation. 

~~ Peace Out.


Sand Castles by Buddha

Some children were playing beside a river.  They made castles of sand, and each child defended his castle and said, "This one is mine."  They kept their castles separate and would not allow any mistakes about which was whose.  When the castles were all finished, one child kicked over someone else's castle and completely destroyed it.  The owner of the castle flew into a rage, pulled the other child's hair, struck him with his fist and bawled out, "He has spoiled my castle!  Come along all of you and help me to punish him as he deserves."  The others all came to his help.  They beat the child with a stick and then stamped on him as he lay on the ground.... Then they went on playing in their sand castles, each saying, "This is mine; no one else may have it.  Keep away! Don't touch my castle!" But evening came; it was getting dark and they all thought they ought to be going home.  No one now cared what became of his castle.  One child stamped on his, another pushed his over with both hands.  Then they turned away and went back, each to his home. 

from the Yogacara Bhumi Sutra, translated by Arthur Waley


Fry's Going Out of Business Good For Afforable Housing? If you want it.

I went to Fry's here in Plano, the suburb of Dallas, and besides getting a nose bleed -- something that happens wherever I leave the city, I found the Fry's store disturbingly quiet.  There were empty isle and only a handful of shoppers.  And this is Black Friday weekend(?). 

In a memo from the CEO I found on, he states:

We are in the process of re-ordering product and restocking shelves. More product in all stores in next few weeks. Fry’s is not liquidating. And products ordered online are now shipped to customers directly from their local stores.

Fry’s is not going out of business or closing any stores (except Palo Alto, California in January 2020, due to lease expired). No plans to close any other stores.

How scary is that?   The guy's obviously lying.  He has to see the writing on the wall.  Malls and most shopping stores will be gone in the future.  Hopefully the cities will do something smart with the empty spaces like, oh I don't know... maybe AFFORDABLE HOUSING!!!

Just a thought.  


The Archon Conspiracy and the True Satan Followers

So I found what I thought was a great escapism book to read over Thanksgiving break.  I found it in the metaphysical section of my book store and its blurb read as follows:

     In a race against time, CIA agents and Soviet leaders scramble for the ultimate weapon -- psychic power.  Locked into the international intrigue is a computer genius Ken Inman whose goal to contact mysterious entities turns into a nightmare when the Archons attempt to take over his mind....

The name of the book is The Archon Conspiracy and I really thought I was in for a treat until around the 9th chapter when the protagonist is converted to Christianity.  

Got me!  

I knew something was up when on page 69 I read: "See to him!  Now!" Viktor yelled into the mike...."

It was an obvious misspelling of the word "mic" for "microphone."  I mean, you can yell at a mike, but you can't yell into a mike.  Now can you?

What really spoke to me about this book; however, is the way a lot of the bible quotes seemed to be point to a New World government where a "Trump" like character would fool everyone into joining the 666 club.  

   "Now the Spirit speaketh expressly that in the last days some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils."  

   "Take heed that no man deceive you...For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders: insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect."

   "And then shall the Wicked be veiled...whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders."

Well, I don't know about you, but to me these passages clearly point to Donald Trump and his Republican leaders.  For instance, a few weeks ago when the former governor of Texas stated:  "Trump was chosen by God."  That sure sounds like a "false prophet" to me.  And who can deny that Trump fits the "lying wonders" quote.  Of course, this book was written in 1989 and the author couldn't have seen the Republicans being the evil ones to follow Satan.  No, back in 1989 the evil ones were the Buddhist Monks promising world peace.  I shit you not, that is The Archon Conspiracy.  

Now, if there is a Satan, it is obvious who his followers are, and they aren't those of us chanting into mikes (sic) for world peace, is it!

~~ Dr Boogie


Make America Great Again: Demand More From The Republicans! A Thanksgiving Message.

The First Thanksgiving 1621, oil on canvas by Jean Leon Gerome Ferris (1899). The painting shows common misconceptions about the event that persist to modern times: Pilgrims did not wear such outfits, and the Wampanoag are dressed in the style of Native Americans from the Great Plains.

It's Thanksgiving 2019 and it's always such a great time of the year to wake up early and see what wonderful gifts Santa has left me.  Oppps, wrong holiday, I mean, get up and be thankful for that joyous day in 1621 when 53 FOTB (Fresh Off The Boat) Pilgrim Americas ate with 90 Native Americans who fortunately for us weren't led by a Chief Yellow Hair wearing a red NAGA (Native Americans Great Again) hat and wanting to send us back to where we came from!

 Now I know what some of you are thinking, if the Dreamers who were born in the US can be sent back to a country they've never been too based on their skin shade, why can't we send the white men and woman back to Europe.   HOLD ON THERE Pilgrim, that would be wrong.  This country is greater because of everyone who has come here seeking a better life, including the hateful Neo Cons who think they were here first: They weren't.  The Native Americans were first and thank god they weren't Neo Cons like you!

Make America Great Again:  Demand More From The Republicans!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! 

~~ Dr TV Boogie


Buddha quote ask "Between Trump and Giuliani, who's the evil one?"

So, today's Buddhist quote comes from Daisadu Ikeda and the Soka Gakkai:

Buddhism teaches that being led astray by evil friends, (negative influences) is to be feared more than being killed by a mad elephant.  A mad elephant can only destroy our physical body, but evil friends, if we allow ourselves to be influenced by them, will drag us down into a state of hell. 

Looking at current events in the USA, I'm scratching my head.  


The Chosen One By God(?)

The Chosen One by God(?)

A lot of people here in conservative Texas say to me, "You really don't believe that liberal bull-shit, do you?"  Which, of course, I say, "Yes I do."  Then they say "why?"  That's where I start telling them something about how all the advances in the human race were made by liberals from Jesus to Einstein: "Why wouldn't I be liberal?"

The conservatives have always held us back holding onto things like racism, sexism, and bad gods.

"Wo!" they usually say, "don't bring 'god' into it, that's a low blow."

"Precisely," I say, "then why do you do it?  Case in point:

Trump is the chosen one by god...

That's what Christian leaders are saying.  They then add how god used other sexist criminals in the Old Testament to do his work.  

My response:  cut the shit!  Any god that would choose Trump to do his work is not a good god.  

If Jesus were here today he's tell it to your face.  

If you are one of the idiots who believes Trump is chosen by god to lie to congress, cheat on his taxes, and call poor countries "shit holes," your religion is very, very, very, very, dark.  



The Powell Take Over Memo Destroyed Democracy

The US Politics have been ultra conservative since Ronald Regan and it’s wasn’t by the will of the people, but by the power of the rich.  This is why we presently have President Donald Trump, the most out-of-step with reality president ever.  President Trump is using the conservative-lie machine that is controlling everything from your local news paper to your Saturday morning cartoons to keep his control of you and me.  President Trump has said, “I could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and they would still vote for me (paraphrased).”  He is right too!  But why?  But how?  I’ll tell you:  the Conservative Lie that took us away from out natural progression and gave us today’s greedy 1% monster.   Let me remind you, President Trump, the guy who admitted on tape that he “grabs” woman in the private area because “as a Star you can do it.”  President Trump, who called an American hero (John McCain) a loser for getting captured during the Vietnam War.  President Trump, the man who has admitted working with a foreign government to investigate a political opponent....  is still running this country and the Republicans are supporting him like no tomorrow.  Why?  How?

Well, I’ll tell you: It happened with the Powell memo written on August 23, 1971 by a conservative lawyer who sat on 11 corporation boards and saw how the natural progression of things in the USA wasn’t in his favor and so wrote a  “cult” document to stop the progress and make him and his corporate buddies more powerful than ever; more powerful than the framers of our constitution ever imagined.  And it is this power that has us killing and blaming each other over the dwindling resources they’ve left us by taking their tax revenues away from us.  Do you realize that you are taxed to pay for your city’s Football Stadium because it creates jobs.  Are you f*&king kidding?  Education creates job, not hot-dog vendor-ship.  Why?  How, did we start thinking this way?

I’ll tell you again: : The Powell Takeover.

Before I go further, let me remind you that I’m a Ben and Jerry’s Capitalist.  I believe in having private companies where owners make a shit load of money if that’s what they want; I also believe you should have a gun to protect your home, and be able to call Christmas any goddamned thing you want; what I don’t believe in is blaming the poor and working class for the massive debt this country is adding on a daily bases from wealthy tax cuts and unfunded wars; i.e., the greedy profits of the 1% who know the bottom is falling out and don’t give a shit because they have an escape plan for their family — Swiss bank accounts and Community Share islands in the South Pacific are their latest schemes, and if you haven’t heard about them, you better start paying attention to what is at stake here because you’re one of us and their plan doesn’t include you no matter how well you’ve tailored their suits, coordinated their stock portfolio, or drop-freighted their Bentley.

The Powell Memo was the precipitation event for the swift rise and astounding success of big business and its takeover of the United States.  The memo presented a bold strategy for how the corporate life form could take over the key portions of the system, without the other side knowing what was happening.  Here is the first page of the memo (excerpted from thwink).

The memo opened with the fallacious but highly effective appeal shown above.  Note the key assertion that framed the entire memo:

“No thoughtful person can question that the American economic system is under attack.”

This is The Big Lie Gambit.  If the reader swallows it they are hooked. 

“The American economic system” was not under attack.  In truth it was big business that was attacking The People and the common good.  Once the reader swallows this first fallacy, the rest of the memo works.  It’s infective.  So much so that the Powell Memo master plan worked.  In the 40 plus years since it was written corporations have taken over the American system.  

Furthermore, thoughtful people can question bold assertions like this.  As soon as you see phrases like “no thoughtful person can question” you should reject what follows, because this is a classic form of deception.  It’s a standard setup for an argument that has little strong logical evidence but lots of weak emotional evidence and mountains of rationalizations and lies.

(To learn more about the truth of the Powell Memo click here.)

The Powell memo goes on to list the takeover of universities, school boards, news outlets, etc.  It changed the conversation from “taking care of our society” to “protecting the private.”   It’s why you don’t really understand anything anymore.  Deep down inside you know the truth, but what you are reading is different, so they must be right?  They are not.  They have a control on you and the end game is ugly.  They take the resources away while we all die.  That’s the option left.  They have creative so much debt that it will never be paid.  Chaos is coming.  We all know it.  We think we’ll be save hiring in our basements, living off of our 401K, our gated community.   You won’t be.  The plan is to thin out the populace their way.  Mass extinction.  We gave them a better way in the 1970’s.  We gave them a clear path for sustainability.  At the time it was possible too.  Control population, protect the environment, tax the rich to pay down the debt.  It scared them and so they wrote the Powell Memo.

The last liberal voice in the US was in the 1970’s.  The Neo-Cons have had control of everything since.   The mess outside your door is from 50 years of conservatism.  You can believe what you want; believe in a flat earth, Jewish cabal, Hilary Clinton porn pizza polar, it doesn’t matter to me;  just know it is part of their plan.  As long as you are buying into that bullshit, you’re not paying attention to the real shit.   Greed!

~~ Dr TV Boogie 

Union Busters and Aggressive Dog Owner Meets Passive-Aggressive Bird Watcher.

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Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!