December 19, 2019

Even the Pagans know about Donald Trump.

The goddess Ops

Here's an interesting except from "Pagan Every Day" by Barbara Andinger regarding December 19th and the Saturnalia goddess Ops.  (Take note, she wrote this in 2006, long before Donald Trump became president.  Funny that she referenced him as the Greedy Robber Baron.) 

“We get our word opulence from the name of Saturn's consort, the grain, fruit, and harvest goddess who is also associated, Paticia Monaghan says, with the god Consus, ‘ruler of conservation of the grain that Ops brought to her people.’

It's possible that worship of Ops has been misconstrued.  One of the books I'm editing is about ‘affluenza.’ Advertising teaches us, the author says, that shopping is not only a major pastime, but also an almost religious rite/right.  Except now it’s a disease that has metastasized throughout the body of society.  Affluenza isn’t a new idea, however.  The Roman Senate passed sumptuary laws, setting limits to what Romans could own (and show off).  The laws didn’t work.  Medieval monarchs, including popes, tried passing similar laws, and we know that one motivation for Protestant Reformation was to protest against the Vatican’s wealth and greed.  The robber barons of late nineteenth century were great opulists, and we see how their descendants — The Donald, Gordon Gecko — live today.’

Gordon Gecko from the movie that gave Capitalist a hard-on the size of Donald Trumps sex organ — according to him. 

Reader, wealth is not bad, but we need to spend our money wisely.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t live on trust funds or stock dividends.  I earn my money and live thriftily.  I think all pagans do. We share and recycle and have give-always. 

This holiday season let’s be Opulists.  We can do magical work.  When I walk I pick up any coin I see lying on the sidewalk.  When I get home I put it on my Fortuna altar and say, ‘For those in need.’  (Which can include me.). One penny isn’t much, but pennies add up.  What other Opulistic work can we do?  We can also donate things we don’t need to shelters for people who do need them.  Ops was a goddess of grain and fruit, we can also make donations to feed people.” 

So there you have folks, even the Pagans see through Donald Trump, so why can’t you?

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