For years I have had this dream where a room I am in is possessed by a spirit who does tricks like move furniture around and turn lights on and off.  These are the craziest of crazy dreams for they seem so real.  In the dream I'm in a house from my past and the spirit moves things around when I ask her to.  I'll say, "Show me you are here!"  And something in the room will always move.  Sometimes it is frightening. Sometimes she moves things to freak me out.  Sometimes I’m very scared. 

Last night she introduced herself to me as "Lisa."  I think.   I say 'think' because there was another woman in the room who told me, "That's Lisa."  Lisa wouldn't do any tricks for the 'other woman,' but when the ‘other woman’ saw me asking the spirit to do something, the ‘other woman’ said, “I know she is here.  Her name is Lisa.”  

The next thing I knew me and the ‘other woman’ were in what I thought was the living room of the house but turned out to be an old music store where I worked when I was in my twenties.  As dream so often do, the next thing I knew I was outside of the store and saw it was an abandoned building with broken windows and holes in the ceiling that allowed you to see the rotting wood inside.   

This morning I was going to write about the dream and tell you that for the first time the spirit was gone.  For she never really showed herself last night.  The only way I knew she was in the dream was when the 'other woman' told me the spirit’s name was 'Lisa.'  Now, I realize, the ‘other woman’ was the spirit.  There is no 'Lisa.'  She's a tricky devil that one. 

~~ Eso Terry

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