December 17, 2019

What's The Raiders' Game Have To Do With Trump's Impeachemnt?

Okay, if you have been reading my blog you know that I'm a Raiders fan.  And if you watched the Raiders’ final game in Oakland this past Sunday, you know they suck.  I have some theories why, first, the coach Jon Gruden is just bad luck for the team.  I mean, he was coaching the Raiders the year that they lost to New England from a bad call that changed the "tuck" rule in football.    The referees said a fumble wasn’t a fumble and so New England got to kick the winning field goal and go on to win Super Bowl XXXVI while the Raiders looked forward to the next year; unfortunately, the next year, Jon Gruden went to Tampa Bay and coached that team to their first Super Bowl against his old team: The Raiders: Yikes! 

So if Jon Gruden’s bad-luck for the Raiders isn’t the problem, then what is?  I’ll tell you: Quarterback Derick Carr has no football sense.  The guy can throw the ball, and that is all.  It takes more than throwing a ball to be a winning quarterback in the NFL.  The examples of Carr doing something stupid to lose a game are countless, but one of the best examples is a few games ago when he fumbled a winning touch down by leaping “stupidly” across the goal line with the ball out in the open.  There was no need to!  There was plenty of time.  Carr just jumped with the joy of Jesus and fumbled the ball which gave the other team the ball, and of course, the Raiders lost the game.

”God, help me find the in-zone without fumbling the ball like that sinner Aaron Rogers does....”

So this past Sunday the Raiders are up by 4 points with 2 minutes and 15 seconds left in the game when Derick Carr runs for a first down and then slides to be “down by contact.”  The problem is the referee made a bad call and said Carr had slid out of bounds and so stopped the clock.  This of course gave the other team time to get the ball back and score the winning touch down.  Now, the problem wasn’t the unfortunate call; the problem was Derick Carr jumping up in the air all giddy like a cheerleader, most likely thinking he had down something great for his team.  WTF!  Even if he had gotten the first down and wasn’t ruled out of bounds, there was no reason to jump like a little boy/girl at a high school cheer event when you hadn’t won the game yet.  Do you think Aaron Rogers or Drew Brees would be giddy with 2 minutes left in a game and only up by 4 points?

So, the Raiders’ fans have stuck with the Raiders through the last 19 losing seasons and even packed the stadium to full capacity for the final game in Oakland — in case you are one of my anti-jock readers with a brain who I love so much, the Oakland Raiders will move to Las Vegas next year.  This past Sunday’s game was the last in Oakland, and the Raiders played the dreadful Jaguars who had only won 4 games out of 11.  The Jaguars had nothing to play for, oh, well, except for pride.  And not a “giddy dance on the sidelines for having done something expected of a professional quarterback,” but Pride In Winning THE LAST HOME GAME IN OAKLAND!!!   Pride, something the Raiders haven’t had since Coach John Madden was seen smoking cigarettes on the sidelines. 

”God this is a proud team!”
Okay, so Carr showed he really is clueless about the big picture and will probably never win a Super Bowl.  This is obvious.  The esoteric part of this story, however, is how the fans felt like I do about his giddy dance before the game was over and so booed him as he was leaving the stadium.  Now compare this “booing” after having spent so much time supporting a team that has stunk for 19 years with those Republicans still supporting the losing Donald Trump:  you can boo him now or boo him later, but you will be booing him when he leaves office because he has about as much Political Sense as Derrick Carr has Football Sense.  

There, I said it. 

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Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!