November 25, 2019

The Chosen One By God(?)

The Chosen One by God(?)

A lot of people here in conservative Texas say to me, "You really don't believe that liberal bull-shit, do you?"  Which, of course, I say, "Yes I do."  Then they say "why?"  That's where I start telling them something about how all the advances in the human race were made by liberals from Jesus to Einstein: "Why wouldn't I be liberal?"

The conservatives have always held us back holding onto things like racism, sexism, and bad gods.

"Wo!" they usually say, "don't bring 'god' into it, that's a low blow."

"Precisely," I say, "then why do you do it?  Case in point:

Trump is the chosen one by god...

That's what Christian leaders are saying.  They then add how god used other sexist criminals in the Old Testament to do his work.  

My response:  cut the shit!  Any god that would choose Trump to do his work is not a good god.  

If Jesus were here today he's tell it to your face.  

If you are one of the idiots who believes Trump is chosen by god to lie to congress, cheat on his taxes, and call poor countries "shit holes," your religion is very, very, very, very, dark.  


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Thanks For Being!