Save the Republican Party: Impeach the Bastard already!

Neither party is worth a shit without the other, that's for sure.  Most politicians are just kissing Corporate Ass trying to keep their jobs.  Unfortunately, the biggest Corporate Ass Kissers today are Republicans.  It wasn't always that way though.  For those of you who believe Hate Trumps Love, I'm here to tell you that the Republican Party was a great party up through Eisenhower.  Eisenhower stood up to the Greedy Bastards and after serving eight years, warned us of the Industrial Complex.  He said it could destroy America.  The way things are looking, Eisenhower was right.
Will the Republican Party survive Donald Trump?  I doubt it.  There are signs of hope though.  Signs such as this billboard sign placed by a conservative group:

Then, equally as impressive, there is a "Young Republican" group 
that has launched a nationwide campaign to promote a carbon tax to combat global warming, defying the Republican Party and opposing Chief Climate Denier: President Donald Trump. 

So the good news:  the "New Republican" party will probably be in step with America's values of tolerance, acceptance, and good stewardship of the earth.  More like the Republican Party was before Ronald Reagan made it the hypocritical "Christian Right" party.  

Until then... 

Save the Republican Party: Impeach the Bastard already!

~~ Radical Sam

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