Greedy Inventor Killed Your Great Grandparents and probably stunted your growth.

New York City went bankrupt on this day in 1975.  The city defaulted on $2 billion in bond obligations.   Fortunately, the federal government loaned the city the funds to pay its commitments and reorganize its financial affairs.   A $2 billion loan without collateral would never happen.   What kind of deal with the devil did the city make to retain its dignity?   Is it any wonder a inside job like 9-11 would eventually happen there?   A wicked lie that would take years to devise.

Now here's an example of corporate greed that probably shortened the life to most of our city dwelling great-grandparents: Thomas Midgley was the engineer who on this day in 1924 mislead the world in believing his lead additive to gasoline to stop engines from knocking, was completely safe to breath.  At the time it was a well known fact that lead refinery workers were dying from the neurotoxins they were working with.   This fact simply didn't mean shit to Midgley, and instead of bypassing his fortunes in royalties from the sale of this additive to Standard Oil, Midgley divised a perfect scheme to sell his product to the public:  Standing before a group of reporters at Standard Oil's headquarters in New York City, the scientist proceeded to pour a clear, thick liquid infused with lead over his arms.  The, after drying himself, he inhaled deeply from a jar of the same liquid for a minute -- proof, he declared, that there was no danger associated with limited exposure to diluted lead, and that the dead and dying refinery workers had obviously not followed basic safety precautions.

What Midgley neglected to mention was that just a year earlier, he had become gravely ill himself from lead poisoning and had to take six weeks off work as a result.  And a few months after the press conference, Midgley was sick again with lead poisoning.  But the irrepressible scientist returned better than ever, with a brand-new chemical refrigerant he had discovered:  chlorofluorcarbons, those pesky little ozone chewers better known as CFC's.

What a guy!


Another day in paradise, Chemtrails, stock crash, and corporate greed.

If you believe in Chemtrails, and why wouldn't you, then today is a very historic date in this covert New World Order activity because on October 29th, 1947, The General Electric Company successfully seeded clouds with dry ice, producing rain in Concord, New Hampshire.  Do you really believe it ended there?   COME ON PEOPLE WAKE UP!

Also on this date in 1998 Astronaut John Glenn joined the space shuttle Discovery crew, participating in a scientific study of the aging process... now that probably did stop there.

Other interest of October 29th, is that in 1929 it was considered Black Tuesday after the second day of massive losses in the USA stock markets which is only of interest because ten months earlier -- while the 1920's were still roaring -- The Washington Post polled a group of financial leaders and asked them for their predictions for the year ahead.   Their opinions were so glowingly positive that the newspaper featured them on the front page, under the banner headline "GOOD TIMES ARE PREDICTED FOR 1929."

Finally, in his book "Children of the Days," Eduardo Galeano writes that in 1981 on this day, General Augusto Pinochet gave away the rivers, lakes and subterranean waters of Chile for a few coins.  Several mining companies, like Xstrata of Swhtzerland, and power companies, like Endesa of Spain and AES Gener of the United States, became owners in perpetuity of the country's mightiest rivers.  Endesa received a watershed the size of Belgium.

Farmers and indigenous communities lost their rights to water and were obliged to buy it.   Ever since, the desert grows ever larger, devouring fertile lands and emptying the countryside of people.

Yes, another day in paradise.  


Yale lock

In 1843 Linus Yale, inspired by something the Egyptians invented four thousand years before, patented the most invulnerable lock ever make.

Yale went on to secure the doors and gates of nearly every country, and became the greatest defender of property rights in the world.

These days, cities ill with fright are nothing but gigantic locks.

Few hands hold the keys.
"Children of the Days, pg320"


October the 20th is the feast day of Roman Catholic Saint Paul of the Cross.  In his youth, his family planned for him to become a merchant, but Paul was granted a vision.  While still a young layperson, Paul founded the Barefoot Clerks of the Cross and the Passion.  At one point, all the brothers deserted him, but his order eventually received Pope Benedict's approval.   


Lindbergh, Trump Supporter

On October 19, 1938, Charles Lindbergh, the world-renowned aviator accepted, "by order of the Führer," Hermann Göring's, the Service cross of the German Eagle at the 1938 Berlin Olympics.  This medal was giving to him for his historic flight across the Atlantic ocean in 1927.   Pure propaganda which Lindberg never apologized for, nor would he return the medal even after the Nazis atrocities were openly reported by the world.

Is there any doubt that in today's America, Lindbergh would be a Trump supporter(?)


On this day in Tokyo, Japan, an annual fair called Bettara-Ichi, or Sticky-Sticky Fair, is held near the sacred shrine of the god Ebisu.  The children carry sticky pickled radishes tied to straw ropes through the streets in the hope of chasing away evil spirits and receiving the blessings of the seven Shinto gods of luck and good fortune.  


Cult Leader Found Dead

The California State Senate capped off a rather heady year for the Reverend Jim Jones--one that began with his designation as "Humanitarian of the Year" by the now defunct Los Angeles Herald Examiner--by adopting a resolution on October 18, 1976, commending Jones and his Peoples Temple congregation "for their exemplary display of diligent and devoted service to and concern for their fellow man, not only in this state and nation, but throughout the world."  Just over two years later, the great "humanitarian" would oversee the mass murder-suicide of more than 900 of his cult followers in Jonestown, Guyana. 
(Bad Days in History pg.373)


Oct 12, 1492

Christopher Columbus received the warmest of welcomes when he first arrived in the New World that he immediately claimed it for Spain on October 12, 1492.  The native people of that Bahamian island were so excited to see him that they swam out to his ship to offer greetings.  The explore, in turn, was much impressed by their gentle hospitality:

"They...brought us parrots and balls of cotton and spears and many other things, which they exchanged for the glass beads and hawks' bells.  They willingly traded everything they owned... They were well-built, with good bodies and handsome features... They do not bear arms, and do not know them, for I showed them a sword, they took it by the edge and cut themselves out of ignorance.  They have no iron.  Their spears are made of cane."

Columbus also saw the vast potential in the natives he met that fateful day:  "They would make fine servants...  With fifty men we could subjugate them all and make them do whatever we want."

And so he did.  

Meanwhile, back in Rome, this day was sacred to Fortuna Redux, the goddess of successful journeys and safe returns.




It was sixteen years ago on this date that the most Hypocritical preacher since one of those child-molesting Popes -- pick one -- Jimmy Swaggart resigned from his TV Ministry for having sinned by sleeping with a prostitute... repeatedly.   What is really bizarre, but not that surprising to us who have witnessed the hypocrisy of Christians who look down at others for sins they don't do, while making their sins of greed, glut-ency, and racism popular by covering it in "God Wants You To Be Successful at any cost just as he wants homeless people to get a job -- paraphrased."

Speaking of religion, every year on this date, Witches in the countries of Denmark and Germany honor the Old Lady of the Elder Trees, an ancient spirit who dwells within and watches over each and every tree of the elder family.  Before cutting any branches to use as magic wands, a libation of elderberry wine is poured onto the tree's roots and a special prayer is recited to Jimmy Swaggart.


Today, October 10th, is not a good day for organized religion for on October 10th, 1793, Joseph Fouché decreed that the only acceptable worship would be that of "universal morality."  Fouché even ordered the Supreme Being out of graveyards, with the Christian promise of resurrection replaced at their entrances with the atheistic message "Death Is an Eternal Sleep." 

The people of France's second largest city had been slow to accept the new order of things and actually had the audacity to rebel.  Fouché arrived to guide them back to reason.  He started by parading the local bishop on a donkey that was dressed in the cleric's vestments and miter, wwiht a chalice around its neck and a missal tied to its tail. 

Oddly enough, on this same day in Brazil, the annual Festival of Light begins; the centuries-old festival which is celebrated for two consecutive weeks and includes a parade of penance and the lighting of candles, torches, and hearth-fires to symbolically drive away the spirits of darkness who bring evil and misfortune.

Hooray for Sleepy Joe Biden!

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Thanks For Being!