Be Careful What You Ritualize

Pretoria - An occult crime specialist and a psychologist will interview a teenager who admitted to hacking four of his family members to death with an axe, but claimed he was possessed by a demon at the time.

Judge Hennie de Vos on Monday postponed the trial in the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria of the teenager, now 16, until Tuesday.  This was so a social worker could consult his aunt, his guardian, and the defence and prosecution. The social worker is expected to give evidence on Tuesday.
Prosecutor Marika Jansen van Vuuren told the court Kobus Jonker, an occult expert and sociologist, wanted to consult the accused and study the defence's expert reports before he could give an informed opinion.

Lana Augustyn, for the boy, said she would seek a postponement for a psychological report.
Such a report would help the court decide on a sentence for the boy, who was 14 when he committed the crimes, she said.

In August last year the teenager pleaded guilty in the high court sitting in Delmas to four murders. He admitted attacking his mother, 42, grandmother, 58, 5-year-old brother, and 4-month-old baby sister with an axe. His grandmother survived, but died later in hospital.

The boy was presently incarcerated in a place of safety.

According to his plea explanation he and a friend had researched Satanism on the internet out of curiosity some time before the murders.  "We came across a ritual that we followed.  The ritual was to burn three black candles while covering ourselves with a red cloth. "While covered with the cloth we had to praise the devil and tell him that we loved him. We followed this ritual approximately three days prior to the day of the incident.  "On 23 May 2013 during the afternoon, I spent my time visiting my two friends. We smoked dagga during the afternoon. The dagga made me feel high." He came home around 20:30 that evening. ‘Kill them, kill them’ "When it was very late I started to feel not like my usual self. There was a noise in my head and a voice calling out 'kill them, kill them'.
"When I looked at my family I saw them as if they were covered in blood. I took the axe that was in my bedroom. I attacked my mother with the axe. She opened the door and ran outside in an attempt to get away from me. "I followed her and when she fell under the tree I hit her several times with the axe. I then went to the room where my younger brother was sleeping. I also hit him with the axe."
He found his grandmother in the toilet and attacked her as well. "I remembered that my grandmother begged me not to do it, but I continued to hit her with the axe. After I hit my grandmother with the axe I noticed the twins. "They ran away and I think they called the uncles from across the street to come and help my family and stop me from killing them. "I realised that the men wanted to stop me. I also realised that if they catch me the community would kill me because I killed my family members.
"I took the baby and ran with her towards the veld where I also hit her with the axe. The noises were no longer in my head and I was scared." He said he hid in an abandoned room and wanted to kill himself, but could not do it. "I was severely assaulted and injured by the community until the police arrived and arrested me. I believe that due to the influence the dagga had on me, I felt as if I was possessed by a demon who told me to kill my family. "I felt huge anger in me during this incident," the boy said.


Ghost chases man out of hotel room.

Wellington (dpa) - A cricket player on the Pakistani national team was reportedly traumatized after seeing a ghost in his New Zealand hotel room, a local news report said Tuesday.
Haris Sohail awoke one night over the weekend believing he was shoved by a supernatural psence in his room in the Rydges Latimer Hotel in Christchurch.
He phoned team management, who discovered him in a feverish state, local pss agency NZME said.
Sohail slept that night in the coach's room before moving to another room, reported.
A spokesman for the hotel said he would not comment on any ghost-related questions.
The Pakistan team is in New Zealand for a series of warm-up matches ahead of the Cricket World Cup, which starts next month.
The Rydges Latimer was built after the devastating earthquake of February 2011, about 100 metres from the site of the CTV building, which collapsed, killing 115 people.


Who Is Dr.TVBoogie?

Okay, in recent days I have received several post from my readers asking, "Who the fuck is Dr. TVBoogie? -- not in so many words.  So, I figure it is time I tell you.  

First of all, I'm a Midwest boy raised in a little town called Detroit Michigan.  Well, today it is a little town but when I was growing up there is was a major city.  That's right, one of the original 13, as we would say.  And growing up in the most diverse city of its time was really a blessing.   I learned from an early age that the color of one's skin didn't matter and that what mattered was the content of their heart.  And so, while my city was burning from race riots, I was like, "fuck yeah, they can't hold us down forever."  The problem with this is I was white -- well, half Jewish, but the half that didn't count since my mother was a gentile, to which of learning, I replied, "I didn't want to be in the club anyway."  That was one of the many fact-finding answer I received accidentally through conversations with my mother, but none was greater than when she told me I was white.  "I don't want to be white!" I cried.  "Tough shit!" she said.   Well, from there it got worse, we moved to the all-white suburbs with carpeted floors and sealed windows to keep the central air in.   The first day at my all-white school I got my Converse stolen, the second day, I was told I couldn't play on the "elite" side of the playground because I wasn't friends with the King of the Hill (the school principal's son who was a blond-hair blue-eyed dick if there ever was one).  So I cried to go back to the safety of my inner-city school with its wooden framed windows you could jump out of when you had had too much school-in, and its wooden floors you could slide across for miles in you socks.  Needless to say I was reminded how lucky I was to be in the Middle Class (code word at the time for "all white") suburbs.  Yes, the clicky white suburbs that would show me the true meaning of success in the US: gated communities of haves who don't want anything to do with the have not's.

So, like most of the white punks forced to worship their material blessings, I did what we all did: drugs until I dropped out of high school and enlisted in the U.S. Navy.  Yes, I was going to be a sailor, travel, see the world.  And I must have lucked out on the multiple-choice questions for I was slotted as a Communication Specialist with a Top Secret Clearance.  Yes, a fucking Top Secret Clearance in the U.S. Navy at the tender age of 17.   I'll admit, at first I liked it.  I mean, for the first time in my life I had had a purpose.  Soon, however, I was privy to information I wish I never had.  Things I still have to be careful of when mentioning, and so can only tell you they included U.F.O's on radar that we were following. I also got to read interested messages, messages of how we had been in contact with other worlds.
They were called "The Oranges."  I figured any day the news would be made public, but it wasn't.  And so I got out of the Navy and began writing articles for an underground paper in Berkley, which allowed me a lot of time to pursue my favorite hobby of the day:  alcohol.  Yes, I got diagnosed with the drinking disease, joined a twelve-step program, got a white-color job, and tried to forget all that I had learned about contact with other beings.  I soon realized, however, that the public would never know the truth of our alien visitors, and so felt I was part of the coverup by not sharing the truth I knew.  That truth is this:  I'm not sure if they are Lizard People, Greys, Dark Gods or what, but they
are everywhere.  I fear that they might be allowing us to over populate so they can use the same logic to kill humans that hunters use to kill deer: If we don't hunt them they will over-populate and starve.  I'm not sure if they want to use us for food, workers, fuel, or what, but their plan is a dark one, and unstoppable if we continue to deny what we are seeing in the skies....

I could go on, but I'll stop there.

DR.TVboogie is a doctor of truth, and this is his blog.

Peace Out.

Crystal Gazing: An Intro To.


Before gazing into a crystal you must have faith in your psychic abilities and stop thinking that psychic abilities are a special gift only a few people are given.  That is nonsense: we are all psychic entities having a human experience.

We use our psychic powers every night when we dream.  Yes, our earthly body sleeps and our psychic body roams about the future, past, and present.  Have you ever had a  feeling of evil to come, a strong feeling which came true?  The car broke down... Something was stolen...  Something lost... etc.  That 'feeling' was your psychic being opening up to you.  Now, what if you could attain this more often?  Well, you can with a little understanding:

FIRSTLY. — We have not one body but two, an earthly and a spiritual (psychic)

SECONDLY. — Though normally contained in the earthly body, it is possible for the spirit to escape from its prison, and pass from place to place at a speed greater than light. This occurs during sleep, the artificial or forced sleep of the trance, and also when one gazes into the crystal.

THIRDLY. — We have four eyes. Two earthly eyes, and two very much keener spirit eyes. It is with these spirit eyes that we see the future and the past in the crystal.

FOURTHLY. — Each one of us is sending out thought-waves at this moment.  These are known by spiritualists as our aura.  It is found in different colors, which depend on our characters or the thoughts leaving us.  Certain reds show rage, for instance.


There is nothing magic or in any way wonderful about the crystal itself.  It is merely a means of fixing the attention of our earthly eyes, so that we may see the more clearly with our spirit eyes.


When you look into the crystal, whatever you do don't worry about whether or not you will see anything!  Try to think steadily of what you wish to see; this will at first seem hard, but practice will help you, and practice makes perfect.

Then remember to keep any glare of light from the eyes; it is wise to sit with one's back towards the light.  Let your surroundings be quiet and peaceful; there must be absolutely nothing which may catch your attention and so take it off the crystal.  If, for instance, a noisy bus or other vehicle were to pass during the time in which you were making your attempt, it would probably disturb things very much.

One should never be discouraged if nothing whatever is seen at the first few attempts.  A puppy cannot at first see out of its eyes, and it is the same with a beginner in crystal gazing: spirit eyes may take time to open, while others, more fortunate, may find theirs open almost at once.  Never strain the eyes in an unwinking stare.  Let them wink and blink quite naturally.  To do anything else would be sure to take your attention from the picture which you wish to see.

In conclusion, it will be of interest to know just what you may expect to see when, and if, your spirit eyes open.  Probably a misty, fogged appearance will first be seen in the crystal.  This will remain for some little time, until finally the scene or person (whatever it may be) will appear.  The latter may be faint and dim, or it may be clear-cut like a good photograph.

The clearness or otherwise will depend among other things upon the keenness of sight of the spirit eye.  It will also be influenced by the degree of quiet, and upon the absence of anything likely to disturb the searcher in the realms of the future.


The Druids

The secret doctrines of the Druids were much the same as those of the Gymnosophists and Brahmins of India, the Magi of Persia, the priests of Egypt, and of all other priests of antiquity. Like them, they had two sets of religious doctrines, exoteric and esoteric. Their rites were practised in Britain and Gaul, though they were brought to a much greater perfection in the former country, where the Isle of Anglesey was considered their chief seat. The word Druid is generally supposed to be derived from " an oak ", which tree was particularly sacred among them, though its etymology may also be found in the Gaelic word Druidh, ' a wise man ' or ' magician. 

Their temples, wherein the sacred fire was preserved, were generally situate on eminences and in dense groves of oaks, and assumed various forms.

The adytum or ark of the mysteries was called a cromlech, and was used as the sacred pastos , or place of regeneration. It consisted of three upright stones, as supporters of a broad, flat stone laid across them on the top, so as to form a small cell. Kit Cotey's House, in Kent, was such a pastos. Considerable space, however, was necessary for the machinery of initiation in its largest and most comprehensive scale. Therefore, the Coer Sidi, where the mysteries of Druidism were performed, consisted of a range of buildings, adjoining the temple, containing apartments of all sizes, cells, vaults, baths, and long and artfully-contrived passages, with all the apparatus of terror used on these occasions. Most frequently these places were subterranean.

The system of Druidism embraced every religious and philosophical pursuit then known in these islands. The rites bore an undoubted reference to astronomical facts. Their chief deities are reducible to two, — a male and a female, the great father and mother, Hu and Ceridwen, distinguished by the same characteristics as belonged to Osiris and Isis, Bacchus and Ceres, or any other supreme god and goddess representing the two principles of all being. The grand periods of initiation were quarterly, and determined by the course of the sun, and his arrival at the equinoctial and solstitial points. But the time of annual celebration was May-eve, when fires were kindled on all the cairns and cromlechs throughout the island, which burned all night to introduce the sports of May-day, whence all
the national sports formerly or still practised, date heir origin. Round these fires choral dances were performed in honour of the sun, who, at this season, was figuratively said to rise from his tomb. The festival was licentious, and continued till the luminary had attained his meridian height, when priests and attendants retired to the woods, where the most disgraceful  were perpetrated. But the solemn initiations were performed at midnight, and contained three degrees, the first or lowest being the Eubates, the second the Bards, and the third the Druids. The candidate was first placed in the pastos bed, or coffin, where his symbolical death represented the death of Hu, or the sun ; and his restoration in the third degree symbolized the resurrection of the sun. He had to undergo trials and tests of courage similar to those practised in the mysteries of other countries, and which therefore need not be detailed here.

The Druids taught the doctrine of one supreme being, a future state of rewards and punishments, the immortality of the soul and a metempsychosis... Their doctrines were chiefly those of Pythagoras.

Their authority in many cases exceeded that of the monarch. They were, of course, the sole interpreters of religion, and consequently superintended all sacrifices; for no private person was allowed to offer a sacrifice without their sanction. They possessed the power of excommunication, which was the most horrible punishment that could be inflicted next to that of death, and from the effects of which the highest magistrate was not exempt. The great council of the realm was not competent to declare war or conclude peace without their concurrence. They determined all
disputes by a final and unalterable decision, and had the power of inflicting the punishment of death. And, indeed, their altars streamed with the blood of human victims. Holocausts of men, women, and children, enclosed in large towers of wicker-work, were some- times sacrificed as a burnt-offering to their superstitions, which were, at the same time, intended to enhance the consideration of the priests, who were an ambitious race delighting in blood. The Druids, it is said, preferred such as had been guilty of theft, robbery, or other crimes, as most acceptable to their gods; but when there was a scarcity of criminals, they made no scruple to supply their place with innocent persons. These dreadful sacrifices were offered by the Druids, for the public, on the eve of a dangerous war,
or in the time of any national calamity ; and also for particular persons of high rank, when they were afflicted with any dangerous disease.

The priestesses, clothed in white, and wearing a metal girdle, foretold the future from the observation of natural phenomena, but more especially from human sacrifices. For them was reserved the frightful task of putting to death the prisoners taken in war, and ndividuals condemned by the Druids ; and their auguries were drawn from the manner in which the blood issued from the many wounds inflicted, and also from the smoking entrails. Many of these priestesses maintained a perpetual virginity, others gave themselves up to the most luxurious excesses.

As the Romans gained ground in these islands the power of the Druids gradually declined ; and they were finally assailed by Suetonius Paulinus, governor of Britain under Nero, A. D. 61, in their stronghold, the Isle of Anglesey, and entirely defeated, the conqueror consuming many of them in the fires which they had kindled for burning the Roman prisoners they had expected to make — a very just retaliation upon these sanguinary priests. But though their dominion was thus destroyed, many of their religious practices continued much longer; and so late as the eleventh century, in
the reign of Canute, it was necessary to forbid the people to worship the sun, moon, fires, etc. Certainly many of the practices of the Druids are still adhered to in Freemasonry ; and some writers on this order endeavour to show that it was established soon after the edict of Canute, and that as thereby the Druidical worship was prohibited in toto, the strongest oaths were required to bind the initiated to secrecy. 


Happy New Year Message from Dr. TVBoogie.
Celebrations in honor of the beginning of the year are found universally throughout the world.  Such observances may be primarily religious or entirely social, but they consistently demonstrate the significance attached to the renewal and continuation of life expressed in a calendar cycle.  Most scholars agree that New Year celebrations at their most basic are a mimesis of death and rebirth or recreation, mirroring and giving power to the most significant of the seasonal cycles; hence they are a rite de passage for all. 

The year is for most societies computed on a lunar calendar; since this does not precisely match the movement of the earth around the sun many resort to irregular months, extra days every few years, or a system whereby some days simply 'fall off' the calendar and are not reckoned as real time.  Since the moon is usually the basis of the year, most societies celebrate the New Year at one of the equinoxes or solstices or the new moon nearest an equinox.  Later societies allocated fixed calendar dates for the New Year; medieval Europe celebrated Annunciation Day 25 March as New Year until the Gregorian calendar's introduction in 1852.

The most characteristic features of New Year celebrations around the world, which in their details are as diverse as the peoples celebrating, are license and feasting.   Often special foods are prepared, as in Japan where cakes are offered to the sun and moon and a purifying rice gruel is eaten to mark the end of the seven days of festivities.  To eat well at the beginning of the year, no matter how meager the fare has been until then, is a charm to ensure that the coming year will bring food in plenty.  The representation of the Old Year as a hoary wizened man, overtaken by the cherubic New Year in Western Lore is a reminder of the roots of the festival, the dichotomy of death and rebirth that recalls ancient ritual king-slaying as a means of restoring vigor to the cosmos and society.

If you are unhappy with the results of today's celebration, don't fret, the Chinese New Year is celebrated during the first full moon of the year which isn't until this Sunday (Jan 4th) at 10:54pm.  The Chinese observe the Feast of Lanterns by hanging colourful and highly decorated lanterns from houses and graves with street celebrations and firework.  We Pagans get to run around nude, although for me it is a private affair I do on my patio.

So, enjoy your New Year Day, mine isn't until Sunday.

Dr. TVBoogie. 

Trump exposed as Satan!(?)

Trump exposed as the Satan. The Great Satan lies again.  That's right, seems that someone conveniently made a mistake in the un...

Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!