January 24, 2015

Crystal Gazing: An Intro To.


Before gazing into a crystal you must have faith in your psychic abilities and stop thinking that psychic abilities are a special gift only a few people are given.  That is nonsense: we are all psychic entities having a human experience.

We use our psychic powers every night when we dream.  Yes, our earthly body sleeps and our psychic body roams about the future, past, and present.  Have you ever had a  feeling of evil to come, a strong feeling which came true?  The car broke down... Something was stolen...  Something lost... etc.  That 'feeling' was your psychic being opening up to you.  Now, what if you could attain this more often?  Well, you can with a little understanding:

FIRSTLY. — We have not one body but two, an earthly and a spiritual (psychic)

SECONDLY. — Though normally contained in the earthly body, it is possible for the spirit to escape from its prison, and pass from place to place at a speed greater than light. This occurs during sleep, the artificial or forced sleep of the trance, and also when one gazes into the crystal.

THIRDLY. — We have four eyes. Two earthly eyes, and two very much keener spirit eyes. It is with these spirit eyes that we see the future and the past in the crystal.

FOURTHLY. — Each one of us is sending out thought-waves at this moment.  These are known by spiritualists as our aura.  It is found in different colors, which depend on our characters or the thoughts leaving us.  Certain reds show rage, for instance.


There is nothing magic or in any way wonderful about the crystal itself.  It is merely a means of fixing the attention of our earthly eyes, so that we may see the more clearly with our spirit eyes.


When you look into the crystal, whatever you do don't worry about whether or not you will see anything!  Try to think steadily of what you wish to see; this will at first seem hard, but practice will help you, and practice makes perfect.

Then remember to keep any glare of light from the eyes; it is wise to sit with one's back towards the light.  Let your surroundings be quiet and peaceful; there must be absolutely nothing which may catch your attention and so take it off the crystal.  If, for instance, a noisy bus or other vehicle were to pass during the time in which you were making your attempt, it would probably disturb things very much.

One should never be discouraged if nothing whatever is seen at the first few attempts.  A puppy cannot at first see out of its eyes, and it is the same with a beginner in crystal gazing: spirit eyes may take time to open, while others, more fortunate, may find theirs open almost at once.  Never strain the eyes in an unwinking stare.  Let them wink and blink quite naturally.  To do anything else would be sure to take your attention from the picture which you wish to see.

In conclusion, it will be of interest to know just what you may expect to see when, and if, your spirit eyes open.  Probably a misty, fogged appearance will first be seen in the crystal.  This will remain for some little time, until finally the scene or person (whatever it may be) will appear.  The latter may be faint and dim, or it may be clear-cut like a good photograph.

The clearness or otherwise will depend among other things upon the keenness of sight of the spirit eye.  It will also be influenced by the degree of quiet, and upon the absence of anything likely to disturb the searcher in the realms of the future.

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Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!