November 14, 2019

Tax The Rich While You Still Can.

If your are a regularly reader, and I’m betting you are, then you know here on we are predicting two major events coming soon:  1st, there is an asteroid headed right for us and the governments of the world don’t want to freak you out so they are just going to let it hit and then deny they saw it coming.  Secondly, there will soon be a revolt against the wealthy 1% who have ignored us too long and are stock-piling their cash in Swiss bank accounts while we clean their toilets. 

Today, I’m not going to talk about the doom of the asteroid, but I will talk about the similarities between today’s evil 1% and France’s ruling class before the Revolution that basically gave us today’s “Of The People, By The People, For The People” government which has all but been wiped away since the 1980’s when the Right Wing Hypocrites began cutting taxes for the rich to increase the debt to a point where the government would go bankrupt and they could say,”See, I told you so,” from their spaceship in the sky.

Before the Revolution, France was one of the richest countries in Europe, but most of the wealth was in the hands of the king and the nobles, while the vast majority of the populace had little.  This did not stop the rich from seeking ways to avoid taxes and shifting the tax burden for France’s wars onto the shoulders of the poor.  France’s involvement in the Seven Years’ War, followed by its support of the American colonists, had cost it dearly, and by the late eighteenth century, France was so deeply in debt that most of its tax revenues were being used to pay interest on the loans it had taken out, some of which ironically were to help America fight for independence from England.  The simple solution then, as it is now, was for the wealthy to pay more, which they wouldn’t, and the rest is history.  

Sound familiar?  It should.  Most of our debt is still from the George Bush ”Iraq War“ and subsequent Financial Crisis from cutting taxes during a war for the first time in history; not that STD test your neighbor’s runaway daughter got because she couldn’t take her suburban hand-grabbing neighbor any longer and so ran away to Southern California and now lives on the streets.   The rich today keep finding ways of passing the tax burden onto us through tollways, copays, deductibles, fines, etc.. while they are paying less taxes than they did in 1950’s.  They really don’t think they should pay a penny for your kids runny nose so you can take a bus to their home to clean their toilets.  

When is enough, enough folks!

Do you really want to wait until they have us in food lines like they did before the French Revolution to ask them to pay their share?

The rich have their mouth-piece of Conservative Talk Radio and Propaganda Fox News to keep you misinformed into believing their tax cuts are good for you and the disasters their tax cuts are causing to our environment, social services, and infrastructure has nothing to do with them and everything to do with that PAP test your neighbors runaway daughter got from the Planned Parenthood.

I wish this was just liberal hyperbole, it’s not.  

                       “Where there is too much,
                             Something is missing.”
                                         ~~ Leo Rosen, author

~~ Dr TV Boogie

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Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!