Asterioid Conspiracy

So that asteroid I keep telling you that is headed for us, the one that I'm personally blaming on our planets incapability to get along as one world.   The one headed straight for Washing DC.  

Seems NASA is going to knock it our of space.  

I've told you in the past how there seems to be more and more debris coming at us.  In the last few years I've posted over-and-over about how asteroids are suddenly being reported as near misses.  Well, where are the conspiracy theorist now.  I mean, the ones writing about the fake liberal news and calling school shootings staged scenes.  The Info Ores and Frog Mimes who want us to believe everything wrong is due to progressive programs and public education.  

Well, here's my conspiracy theory and it's a good one.  They are part of the wealthy lords keeping us down with their wealthy tax cuts and propaganda news.  I believe that the asteroid coming right at us as been knows for sometime but they don't want to alarms the markets and so won't tell us about it. 

Yes, the sky is falling.  Think about it, why would our government all of a suddenly become the dictatorship/right-wing Nazis nut job it is?  

I hope I'm wrong.  But with all the lies on the right we will never know. 

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