The History of Tea

In the year 510, an Enlightened Prince landed in a new country on a missionary enterprise.  He wanted to spread his compassion to the people and so made a vow to chant every day until the people of the new land awakened.  After several years of chanting non-stop he grew tired and fell asleep.  He woke up distressed that he had broken his vow and immediately yanked off his eye-lids and tossed them on the ground so he would never fall asleep during his chants again.

On returning the next day, he noticed that the eyelids he had tossed to the ground had changed into a beautiful shrub the likes of which he had never seen before.  And being the inquisitive seeker that he was, he ate some of the leaves and found his alertness increased and he could chant for longer than ever! He also found that the leaves were especially tasty when sprinkled in warm water and so created and ceremony that is still going strong today.

Seeing how the people loved his new drink, the prince recommended it to his followers and the use of his drink spread from nation to nation.  All nations of the worlds loved it so much that they found a way to tax it to make a lot of money that they could leave behind for future generations the profits so they wouldn’t have to work for a living and could make fun of the poor people and accuse them of not working as hard as they had because they had inherited a ton of money they never earned.

Fortunately for the world, the enlighten prince has continued chanting every day which has given some wealthy people compassion and so they created food lines for us so we wouldn’t revolt.


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