November 13, 2019

Stop blaming liberals like me for CEO greed.

In a recent Forbes Magazine article, it is stated that CEO pay has increased 1000% since the 1950’s.   In another article written in Huffpost, the ratio is 204 to 1 times the regular worker — which I might add has gone from 20 to 1 in the 1950’s.  

You do the math.  This is ridiculous and if you are a true, hardworking, red-blooded American, this should make you sick.  These CEO’s don’t deserve 1000% more than the workers no matter what they do.  I agree they should get more, but this is ridiculous and the reason we have a homeless population is every city in the USA.  The extra money going in their pocket is coming from somewhere folks. 

Furthermore, according to the conservative Economical Institute, the average working man and woman’s pay has not; actually, with inflation it has gone down.  What truly sucks about this is our productivity has gone up while our hourly rates haven’t. 

My big question:  How do they sleep at night?  

Look at the facts!   They have programmed you to blame their sin on liberals like me.  

We’re not the problem.  Greed is and we all know it.   And if God were here he would tell it to your face!

Oh, one other thing; they’re not going to voluntarily give it up; we are going to have to request it... politically.   

~~ Dr TV Boogie 

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Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!