There's mushrooms on Mars dude!!!

NASA photo showing fungi.

NASA photo showing shooms.

I didn't want to go here.  I never do.  But, well, THERE'S FUCKING LIFE ON MARS!!!  No shit.  In this weekends news-feed I found this peer-reviewed article stating that there are mushrooms -- or should I say, shooms, with a smile -- on Mars.  

Okay, the facts are still fuzzy, but Dr Regina Dass, of the department of microbiology at the school of life sciences, India, likens recent photos of Mars to  abiogenic forces on Earth which can produce sedimentary structures.  What's this mean to you and me?  Spores bro', there's spores on Mars.  No wonder we can't find anyone on the surface, they're all tripping underground worried our over-zealous War On Drugs will spread there. Don't you see, they're people of color dude, and know that shooms are a controlled substance here on earth and so when they see us coming, they hide. 

David Wilcock on Shooms

No shit, for years people like David Wilcock have been saying they're releasing a little bit of info out at a time so they can cover their lies of the last century before telling us the truth about People From Outer-space; that's right, another of those lies like Tax Cuts Are Good For The Poor.  And to this Fine-Understanding-Liberal Man,  I now have to believe we have been lied to, and that Shooms on Mars means, Life On Mars, and this explains Elon Musk's reason for wanting to go to Mars so badly.  

~~ Peace Out,  Eso Terry. 


Barbara Streisand sucks, I knew it all along!

My instincts are good, and well, thank you Barbara Streisand for confirming mine about you.  You suck!  

I don't know what it is but I've never liked the woman.  Oh, she supports the same liberal causes I do and we both had Jewish fathers, but, well, that's it.  I've never liked the way she talked, walked, sang, looked, sounded, etc.  I never admitted it and never knew why, I just didn't. Today, however, I know why.  

Streisand came out today and said the victims of Michael Jackson's molestations were not victims because they wanted it.  Well, their parents wanted it and the kids were glad to be there. 

If this doesn't ruin Streisand's Upper East Side Manhattan career, nothing will.  

Another example of Wealthy People Fucking Us Over And Then Telling Us To Get Over It.   I mean, the guy wasn't even a priest!


You don't think?...  Nahhhhh....


Able to leap loud-mouth bigoted politicians in a single... egg!

 Okay, Liberal Hero of the Week:  Egg Boy.  Able to leap loud-mouth bigoted politicians in a single... egg!

Now that took balls!  

Go egg boy, go!!!



Trump is a Racist: Join The Human Race Ass Whole!!!

Okay, forget what you read in the media,  Trumps is a racist! Just read his Tweet about the White Supremacist who murdered 49 UNARMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Muslim people in a New Zealand mosque while praying.  

"My Warmest sympathy and best wishes goes out to the people of New Zealand..."  The fucking "People of New Zealand!"  Not the "Muslim's of New Zealand," but the "people."  Not the "Victims of a Hate Crime," but the "people of New Zealand!"  In other words, Donald Trump isn't sorry that another White Ass Whole -- this guy also seemed to have short-man syndrome which explains all the guns -- murdered 49 Muslims worshiping at their mosque, but, based on his own words, he's worried about the fact that the people of New Zealand had to go to such extremes to deal with their brown population.  That sure is the way the psychos in red hats will read it. 

WTF people.  This is really what you want in your leader?  I served in the USA military to rid the world of Nazi loving ass-wholes like this.  Fuck me running.  We're not going back to a White Master Race with people of color excluded.  Get over it.  Ain't going to happen.  Join the human race!!!   

From the pen of Dr. TV Boogie


The Ides of March and Donald Trump's many paper cuts.

Well boys and girls, today, March 15th is the day one of our first liberal leaders was murdered by the top 1%.  That's right, The Ides of March and Julius Caesar.  What's that, you didn't know he was a liberal?  Well, yes he was.  He actually took money from the rich and gave to the poor by increasing taxes on them.  He gave the people food, pensions, and most of all dignity.  And like today's top 1% they didn't like it.  So, the wealthy bastards had him killed.  

"Beware the Ides of March!" the augur Spurinna had warned Caesar some days earlier.  But, Caesar didn't listen.  And so, mid-morning on the 15th of March Caesar set off for Pompey's theater, where the Senate was meeting.  En route a friend handed Caesar a note with the details of the assassination plot, but Caesar simply put it with the other letters he was carrying, having no time to read it. 

Entering the theater Caesar saw Spurinna among the crowd. "The Ides of March have come," he mocked.  "Yes," replied the augur, "but they have not yet gone." 

Caesar took his seat, quickly to be surrounded by conspirators who pretended to be paying their respects.  One seized him by the shoulder, and Caesar shook him off, but as he turned away one of the wealthy Casca brothers central to the conspiracy stabbed him just below the throat.  The rest is history.  Taxes were cut and Rome failed.  Kind of like America today under Republican tax cuts.

So, let's see how this Ides of March, 2019 goes.  Reading this morning news, Donald Trump betrayed by a Trio of Republicans who dared to talk during a dinner regarding Trumps stupid Emergency Declaration to Build A Wall, it could be a rough day for the fearless leader.  I mean, how many paper cuts can he survive.  

Hail Caesar!

Stupid Republicans Pretending to Lead.

Thank You Alan Watts

 Alan Watts was an interesting guy; he said a lot of things like: "What's up is not necessarily up and what's down is not necessarily down, it all depends if you're standing on your head or not." 

He had a ragged smile and raspy 20th century one-pack-a-day cigarette voice blessed by a proper English accent.  Definitely a man of his time, sexist/racist by today's standards but liberal in his time.  

While in his 20's, Watts had practiced Zen from a Japaneses teacher; after several months of being challenged in solving a koan, a riddle given to him by the Buddhist Monk, Watts said 'fuck it' and quit.  What a day that must have been for Watts, for he had claimed himself as a Buddhist since he had been 15, and now, in his early 20's, challenged by the very faith he professed to be, he quit.

Fortunately for us all, Watts went on to bring Zen to America.  He never claimed to be a guru or saint, only a man who didn't know up from down, but did no heaven from hell.  His watered-down version of Zen is everywhere in the Western world today, from crossed-legged meditations in Christian churches to heated Yoga mats in health spas, the ways of the Buddha are as American as apple pie and hot dogs.

Thank You Alan Watts.


Trump signs Bibles? WTF?

Wake up! Rouse yourself from the collective coma you mistake for
'real life. See through the illusion of separateness and recognize that
we are all essentially one. Although we appear to be isolated
individuals, in reality there is one awareness dreaming itself to be
everyone and everything. This is our shared essential nature. The
simple secret to enjoying this dream we call 'life' is to wake up to
oneness. Because, knowing you are one with all, you will find
yourself in love with all. You will fall in love with living. This is the
message of the original Christians, who symbolized this awakened
state with the enigmatic figure of 'the laughing Jesus'.

Have you ever seen a picture of Jesus laughing? Probably not,
because we have inherited a distorted form of Christianity created by
the Roman Church in the fourth century, which focuses exclusively
on Jesus the 'man of sorrows'. The image that has dominated our
culture is that of a man being tortured to death on a cross.  But the
original Christians didn't see Jesus as an historical man who 'suffered
for our sins.' They viewed Jesus as the mythical hero of a symbolic
teaching story, which represents the spiritual journey leading to the
experience of awakening they called 'gnosis', or 'knowing'.

The original Christians were inspired men and women who saw
how good life could he if we would just wake up and live in love.
They imagined a new world that would no longer be divided into
slaves or citizens, men or women, Gentiles or Jews, But inadvertently,
this band of non-conformists gave birth to a totalitarian
regime that would rule Europe with an iron fist for over a thousand
years. The result was not Heaven on Earth, but the Holy Roman
Empire, The dream became a nightmare and has resulted in today's
Christian Mess that has now given us our first president ever to sign
Bibles for people.

Yes, not the devoted Christians in the past like Jimmy Carter or George
Bush, but Donald Trump.  Self confessed Porn Star adulterous,  Donald

Now, I have said that the Donald Trump madness is the last grasp of
power by the White Majority who sees their majority slipping away.
This is obvious, but what I didn't expect to see was the Christian
Church go down with it.

Good news, is once this is all over, we will all be better.

And so I leave you words written by another powerful leader who
signed Bibles:


 I believe I am acting today in the spirit of the Almighty Creator.
By Standing guard against the Jew,  I am defending the work of the
                                                         ~~ Adolf Hitler Mein Kampf



Jesus would spit at today's church leaders and European Passport.

Okay, so after two-years of Trump, we now are required to get a Visa to travel to Europe.  Oh they're calling it a "permit" through the European Travel Information and Authorization System, but it's a Visa.   And why?  You know the answer, Trump.  Ignorant Trump and his ignorant policies to our neighbors.  

What is really shitty about this is most of the Trump-hicks who support Trump have never been to Europe or ever will go.  As far as the MAGA idiots ever make it is Florida or Texas, unless they have money then they do something exotic like Vancouver or Cancun.  Both places which now offer Chic Fil A, the choice of chicken for Jesus.  

But I'm not here to talk with you about chicken Trump today.  What I want to examine with you is the new testament, more precisely, the four gospels.  

 Okay, so there are four gospel which are, Mark, Mathew, Luke, and John.  Mark was written first, around the year 70 to 72.  Then came Mathew ten years later around 80 - 82, a few years after that Luke wrote his piece in the year 85 to 90, and finally, around the year 90 or so a guy named "John" wrote his recount of the event none of them had witnessed first hand.  So, as you can see, these expert witnesses to Jesus never met the man and so wrote their works based on hearsay.  Which is no problem to me, I mean, the same is true for all the religions; the only problem with the Christians and Islamiacs is they deny this and so want to destroy everything around them and build walls in the name of their faith.  

  Mark says about the dinner: 

  25Verily I say unto you, I will drink no more of the fruit of the vine, until that day that I drink it new in the kingdom of God. 

Mathew says about the dinner:

  28 This is my blood of the[a] covenant, which is poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins. 29 I tell you, I will not drink from this fruit of the vine from now on until that day when I drink it new with you in my Father’s kingdom.”

Luke really says:

 20 In the same way, after the supper he took the cup, saying, “This cup is the new covenant in my blood, which is poured out for you.[a]

And finally, John says:

Well, John leaves out the wine part and talks about washing feet.   

So what am I getting at here?  Well, just that Jesus was a really, really, great man -- if he existed -- and there can be no denying that the church keeps changing the fine print of its workings to the point where it gives us such leaders as Donald Trump -- according to his press secretary, God ordained him -- and Mike Pence -- the Christian Clone Doll -- and they have gotten so far away from the original teachings of Jesus that if he were here today he would spit at them. 



They win, we're winning(?)

Simon de Montfort
It's funny that on this day in 1265 Simon de Montfort led a rebellion against Henry III and came de facto ruler.  Montfort gathered together some peers of the land, a sprinkling of bishops, two knights from each shire and two to four "good and loyal men" from each city and borough.  This was the first time in history that ordinary citizens had met to discuss the government and to give opinions regarding the laws they were to live under.  Historians consider this the first parliament democracy.   

Paul Manafort, aka Traitor
Another "fort" will go down in history on this day, his name slightly changed,  instead of "Mont" we have "Mana" as in "Manafort," trader of US secrets, protector of varment, greedy puppet to a  king.   Where the Montfort of 1265 gave us power to the people, today's Manafort has taken it away, given it back to the judges.  

Democracy is dead, long live Trump, Fox News, and the concord Republican party!  

They win.  

On a happier note, Manafort now has to pay taxes on the millions of dollars he dodged paying taxes on from his "consulting" job with the Russians while Donald Trump was running for president, which means means school lunch programs will be upgraded from Reagan catsup packages of fruit to real apples for a day.  Yea!  We're winning! 


Sad Face Internet Dater

So I decided I would do a personal ad on one of the popular dating sites.  Of course, being in touch with my Zen self, I had to write a true title.  The first one that came to mind kind of stuck:  

Below Average Guy Seeks Above Average Woman (Truth in advertising is important to me.) 

We'll see.  I haven't had any responses yet. 

~~ Eso Terry
  Sad Face ;(


Zen: Trumps will give us our first Liberal President since FDR!

As most of you know by now, I've been getting my "Zen" on.  Unlike past tries, this time I'm doing it with straight meditation, not smoke, mushroom, or tantric sex,  as I so often have in the past, but, this meditation was pure, old-fashion, sitting in lotus position, meditation.  And I have to tell you a focus came to me:

If Donald Trump was supporting liberal policies we would be defending him just as tightly as the Republicans are.  

My un-meditated mind, however, says, "But liberals didn't support President Lydon Johnson in the end because of his escalation of the Vietnam War, remember, 'Hey, Hey, LBJ, how many kids did you kill today.'" It's true that by killing off LBJ, liberals cleared the way for Richard Nixon which has cleared the way for Roger Stone? and Geez, Weez, Louise, we are all fucked!   

 On the other hand, I also saw how we accused President George Bush (43) of being a criminal, and compared to President Donald Trump, he definitely wasn't, and so now we have to wonder if we didn't project this evil onto ourselves?  

Wooo, too much for you?  Yes, this Zen stuff can be.  Not to fear because, I also realized that just as how we got our first Black president out of the failed policies of Bush 43, we will certainly get our first Liberal president after Trump.  And when we do have our first liberal president since FDR...

Happy days are here again!
The skies above are clear again,
Let us sing a song of cheer again,
Happy days are here again!

Altogether shout it now,
There's no one who can doubt it now,
Let us tell the world about it now,
Happy days are here again!

Your cares and troubles are gone
There'll be no more from now on!
This song was originally posted on
Happy days are here again!
The skies above are clear again
Let us sing a song of cheer again
Happy days are here again!

So long sad times, go long bad times,
We are rid of you at last;
Howdy gay times, cloudy gray times
You are now a thing of the past.

Happy days are here again!
The skies above are clear again
Let us sing a song of cheer again
Happy days are here again!
This song was originally posted on
Your cares and troubles are gone
There'll be no more from now on!

Happy days are here again!
The skies above are clear again
Let us sing a song of cheer again
Happy days are here again!


So the Democrats have fired the first shot at ending the madness of an out-of-control government.  A government that monitors our press, disrespects our people, forces its will on us.  Sound familiar?  Okay, so it's actually more Nazism than Old England, but on this day (March 5th) in the year 1776, Sir William Howe was run out of Boston beginning our First America Revolution.  Could this Democrat move be the beginning of our second?  Stay tuned for Ocasio-Cortez and others are on the March in... wait for it... March! (I'm so witty).

In other news Donald Trump calls the press he disagrees with "Fake" the politicians he disagrees with "Scum," the woman he disagrees with  "Fat," and in locker-room talk he said he "Grabs Their Pussy" because he can. 

And on the religious front, the White House Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders says "God Wants Trump To Be President."

In Sports, everyone is standing now!   

That it from here, we now return you to your beautiful day.

                                                                             ~~Dr TVBoogie

God Bless American Beauties Approved by Donald Trump -- what? no woman of color?  Why, for, not?


The Buddhist Wheel of Life and Donald Trump: advise for the president.

Saṃsāra is a Sanskrit word that means wandering or world, with the connotation of a cyclic, circuitous change.  It also refers to the concept of rebirth into the cycles of life, matter, and existence.  

Why am I starting the blog with this statement this morning?  Well, it is because I've decided to go back to our roots here on Liberal Bohemian and talk about The Wheel of Life.  I do this instead of writing about more Donald Trump news which has us all weak in the knees.  Trump is like one of those crazy, loud, outgoing friends you can only take when your in the mood to be out and seen.  If you are in a contemplated mood you avoid him to the extent of not answering your phone and closing your blinds.  "Not today," you think when you hear the phone ring or his knocking at your door.  "I need a rest." 

There is no rest from Donald Trump, even in today's meditation glimpses of Trump crept out from behind my mental Bonzai tree.  And, when I saw the Wheel of Life I am writing about today, I saw Trump.  Allow me to explain. 

The Buddhist Wheel of Life

The wheel is held by a terrifying monster and is divided into three concentric circles.  It is at its hub, however, that we find the Donald Trump connection -- to be honest, this describes us all, but it is only noticeable in Trump than any one else I've seen in modern times.  As I was saying, the hub is divided into three concentric circles:  a cock, a snake, and a pig.  These represent greed, anger, and ignorance: the driving forces that keep the whole system in motion.  I am sure you see the Donald Trump connection there, but we here at Liberal Heroes Bohemian Daily -- or something like that -- are bigger than this and so will look at the whole wheel and its purpose, not just the ignorance hub in the middle of us all.  

Around the hub of greed, anger, and ignorance, are the six segments representing the realms of cyclical existence into which we are all born into according to our karma.  This is a real mind fuck because it is so simple, but true, for instance, we are born in the Human Realm, which is fortunate for us because we have a chance to get it right and move up the wheel, if we get it wrong, as Donald Trump -- and me for judging him in this post today -- are doing, we come back on a lower realm like the Animal Realm or Hungry Ghost Realm.  Of course, I meditate every day and this does help my karma, and of course, my advise to our president is he needs to meditate more to avoid coming back as a full-fledged pig... but I digress.  

On the outer rim of the wheel are the twelve sections showing the circle of life from birth to death.  It's nice to know where we are on this wheel for as you see in the picture, we begin and end in the terrifying monster's mouth.  

Now you know the Buddhist Wheel of Life.  

~~ Eso Joe.


Brett Kavanaugh -- who me? and some Buddha cleansing.

On this day in 1981, Sandra Day O'connor was sworn in on the Supreme Court.  She was the first woman justice, and get this, appointed by the conservative president Ronald Reagan.  She is now considered a liberal.   

Can someone please correct this Right-Wing madness!   The guy just appointed by Donald Trump (Brett {who me?} Kavanaugh) says he never had sex until he was out of college.   He said that because he has been charged with trying to rape a woman when in high school.   This may or may not be true, what is true, the guy believes Richard Nixon should not have been impeached, and totally wants to outlaw abortion.  This is why the Right-Wing Madmen are chomping to have him placed on the court, the court, which if really represented the will of the people, would not have a guy like this even considered.  

Just as there are still 30 percent of French citizens who think the Napoleon was a great dictator, 30 percent of Germans who think Hitler had a point, the 30 percent of the US voting populace has control of everything.  

If we all vote this will change.  

On to better days. 

Just for the record, I wish Donald Trump's appointee good luck and send him love and hope he finds the truth. 

Here's why:

When the Buddha finally arouse, his 

Pledge Allegiance Poem

Headaches come to those who wait

don't let them tell you otherwise

dreaming, seeming on a Saturday night

with, without, alibis

Is there a future after Donald Trump?

A future with liberty and justice for all?

A future run without racist words?

A future without a wall?

A future that makes America Great?

The future that Kennedy saw?

I doubt it, sadly

As I place my hand on my heart

And Pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America,

one nation under many Gods,  indivisible by power ties, 

with liberty and justice for all.

                                                          ~~ Eso Terry Joe 
                                                             (in his garden, January 2019)

It's a Freak Show people.

Making Sense of the Politics America 2019 

I started reading Kafka again today.

And Hermann Hesse.

And Orwell.

It helps me make sense of it all.

I saw two monster on a stage today.

They shook hands and pouted together like disjointed twins.

It was a freak show from the nineteen century.

I couldn't turn away.

Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!