March 12, 2019

Trump signs Bibles?

Wake up! Rouse yourself from the collective coma you mistake for
'real life. See through the illusion of separateness and recognize that
we are all essentially one. Although we appear to be isolated
individuals, in reality there is one awareness dreaming itself to be
everyone and everything. This is our shared essential nature. The
simple secret to enjoying this dream we call 'life' is to wake up to
oneness. Because, knowing you are one with all, you will find
yourself in love with all. You will fall in love with living. This is the
message of the original Christians, who symbolized this awakened
state with the enigmatic figure of 'the laughing Jesus'.

Have you ever seen a picture of Jesus laughing? Probably not,
because we have inherited a distorted form of Christianity created by
the Roman Church in the fourth century, which focuses exclusively
on Jesus the 'man of sorrows'. The image that has dominated our
culture is that of a man being tortured to death on a cross.  But the
original Christians didn't see Jesus as an historical man who 'suffered
for our sins.' They viewed Jesus as the mythical hero of a symbolic
teaching story, which represents the spiritual journey leading to the
experience of awakening they called 'gnosis', or 'knowing'.

The original Christians were inspired men and women who saw
how good life could he if we would just wake up and live in love.
They imagined a new world that would no longer be divided into
slaves or citizens, men or women, Gentiles or Jews, But inadvertently,
this band of non-conformists gave birth to a totalitarian
regime that would rule Europe with an iron fist for over a thousand
years. The result was not Heaven on Earth, but the Holy Roman
Empire, The dream became a nightmare and has resulted in today's
Christian Mess that has now given us our first president ever to sign
Bibles for people.

Yes, not the devoted Christians in the past like Jimmy Carter or George
Bush, but Donald Trump.  Self confessed Porn Star adulterous,  Donald

Now, I have said that the Donald Trump madness is the last grasp of
power by the White Majority who sees their majority slipping away.
This is obvious, but what I didn't expect to see was the Christian
Church go down with it.

Good news, is once this is all over, we will all be better.

And so I leave you words written by another powerful leader who
signed Bibles:


 I believe I am acting today in the spirit of the Almighty Creator.
By Standing guard against the Jew,  I am defending the work of the
                                                         ~~ Adolf Hitler Mein Kampf


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Thanks For Being!