March 4, 2019

The Buddhist Wheel of Life and Donald Trump: advise for the president.

Saṃsāra is a Sanskrit word that means wandering or world, with the connotation of a cyclic, circuitous change.  It also refers to the concept of rebirth into the cycles of life, matter, and existence.  

Why am I starting the blog with this statement this morning?  Well, it is because I've decided to go back to our roots here on Liberal Bohemian and talk about The Wheel of Life.  I do this instead of writing about more Donald Trump news which has us all weak in the knees.  Trump is like one of those crazy, loud, outgoing friends you can only take when your in the mood to be out and seen.  If you are in a contemplated mood you avoid him to the extent of not answering your phone and closing your blinds.  "Not today," you think when you hear the phone ring or his knocking at your door.  "I need a rest." 

There is no rest from Donald Trump, even in today's meditation glimpses of Trump crept out from behind my mental Bonzai tree.  And, when I saw the Wheel of Life I am writing about today, I saw Trump.  Allow me to explain. 

The Buddhist Wheel of Life

The wheel is held by a terrifying monster and is divided into three concentric circles.  It is at its hub, however, that we find the Donald Trump connection -- to be honest, this describes us all, but it is only noticeable in Trump than any one else I've seen in modern times.  As I was saying, the hub is divided into three concentric circles:  a cock, a snake, and a pig.  These represent greed, anger, and ignorance: the driving forces that keep the whole system in motion.  I am sure you see the Donald Trump connection there, but we here at Liberal Heroes Bohemian Daily -- or something like that -- are bigger than this and so will look at the whole wheel and its purpose, not just the ignorance hub in the middle of us all.  

Around the hub of greed, anger, and ignorance, are the six segments representing the realms of cyclical existence into which we are all born into according to our karma.  This is a real mind fuck because it is so simple, but true, for instance, we are born in the Human Realm, which is fortunate for us because we have a chance to get it right and move up the wheel, if we get it wrong, as Donald Trump -- and me for judging him in this post today -- are doing, we come back on a lower realm like the Animal Realm or Hungry Ghost Realm.  Of course, I meditate every day and this does help my karma, and of course, my advise to our president is he needs to meditate more to avoid coming back as a full-fledged pig... but I digress.  

On the outer rim of the wheel are the twelve sections showing the circle of life from birth to death.  It's nice to know where we are on this wheel for as you see in the picture, we begin and end in the terrifying monster's mouth.  

Now you know the Buddhist Wheel of Life.  

~~ Eso Joe.

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Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!