Hitler's Car Has Arrived!

I grew up in the 60's and 70's.  It was a good childhood.  Love was in the air and peace was everywhere... well, except for the Vietnam thing, and I call it a "thing" because it really never has been defined.  Think about it.  We lost a whole lot of young lives, families like the Dallas Bush family made a shit load of money, and we got a great Vietnamese population here in the Dallas suburb of Garland which now has some great 3rd World Markets that make me feel like I'm back in Navy.  Actually, I wish we could just have brought over the Vietnamese people without the loss of so many Americans and Vietnamese, but, then, I'm a silly liberal; why would we want to open our borders without the profits of a war?  Ridiculous Red Commie, which, by-the-way, I am not!  I bleed Red-White-and-Blue.... Gosh, having to defend yourself for wanting to live up to the Bible Quote: "Blessed are the Peace Keepers" is a real bitch!

So, getting back to the good-old-days.  One of the funnest movies -- do I really need to explain the difference between a Film and a Movie here?...  Good! -- as I was saying, one of the funnest movies from my childhood was the Herbie movies.  Do you remember them?   The first one was called... wait for it.... "The Love Bug."  

Yes, Herbie was a Volkswagen car that looked like a bug.  The people's car given to us by none-other than Adolf Hitler.  Yes, Hitler wanted a car made that everyone could drive and so German engineers produced it and everyone had a car.  Fortunately, the Third Reich symbol of progress was commandeered by the Counter Culture in the 60's and became wheels of Peace-Loving folks.  The 60's Bug was an underdog, the Less Fortunate car who actually won the big race while the greedy establishment tried to derail him.  Herbie won the race by being smart -- maybe a little stoned at times too -- and outsmarting the rich bastards by doing cute things like spitting oil on them. 

Such a good message for we kids back then: you too can be great by the force of "Love." 

So, now, fast forward to today's version to the bug savior.  Yes, the Bumblebee Transformer.  This is a real killing machine.  It's big, mean, and on definitely on steroids.  What I find most crazy about this Monster in a kid's movie, is that if you would have made this move back in the 70's, it would have been at best, a dark, dark, comedy which no one would have taken seriously.  "The world will never be that violent, no way...."  "Where is the love?" 

So, the Herbie Love Bug is Replaced with the a 2018 Terrorist Killing Machine on Steroids who shoots missiles out its arms.   I guess maybe the car Hitler originally envisioned has arrived.  

~~ Dr TV Boogie

"I think it needs Blue eyes, yes?"


The Revelation of Trump: a self-fulfilling prophecy

You are in for a treat today boys-and-girls, for we are going to go deep into the Bible and show you some details that will blow your mind.  After you've read this post, everything will change. 

As I told you, there is an asteroid headed for us, it is actually being driven by the evil of Donald Trump.  As basic science tells us, every action has a counter action, and when things are done out of evil, its negative energy begins pulling metals towards it.  And if you didn't know, asteroids are metal (nickel, cobalt, gold, platinum and rhodium).  So this is why we've seen so many reportings on asteroids headed this way.  

Let's see what The Book of Revelations says about this:

 6:13 And the stars of heaven fell unto the earth, even
as a fig tree casteth her untimely figs, when she is
shaken of a mighty wind.

 8:10 And the third angel sounded, and there fell a
great star from heaven, burning as it were a lamp,
and it fell upon the third part of the rivers, and upon
the fountains of waters;

Just to name a few.  There are a bunch of shit falling from the sky in the Christian end times according to the Book of Revelations.

So, this is the physical danger of having Pure Evil running a nation.  But, my fellow Truth Seekers, why is the Church of Today, you know, the church I call The Power Religion (Christian in the USA), embracing this evil with open arms?  I mean, they really think Trump is a Godly Guy when anyone with eyes to see, can see he isn't -- to quote the good book. Why?  Well, it's their self-fulfilling prophecy, and, unfortunately, they are taking us down with their evil energy.  Need proof?  Okay, onward Christian soldiers, to the Bible!

First, I downloaded a text file of the King James version of Revelations.  And I put in a few simple words:  Trump, Wall, and Bottomless (pit), and got seven hits for each.  


Let us see:

So what's the big deal about 7?  Really?

Revelations 5:5 And one of the elders saith unto me, Weep not:
behold, the Lion of the tribe of Juda, the Root of
David, hath prevailed to open the book, and to loose
the seven seals thereof. 

So, there you have, Donald Trump has come to fullfill the Bible prophecy.  Here's the kicker: is it the end of time?  or, just the end of the Christian Faith?

I mean, if there ever was a time to be a Christian and denounce evil... 

More fun reading from Revelations and my interpretation:

(This show the Red Horse.  And as we all know:  Red = Republican Party.)
  And there went out another horse that was red:
and power was given to him that sat thereon to take
peace from the earth, and that they should kill one
another: and there was given unto him a great

And how can we forget the Christian's love of Oil and SUV's

And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts
say, A measure of wheat for a penny, and three
measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt 

not the oil and the wine. 

And finally:

Revelation 3:22 He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit
saith unto the churches.

~~ written and researched by Eso Terry Joe ~~


They're coming to get you Barbara... I mean, Donald.

I keep telling you all the asteroid is coming.  Call me Chicken Little, Call me Noah, but it's going to happen.  It's headed right for Donald Trump because the Universe can not allow this kind of injustice in the world.

NASA asteroid WARNING: 390 FOOT asteroid bigger than Big Ben on ‘Earth Approach’ on SUNDAY

A GIANT asteroid larger than Big Ben’s clock tower and the Statue of Liberty will zip past the planet on Sunday, NASA has warned.


Donald Turnip

When is enough, enough with Donald Trump.  I mean, Jane Fonda disgraces the US military by visiting the enemy — for a peace mission — and you dog her to this day.  Donald Trump insults the military over and over, and you still back him.  YOU SUCK!  I served this country in the military, did my four years, got an honorable discharge and consider myself a proud, LIBERAL, American!  I’ve had enough of you draft-dodgin’, bankrupt filein’, Support-The-Troops Chicken Hawk MOTHER Freakers calling yourself American.  Your are I-Me-Mine dynamite.  

The Ship I Served on While You Were Doing Beer Bongs — not that there is anything wrong with Beer. 
I served this country so you can believe what you want about those of us trying to make this country an all-inclusive country, one that supports the less fortunate, one that recognizes the similarities in us all, not the minor flesh differences, and one that believes the the Bible verses:  “Judge a man by his works, not his Fox News interviews.”  Whatever you believe about politics, government, family values, etc., I will die for you to have the right to believe.  What I won’t die for is your lies and disrpecting this country with the likes of Donald Trump.  When is enough, enough!

In a recent Fox News Interview, Trump questioned why it took retired Adm. William H. McRaven so long to capture Osama Bin Laden.  Here we go again with this draft dodger —he was of age during Vietnam, but of course, didn’t have to go because who would want this guy in their troop?  Not me! Pus, his father had a shit-load of Money!  — What if a Democrat asked “Why didn’t Geogre Bush capture Osama in the 7 years he was looking for him? Fox News would have a field day and say it was another reason why you need to not pay attention to the man behind the curtain turning the nobs on truth — weak Wizard of Oz reference, but you get my drift.

Make America Grab Ass: MAGA
For those of you supporting Donald Trump, you need to stop pretending you want what is best for this country.  You don’t.  You have been brainwashed to believe that hard-working Americans who believe in peace and love are the enemy.  These hard-working Americans like me who are liberal, who have done all the rights things:  served our country, worked without any government handouts — inlcuding bankruptcy!  You are brainwashed in believing we are the problem.  The problem is not us, it is greed and lies.   Who who best represented this?  You know who: Donald Turnup.  

After WWII if you went to Germany you would not find one Hitler follower.  They all said, “Not me, I didn’t support the Satanic Murderer!”  In a few years here in the USA, these Trump supporters will do the same.  You know who you are.  Enjoy your tax break, it’s a temporary fix, it’s your crack cocain.  You’re values are selfseving.  Your days are numbered.  The revolution is near. 

Go Away Haters!

I’m too sexy for my country... too sexy!


Sunday Morning I Ching boys-and-girls.

Let's talk about the I Ching today boys and girls, why?  Because we can. 

The I Ching -- not to be confused with the sound 'Ka-Ching' made by the cash-registers taking in money from bad advise on TV --  owes the authority it has always enjoyed in China to a number of causes.  One, undoubtedly, is the fact that it has become the first among the Chinese classics.  After the Confucian school took up the book in the last period of the Chou era, it became one of the texts whose study was authorized by the government;  and when all the non-Confucian schools were excluded from the imperial academy in 140 B.C., the I Ching shared with the other Confucian classics in the monopoly of established doctrine.  Sound familiar?  It should, the Christian religion would soon follow in step in Europe by becoming the texts replacing the old Pagan faith there as well.  Not that it matters... but it does. 

The religion predating the I Ching, the religion of the Shang dynasty, controlled its believers through fear.  This 'fear' was alien to the early Chou rulers.  The Chou rulers believed in a vegetative life, that is, with agriculture by the people for the people.  Life takes its form from what is given by nature; hence its order is one that can be known, and gods and demons, sinister phantasms that could introduce an irrational element into life, are discredited.  

The situations depicted in the Book of Changes are the primary data of life -- what happens to everybody every day, and what is simple and easy to understand.  Again and again the emphasis is on simplicity and lucidity as the only gateway to this system.  "The good that lies in the easy and the simple," we read, "makes it correspond to the highest kind of existence." {I, 325) And in another place it is said:

     The Creative knows through the easy.
     The Receptive can do things through the simple.

     What is easy, is easy to know; what is simple, is easy to follow. 
     He who is easy to know attains fealty.  He who is easy to 
     follow attains works.  He who possesses attachment can 
     endure for long; he who possesses works can become great.
     To endure is the disposition of the sage; greatness is the field
     of action of the sage.  {I, 307f}

Through this gateway we now enter the true meaning of the I Ching.  Reflection on the simple fundamental facts of our experience.  The I Ching has been formed by the observation of natural events: the course of the sun and the stars, the passing of the clouds, the flow of water, the alternation of day and night, the succession of the seasons.  And of Confucius also, it is told that, standing by a river one day, he exclaimed: "Like this river, everything is flowing on ceaselessly, day and night" (Lun Yu, IX, 16).  The concept was formed especially from the procreativeness of life.  Change is "the begetter of all begetting," {I, 522} is is said, the overflowing abundance of the force which perpetually renews itself and for which there is never standstill nor cessation.  It is in constant change and growth alone that life can be grasped at all.  If it is interrupted, the result is not death, which is really only an aspect of change.  

Did I mention that I Ching stands for the Book of Change. 

And all the angels sing. 


Today is the 666 day of Donald Trump's presidency.

Liberation.  It is a funny word.  For some, it means being true to self, for others, it's simply coming out of self denial, and still others, such as moi, following the truth we wish hadn't been given to us, but has.  The truth I am taking about is the truth that everything that seems up is really down, dark is light, and truth, are  lies.  More specifically, the religion that controls the world today and calls itself conservative, is really the dark Knights of Satan.  Now, let me add here, that I don't believe it their heaven and hell, but do believe they have created one which only they will share in in the next world of suffering.  The suffering they are going to really see is their reincarnation into this fucked up world of haves and have-nots they are creating with walls and condemnation.  For those of us meditating on peace, love, and equality, we will reach Nirvana and in doing so, not be reincarnated into the Hell on Earth they are creating oh so conservatively.  

So, what I am saying, everything they call Prayers are actually Evil Incantations and their being Born Again is actually a Dark Ritual of obeying the dark master.  For the last two-thousand years their faith has done nothing but proven this:  wars, rape, incest, child molestation, etc., all in the name of their One Man God.  And what better proof of this than our current President which their church overwhelmingly approves of.  I've yet to meet one Fundamentalist who thinks President Trump is the egotistic, womanizing, racist, greedy, sociopath liar that he is.  Instead, they say:  God works in mysterious ways.  To which I say:  oh no he doesn't, and if it walks like Satan, talks like Satan, than it is Satan, and if you worship Satan, then you are following darkness and somewhere inside you know this and so keep buying guns to protect yourself from the others like you:  the other good Conservative Fundamentalist Carrying Guns!  And so you go to your Sunday Morning Mass to be around others servants of the dark to deny that you are serving darkness at all!  And, somewhere inside you, if you would just be still and meditate and truly listen to your soul, you would see you are creating this hell on earth lead by Father Donald Trump.  Unfortunately, you have bought into the programing that light is darkness and lies are truth and and so continue to worship your lies for protection and hate those of us trying to make the world a better place for being, well, liberal, Democrats, New Age Tolerant People -- which, by the way, includes Transgenders.  I mean, if you can be a Cowboy because you know that deep down inside yourself you know that this is your real person, than why can't I be a woman!  

Gosh, you make me sick!

But I digress.

Today is the 666 day of Donald Trump's presidency.  He will be flying into Beale Air Force base to visit the California fires which he says are a result of Californian's stupidity.  I guess it is funny, but Beale is also the last name of a contemporary Christian Scholar who makes a living identifying Satan Worshipers.  In one of his articles he reminds us that "The beast epitomizes imperfection, while appearing to achieve divine perfection... believers must beware compromise, not just with an historical individual such as Nero, but with all the facets of the state throughout the course of history, insofar as it colludes with the religious, economic, and social aspects of the idolatrous culture, all of which epitomize fallen humanity."  And who better to fix this "Fallen Humanity" than the MAGA Man. 

Yes, but he's Our Satan.

So, there you have it boys-and-girls.  The same faith that has given us the Global Warming which is causing the fires in California, is now giving us their savior who will be flying in on a plane today to bathe in their madness.  The Gnostics, who were the true followers of Jesus, knew that there is no evil hell and so had to hide their writings when the Evil Church called them Heretics.  Today, the Gnostic Jesus is finally rising.  And in doing so exposing the Conservative Christians Worshiping Trump.  These are the same Christian worshipers who followed Hitler, and the same Christian Worshipers who murder black people without an once of guilt to this very day.  It was their God Given Right, God Damit to murder anyone they wanted. 


It's a dark lie.  

Wake up.  

And so what has Trump tweeted this morning:

 Okay, that's not so bad.

 He's Satan.



Excerpt from “The Hand Book of Idiotcy” written in 1856 by James Abbott, M.A.. 

(Modern pictures added by the staff of

“The popular notion of an Idiot,” says Mr. Charles Dickens, “would probably be found to vary very little, essentially, in different places, however modified by local circumstances.  To the traveler in France of Italy the name recalls a vacant creature all in rags, gibberish and blinking in the sun with distorted face, led about as a possession and a stock-in-trade by some phenomenon of filth and ugliness, in the form of an old woman.  In association with Switzerland, it suggests a horrible being, seated in a chalet door (perhaps possessing sense enough to lead the way to a neighboring waterfall), of stunted and misshapen form, with a pendulous excrescences dangling from his throat like a great skin bag with a weight in it.  In the Highlands of Scotland, or on the roads of Ireland, he becomes a red-haired Celt, rather more unreasonable than usual, plunging ferociously out of a mud cabin, and casting stones at the stranger’s head.  As a remembrance of our own childhood in an English country town, he is a shambling, knock-kneed man, who was never a child, with an eager utterance of discordant sounds, which he seemed to keep in his protruding forehead, a tongue too large for his mouth, and a dreadful pair of hands, that wanted to ramble over everything — our own face included.  

Does this sound familiar?  

Sure it does:

So, making fun of the French because they couldn't defeat the Germans without the US in WWI and WWII in not a noble thing.  But Sir Donald Trump has done this.  He is an idiot.  Here's the tweet Trump gave:

This is even beyond idiot Talk Show host like Hannity and Limbaugh.  I mean, it's like Emmanuel Macron cracking a joke about the US not achieving its mission in Vietnam after they had failed there too.  What Trump doesn't realize is it took all the powers of the world to beat Nazism, not just the USA.


Trump is the Zoolander Manchurian President.

 You would think that Trump would have the sense to hide his giddiness when he sees Putin, but he doesn't. 

Look at the faces of the other leaders in the above photo.  They know the threat of this dictator.   But Trump, he is smiling and Melania is totally checking out the despot's package. 

Have they both been brainwashed?

Is Trump the The Manchurian Candidate? 

Only time will tell, but geeze, something is amidst in that smile.

This isn't the first we've heard about Trump being The Manchurian Candidate. wrote about it before the 2016 election:

 Condon (the Manchurian Candidate author) exposed the cynicism behind right-wing politics for the Cold War Eisenhower years and chillingly his book's narrative applies today. By articulating how “brainwashing” symbolizes the mass process of humiliation and repetition that the American working-class experiences at the hands of cynical right-wing leaders, the book and film anticipate a time when the radical right subverts American democracy.

 Condon’s page-turner features the right-wing mastermind Eleanor Iselin, a red-baiting Republican senator’s wife who works hand in glove with the Kremlin. During the Korean War, Russian and Chinese scientists brainwash a group of American POWs so that they provide Eleanor with an assassin, her son Raymond Shaw, to unwittingly murder his mother’s enemies while in a hypnotic state and eventually turn the White House over to an alliance of right-wingers and communists.

If that isn't enough to convince you how about this: in the movie Zoolander, Will Ferrell plays the Manchurian Brainwashed charter "Jacobim Mugatur," who, in a flashback where he becomes "Little Cletus," demonstrates the brainwashing process. And well, there is no denying the resemblance:


Jesus is still shacked up with Mary in a hotel room and they don't like it.

How about a little Jesus love on this Sunday morning.  Did you know, our Lord and Savior said: "If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you.  If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you."

He did, he did!  He said that in the Gospel of Thomas he did.  

Thank God for the Gnostic Gospels for I totally believe these gospels show the real Jesus.  The church tried to destroy these documents and by doing so, gave us a false Jesus, and of course, this has brought us 2000 years of pain and misery in a church built on lies.  Don't you want to know the truth?  Don't you think Jesus wants you to know the truth?  He does.  

What if Jesus was a regular guy who did the dirty-deed now and then with a woman?   According to the Gospel of Philip, he did: 

"... the companion of the (Savior is) Mary Magdalene.  But Christ loved her more than all the disciples, and used to kiss her often on her mouth.  The rest of the disciples were offended...They said to him, 'Why do you love her more than all of us?'"

 And I guess it is this same stupid question that keeps the Money Changers today asking why things are as bad as they are and instead of meditating on what is within them, they meditate on Abortion Clinics, Lower Taxes, and Bad-Ass Machine Guns...  "caus, Jesus would definitely be a part of that if he were down here now...."

 Sorry for that Jab at the religious Money Changers calling themselves Christian who are running US policy today; yes, the boastful haters of truth who are controlling the world through fear and lies as they always have.  Here's the poop people: it has got to end if we are to go forward into the real Jesus love.  I for one believe there are truths in all spiritual teachings.  I try to blog about these here on where every day is considered a magical day.  There is a change coming, we've seen it in the recent election where the Mean Party lost a lot of seats in Congress.  It can also be seen in the face of the USA.  Just look at the people on the streets, in their cars, the coffee shops, the shopping malls.  They are no-longer all-American, anti Everything, money changers with similar skin tones; no, we are now of every skin color, every religious faith, and every sexual preference -- ooh la la.   This is what scares them the most.   This is why they call you a Liberal,  this is why they call you a Socialist, this is why they call you a Baby Killer, and my fellow Truth Seeker, this is why Jesus isn't listening to them.  This is why he's probably shacked up in a Memphis Hotel room with Mary Magdalene saying, "Look at those fools.  Let's get some bagels for breakfast."  


More Republican Hyprocrisy before the Revolution.

If this doesn’t tell all, I don’t know what does.  In the 2000 election, Former President George Bush won the presidency by a handful of votes in the state of Florida, and when the loser, Al Gore, asked for a recount he was told to shut-the-fuck up.

So what happens when the shoe is on the other foot and the Republican Governor loses by a handful of votes in Florida?

You got it.  Recount.

You know, those bastards really think we are stupid shits.

The revolution is coming.  And it won’t be creepy, mean, or violent.  It will simply be the awakened of this country to the love that once was.

The revolution is coming and the Shot Heard Around the World this time won’t be from a gun.  It will come from a peaceful meditation and they won’t be able to stand it.  Cowboys will lay down their guns and Goth will put down their razorblades to join in and we will all finally sing “Let’s Live Together and Feel Alright” to a Reggae beat. 



Cry Baby Republicans.

Let the Hate Begin!

How I hate talking politics.  Tis the season though.  The Democrats just took control of congress.  Funny, but when the same thing happened back in 1994 -- I was there mother-f8*&k3r, so quite your lying -- the Republicans called it a REVOLTUION and began shoving down our faces tax-cuts, welfare reform, and bankers protection.  I still don't believe it.  After a few years of their Revolution, they actually changed the bankruptcy laws to where if you or me, an average middle class dude or dudet, filed bankruptcy we could no longer claim all of our credit card debt.  No, the bank was entitled to a percentage.  Now, if you were Donald Trump or some other rich bastard, i.e., not a wage earner, you could get it all written off.  Talk about class war.  

After they cut taxes for the wealthy, they shut the government down pretending to want a balance budget, when in fact, that really don't want a government at all unless it is for imprisoning pot smokers, or people-of-color who take the bus to work in their gated communities...  

Then finally, the bastard impeached President Clinton for getting a blowjob.  Not for selling us out to the Russians as Donald Trump is, but for getting a blow job. 

The bastards!

Last night a group a group of anti-fascist protestors surrounded the home of one of the lying bastards at Fox News (Tucker Carlson) in hopes of getting him to move out of their neighborhood.  I say, "fucking A right!"  Make the bastard move to Missouri or another Red State where he belongs.  They know they are keeping power by lying about liberals. It's time they realize we don't want liars giving a free ride.  This is a nation of laws and truth.   You either with us or against us.  If you are against us, move out. 

Yeah, we really don't want to be your neighbor. 

And finally, how about those cry-baby Hollywood actors who are conservative and say they stay quiet about their Trump Loving selves for fear they won't get an acting role.  Join the fucking real world dick heads.  I'm a liberal in Texas trying to make a living.  I go to work and bust my ass with conservatives every day who don't want to hear rants like you just read, and so I keep my left-wing, liberal ranting mouth shut, and don't cry about it.  You should do the same.  Stop being a bunch of finger-pointing cry babies.  We're tired of it.  Join the human race or move out.  

Dr. TV Boogie.  

wah, wah, wah... move to Texas and get a real job.


Giant Turd in the Sky.

So, the giant cigar, which actually looks more like a giant turd, has just visited us and folks say it might be an alien craft. 

Funny, how come I suddenly have this urge to watch South Park?

"It's all shit boys-and-girls, to keep your mind off the fact the rich are winning and the poor are shit!"


And so there is an Election this Tuesday and both sides have spent millions making you believe there is a difference.  Well, there is!  Donald Trump is now sending American troops down to the boarder because thousands of South Americans are headed this way.  He is doing this to make you think there is a problem only he can fix with his wall.  What he doesn't know, is there are some of us here in Texas who believe the wall needs to be built north of Texas to keep assholes like him from buying Waterbugers. 

I'm just saying.

~ Dr Boogie

Union Busters and Aggressive Dog Owner Meets Passive-Aggressive Bird Watcher.

Okay, so it is May 26th, historically speaking not a good day for working people.  In Dearborn Michigan on this day, labor activists Wal...

Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!