November 13, 2018

Trump is the Zoolander Manchurian President.

 You would think that Trump would have the sense to hide his giddiness when he sees Putin, but he doesn't. 

Look at the faces of the other leaders in the above photo.  They know the threat of this dictator.   But Trump, he is smiling and Melania is totally checking out the despot's package. 

Have they both been brainwashed?

Is Trump the The Manchurian Candidate? 

Only time will tell, but geeze, something is amidst in that smile.

This isn't the first we've heard about Trump being The Manchurian Candidate. wrote about it before the 2016 election:

 Condon (the Manchurian Candidate author) exposed the cynicism behind right-wing politics for the Cold War Eisenhower years and chillingly his book's narrative applies today. By articulating how “brainwashing” symbolizes the mass process of humiliation and repetition that the American working-class experiences at the hands of cynical right-wing leaders, the book and film anticipate a time when the radical right subverts American democracy.

 Condon’s page-turner features the right-wing mastermind Eleanor Iselin, a red-baiting Republican senator’s wife who works hand in glove with the Kremlin. During the Korean War, Russian and Chinese scientists brainwash a group of American POWs so that they provide Eleanor with an assassin, her son Raymond Shaw, to unwittingly murder his mother’s enemies while in a hypnotic state and eventually turn the White House over to an alliance of right-wingers and communists.

If that isn't enough to convince you how about this: in the movie Zoolander, Will Ferrell plays the Manchurian Brainwashed charter "Jacobim Mugatur," who, in a flashback where he becomes "Little Cletus," demonstrates the brainwashing process. And well, there is no denying the resemblance:

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Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!