November 17, 2018

Today is the 666 day of Donald Trump's presidency.

Liberation.  It is a funny word.  For some, it means being true to self, for others, it's simply coming out of self denial, and still others, such as moi, following the truth we wish hadn't been given to us, but has.  The truth I am taking about is the truth that everything that seems up is really down, dark is light, and truth, are  lies.  More specifically, the religion that controls the world today and calls itself conservative, is really the dark Knights of Satan.  Now, let me add here, that I don't believe it their heaven and hell, but do believe they have created one which only they will share in in the next world of suffering.  The suffering they are going to really see is their reincarnation into this fucked up world of haves and have-nots they are creating with walls and condemnation.  For those of us meditating on peace, love, and equality, we will reach Nirvana and in doing so, not be reincarnated into the Hell on Earth they are creating oh so conservatively.  

So, what I am saying, everything they call Prayers are actually Evil Incantations and their being Born Again is actually a Dark Ritual of obeying the dark master.  For the last two-thousand years their faith has done nothing but proven this:  wars, rape, incest, child molestation, etc., all in the name of their One Man God.  And what better proof of this than our current President which their church overwhelmingly approves of.  I've yet to meet one Fundamentalist who thinks President Trump is the egotistic, womanizing, racist, greedy, sociopath liar that he is.  Instead, they say:  God works in mysterious ways.  To which I say:  oh no he doesn't, and if it walks like Satan, talks like Satan, than it is Satan, and if you worship Satan, then you are following darkness and somewhere inside you know this and so keep buying guns to protect yourself from the others like you:  the other good Conservative Fundamentalist Carrying Guns!  And so you go to your Sunday Morning Mass to be around others servants of the dark to deny that you are serving darkness at all!  And, somewhere inside you, if you would just be still and meditate and truly listen to your soul, you would see you are creating this hell on earth lead by Father Donald Trump.  Unfortunately, you have bought into the programing that light is darkness and lies are truth and and so continue to worship your lies for protection and hate those of us trying to make the world a better place for being, well, liberal, Democrats, New Age Tolerant People -- which, by the way, includes Transgenders.  I mean, if you can be a Cowboy because you know that deep down inside yourself you know that this is your real person, than why can't I be a woman!  

Gosh, you make me sick!

But I digress.

Today is the 666 day of Donald Trump's presidency.  He will be flying into Beale Air Force base to visit the California fires which he says are a result of Californian's stupidity.  I guess it is funny, but Beale is also the last name of a contemporary Christian Scholar who makes a living identifying Satan Worshipers.  In one of his articles he reminds us that "The beast epitomizes imperfection, while appearing to achieve divine perfection... believers must beware compromise, not just with an historical individual such as Nero, but with all the facets of the state throughout the course of history, insofar as it colludes with the religious, economic, and social aspects of the idolatrous culture, all of which epitomize fallen humanity."  And who better to fix this "Fallen Humanity" than the MAGA Man. 

Yes, but he's Our Satan.

So, there you have it boys-and-girls.  The same faith that has given us the Global Warming which is causing the fires in California, is now giving us their savior who will be flying in on a plane today to bathe in their madness.  The Gnostics, who were the true followers of Jesus, knew that there is no evil hell and so had to hide their writings when the Evil Church called them Heretics.  Today, the Gnostic Jesus is finally rising.  And in doing so exposing the Conservative Christians Worshiping Trump.  These are the same Christian worshipers who followed Hitler, and the same Christian Worshipers who murder black people without an once of guilt to this very day.  It was their God Given Right, God Damit to murder anyone they wanted. 


It's a dark lie.  

Wake up.  

And so what has Trump tweeted this morning:

 Okay, that's not so bad.

 He's Satan.

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