April 1, 2022

An Esoteric Look at the April Fools' Day, That Is.

The Fool
April 1st is here again, happy new cycle!  What joy.  Ode to joy.  One of those rare days we can take our mask off and be ourselves. “Do this in my honor,” said the lord Jesus.  I’ll show you where He said that later, but first, let’s dig deeper into this first day of fools, April 1st. 

We must start with the Tarot, for The Fool card is Zero and represents the start of a new cycle.  The Fool is enthusiastic and impulsive, and any lessons he/she learns in this life will make them grow in the next.  Yes, I am talking about rebirth, or as we like to say in modern times, reincarnation. 

You see, in ancient times, April 1st was the first day of the new year.  It was the natural start of a new cycle.  The time when life was returning to the trees and flowers, and the frozen ice was retreating back into the earth from which it came.  The Anglo-Saxxons called it Eastermonath, for the goddess Eostre, who was the goddess of spring and rebirth.  She was also called “Ostara” and “Eastre” in other tribes.  The name is not important, for most of the written records honoring the pagan gods and goddesses of the past were destroyed by the Abrahmic faiths as they grew into the Knights in Satan's Army that they are today.  Sad, but true.


April is named after the Greek goddess Aphrodite (the Roman Venus). And in ancient, ancient times, after the March equinox, it was customary to hold a week-long celebration to mark the end of winter and the beginning of spring.  Yes, the miracle of reincarnation of life that happens right before our eyes every year.   This, my spirit guides reminds me, is why we feel such joy this time of year as we are reminded of the reality of our own deaths (winters), which will inevitably be followed up by our reincarnations (springs); time, after, time, after, time....  The miracle that no religious story can top, for we see it before our own eyes, each year; that is, for those of us with eyes to see. 

Yes, reincarnation, that thing we all know from within; that thing that can't be learned from a book, or taught through a religious conversion. That thing we all know when we see people we've seen before, for the first time.  That thing that is just there from the beginning of our lives to the end.  The base of all true religious beliefs before the Abrahamic faiths became threatened by it -- for reasons I do not understand --  and had all of the "reincarnation stories" wiped out from history by crushing the Pagans, Cathars, Gnostics, Kabbalist, Sufis, etc....  all of us who would not be converted, and so were put to flames, the sword, or both.  I know, I was one of them.
That threat of reincarnation scared them so much that they changed the first of the year from April 1st to January 1st to try and wipe reincarnation from our memories as they had our other celebrations which were now theirs in the form of religious holidays.  But we knew the truth, and so when April 1st came along we ran into the streets playing tricks on them, and we laughed, and they called us crazy but because their own spirits knew the truth they celebrated too by joining in our tricks, even though they knew not why in their minds, they knew why in their souls.  And those behind the scenes, the Demiurge's Knights in Satan's Army, knew what we were up to.  And so we continue our celebration of the New Year on April 1st each year.  The jester fools to the king who allows us this day for his amusement.  For even the king knows that he too will one day be reincarnated, possibly, into that of a jester.

Yes, it is April Fools' Day today.  Let the cycle begin. 

Oh yeah, and about that Jesus quote I started with: April Fools'!
~~ Eso Terry 

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Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!