A cry for war from a peace nick hippy!

Shirtless Warrior with Gun and Jesus Cross Leads Christians in Satan's Army to War.

After my Buddhist prayers and chants yesterday I had a short conversation with Viola -- my spirit guide -- and she asked the question:  "Where are the Republican warmongers when you need them."  The conversation was a short one and ended up digressing into her final statement which was, "We could use a George Bush in office now."  To which I said, "Oh you hush your mouth!"

Democrats hide in a closet hoping the Russian slaughter of innocent people will go away quickly.

We were discussing the war in Ukraine from the Shirtless Warrior's (Russia's) invasion which has caused so much death and destruction, along with the displacement of millions.   It is a sad sad situation that is only getting sadder.  And what really sucks is that the Super Hero nation who came to the rescue of countries like Brittan, Austria, and South Korea in the past, now hides in a closet praying it will go away quickly.  That's right, the once strong USA is now a bitch-slapped country too chickenshit to stand up to the Shirtless Warrior and his Trump Supporters in the USA because the USA doesn't want a confrontation with the Shirtless Warrior because he has nuclear weapons.  Fuck his nuclear weapons!  That's the reason we need to bitch slap him and the horse he road in on!  Today!

"Fuck Shirtless Warrior, his Trumpers Supporters, and Horse they road in on!"

Finally, a sign of good news in the USA.  Forty Republican Senators have broken ranks with Donald Trump and Fox News' Tucker Carlson and requested we send an aircraft to the aide of the Ukrainian people.  And this peace nick, hippy loving, pot smoking freak says, fuck yeah!  Sign my old ass up, I'll fight the mother fucker with one hand behind my back.  For, this is not a war of choice, this is a war for the survivor of freedom and decency.  All that shit our government lied us into a wars in the past in Vietnam and Iraq is now really needed.  Thank the universe that 40 republicans have stepped up and requested the USA get off its scared ass and do something.  And to show my support for these 40 reptilians, I mean, Republicans,  I have started a new label in my post called "Good Republicans."  I sure hope there is more to post.

Let's go.   Sign the goddamn document President Biden or resign.  And I voted for you. 

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