January 29, 2022

More on the Escaping Monkeys


January 29th, and I have a followup for you on the Escaped Lab Monkeys from last week.  Seems a Pennsylvania woman is now being treated for rabies from one of the escaping monkeys.  She had stopped to help the crash victems and looked in one of the crates and was hissed at by a scared monkey.  A few hours later she developed a cold and then pink eye. 


In this report the writer explains how the monkeys cages were filled with piss and shit.   And so I ask the question again: "Our We People or Monsters?"  

Yes, we are Monsters, and this is the Planet of the Monsters (Humans).  We experiment on monkeys who are scared shitless in a world they don't understand.  What really sucks is the monkey could have been you or me in another life.   There are those that believe we could have been lower lifeforms, but because of a good deed, like maybe we went against our instinct to eat a human we saw crying for dinner, and so we reincarnated into a higher life.  Now, here's the kicker, if this is true, by doing nothing about animal cruelty you might be reincarnated into a lower life.  If so, pray to the stars you aren't on this planet.  Planet of the Monsters!  



~~ Dr TV Boogie

Coming Soon: Stormy Daniels Is The New Esoteric Porn Star!  Go Stormy Go! -- With your clothes on, please. 


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Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!