December 1, 2021

Kids With Guns Are Baby Killers and Gun Manufactures are Abortion Clinics


 Another senseless killing by a kid at a high school.  Funny, but the word “senseless" means different things when it comes to children with guns:  

Definition 1:  a 15 year old high school kid having access to a 9mm killing handgun is senseless because we should have laws banning the mass-production of such weapons to keep them out of the hands of children.

Definition 2: it is senseless to have gun laws, prayers afterwards will solve the problem. Jesus will protect our children if we are all Christians.

Here's a wake up call everyone:  90% of the schools in the USA are Christian, so converting a few Buddhists like me, or Muslims like many of my readers — okay, one reader that I know of (hi Fadé) — are part of the problem because it allows people to think they are doing something caring about the senseless murders when in fact they are doing nothing more than easing their greedy, conservative, acid-head minds.

Funny that we are talking about this on the eve of a major abortion case being in front of the Supreme Court at this very moment, which begs the question: what if the Anti-Abortion Activist who care so much abort the life of a child in the fetus state, actually started caring about the fetus when it went to high school.

I am not making light of the situation.  I will pray and chant for healing, but also, I will take action holding  the gun manufactures and idiot parents who don't lock up their guns from their children accountable by voting against the NRA politicians every time, no matter if they support legalizing marijuana or not.

Finally, seems to be that the true baby killers are kids with guns, the true abortion clinics are the gun manufactures.  

Okay, that it for today but have a look at my solution to this problem last time I wrote about senseless gun violence and wrote that the solution is returning to the Wild West and making people leave their guns out of Dodge City any way we can: the Wild West days!

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 I'm taking a war break: Remember, which ever side you're on, sides suck.  ~~ Eso Terry 

Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!