April 15, 2021

Another Dream Interpretation of a foursome.


 Howdy everyone, sorry I haven't posted in lately, but I've been working on a dream video that I'll post soon.  I really am getting this dream stuff down, finally, after 60 years of dreams that I've had which would happen years later.  You see, I come from a long-line of backwoods midwifes, animal doctors, and fortune tellers.  Yep, good old-fashion American Hillbilly Gypsies -- yes, it is a thing (thang for my Texas readers).  What pleases me most is that I still have many premonition dreams which mean I still have years left on this earth, unless that is, the dreams are for my next life... be still my Buddhist heart.  Nonetheless, last night's dream was a weird one: a guy I worked with on a few films until I found out  he was a White Supremacist and so stopped working with him, was in last night's dream.  It took place at work where we were having a foursome with another man and a woman I loved.  The other man was a mystery.  That's right, that faceless person in dreams.  

The White Supremacist guy was doing it to my woman while I was kissing her.  Yes, I was getting off but hated myself while doing so.  The other guy was standing in a corner.  I heard someone coming and so ran and left the others behind.  The person who came was the HR leader.  That's right, the nemesis of my work life: the Human Resources person who was very cheerful even when telling you to hit the road, "You're fired!"  "Oh, and please leave me a good review on the company Webpage." 

Yes, the dream got weird and so I tried to run away from it.  I went to another office where the White Supremacist guy was in a meeting with other business people and he joyfully winked at me.  I ran to another office where I found a desk to hide under.  Yep, a safe place that I try to find in all my dreams.  

Okay, the analysis.  The "safe place" is from my early childhood when my Step Father beat my mother while I hid in the closet with my best friend the Hoover vacuum cleaner -- which looked like R2B2 in the Star Wars movies.   The weird sex stuff is just because I haven't had any since the Republican Party was still respectable and not the party of dissenting Neo Nazis on steroids -- pow, right between the eyes, someone had to say it.  And finally, the faceless man... well... me.  Yes, the faceless person in dreams is always that part of us we don't want to own up to.  In my case, that deviant self that is hidden which might share in a perverted sexual thing with three guys and his girlfriend, but fortunately never have because I escape the act before it happened.  

My childhood safe place was in the closet with the family Hoover. 


Okay, so that's today's dream interpretation.  

If you want me to analysis your dream, please respond.  The first one is free. 

~~ Dr TV Boogie, Dream Analysis. 

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Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!