Letter to MSNBC.

Yeah, I’ve never written and I’m not a young Bernie supporter who seems to be on your shitlist from Morning Joe to Chris Matthews.  I’ve been a regular watcher.  On my Direct TV you were the only news I use to watch.  Occasionally CNN and Free Speech TV.  

Well, watching your Democratic coverage from Nicole Wallace and everyone else has really made me sick.  I’m a 60 year old, Democrat, living in Dallas Texas, and can’t believe your team keeps considering Bernie a joke!   Who do they think they are?  The people are speaking.  

I thought you should know this.  I am certain your numbers will be going down soon.  I have now put you up there with Fox News, which I avoid like cooking shows and God TV. 

I’m also a blogger at and have a YouTube channel which I will be exposing your Republican Light, Corporate Establishment slant on.  I’ve already told my readers and viewers to go back to CNN and Free Speech TV.  

I am not an “militant  Bernie” follower or whatever else you want to call them.  I am a moderate who sees Donald Trump has given us a window to elect our first real liberal president since JFK.  This is the story.  To suggest other is the “militant” in this mix.

Next year, when we elect Bernie I might watch MSNBC again to see what Rachel has to say, to see if she cries over Bernie’s win as she did The Donald’s.  I bet she will, hopefully, they will be tears of joy.  

What are you guys thinking?   

Best Wishing winning over the Fox News viewers, you’ve lost the main-stream Democrat. 

Dr TV Boogie

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