February 23, 2020

The Truth behind Bernie Sanders: They Are All IN ON IT: EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE BASTARDS.

The Truth behind Bernie Sanders:  They Are All IN ON IT: EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE BASTARDS.

That’s right folks:  Bernie Sanders is about to win the Democrat Candidate Nomination and the powers that be are freaking.  For years, since JFK to be exact, they have given us one party:  The Corporate Greed Party.  It was divided into two branches, the Republicans and the Democrats.  The Democrats were the Moderate Republican Party or “Republican Light” as I like to call them, and the Republicans the Far Right or “Fascist” as I like to call them. This is how they kept us fooled, and keep us down.  And now that Bernie Sanders has come along and given us a real liberal, they are freaking.

Just look at what the Democrats are scrambling to do, they have put Michael Bloomberg, a former Republican and wealthy trillionaire,  who supported a Stop-and-Frisk program in New York which saw a lot of our brothers and sisters being hassled for no other reason than being born a beautiful person of color.  This trillionaire is a member of the 1% who has given us this two-party conservative system which keeps real liberals like Bernie Sanders out of the mix... usually.

If you have been watching MSNBC, the supposedly “liberal” voice of the news, you see their true colors when the commentator Chris Matthews, a former Republican Light speech writer for our last real Christian President, Democrat Jimmy Carter, call Bernie Sanders “the child of Satan (I paraphrase, he worded it differently)”.   Yesterday, Honorable Chris Matthews even likened Bernie’s victory in Nevada to when Nazis Germany invaded France.  WTF!   

Yes, the corporate media is freaking, and the wealthy 1% is doing everything it can to derail Bernie again as they did four years ago when Bernie ran against Madame Republican Light herself: Hilary Clinton.  If you remember Bernie won the majority vote back then but the Democrats used a thing called “Super Delegates” to give her the nomination.   Of course, this gave us the mess we have now with Donald Trump, who was as shocked as the rest of us when he won and is only doing what he has done his own life to survive in the world of greed he is in:  lie, cheat, and brag.  

It is only beginning too, yesterday on MSNBC, they spent time wondering why Tom Steyer wasn’t winning.  Tom F*(king Steyer; another 1% who made his fortune in Hedge Funds.  And who knows what a Hedge Fund is?  No one, it’s just another way to make money on money at the expense of the middle class.   

So, their story line is that Bernie can’t win.  Truth is, they are afraid he can.  

Vote Bernie:  end the madness, oh, and watch Free Speech TV for your news, not MSNBC.  

Happy Days Are Here Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!