February 26, 2020

Feb 26th, a bad day: historically speaking.

A combination of photos shows the crowds attending the inauguration ceremonies of Donald Trump, left, and Barack Obama. These pictures were taken by Reuters, and were not the edited NPS images. Photograph: Staff/Reuters

So in current news things are bad.  Seems Donald Trump might finally have been revealed as the inept leader of the free world that he is.  Up to now he has lied about everything from the size of the inauguration crowd on his first day in office to the U.S. economy today is the best in history. Of course the Corporate Sponsored News -- including MSNBC ya'll -- doesn't mention it, instead they give you an opinion on the size of Donald Trump's hands.

However, Trumps most current lie doesn't seem to be as easy for the Corporate Press to perpetuate due to the fact the world is dying and the stock market is crashing.   There is a disease sweeping the world called The Corona Virus and Trump and his inept government appointees have done nothing.  Which is okay if you follow the true Republican Spirit.  And if you have any balls stand up and say, "Less Government Means Let The Poor Bastards Die, at least until it becomes a threat to the top 1%, until then, go f*&k yourself."  Unfortunately, the spineless Republicans today won't tell you the truth and so Trump lied the other day by saying, “We’re very close to a vaccine.”  When in fact, it is probably the first time he's thought of problem -- the guy tweets daily and has never once mentioned the Corona virus: obviously it's not on his list of things to do, or should I say, crooks to pardon. 

On a brighter note, expect more bad news today —  historically speaking that is:

On this day in:

1577 -- Eric XIV, the insane and deposed king of Sweden, ate his last meal in prison -- a bowl of poisoned pea soup.

1616 -- Galileo is told to stop teaching "truth" by the Roman Christian Church.  

1815 -- Napoleon Bonaparte escaped from exile to wreak 100 more days of havoc -- until his final defeat at Waterloo.

1860 -- 100 members of the peaceful Native American tribe of Wiyot are slaughtered as they slept by white settlers.

1918 -- 600 people are killed when stands collapse and catch fire at a Hong Kong horse track.

1936 -- a Japanese revolt led by 1,400 army persons attacks the prime minister's residence and other government and military buildings killing many of their leaders.

1965 -- President Lyndon Johnson approved US ground troops in Vietnam.

1987 — The Iran-Contra Tower Commission report proves President Ronald Reagan was involved in the scandal to sell arms to Iran for the release of American hostages “after his election.”  Yes, Reagan worked with Iran to help him get elected — now you know where Donald Trump got the idea. 

1993 — An al Qaeda-planted truck bomb was detonated in the parking garage of the North Tower of the World Trade Center.  Six people were killed.

1995 — Barings, Britain’s oldest bank and the place where Queen Elizabeth II kept her money, collapsed.  

2020 — Donald Trump open’s his mouth:

Closed For Business Until Further Notice Due To Wars

 I'm taking a war break: Remember, which ever side you're on, sides suck.  ~~ Eso Terry 

Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!