Mars is Earth in a few years under Greedy Capitalism... there, I said it.

I've tried to tell you over and over that there are no accidents, the world is where it is because of the war between good and evil.  And, of course, evil wins.  And so if all your Christians leaders are supporting war, well, they are evil.  

Case in point:  climate change is happening right before our eyes and what are our greedy leaders doing?  Are they saying, "Oh shit, we were wrong, it's happening!  I need to do something about it!"  No, they are doing what they have done over and over and over dating back to our existence on Mars.  That's right, back when they climate-changed that planet for profit too.  

In a recent article in Syfy, scientist Gibert Levin says there was life on Mars and he saw the evidence when we sent a prob there forty-years ago.  Wait, did you say... FORTY!  

Yes, I said, FORTY, like in bible... Forty Days and Forty Nights... Forty years in the wilderness...  and, God destroyed every living thing on the earth with rain for forty days....

Forty years ago the first LR (Land Robber... I mean, Land Rover)  beamed back its results from Mars, they were surprisingly positive (something most people have either forgotten or just have no idea about). The further the Viking team got into the experiment, the more positive results they received from the two spacecraft that were situated 4,000 miles apart. There were four positives in all that were supported by five different control variables.  I.E:  we knew immediate there had been life on Mars!

So what happened to Mars?


I was there in a previous life. We all were.  I talked to a woman the other day at my Buddhist bookstore at the Soka Gakkai center where I practice; she was helping me find the right Buddhist Altar for my home and as we were talking she said, "I believe we've chanting together in the past, I don't know where, I don't know when...." 

That has stuck with me every since.   I now believe one of our chanting incarnations was on Mars, where we chanted for the same things we are chanting for today:  peace on earth, disabling nuclear bombs, and  protecting the environment.   All of which seems to be a losing battle, again.  But if everyone reading this post today, will pause for minute and say:  I'll protect the environment to avoid another Mars, it is a start.  

In yesterday's news, I read the most disturbing headline of my lifetime so far:

Melting Ice Redraws the World Map and Starts a Power Struggle

This article stated "factually" how icebergs are melting and Rick Perry, the US Energy Secretary -- with good hair I might add -- is making sure the US is getting its share of the new resources.  

Really!  That's it.  Nothing about changing our greedy ways to protect the planet, but business as usual talk.  

That's right, these greedy bastards are seeing dollar signs and so instead of doing the right thing by protecting the planet are lining their pockets with more more climate change money!

Are they nuts?  Do they really think they will survive?  Maybe the spaceship they are creating so they can escape while we all suffocate -- as I have reported in a previous post: read here -- is why they are doing this.  I don't know.  Fact is, the planet is dying because of climate change and they don't seem to want to do anything about it except make more profits!

What's wrong with us!

~~ Dr. TV Boogie

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