Trump Madness is a shit hole.

So with all this Trump Crazy coming out, I want to send you back to my post from a year ago when I wrote about Trump calling undocumented people from other countries as people coming from "shit-hole countries."   I warned you then it would get bad, and it is.  The guy is having a breakdown and the media is loving it. 

Although he is backtracking now, well, strike that: he is outwardly lying to us again about something he said, the facts are in and Donald Trump did say,

 “Why are we having all these people from shit-hole countries come here?” 

He said it and even the Republicans who were there are admitting it.  Sir Donald ?Trump was talking about Haiti, El Salvador, and the African countries.

The press seems to be surprised by this,  and I'm thinking, this is the same guy who called  John McCain, a US war hero, an idiot for having been captured as a POW in the Vietnam War; then Trump was quoted as saying he rapes woman at will because of his position in life; and finally, made fun of a reporter with a physical handicap.

Calling Haiti a "Shit Hole" is nothing.   We're just getting started.   Wait till his mental sickness really becomes noticeable.   Then it won't be so funny, will it!



Apparently way back on May 9th, 1958, a television series titled Trackdown ran an episode with a crook named "Trump" who wanted to build a wall in a western town to save the city.  No shit.  On this CBS news clip the talking heads are skeptical; they think it might be a digital fake.  To me, them thinking the similarities from a 1958 creative project and Donald Trump's stupid wall is weird, is weird.  Why are they shocked?  Weird coincidences like this happens all the time with the creative process.  For instance, on 9-11-01, the film Donnie Darko was set to be released but pulled after terrorist flew jets into the World Trade Towers in New York.  The film Donnie Darko begins with an aircraft engine crashing through the ceiling of Donnie's bedroom with no explanation ever given. 

In a creative writing class I once took the professor talked about The Ether and Collective Consciousness -- don't worry, she didn't talk that nonsense to the other paying students, only to me in a private conversation I cornered her into -- she told me that creative thoughts do float through the world and if we don't use them someone else will.  "No Shit," I said -- which I thought might be the  reason I got a C+ in that class, not my bad-ass gramma'.  

This has happened so often with fiction it shouldn't be a shock to anyone: 

*In his 1994 book "Debt of Honor," Tom Clancy describes a 9-11 type of incident pretty accurately. 

*In Edgar Allen Poe's (be still my beating heart) story 
The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym, sir Poe writes about a shipwreck where they are left without food and so draw straws to have one person sacrifice his body for dinner.  Sure as shit, twenty years later this really happens and in court hearings we find out that the cabin boys name Richard Parker, just as in Poe's story.  

* In 1898, Morgan Robertson's novella Futility describes an "unsinkable" ship called the Titan, which hits an iceberg, sinks, and doesn't have enough life preservers for everyone.  Of course, in 1912 this really happens with the Titanic. 

I could go on, but won't since my creative writing teacher told me that day -- just before calling security to escort me out of the building -- things should always be presented in 3's.   

I will add, however, in closing what I believe this all means:  The Gods Are Watching And Laughing Their Fucking Heads Off!

Here's that complete program written about a con man named Trump who wants to build a wall in 1958.

~~ Dr TV Boogie


Today's Failures Began With Ronald Reagan. Period!

The world is a mess, no doubt about it.  Why?  It's obvious, our government capitalistic government is failing. 

FDR, Franklin D Roosevelt, the president Republicans called a threat to our capitalist government actually sustained it until today, but the greedy/wealthy tax-cuts, corporation rights over people rights, and deregulation has again put our country at risk,

The Great Depression during FDR's time saw a liberal cry from the Left which put Communism, Socialism, and outright Anarchy on the table.   People were hungry, out of work, and out of hope.  The capitalistic society had failed to create enough jobs for everyone.  FDR saw this and instead of letting the capitalistic system work as it is designed to -- that is, let the weak die in the streets and the strong grow richer, i.e., profits over weakness -- FDR put a band-aid the size of Denver on it, by having the government create the jobs capitalism couldn't, and creating a safety net for the working-person who had no chance of making it without a little help.

History shows that this "band-aid" helped tremendously with creating the middle-class of the 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's; but then, came the ending we are up against today which started in the 80's.  That's when the slash-and-cut Republican politics of today came into being with president Ronald Reagan.  He cut taxes for the rich and cut social programs for the poor.  The one that most amazed me at the time was unemployment for veterans.  That's right, the Vets.  When I got out of the Navy in 1980, I was allowed to draw unemployment until I found a job.   I think I got one check before I got a job and I'm certain it helped. Those behind me weren't so fortunate:  Reagan  said something like, "The serviceman has quit his job and so does not deserve unemployment."   This is only one small example of where his meanness began, but a big one.  Of course, Reagan went on to salute the flag and say he supported the veterans, but he obviously didn't.  Reagan also cut funding to state hospitals and after that I saw for the first time, a homeless person on the side of the road asking for money in Dallas.  No shit.  It was a big deal.  People were outraged.  The police began arresting them and for awhile, but after a few years we all accepted it. 

The thought at the time was: This was America God Damn-it!  There's no homeless in America!

There is now.

Am I the only one who gets the irony here?  Make America More Bankrupt again?

The Policies of Ronald Reagan that we take for granted today:  big debt and tax cuts for the wealthy, was a new thing in the 80's.  They said it would "trickle down" and create wealth for all and the US debt would go down from it.  I was a young lad of 24 at the time and decided I would give it a chance and see what happened.  I mean, if it fails we can always go back to the way it was before, can't we?

What I didn't realize is that not only would that debt never go away, by the end of Reagan's president we would have a financial crises that made everything worse.  That was the first financial crises in my lifetime and it was called the S&L crisis.  Before Reagan there was a thing called a Savings and Loan -- watch that great old Jimmy Steward film "It's A Wonderful Life."   Jimmy Steward ran a Savings and Loan and the greedy town banker couldn't wait to take it over to own everything and have people living in his slums.  Reagan's deregulation of the S&L industry allowed them to fail.  By accident?  Today I wonder.  Seems they might have been targeted by the big banks.   Regardless, deregulation caused it, and we all new it.

Jimmy Steward standing up to greedy banker?  Not in today's America! 

Another thing happened around the time of Reagan.  It was the deregulation of the media.  It allowed big business to buy up all the newspapers and television stations.  Maybe this is why Reagan was never held accountable for this mess he created, his wealthy tax cuts for the top 1% and no accountability for the corporations. 

 Do I hold Ronald Reagan responsible?  Not really.  I mean, I'm sure if he was alive today he would say something like, "Look, we tried, it was wrong.  Let's move on and get it right."  I say this because when the rubber-hit-the-road and the Slash-and-Cut-Nuts wanted to privatize social security,  Reagan said "No."   That's right, the things they wanted him to do would have to fall to another:  Bill Clinton, the new American Left: Republican Light. 

So there you have it boys-and-girls.  No political spin.  No name calling.  No catchy phrases.  Just what I saw first hand.  Don't let them tell you differently:  I was there.

~~ Dr TV Boogie


Jan 11th and pineapples

On this day in 1964 or our lord, The US administration officially links smoking tobacco with ill health.   Boy was big-tobacco pissed too.   The findings actually came out of the Kennedy administration but was enacted under LBJ.

Funny to think, but during the Fist and Second World Wars cigarettes had actually been given to service men and woman as they were seen as an essential supply.  At that time in history 80 percent of adults smoked in most countries, and tobacco was viewed as a mild form of medication -- a pick-me-up and stress reliever for the common person.  Somehow, the enormous number of deaths due to smoking-related diseases, such as emphysema and lung cancer, were either overlooked or simply not connected with smoking.  Besides, the world had other things to worry about; not least the tens of millions lost in warfare.

So, I asked the question: What are we overlooking today or not connecting as we did then?...  Hmmm, could it be: GLOBAL WARMING.  I'm just saying....


The 11th card of the Major Arcana is Justice, a serene seated woman holding the scales in one hand and a sword in the other.  She reminds us of the order of the universe and that balance and harmony will be maintained in our lives as long as we continue on our path.  the positive aspects of this card are integrity, fairness, honesty and discipline; the negative aspects are low initiative, impersonality, fear of innovation and grievances.


On this day in 1813, Pineapples are planted in Hawaii for the first time.

On this day in 1935, Amelia Earhart backed pineapples aboard her plain and departed Wheeler Field in Honolulu on the first solo flight from Hawaii to North America.

On this day in 1915,  Hint Inc, maker of all-natural unsweetened essence water, rings in a healthy start to the New Year with the launch of their new flavor profile, Pineapple.

Honolulu Sheriff Duke Kahanamoku shares a pineapple with Amelia Earhart, January 2, 1935 at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel.

On this day in 2017,  California which has long been suffering through a strong, multi-year drought, is finally beginning to see some much needed relief as a result of a recent series of storms that are part of a weather pattern known as the “Pineapple Express.”


George Templeton Strong

 And finally, in honor of another glorious day, I've added the journal entry of George Templeton Strong from this day way back in the year 1860 who recorded events of the day from an upper-class New Yorker uneasy with democracy. 

 "News today of a fearful tragedy at Lawrence, Massachusetts, one of the wholesale murders commonly known in newspaper literature as accident or catastrophe.  A huge factory, long notoriously insecure and ill-built, requiring to be patched and bandaged up with iron plates and braces to stand the introduction of its machinery, suddenly collapsed into a heap of ruins yesterday afternoon without the smallest provocation.  Some five or six hundred operatives went down with it -- young girls and woman mostly....Of course nobody will be hanged.  Somebody has murdered about two hundred people, many of them with hideous torture, in order to save money, but society has no avenging gibbet for the respectable millionaire and homicide.  Of course not.  He did not want to or mean to do the massacre; on the whole, he would have preferred to let these people live....He did not compel these poor girls and children to enter his accursed man-trap....It was a matter of contract between capital and labor; they were to receive cash payments for their services.  No doubt the legal representatives of those who have perished will be duly paid the fractional part of their week's wages up to the date when they became incapacitated by crushing or combustion, as the case may be, from rendering futher service.  Very probably the wealthy and liberal proprietor will add (in deserving cases) a gratuity to defray funeral charges.  It becomes us to prate about the horrors of slavery! What Southern capitalist trifles with the lives of his operatives as do our philanthropes of the North?"

                                                                                   -- George Templeton Strong (1860)


The Religion of Vladimir: Why Christians are Learning Russian.

Ever wonder why the Conservatives Christians who once accused liberals of being communist and so told them to learn "Russian," are themselves, now learning Russian?

Vladimir Putin is creating a Christian State in Russia.  This is no secret, from the beginning Putin has been Antisemitic.  This is why Christians are okay with Donald Trump, the most non-Christian president ever.

A Freedom from the Church of England began this country, Obedience to the Church of Russia  will end it.


Free at last. Free at last.

Last night I wrestled with a demon.  I woke up unable to open my eyes.  I felt my arms being held down.  My voice weakened.  I tried to scream, at no avail.  I wiggled until I felt a slight release from my demon, an advantage point where I could raise my arm but it held them down light weights.  I pushed, knowing somewhere deep down in my soul that he/she wasn't able to overtake me.  For they never are or there would be no struggle. 

At the moment my arms were free and the weight was lifted I opened my eyes to see a cloud of smoke passing over my head. 

I had won. 

This morning, in the news, I read that Donald Trump blamed the government shutdown on the Democrats.  I know this is not true anymore than Democrats are running for the people.  They all want power.  I want freedom. 

This morning I have freedom: we all do if we want it.  The demon is gone.  Let's see what he/she left.

~~ Eso Terry Joe. 

On this day (January 9th) in 1493, Christopher Columbus wrote in his cruise log that he saw three Mermaids, but they weren't as beautiful as he had hoped (lucky for them).  The general thought is that these were actually manatees.  Let's see:

It's interesting that on a previous voyage in 1492, the same year Columbus is credited with discovering woman-in-thongs on Miami beach (paraphrased), he and his crew saw what might be the first recorded sighting of a U.F.O.  In his ships log Columbus describes the UFO as a "flying candle." 

While we are on the subject of Christopher Columbus, did you know that he never actually made it to what is now the USA?  The closes he ever got was Cuba.  

When Columbus first went to the Bahamas, he wrecked his boat and the "natives" repaired it for him.  Here is what the evil bastard had to say about the friendly islanders

"They are evil and I believe they are from the island of Caribe, and that they eat men."

Even more disturbing is what Mr. Columbus had to say about the island woman he RAPED!

 “ While I was in the boat I captured a very beautiful Carib woman, whom the said Lord Admiral gave to me, and with whom, having taken her into my cabin, she being naked according to their custom, I conceived desire to take pleasure. I wanted to put my desire into execution but she did not want it and treated me with her finger nails in such a manner that I wished I had never begun, ” de Cuneo wrote . “But seeing that, (to tell you the end of it all), I took a rope and thrashed her well, for which she raised such unheard of screams that you would not have believed your ears. Finally we came to an agreement in such manner that I can tell you that she seemed to have been brought up in a school of harlots. ’’

GOSH, what a bunch of pigs.  But wait, they were sailors, oh, and Christians.  No wonder.

(Columbus quotes from the book "Myths and Atrocities of Christopher Columbus)


Dream Number 19: the future!

 I had a vision of the future last night and it is so different than today.  Driving a car in the city-limits will be like riding a horse is today, it won't be allowed in the streets.  Car's will be driverless, I guess the better word is autonomous but then, what's the difference?  City's will be crowded, but better planned with autonomous cars below ground and bikes and electric mopeds above.  Restaurants will be empty rooms with touch screens to select the food you want.  You won't have to use your credit card for your face will be recognized on entrance, your account debited.  

Walking around in the new land, I saw that the people were seldom with like races, sexes, or ages, and most shared the same looking clothes and hair-styles.  There was little difference between them, the guys all shared flattops and the woman all shared bod-cuts.  They were in no hurry, but then, seemed to be going somewhere.  

All the buildings were what we once called mixed-spaced lofts with storefronts on the lowest level and family dwellings above.  A few had restaurants on the highest level.  Signs were all interactive.  That is to say, if you found yourself on an empty street with one of the large, commercial signs and kept you face turned to not make eye-contact, you could see it was in some kind of energy-save mode; however, at that movement it first recognized your eyes, it immediately began your personal message.  The few I found on empty streets gave me personal messages like:  "What To Feel A Real Book In Your Hands?  Go To Martha's Books on Cedar Springs and Oak Lawn, We Still Have Paper." When in a group or on a busy street, the advertisements were like old-fashion 30 second commercials. All friendly and oddly enough, mostly Asian.  

I wondered why and so went to Marth'a Book, my personal advertisement that I had seen when alone.  "What a great advertisement," I thought to myself, "they got me."  

Meantime, in the central processing unit for my city, a number appeared on a paperless report that displayed to an alert agent: Ka-Ching!  Bingo!  Account Credited. 

I had been reduced to a click
                                               Part Two

Martha's Books was not what I would call a bookstore by today's standards, oh, it had the spongy-eyed, not-conformist people scattered about, but it had no books to touch, only more illuminated screens which today we call Smart.  I approached one and as soon as it recognized my eyes, and pleasant Asian woman of about 46 game into view, with a precise Eastern accent and said, "Hello, I see you are new to the grid, how may I help you?"

"Hi, I guest it shows.  I'm actually in a dream, I think, still, I plan on blogging about this when I wake.  I really would like to know when this happened to the world?  I mean, we all saw it coming, it's just, wonder if it happened overnight?  And when did Chinese become the top language of instructions and English the second?  Not that it matters, but, I really thought English would stay on top?"

"Would you like a written or spoken response?  I've done the research.  I see you don't have the funds to pay for a Paper response." 

"So you could print me a paper response to read, really?"

"Yes, that would be 6850.03 Yuan.  The kiosk version is always free.  Knowledge is golden."  

"Okay, tell it to me then."

"In the year 2019 the US shut-down it's government, which moved all investment to China.  The USA only had it's good name to go on and once your President Donald Trump destroyed faith in your dollar, then there was a massive selloff of your treasury notes.  China secretly agreed to not selloff all of it's shares to keep you in business.  AI (Artificial Intelligence) was the wave of the future and for some reason your government at the time was more concerned with trivial politics than taking advantage of the only resource that matters today:  information.  According to a recent Harvard Study, it was the same thing that happened to your auto-industry in the seventies when the Japanese took over the market.   History has shown over and over that a conservative government only gives us moral laws and wars; neither of which are good for a society.  While you were trying to outlaw abortion and hang titles on progressive thinkers, WE TOOK OVER... go back to sleep: it's just a dream.



100 year depression

So, in 1819 an Act of Parliament restoring the gold standard in England brought about the 1819 world depression.  Of course, there was the 1920's depression a hundred years later.  And here we are again, boys-and-girls, 2019 and our economy is on the verge of another meltdown.

In a few months, Donald Trump's 5 billion dollar wall won't matter if he doesn't get his head out of his ass and look listen to those who know this.

On a brighter note, it really doesn't matter, for as we all know, it is all a dream.


Here is a bizarre post from yesterday's press. A 20-year-old man, who had wanted nothing more from life than to serve in the United States Marines was killed in a barracks shooting in Washington D.C. 

His name was Lance Cpl. Riley Kuznia, and the death was from a single shot and they don't think murder, but are investigating it. 

A couple things here to ponder, one, the guy was probably a victim of programming, as we all are.  Having been born in 1999 his first years were during the Bush War Years.  The programing he received from that times was probably the reason he wanted nothing more than to be a Marine.  I served in the Navy at the same age with Marines.  No one wanted to be a Marine back then, it was something we grew into from necessity. i.e., jobs, college, or family -- I come from a long-line of blue-collar madness where we all did time in the forces because that's what you did. My ambitions were much, much more however:  I wanted to get some.  

That's right, I'll admit it, my mind was on woman, everything else was secondary.  That was my devil; hence, why I am writing you this blog, alone in my small apartment on the East Side of Dallas.    I finally got in touch with the Buddha on me and released that attachment.  And, sorry to be sexist here, but we are all victims of our environments, and so I say without prejudice:  I no longer chase skirts.  

God bless you Cpl. Kuznia. And to everyone else:  be careful what yo' wish for. 

Dr. TV Boogie


God help us all!

So here we are, moving so fast through time it's only a matter of time before it all ends.  You know, when a runaway train is coasting downhill without breaks, it keeps picking up speed until the end, and there is no doubt to this modern day follower of the Dharma, that things are about to go "bang."  Any day now. 

After passing Pluto and realizing that there is a giant Heart carved in the planets belly, the New Horizons spacecraft now sends us images of the farthest image we have seen in our solar system, and what does it look like?   The papers are saying a snowman, my first instincts, however, The Little Buddha!

The first color image of Ultima Thule, taken at a distance of 85,000 miles (137,000 kilometers) at 0408 GMT on Jan. 1, 2019 (11:08 p.m. EST on Dec. 31), highlights its reddish surface. At left is an enhanced color image taken by the Multispectral Visible Imaging Camera (MVIC), produced by combining the near infrared, red and blue channels. The center image taken by the Long-Range Reconnaissance Imager (LORRI) has a higher spatial resolution than MVIC by approximately a factor of five. At right, the color has been overlaid onto the LORRI image to show the color uniformity of the Ultima and Thule lobes. Note the reduced red coloring at the neck of the object. Credit: NASA/SWRI/JHUAPL

So the farther we go in space the more Love we seem to find, and just in time, for there isn't much left here, and the runaway train is about to jump the tracks.  We have more Right-Wing leaders in the world now than we have had since the last World War.   Of course, we know of Trump and Putin, along with the British Brexit idiots and Germany's growing Alternative für Deutschland, which is about to tumble things there; the list goes on: most recently Bangladesh and Brazil.   Then there are the Yellow Jackets in France, etc.  Everywhere you look, it is 1919 all over.  Did I mention that in 1921, in the USA we had a president who lost sight of the problems in the US economy and wanted to build a wall?  No Shit.  President Warren G. Harding on becoming president, enacted the Emergency Quota Act, which marked the start of a period of restrictive immigration policies.  Now, combine this with the fact that in 1819 we had a depression from a president concerned with borders over good goverment (James Monroe, google it) -- and you see the shit is about to hit the wall, but doesn't have too.  Not if Love Trumps Hate.

Hmmm, now that I think of it, that object we just found does look a lot like...  

God help us all!!!

On a brighter note, the Chinese have landed on the Dark Side of the moon and have yet to report seeing any alien structures.  Why can't that be the Conspiracy Theory Donald Trump believes instead of that American Isn't Great shit of his. 


Public Domain, Death of Capitalism, and Loser Bowls.

It is 2019, yeah, what a year, what a year.  First the good:  The Public Domain is back due partly that Sonny Bonner is dead -- Sony Bono was married to Cher, they use to do a comedy act and once had a number one hit called: "The Beat Goes On."  Sony became a Republican politician in the 80's and gave us the bill to extend all copyright material for another 20 years.  Disney had paid hi a lot and sure enough, the original Micky Mouse got another 20 years of profits!  Hallelujah!  Praise Jesus.

Today, that law has expired and so we will start getting new things in the public domain every year.  Along with the Disney mouse, there is the original Superman, Charley Chaplin, and the Stopping By The Woods on a Snowy Evening" by David Frost. 

So that is some great news which we can give Donald Trump credit for because he had congress so fucked up, they can't even pass their good old-fashion greedy policies, for being focused on a 5 Billion dollar wall everyone knows if built, will give us the happiest day in the world when it is destroyed for a bridge -- like the Berlin wall, remember that one?  Kept Communism out... or in?   No one really ever knew.

Yes, 2019 is here, and something else we can look forward to is...  in a poll reported in Vox, only 60 percent of Americans believe that a free market capitalistic society is good.  That's about the percentage of people with good jobs.  That number is actually down from 80 percent 10 years ago when I had a great corporate job.  What is even more telling, only 42 percent of milliennials support capitalism.  Why?  Well, that article said because of the income gap between the rich and the poor, but I think it is with just the downright lying in this country.  It has gotten so bad you don't know what to believe.  Take for instance the biggest problem with today's free market.  It has been deregulated to the point where it is destroying the environment as well as the people it is tossing aside without safety nets and all for profits, Profits, PROFITS!!!!   We all know this is the Republican Party game plan:  destroy all regulations, let the greedy bastards do as they want, fuck the environment, fuck the people.   Even they will admit it after a few Bud Lights and cheap cigars.   Where is the lying?  They call it "Neoliberalism."  NEOLIBERALISM?  Are you shiting me?  Neoliberalism was the New Deal where corporations and banks were held accountable and the middle class was given a safety net from the greedy bastards.  It's NeoConservatism! ass-whole.

Finally, there is college football.  WTF?   No one is a loser!  Everyone gets a bowl!   Vince Lombardi, the coach of the Green bay Packers is turning in his grave.  There use to be a Loser Bowl in the NFL.  It was called the Bert Bell Benefit Bowl in which would decide the 3rd place winner.  It drove Lombardi nuts and was a big reason they did away with it.  In college football, UT Texas won the Sugar Bowl after having loss the championship game to OU.  It total bullshit and here's why.  Most of these kids watching are the same kids crying that job quotas for minorities are criminal.  They don't see that they are using the same logic to win a bowl game.   They think that trying to change the face of corporate American by requiring more people-of-color and woman in the top positions, is reverse discrimination, but when their college is given a Loser Bowl to put in the year book, they don't see that as wrong.  Nor, do they think it is wrong to have their high-schools football teams broken down by class to give the smaller schools a chance instead of letting the rich schools when the championship each year.

Wait, do you think I'm down on Loser Bowls?   No, I'm trying to get you see that job quotas are necessary as long as 89.3 percent of all CEO are Angry White men. Hook 'em Horns.  OU sucks!