Dream 19

 In last-nights dreams I dreamed of a gun I had with me.  The gun was more like a 1968 transistor radio I once had, but clearly had a "shoot" button.  In a conversation a few days ago I told a work acquaintance about a car accident I was in as a child and how my grandmother had pulled out her Derringer handgun out and pointed at the guy who had hit us.  I'm assuming that this was the reason for the gun in my dream last night, for I felt guilty about talking about this incident and how my grandmother had used racial slurs at the man in a Cadillac who hit us in the heart of Detroit.  Obviously, he wasn't blue-eyes Scandinavian -- I might have shot him, just kidding, Hockey joke.  

Grandma's Derringer

The other part about this dream is that a guy who I'm no longer friends with because he is a still a racist and refuses to stop using racial slurs around me, has convinced me in my dream to kill someone.  It's foggy, but the climax has me in a hotel room trying to escape without him seeing me.  In the corner of my eye I see my ex-friend taking someone to dinner as I walk away.  

As dreams happen, a woman steps up beside me and we are walking.  She peals away and I'm in a old brick building looking at a man entering us on a pole outside the window of the building opposite of us.  It's a crazy art showing.  The guy is talking but I'm not sure what he is saying.  To get a better look I crawl out the window on a ledge and then have to crawl like hell to get back in.  

"One night, I dreamed I was a buttterfly, fluttering here and there, content with my lot.  suddenly I awoke and I was Chuang-tzu again.  Who am I in reality?  A butterfly dreaming that I am Chuang-tzu, or Chuang-tzu dreaming he was a butterfly?"

                                        ~~ Chuang-tzu (a thousand years ago)



Blog Name Change

This Yellow Jacket French protest really should scare us all.  It's very similar to the Tea Party protest in the USA during Obama.  Mostly Angry White Men playing victims.  In France they are pretty much saying their Obama type leader (Emmanuel Macron: center-left) is out-of-touch with working (white) people.  They fear they are being left behind.  At least in France, however, they blame  banks and big-business along with the progressive movement.  

What is disturbing about this is it seems to be motivated by the same Russian melding that gave the USA Donald Trump and gave England, Brexit.  Extremes never imagined possible in free world are now everyday occurrences. Definitely not the will of the people.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: a socialist!
The good news is, at least here in the USA -- since 9 of my readers are from Europe --  I'm seeing a liberal backlash that will be incredibly great (if I may use a little highbrow term Donald Trump likes to use about his man parts), hugely, incredibly great!  

What is so hugely great? you ask!  There is a new liberal voice on the horizon and it is here to stay.  Voices like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: a socialist, and Rashida Tlaib: a Muslim.  (Be still my beating heart).   And guess what, they are not sitting-pretty for the conservatives lies that have been pushing this country into Corporate Welfare Land since Ronald Reagan.

I'm so pumped about this that I'm changing the title to this blog 

That's right, is coming out of the closet and will be from now on.  

Oh, did I fail to mention that there is a socialist running for mayor of Dallas Texas!  

Take Back America For The People.

I now return you to your normal broadcasting. 


Go Nancy Go... Trump needs his diaper changed.

In his book “Worst Ideas Ever: a celebration of embarrassment,” Daniel Kline tells us that bad ideas stand out because anyone not involved in bringing them into being can look at them and know that a disaster looms.  He goes on to imagine the meeting room where someone stands up and says, “Eureka! I’ve got it.  Why don’t we get rid of our beloved product that outsells our rivals by huge amounts and completely change it?”

He was referring to the Coke-Cola move to do away with their product in the mid 80’s which as stupid as it sounds, they did!  

The question Kline goes on to ask is why didn’t anyone in the room of Coke executives stand up and laugh at the ridiculous idea instead of saying something like “Good thinking, Pepsi would never expect that we would take our most popular product off the market.  This strategy will really keep them guessing.”

And so, there you have my number one example of what is going on with Donald Trumps wall.  Everyone knows it isn't going to improve on anything.  That's why the Republicans didn't fund it for the two years that had everything (the congress, the senate, and presidency), and for Trump now to blame the Democrats is just plain right psycho city.  

First, we know the 4 billion Trump is asking for is a drop-in-the-bucket of what it would take to build a wall.  At best estimates it's more like 50 billion, that is, if you can get not-union Mexican labor to do it.  Union labor, i.e., a living-wage labor force would double the price.  So, this down-payment fight Trump has shutdown the government over is a sign the guy has totally lost his faculties.  

Second, the wall will not stop people from coming.  They will climb over it, swim out to sea, get locked up in the back of trucks, and use fake id's as they do now.  Not to mention, dig under it:

Wealthy business owners want cheap labor and that is the reason.  Once they are held accountable it stops.  Even in his Wall talk Trump admits that he will let cheap labor in after his wall.  

The wall is not an answer.  More money for better border-security is, and that is what the Democrats have offered, and now Donald Trump doesn't know what to do with his rattle.  He has been called on his bullshit. 

I for one did not support the idea of Nancy Pelosi as speaker.  I was still pissed at her for selling out to President Bush and giving him unlimited war rights when she was speaker of the house last time.  Seems she has learned her lesson.  

Go Nancy go!

I expect Trump will be in the fetal position before long thanks to the bad-advice he is taking from the Right Wing Talk Nuts who know as much about governing as I do blogging.   

On another note, here is what America saw when Pelosi gave her rebuttal to Trump after his Prime Time Television Infomercial last week.  

Here's what Trump saw:


"Get me Rush Limbaugh now, my diaper is wet."

~~ Radio-Head Evens


Ghost of John A McCausland

Apollo And The Python is a painting by Cornelis de Vos
Ah, yes, January 22, twin two's, in Ancient Greece, this day was dedicated to the Sun god, Apollo.  It was believed that for anyone who carried his emblem, good luck, light, and truth would follow.  The nine Greek goddesses of inspiration who watch over musicians, poets, and artists are also honored on this day with the celebration of the Festival of the Muses.
The Tarot card awarded this day is the 22nd card of the Major Arcana: The Fool.  The Fool, who in several versions is shown blithely stepping over the edge of a cliff.  Some interpretations picture him as a foolish man who has given up his reason, others a highly spiritualized being free of material considerations.  The highly evolved Fool has followed life's path, experienced its lessons and become one with his/her own vision. 


John A. McCausland
On this day in 1927, the second-to-last surviving Confederate general of the American Civil War, John A. McCausland, dies in Mason, West Virginia, an unreconstructed Rebel to the end.

Nicknamed “Tiger John,” McCausland was born to Irish immigrants in 1836 in St. Louis, Missouri,and moved to Virginia as an adolescent. He attended the Virginia Military Institute and graduated in 1857. When the Civil War began, he organized an artillery regiment and formed the 36th Virginia from the western part of the state. McCausland spent most of the war in the mountainous region of western Virginia. On May 9, 1864,he distinguished himself at the Battle of Cloyd’s Mountain. For the victory, he was promoted to brigadier general.

Two bold actions defined McCausland’s career. First, in June 1864, he drove a larger Union force commanded by General David Hunter from Lynchburg, Virginia, earning him the city’s gratitude. He then joined General Jubal Early’s invasion of Maryland in July. Early dispatched McCausland and his cavalry to Hagerstown to exact a $200,000 ransom from city officials. McCausland rode into Hagerstown and delivered his hand-written note to authorities. However, due to a mathematical error, only $20,000 was secured. McCausland then moved on to Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, and pulled his second notorious feat–he tried to extort more than $500,000 from Chambersburg officials, and burned the city when he did not receive the money.

McCausland joined General Robert E. Lee for the Confederates’ last desperate attempt to escape in early 1865. He broke through the Union lines near Appomattox, Virginia, and surrendered later at Charleston, West Virginia, after many Rebels had laid down their arms. After the war, McCausland, facing an indictment for the burning of Chambersburg, fled to Canada, Britain, and then Mexico. He returned to the U.S. in the late 1860s after being told he would not be prosecuted for his war crimes. He settled on a farm in West Virginia and lived as a recluse for the rest of his life, stubbornly defending the Confederate cause. McCausland died 13 months before Felix Robertson, the last surviving Confederate general.

McCausland, also a decedent of the Scottish bloodline of the same name (excerpt from

The name McCausland or McAuslane, as it was called in an early day, is not unknown in ancient Scotch and Irish history. In the days of Wallace and Bruce the McAuslanes lived on the shores of beautiful Loch Lomond in the highlands of Scotland, where they flourished and acted well their part in the bloody local wars of the times. They fought for Malcolm II, who gave them lands and a coat of arms as well.

Most of the McCauslands of Tyrone and Londonderry are descended from Baron McAuslane, who with his two sons, migrated to Ireland from the parish of Luss in the latter part of the reign of King James I. The elder son of Baron McAuslane was the father of Colonel Robert McCausland who had estates in the parish of Cappagh in Tyrone County.

Alexander McCausland, one of the descendants of Colonel Robert, married his cousin Elizabeth Kyle, the daughter of William Kyle who was knighted Sir William the Belt for gallantry and rewarded by land grants in Tyrone, Ireland.

Because of threats of Catholic enemies, Alexander, a Protestant, sold his lands about 1800 for $1,400. He then embarked with his family for America. With his wife and eleven children he landed at Baltimore; then proceeding by wagon to Staunton, Virginia, he joined his relatives, the Kyles. One of Alexander's sons, John, married a cousin, Harriet Kyle Price, a widow who was the daughter of William Kyle and Sarah Stevens Kyle.

(end of excerpt)
McCausland's House "Grape Hill"
Today, the old soul can still be reached in many haunted locations.   Most notably, the house he built in West Virginia called "Grape Hill" for the numerous grape trees on it at the time of conception.  As noted in "American's Most Haunted," visitors to the house get "A sense of being watched and phantom footsteps that follow you everywhere...."  There are others, most notably the one from Chevy Chase, Maryland, on a street of one of McCausland's battles:  children hear a man whispering, "Wait For Me."  The local believe it is the ghost of McCausland.



Making sense of the Trump Age is easy.

The Great Ages are at Work!  That's right, the good-old-fashion, hippy-dippy, Age of Aquarius is here and the oppressive Piscean Age is a going.  We've seen this change coming for awhile now, actually, some scholars believe as far back as the independence of the USA and French Revolutions, perhaps, but the truth is there is no exact starting or ending points to the ages; hence: we have today's overlapping old-way/new-way mess.  

The Pisces age began around 1 AD.  That's right, the year of our Lord and Savior, or should I say, Baby Jesus. A lot has been written about the precepts of Christianity and its Piscean Fish Symbol.  I'm not going to go into that here, instead I'll refer you to the works of Manly P Hall, and say that there can be no disputing that the last 2000 years have been dominated by the Christian Faiths.  

The Age of Aquarius is believed to be from the years 2100 to 4,400.  That is to say, by the year 2100 there will be no remnants of the Piscean Age left.  In his book "Signs of the Times," Ray Grasse calls the time we are in "between acts."  And it is this "Between Acts" that has given us the Nationalism and Despotism of Donald Trump who is trying to keep us from going forward by turning back the hands of time and "Making America Great Again." Truth is, it wasn't greater then than it is now, just more Piscean, and I have news for those supporting this backlash on human consciousness: it ain't going to happen.  We are going Aquarius with or without you and there is nothing any of us can do about it; the same forces that ushered in the Baby Jesus are now ushering in a more enlightened world.  As the 1960's song by the 5th Dimension called "Aquarius/Let The Sun Shin In" says: 

Harmony and understanding
Sympathy and trust abounding
No more falsehoods or derisions
Golden living dreams of visions
Mystic crystal revelation
And the mind's true liberation
The concept of the Great Ages is based on a phenomenon astronomers call the precession of the equinoxes.  On the first day of spring each year, referred to by astronomers as the vernal equinox, day and night are equally balanced.  For astrologers, this yearly occurrence has long held great importance as a time of balance and new beginnings, when the proverbial "crack between worlds" has opened and humanity is more receptive to the inflow of cosmic energies from the universe.  

 Each year this occurs, the sun is superimposed against a particular constellation within the band of stars located along its path through the year, what astronomers call the ecliptic.  Because of the slow wobble of the Earth's axis over time, this vernal point is gradually shifting in its position through the sky, moving through the constellations at the slow rate of one degree roughly every seventy-two years.  On average, it takes a little over 2100 years for this vernal point to traverse a single constellation, a period that comprises a single Great Age.  Over the course of nearly 26,000 years, it completes a full circuit of the sky, giving rise to what is called a Great Year.  

Returning to Grasse's book "Sign of the Times," he writes: At its worst, the Piscean Age was an era of religious intolerance, when large populations were expected to show unquestioning allegiance to a monolithic belief system, as exhibited in much of Christianity and Islam during this time... As the last sign in the zodiac (determined by the sun's counter-clockwise movement), Pisces is that final stage in the soul's evolution where the boundaries of personality have begun to dissolve and the soul merges with the cosmic ocean of existence." 

Now juxtapose this with the terms most used for the Age of Aquarius: Freedom, Humanitarianism, and Idealism, and you see the problem with this Trump Age and his followers: They in shock.  They fear this upgrading of the collective intelligence.  They fear that if they don't reject it, they will become extinct. They are fighting it with every bone in their bodies.  This is why they are trying to suppress the vote and appoint Men Behaving Badly judges to the supreme court, as well as buying up all the news and information sources they can.  They really think they can stop progress.  

They can't, and somewhere inside themselves must know:

 When the moon is in the Seventh House
And Jupiter aligns with Mars
Then peace will guide the planets
And love will steer the stars


Keller with Dog--very groovy!

I don't give a damn about semi radicals...
This is not a time of gentleness.  
It is not a time of lukewarm beginnings.  It is a time for open speech and fearless thinking. 

                                                                                                            ~~ Helen Keller


Letter to March For Life peeps.

You're not, but it's a nice sign. 

The March For Life people will be out in the streets today and I meditated this morning sending them love and hoping they will find the truth and peace they seek.  The fact that abortion is a really bad thing that no one ever wants to undertake is a truth.  The fact that the government they have been seeking to end abortion has let them down is also a truth to be reckoned with as well.   They had the President, Congress, Senate, and Supreme Court stacked in their favor and still didn't get abortion outlawed.  Maybe now they will wake up and realize that outlawing abortion is not the people's will and as long as we have a democracy then it won't happen.  But, if they get their dictatorship going then it could happen.  

Is that what you really want?  How about this, instead of bringing our democracy down and giving us a dictatorship that goes against the will of the majority, you agree to never have an abortion.  Call me stupid but I think your god will be very happy with you.  

Finally, I do honor your right to protest and wish you peace in your endeavors.  Good luck.  I'm sorry Democracy isn't working for you.  

Dr TV Boogie 


Fox News Advertisers Beware!

Democracy has no more persistent or insidious foe than the money.  

There, I said it.  When Dante got to the God of Riches in his famous journey, he said: "Here we found Wealth, the great enemy." 

The Bible too has made it clear that the rich aren't welcome in heaven.  In Matthew 6:24:  “No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and money."  

The list goes on and on, for instance in Proverbs 17:5:  "Whoever mocks the poor insults his Maker; he who is glad at calamity will not go unpunished." 

But the verse that gets me most from the Bible about the rich bastards is Proverb 22:26:  "Whoever oppresses the poor to increase his own wealth, or gives to the rich, will only come to poverty."

Yes, that last proverb explains why the world is sinking faster than a sixteenth-century independent woman out for a solo swim in Salem Massachusetts baptismal lake.  

 And why do we do nothing about it?  Our free-press is now a corporate sponsored commercial giving equal time to extreme viewpoints made to destroy us for the benefit of the rich. 

Fox News and the Extreme Right like to blame the left, and of course the left takes it personally and so goes in a corner and cries.  Meanwhile, the USA is tanking: The Rich Are Getting Rich and The Poor Are Getting Fucked.  That's our Democracy without representation.   

If the press were doing its job, we would know that tax-cuts for the rich at the expense of the poor is the problem.  Period.  Instead, we hear nothing of this from the main press.  They are too busy telling us the Rain In Spain Falls Mainly on The Plan. 

Demand more, stop buying the products advertised on Fox News.  It's our only hope.

"The truth seems to be that democracy has only one marked advantage over other governments:  Publicity and the force of Public Opinion.  so long as Ministers can be interrogated in an assembly, so long as the press is free to call attention to alleged scandals and require explanations from persons suspected of an improper use of money or improper submission to its influences, so long will the people be at least warned of the dangers that threaten them.  If they refuse to take the warning they are already untrue to the duties that freedom prescribes."

~~ Lord Bryce "Modern Democracies" (1921)

 Here's a quick list:

The Revolution is Now!  Get off your ass and safe our country before it is too late. 

PS., anyone want to buy a Toyota?  How'd they get on there!

~~ Dr TV Boogie


Trump Madness

So with all this Trump Crazy coming out, I want to send you back to my post from a year ago when I wrote about Trump calling undocumented people from other countries as people coming from "shit-hole countries."   I warned you then it would get bad, and it is.  The guy is having a breakdown and the media is loving it. 

Although he is backtracking now, well, strike that: he is outwardly lying to us again about something he said, the facts are in and Donald Trump did say,

 “Why are we having all these people from shit-hole countries come here?” 

He said it and even the Republicans who were there are admitting it.  Sir Donald ?Trump was talking about Haiti, El Salvador, and the African countries.

The press seems to be surprised by this,  and I'm thinking, this is the same guy who called  John McCain, a US war hero, an idiot for having been captured as a POW in the Vietnam War; then Trump was quoted as saying he rapes woman at will because of his position in life; and finally, made fun of a reporter with a physical handicap.

Calling Haiti a "Shit Hole" is nothing.   We're just getting started.   Wait till his mental sickness really becomes noticeable.   Then it won't be so funny, will it!


Apparently way back on May 9th, 1958, a television series titled Trackdown ran an episode with a crook named "Trump" who wanted to build a wall in a western town to save the city.  No shit.  On this CBS news clip the talking heads are skeptical; they think it might be a digital fake.  To me, them thinking the similarities from a 1958 creative project and Donald Trump's stupid wall is weird, is weird.  Why are they shocked?  Weird coincidences like this happens all the time with the creative process.  For instance, on 9-11-01, the film Donnie Darko was set to be released but pulled after terrorist flew jets into the World Trade Towers in New York.  The film Donnie Darko begins with an aircraft engine crashing through the ceiling of Donnie's bedroom with no explanation ever given. 

In a creative writing class I once took the professor talked about The Ether and Collective Consciousness -- don't worry, she didn't talk that nonsense to the other paying students, only to me in a private conversation I cornered her into -- she told me that creative thoughts do float through the world and if we don't use them someone else will.  "No Shit," I said -- which I thought might be the  reason I got a C+ in that class, not my bad-ass gramma'.  

This has happened so often with fiction it shouldn't be a shock to anyone: 

*In his 1994 book "Debt of Honor," Tom Clancy describes a 9-11 type of incident pretty accurately. 

*In Edgar Allen Poe's (be still my beating heart) story 
The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym, sir Poe writes about a shipwreck where they are left without food and so draw straws to have one person sacrifice his body for dinner.  Sure as shit, twenty years later this really happens and in court hearings we find out that the cabin boys name Richard Parker, just as in Poe's story.  

* In 1898, Morgan Robertson's novella Futility describes an "unsinkable" ship called the Titan, which hits an iceberg, sinks, and doesn't have enough life preservers for everyone.  Of course, in 1912 this really happens with the Titanic. 

I could go on, but won't since my creative writing teacher told me that day -- just before calling security to escort me out of the building -- things should always be presented in 3's.   

I will add, however, in closing what I believe this all means:  The Gods Are Watching And Laughing Their Fucking Heads Off!

Here's that complete program written about a con man named Trump who wants to build a wall in 1958.

~~ Dr TV Boogie


Today's Failures Began With Ronald Reagan. Period!

The world is a mess, no doubt about it.  Why?  It's obvious, our government capitalistic government is failing. 

FDR, Franklin D Roosevelt, the president Republicans called a threat to our capitalist government actually sustained it until today, but the greedy/wealthy tax-cuts, corporation rights over people rights, and deregulation has again put our country at risk,

The Great Depression during FDR's time saw a liberal cry from the Left which put Communism, Socialism, and outright Anarchy on the table.   People were hungry, out of work, and out of hope.  The capitalistic society had failed to create enough jobs for everyone.  FDR saw this and instead of letting the capitalistic system work as it is designed to -- that is, let the weak die in the streets and the strong grow richer, i.e., profits over weakness -- FDR put a band-aid the size of Denver on it, by having the government create the jobs capitalism couldn't, and creating a safety net for the working-person who had no chance of making it without a little help.

History shows that this "band-aid" helped tremendously with creating the middle-class of the 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's; but then, came the ending we are up against today which started in the 80's.  That's when the slash-and-cut Republican politics of today came into being with president Ronald Reagan.  He cut taxes for the rich and cut social programs for the poor.  The one that most amazed me at the time was unemployment for veterans.  That's right, the Vets.  When I got out of the Navy in 1980, I was allowed to draw unemployment until I found a job.   I think I got one check before I got a job and I'm certain it helped. Those behind me weren't so fortunate:  Reagan  said something like, "The serviceman has quit his job and so does not deserve unemployment."   This is only one small example of where his meanness began, but a big one.  Of course, Reagan went on to salute the flag and say he supported the veterans, but he obviously didn't.  Reagan also cut funding to state hospitals and after that I saw for the first time, a homeless person on the side of the road asking for money in Dallas.  No shit.  It was a big deal.  People were outraged.  The police began arresting them and for awhile, but after a few years we all accepted it. 

The thought at the time was: This was America God Damn-it!  There's no homeless in America!

There is now.

Am I the only one who gets the irony here?  Make America More Bankrupt again?

The Policies of Ronald Reagan that we take for granted today:  big debt and tax cuts for the wealthy, was a new thing in the 80's.  They said it would "trickle down" and create wealth for all and the US debt would go down from it.  I was a young lad of 24 at the time and decided I would give it a chance and see what happened.  I mean, if it fails we can always go back to the way it was before, can't we?

What I didn't realize is that not only would that debt never go away, by the end of Reagan's president we would have a financial crises that made everything worse.  That was the first financial crises in my lifetime and it was called the S&L crisis.  Before Reagan there was a thing called a Savings and Loan -- watch that great old Jimmy Steward film "It's A Wonderful Life."   Jimmy Steward ran a Savings and Loan and the greedy town banker couldn't wait to take it over to own everything and have people living in his slums.  Reagan's deregulation of the S&L industry allowed them to fail.  By accident?  Today I wonder.  Seems they might have been targeted by the big banks.   Regardless, deregulation caused it, and we all new it.

Jimmy Steward standing up to greedy banker?  Not in today's America! 

Another thing happened around the time of Reagan.  It was the deregulation of the media.  It allowed big business to buy up all the newspapers and television stations.  Maybe this is why Reagan was never held accountable for this mess he created, his wealthy tax cuts for the top 1% and no accountability for the corporations. 

 Do I hold Ronald Reagan responsible?  Not really.  I mean, I'm sure if he was alive today he would say something like, "Look, we tried, it was wrong.  Let's move on and get it right."  I say this because when the rubber-hit-the-road and the Slash-and-Cut-Nuts wanted to privatize social security,  Reagan said "No."   That's right, the things they wanted him to do would have to fall to another:  Bill Clinton, the new American Left: Republican Light. 

So there you have it boys-and-girls.  No political spin.  No name calling.  No catchy phrases.  Just what I saw first hand.  Don't let them tell you differently:  I was there.

~~ Dr TV Boogie


The Religion of Vladimir: Why Christians are Learning Russian.

Ever wonder why the Conservatives Christians who once accused liberals of being communist and so told them to learn "Russian," are themselves, now learning Russian?

Vladimir Putin is creating a Christian State in Russia.  This is no secret, from the beginning Putin has been Antisemitic.  This is why Christians are okay with Donald Trump, the most non-Christian president ever.

A Freedom from the Church of England began this country, Obedience to the Church of Russia  will end it.


Free at last. Free at last.

Last night I wrestled with a demon.  I woke up unable to open my eyes.  I felt my arms being held down.  My voice weakened.  I tried to scream, at no avail.  I wiggled until I felt a slight release from my demon, an advantage point where I could raise my arm but it held them down light weights.  I pushed, knowing somewhere deep down in my soul that he/she wasn't able to overtake me.  For they never are or there would be no struggle. 

At the moment my arms were free and the weight was lifted I opened my eyes to see a cloud of smoke passing over my head. 

I had won. 

This morning, in the news, I read that Donald Trump blamed the government shutdown on the Democrats.  I know this is not true anymore than Democrats are running for the people.  They all want power.  I want freedom. 

This morning I have freedom: we all do if we want it.  The demon is gone.  Let's see what he/she left.

~~ Eso Terry Joe. 

On this day (January 9th) in 1493, Christopher Columbus wrote in his cruise log that he saw three Mermaids, but they weren't as beautiful as he had hoped (lucky for them).  The general thought is that these were actually manatees.  Let's see:

It's interesting that on a previous voyage in 1492, the same year Columbus is credited with discovering woman-in-thongs on Miami beach (paraphrased), he and his crew saw what might be the first recorded sighting of a U.F.O.  In his ships log Columbus describes the UFO as a "flying candle." 

While we are on the subject of Christopher Columbus, did you know that he never actually made it to what is now the USA?  The closes he ever got was Cuba.  

When Columbus first went to the Bahamas, he wrecked his boat and the "natives" repaired it for him.  Here is what the evil bastard had to say about the friendly islanders

"They are evil and I believe they are from the island of Caribe, and that they eat men."

Even more disturbing is what Mr. Columbus had to say about the island woman he RAPED!

 “ While I was in the boat I captured a very beautiful Carib woman, whom the said Lord Admiral gave to me, and with whom, having taken her into my cabin, she being naked according to their custom, I conceived desire to take pleasure. I wanted to put my desire into execution but she did not want it and treated me with her finger nails in such a manner that I wished I had never begun, ” de Cuneo wrote . “But seeing that, (to tell you the end of it all), I took a rope and thrashed her well, for which she raised such unheard of screams that you would not have believed your ears. Finally we came to an agreement in such manner that I can tell you that she seemed to have been brought up in a school of harlots. ’’

GOSH, what a bunch of pigs.  But wait, they were sailors, oh, and Christians.  No wonder.

(Columbus quotes from the book "Myths and Atrocities of Christopher Columbus)


Dream Number 19: the future!

 I had a vision of the future last night and it is so different than today.  Driving a car in the city-limits will be like riding a horse is today, it won't be allowed in the streets.  Car's will be driverless, I guess the better word is autonomous but then, what's the difference?  City's will be crowded, but better planned with autonomous cars below ground and bikes and electric mopeds above.  Restaurants will be empty rooms with touch screens to select the food you want.  You won't have to use your credit card for your face will be recognized on entrance, your account debited.  

Walking around in the new land, I saw that the people were seldom with like races, sexes, or ages, and most shared the same looking clothes and hair-styles.  There was little difference between them, the guys all shared flattops and the woman all shared bod-cuts.  They were in no hurry, but then, seemed to be going somewhere.  

All the buildings were what we once called mixed-spaced lofts with storefronts on the lowest level and family dwellings above.  A few had restaurants on the highest level.  Signs were all interactive.  That is to say, if you found yourself on an empty street with one of the large, commercial signs and kept you face turned to not make eye-contact, you could see it was in some kind of energy-save mode; however, at that movement it first recognized your eyes, it immediately began your personal message.  The few I found on empty streets gave me personal messages like:  "What To Feel A Real Book In Your Hands?  Go To Martha's Books on Cedar Springs and Oak Lawn, We Still Have Paper." When in a group or on a busy street, the advertisements were like old-fashion 30 second commercials. All friendly and oddly enough, mostly Asian.  

I wondered why and so went to Marth'a Book, my personal advertisement that I had seen when alone.  "What a great advertisement," I thought to myself, "they got me."  

Meantime, in the central processing unit for my city, a number appeared on a paperless report that displayed to an alert agent: Ka-Ching!  Bingo!  Account Credited. 

I had been reduced to a click. 
                                               Part Two

Martha's Books was not what I would call a bookstore by today's standards, oh, it had the spongy-eyed, not-conformist people scattered about, but it had no books to touch, only more illuminated screens which today we call Smart.  I approached one and as soon as it recognized my eyes, and pleasant Asian woman of about 46 game into view, with a precise Eastern accent and said, "Hello, I see you are new to the grid, how may I help you?"

"Hi, I guest it shows.  I'm actually in a dream, I think, still, I plan on blogging about this when I wake.  I really would like to know when this happened to the world?  I mean, we all saw it coming, it's just, wonder if it happened overnight?  And when did Chinese become the top language of instructions and English the second?  Not that it matters, but, I really thought English would stay on top?"

"Would you like a written or spoken response?  I've done the research.  I see you don't have the funds to pay for a Paper response." 

"So you could print me a paper response to read, really?"

"Yes, that would be 6850.03 Yuan.  The kiosk version is always free.  Knowledge is golden."  

"Okay, tell it to me then."

"In the year 2019 the US shut-down it's government, which moved all investment to China.  The USA only had it's good name to go on and once your President Donald Trump destroyed faith in your dollar, then there was a massive selloff of your treasury notes.  China secretly agreed to not selloff all of it's shares to keep you in business.  AI (Artificial Intelligence) was the wave of the future and for some reason your government at the time was more concerned with trivial politics than taking advantage of the only resource that matters today:  information.  According to a recent Harvard Study, it was the same thing that happened to your auto-industry in the seventies when the Japanese took over the market.   History has shown over and over that a conservative government only gives us moral laws and wars; neither of which are good for a society.  While you were trying to outlaw abortion and hang titles on progressive thinkers, WE TOOK OVER... go back to sleep: it's just a dream.

Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!