January 25, 2019

Go Nancy Go... Trump needs his diaper changed.

In his book “Worst Ideas Ever: a celebration of embarrassment,” Daniel Kline tells us that bad ideas stand out because anyone not involved in bringing them into being can look at them and know that a disaster looms.  He goes on to imagine the meeting room where someone stands up and says, “Eureka! I’ve got it.  Why don’t we get rid of our beloved product that outsells our rivals by huge amounts and completely change it?”

He was referring to the Coke-Cola move to do away with their product in the mid 80’s which as stupid as it sounds, they did!  

The question Kline goes on to ask is why didn’t anyone in the room of Coke executives stand up and laugh at the ridiculous idea instead of saying something like “Good thinking, Pepsi would never expect that we would take our most popular product off the market.  This strategy will really keep them guessing.”

And so, there you have my number one example of what is going on with Donald Trumps wall.  Everyone knows it isn't going to improve on anything.  That's why the Republicans didn't fund it for the two years that had everything (the congress, the senate, and presidency), and for Trump now to blame the Democrats is just plain right psycho city.  

First, we know the 4 billion Trump is asking for is a drop-in-the-bucket of what it would take to build a wall.  At best estimates it's more like 50 billion, that is, if you can get not-union Mexican labor to do it.  Union labor, i.e., a living-wage labor force would double the price.  So, this down-payment fight Trump has shutdown the government over is a sign the guy has totally lost his faculties.  

Second, the wall will not stop people from coming.  They will climb over it, swim out to sea, get locked up in the back of trucks, and use fake id's as they do now.  Not to mention, dig under it:

Wealthy business owners want cheap labor and that is the reason.  Once they are held accountable it stops.  Even in his Wall talk Trump admits that he will let cheap labor in after his wall.  

The wall is not an answer.  More money for better border-security is, and that is what the Democrats have offered, and now Donald Trump doesn't know what to do with his rattle.  He has been called on his bullshit. 

I for one did not support the idea of Nancy Pelosi as speaker.  I was still pissed at her for selling out to President Bush and giving him unlimited war rights when she was speaker of the house last time.  Seems she has learned her lesson.  

Go Nancy go!

I expect Trump will be in the fetal position before long thanks to the bad-advice he is taking from the Right Wing Talk Nuts who know as much about governing as I do blogging.   

On another note, here is what America saw when Pelosi gave her rebuttal to Trump after his Prime Time Television Infomercial last week.  

Here's what Trump saw:


"Get me Rush Limbaugh now, my diaper is wet."

~~ Radio-Head Evens

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 I'm taking a war break: Remember, which ever side you're on, sides suck.  ~~ Eso Terry 

Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!