October 30, 2018

Another Good Christian Speaks Out!

I read stories like this and remember why I once was a Christian:

Methodist pastor interrupts Sessions, quotes Bible, gets escorted out of room


A Methodist pastor from Massachusetts was escorted out of the room today after interrupting Attorney General Jeff Sessions to question the Trump administration’s immigration policies.

Sessions was speaking at the Boston Lawyers chapter of the Federalist Society when a man, later identified as United Methodist Pastor Will Green of Ballard Vale United Church in Andover, Mass., interrupted with quoted lines from the Bible.

“I was hungry and you did not feed me. I was a stranger and you did not welcome me. I was naked and you did not clothe me,” Green said. “Brother Jeff, as a fellow United Methodist I call upon you to repent, to care for those in need, to remember that when you do not care for others, you are wounding the body of Christ.”

The pastor was then escorted from the room. Another pastor, identified as Darrell Hamilton of First Baptist Church of Boston, also addressed Sessions and was escorted out.

Now, I get my fix on route 66, or should I say the "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" now playing o

Closed For Business Until Further Notice Due To Wars

 I'm taking a war break: Remember, which ever side you're on, sides suck.  ~~ Eso Terry 

Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!