October 31, 2018

No one is safe baby! It's Halloween!

Martian Luther "Boo!"
It's Halloween, finally.  So many thoughts of this day creeping around in my mind.  Like, why was the protestant church born on this day of all days?  For it was on this day in the year 1521 that Martin Luther posted his 95 Theses which condemned the Roman Catholic Church and so began the protestant movement.  Would not this professor of biblical interpretation at the University of Wittenberg Germany know the significance of posting his 95 revolutionary theses on the door of the Castle Church on this "November Eve day?"  Of course he did!

Just as the Catholic Church itself knew the importance of this day which the Celtics celebrated as the beginning of the new year and called Samhain, for "summer goes to rest, the turning of the year when winter begins,"  the Catholics built their church converting the attendees at this "feis of Samain" by changing it to the festival of All Saints.   Those who didn't convert were then called Witches and Devils. And so, what once was a beautiful day of celebrating Summer's Harvest, became the backbone of the Christian Faith, more precisely, the Christian Festival of the Dead.

In his book "Halloween," Mark Oxbrow reminds us:  Either the Catholic Church saw the pagan feis of Samain as a direct threat that had to be eradicated and decided to replace it with a Holy festival or alternatively the dedication of the festival of All the Saints on November 1st was purely coincidental.  The truth may, in fact, be altogether more interesting and unexpected....Hallow Tide, the festival of All Saints or All Hallows, begins with its eve, Hallowe'en: it was appointed a festival in the seventh century, when the Pantheon in Rome was dedicated by the Church to the memory of the Virgin Mary and All Martyrs.  The date at that time was May 1st, but in the year 837 November the 1st was chosen as more suitable time for this observance.  This date synchronized with Samhuinn, the great autumn festival of the Celts; 'all the gods of the world, from sunrise to sunset, were worshipped on that day.'

...Its rites were destined to ensure the consecration of gathered fruits and crops, the purification from evil influences by fire, and communion with and commemoration of the dead. The chief features in Scotland were bonfires, divination, saining, and the ceremonial lighting of the neid fire.  As spirits were believed to roam abroad on Hallowe'en they might then be questioned about future destiny, or compelled, under certain spells, to restore those who had fallen under their power. 

Now, folks, the question has to be asked?  Who's day is this with pumpkins and devils and rotting pumpkins?   This day condemned by the right-wing fundamentalist Christian leaders wanting to steal your soul from truth?  You got it:  The False Religion.  The male dominated religion that feared the woman priest of the early faiths.  The Pumpkin-heads.

Surely, Martin Luther knew this when he began his Protestant Reformation; as well as did the Catholic faith when they dedicated this beautiful day to their dead saints.  And as I light my druid candle fire this November Eve, I want to remind you there is only good and evil, light and dark, truth and lies.   And, as I have said so many times before, by following these Christians lies, we are following evil.  On this November Eve, brethren, take a step back and think about it.  Think about how the Christian dominated world has done nothing but corrupt though the ages.  Instead of giving us enlightenment it has given us greed, wars, poverty and lies.  And then, like the Republican politicians of the day, blames it on the devil.  The devil they created.  The devil they serve.  The devil they are.

Yes, everything you think you know is wrong and until we wake up and honor the real gods again, and ask for their help, we are doomed to the world we have.

It's hard I know.  To break away from the Christian faith is hard.  It took me years.  This is the night to do it.  Good luck.

Join me next Halloween when we expose the Muslim faiths for their race to the bottom with the Christians.  (No one is safe baby!  It's Halloween!)

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Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!