October 29, 2018

Halloween, yea.

 So it is October 28th.  Three days before Halloween.  No big deal... or is... it? 

It is! 

First of all, Halloween as we know it began with the bloody Celts and was called Samuin.   In a tale known as "The Wasting Sickness of Cu Chulaind and the Only Jealousy of Emer' the annual assembly at Mag Muirthemni was held over Samuin.

Each year the Ulaid held an assembly: the three days before Samuin and the three days after Samuin and Samuin itself.  They couldn't get enough Halloween it seems.

They would gather at Mag Muirthemni, and during these seven days there would be nothing but meetings and games and amusements and entertainments and eating and feasting.  That is why the thirds of Samuin are as they are today! 

In his awesome book "Halloween,"  Mark Oxbrow recants for us:

...As well as meetings, games, entertainments and copious amounts of drinking and feasting Samuin was marked by attacks by strange supernatural women....

So boys and girls, enjoy today as the beginning of the Thirds of Samuin.  Or should I say, the thirds of Halloween! 

Booo... Hurray!!!... Hiss.... Peace...  Love... Forever!!!

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Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!