June 24, 2018

Donald Trump 'Ana Baptist

 The Anabaptist were a peaceful people who believed baptism a symbol of salvation and opposed baptism of infants.  They originated the idea of the "free church"-- a church separate from the state.  What!  Why would they do that?  Oh, I don't know, maybe because Jesus himself said "Give until Caesar what is Caesar's" in the original Separation-of-State-and-Religion message?

In the 1530's -- not that long ago really considering the earth has been here not 10,000 years as some closed-minded people want you to believe, but billions of years!  Bitch -- sorry, I had to add that in keeping in line with today's vernacular on silly things.  As I was saying, in the 1530's, in Munster Germany, many Anabaptist lived.  Ironically, just as Christians of today, they couldn't keep their ego-centric religion out of government and so gained control of the city council.  In walks, Jan van Leiden.  A Charismatic zealot who stirred up the citizenry with soaring visions, calling Munster the "New Jerusalem" and himself "King David."  He took multiple wives and passed laws permitting polygamy, there being six times as many women as men in the city.  

Jan van Leiden coin from 1530's

Jan predicted the world would soon end but that his followers would be spared.  He forced people to be baptized and introduced communization of property.  The Catholic world was shocked by his hedonistic orgies.  The whole city was jolted when, in a fit of frenzy, he beheaded one of his four wives with his own hands in the marketplace.

On June 24, 1535, after 24 months of chaos and corruption, the besieged city fell to Francis of Waldeck and Anabaptist were butchered.  "King David" was captured and tortured, red-hot pliers clawing every inch of his body.  Then he was hung in a cage in the tower of the Church of St. Lambert in Munster's chief marketplace.  His remains swung in the cage from the church rafters for 400 years until finally removed in the twentieth century.

Francis of Waldeck

I guess the bible is right in one passage:

A little yeast can change a whole batch of dough (Galatians 5.9)

And to today's church following our own version of Jan van Leiden in our current Hedonistic president, Donald Trump, need I remind you he 'Ana Baptist.

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Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!