2018 = 1984 Do The Math.

I am not believing this.  Donald Tic-Tac Trump just accused Canada of being a bad-guy while requesting that Russia be allowed back in the G7 world leader's summit, a few days before he excitedly meets with North Korea's leader in Singapore.  

So, let's see if I have this straight: Trump is pissed at Canada, a very democratic country,  while he wants Russia, a dictatorship, to get back in the G7, and he is meeting with North Korea's leader, a dictator, and no one is doing anything about it!

2018 = 1984. 

Seems to me, Orwell wrote his book around 35 years before 1984 (in 1948), and now, some 35 years later, we have Trump and a Republican Party selling us out.  

Am I the only one doing the math here?


Free Yourself People.  Before it's too late. 
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