May 2, 2018

Joan of Arc says.... Trump Orwellian Video

May 2nd, 1431 interrogation of Joan Arc

Read on, and then I will answer you.  I look to God, my creator, in all.  I love him with all my heart.

Is that all that you wish to answer now?

I took to my judge--he is King of Heaven and earth.

Do you mean to say that you have no judge on this earth?  Is not our holy father the Pope your judge?

I will not answer further to that.  I have a good master--that is, our Lord--to whom only I look, and to none other.

When I shall have done that for which I am sent from God, I will put on women's clothing.

You will not do what you say against me without suffering for it both in body and soul.
Lamentation of Yashodhara
 In India, Ysahodhara, consort of the Buddha, is honored in a festival that takes place annually on this date.  This day is also sacred to Elena, or Helen, goddess of the holy road or four royal roads of Britain.  In Wales, her causeways and roads are known as Sarn Helen.  Elena is also Elaine, mother of Sir Galahad of the Authurian romances.
Sir Galahad with Elena

Meanwhile, back in the USA:

Life is good under the Trump Administration:

Or, is it:

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Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!