May 4, 2018

Is guilty by association still a thing?

Stormy Daniels Film
So Trump is one-step closer to revealing himself.  In today's news, he admits paying the porn star, Stormy Daniels to keep her mouth shut.  In my book, this makes him guilty of something.  Need more proof Trump is going down, how about this, he has now hired the same attorney that President Clinton used when he got caught fooling-around with an intern.   Is guilty by association still a thing?

No one in their right mind thinks Trump isn't corrupt.   Stating that, "they are all corrupt" is no excuse.  Expect better.  A land of law cannot be run by lawbreakers who believe the law is only to protect their 1% interest.

So they will soon be coming for Trump in handcuffs and just as with Hitler after the fall of the Nazis party and the soldier blamed the failure on everything but Hitler, the 30 percent of y'all supporting Trump will find a reason to disregard the facts and find him a lovable man.
Case in point, on this day in 1945 the Nazis War was ending.  In his book "I Will Bear Witness," Victor Klemperer writes in his journal for May 4th, 1945:

...once again took in two soldiers, unarmed but in uniform, with whom we talked for a long time.  Both in their early twenties, in the army for several years, before that one had been a commercial employee, the other—older, spectacles, more talkative, the dominant one.  I took him to be a primary schoolteacher—a law student in his first semester, but since then a soldier for five years.  Both Sudeten Germans, left their disbanded unit at Dillingen, trying to reach home by way of Ingolstadt, Regensburg.  They had frequently passed Americans, finally some who were riding along the railway track on a trolley, so far unmolested. Yesterday they had listened to a radio, everything, including Berlin, had capitulated, and Hitler was dead.  The student declared: “If anyone had told me that, even four weeks ago, I would have shot him down—but now I don’t believe anything anymore...” They had wanted too much, they had overdone things, there had been atrocities,, the way people had been treated in Poland and Russia, inhuman! “But the Fuhrer probably knew nothing about it,” the Fuhrer was not to blame; they say that Himmler was in charge of the government.  (Still the belief in Hitler, he undoubtedly had a religious effect.) Neither quite believed anymore in the “turning point” and the imminent war between the USA and Russia, but they did a little bit nevertheless.  They were hostile to the SS, which was still fighting.  “In the end they’ll make a bolt for it in civilian clothes and get away.”


The Dalai Said It:

We are all potential criminals, and those who we put into prison are no worse, deep down, than any one of us.  They have succumbed to ignorance, desire and anger, ailments that we all suffer from but to different degrees.  Our duty is to help them recover.


The hawthorn tree is honored on this day at the festival of the Veneration of the Thorn.  Hawthrons marking sacred places and holy wells are acknowledged by tying scraps of new cloth to their branches.  According to Irish folklore, this date marks Fairy Day, when mischievous fairies emerge from their hiding places to cause confusion.

Could this explain the reason re-emergence of Rudy Giuliani?

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 I'm taking a war break: Remember, which ever side you're on, sides suck.  ~~ Eso Terry 

Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!