July 1, 2023

July 1st: Day of Snakes, Rough Riders, and TV Ad Society.

July 1st, the beginning of the month of July, the seventh month of the current Gregorian calendar and derives its name from Julius Caesar.  

The traditional birthstone amulet of July is the ruby; and the larkspur and water lily are the month's traditional flowers.

July is shared by the astrological signs of Cancer the Crab and Leo the Lion, and is sacred to the following Pagan deities: Apt (or Apet), Athena, Sothis, Spider Woman, and Rosea. 

In Napal on July 1st people celebrate the festival of Naga Pachami, which is devoted to the snake gods called Nagas.  Sacred snake images are adorned with flower garlands and displayed on religious altars, and offerings are made at snake holes.  People line the streets for elaborate parades featuring beautifully costumed participants and live serpents. 

Roosevelt and His Rough Riders
In history, July 1st is known for, among other things, how in 1898 Theodore Roosevelt and his volunteer cavalry, the Rough Riders, won the Battle of San Juan Hill, the decisive battle in the Spanish-America War.  In his book "On This Day in History," Carl M. Cannon quotes Roosevelt's daughter when she said, "her father (Teddy Roosevelt) was someone who never attended a wedding without wishing he was the bride or a funeral without wishing he was the corpse." So history only tells the Roosevelt story; however, there is another important story we're missing: The Buffalo Soldier story.  That's right, alongside Roosevelt's fighting militia were the black army men of the 9th Calvary.  They were the first to take the hill to victory.  Of course, history doesn't show it this way, and Teddy Roosevelt never mentioned the fighting black men in his recounts of the battle.  Hmmmm, indeed, a day of snakes.  Is it any wonder that July 1st is also the day the television station NBC aired the first official TV commercial in America, creating our modern Orwellian reality of of lies, half-truths, exaggerations, and plain, outright, character assassinations of anyone speaking truth to power! 

Bob Marley "Buffalo Soldier" lyrics (Excerpted for the Esoteric)

 If you know your history
Then you would know where you're coming from
Then you wouldn't have to ask me
Who the heck do I think I am

I'm just a Buffalo Soldier in the heart of America
Stolen from Africa, brought to America
Said he was fighting on arrival, fighting for survival
Said he was a Buffalo Soldier, in the war for America

~~ Eso Terry

Closed For Business Until Further Notice Due To Wars

 I'm taking a war break: Remember, which ever side you're on, sides suck.  ~~ Eso Terry 

Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!