June 9, 2023

Trump Goes to Jail, Nero Kills Himself, the Mystic Law.

One can not make this shit up.  It is June 9.  On this day in the year 68, Nero, the guy who fiddled while Rome burned, and has been compared to Donald Trump numerous times, commits suicide. 
Hmmmm, in today's news Donald Trump is indicted which simply means:  the Mystic Law is working. 
And what is the Mystic Law?  In a nutshell:
The Mystic Law is the unlimited strength inherent in one's life. To believe in the Mystic Law is to have faith in one's unlimited potential.
Confused?  How about this, It is The Secret on steroids.  That is to say, it is what happens when we begin our day with gratitude, in service to others, respecting the greatest sutra of all, The Lotus Sutra.  It's the law practitioners of Buddhism knew all along, but only now can share with you.
Stay happy boys and girls, you deserve it.  Don't let them rip us apart any longer.  There ain't no bad guy, there ain't no good guy/girl, there is only me and you trying to obtain something, what, only we know. 
I hope you attain yours today. 

Peace Out:
~~ Eso Terry

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Thanks For Being!

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