July 18, 2020

A vote For Four More Years of Trump, Is a Vote For Nero.

The U.S. has a long history of liberal activism dating back to our founders who were liberals in their time by being deist and establishing a foundation in which liberalism at least had a chance to shape the country as it has, and so we won't let our country become a Police State without a fight.  The liberties we've earned on the backs of the framers of our constitution are threatened today like at no other time, but I'm certain goodness will prevail.  Unfortunately, not without Donald Trump doing something very disturbing like trying to turn our military on us, which in ways, he already has in Portland.  The Republican party that talks a big talk about States Rights when it comes to taking away a woman's right to her body, are now sending in Federal Troops to police Portland when the state and city governments have asked them not to.  This is Police-State 101 -- look it up in the Anarchist Cookbook - ha.  Seriously, Trump is using this change in policing to scare the suburban people who just want their Chili's restaurants and ESPN sports and not have to bother with a new form of government where people police themselves like we did before the 1920's.  That's right, that's when the police departments we know today began.  Before then only companies had security guards; however, after labor strikes proved to be too much for the company police to handle, large corporations like Ford and Union Carbide financially backed politicians who would use our tax money to fund a police state to keep us in line.  I've over-simplified it somewhat, but not much.  What is happening in Portland today is Trump's police state, his SS force which consist mostly of Border Police, his most loyal force that has been filled with his Build-A-Wall psychos.

I'm not sure how this Portland situation will play out, but I am certain their is a glitch in the matrix which is about to expose Donald Trump as the New Nero, and who was Nero?...

Among Rome's degenerate emperors, Nero was the worst.  He used his unlimited powers to feed his ego madness -- sound familiar?   He would run the streets at night without restraint for his pleasure by killing and f**king whoever he wanted.   He also fancied himself a great actor and scandalized the Roman nobility by appearing on stage and acting (poorly).  Of course the people clapped and pretended to like his performances, but inside they knew their country was in deep shit.  Nero wrote second rate poetry and forced audiences to hear him recite it.  As the historian Suetonius writes: "No one was permitted to leave the theater during his performances.  We read of women in the audience giving birth...and of men who were so bored they pretended they had died in order to be carried away for burial."

Most of Nero's acts were those of insane egotism.  He had one wife executed so he could marry someone else and kicked another wife to death while she was pregnant because she complained when he came home late from the chariot races.  But of all his mad deeds, none is more Trumpian than what Nero did on this day back in AD 64: he set Rome on fire.  The great conflagration lasted six days and seven nights, destroying huge parts of Rome and killing hundreds.  Instead of sending out a rescue effort with water buckets, Nero watched from the Tower of Maecenas, enchanted by what he called "the beauty of the flames." He then put on his actor's costume and sang his own composition of The Sack of Ilium with his violin.

Now, here's the glitch in the matrix, Nero lasted four more years until he was overthrown and driven to suicide to the relief and joy of his people.  So, as you can see, a vote for four more years of Trump, is a vote for Nero.


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Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!