May 27, 2022

My Cancer Cure Program!

It is the 27th day of May and I am still stunned by the senseless killings of 19 children in a Texas grade school.  We all come into this life with a mission, a reason, and when that reason is done so are we.  I am not sure what the mission of those kids were, but I am sure they had one and completed it in their short time here.  This is why cancer doesn't matter to me, if I still have a reason to live, the cancer will wait.  And as I told you before, the blue Buddha came to me in a dream and so I know I am healing and will stay alive as long as I continue my mission.  I am chanting each morning that this body which can create a cancer cell, can heel a cancer cell.  Therefore, I chant that the recent spots they found on my lungs are smaller than they were the day before, and that they are not cancerous.  I then thank the heavenly deities for providing this.  I also pray that the medicine king will bring me the knowledge, doctors, cures, etc., that I need.  I drink green tea with bitter melon, ginseng, and honey each morning.  I also eat raw broccoli and carrots when I have it.  The bitter melon is an ancient Chinese cure that a Chinese healer told me about.  My body will heal if I have more work to be done here, and I do.  I am here to show you how I am surviving cancer through faith and works. The faith I speak of is the Mystic Law which saved my life over a year ago by alarming me to have my lungs checked.  I've told you about it before, how while chanting my chest began to hurt which caused me to go to the hospital where they found a cancer spot.  It amazed the doctors that I brought it to their attention so early.  I had part of my lung removed and have lived another year without cancer.  Now, it looks like there are more spots which could be cancerous.   I am not sure what I have left, if it is to share with you how my faith has saved me again, or how I know by chanting I am protected and will be here as long as I am needed.  Maybe just to share my cure with you, kind reader.  The faith I speak of is the Mystic Law.  To obtain it all you have to do is chant: Nam Myoho Renge Kyo. Give it a try. 

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Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!