May 6, 2022

Living With Cancer, Sunlight, Breath.

The sun came through my window like the Buddha this morning and it is good to be alive.  I need to make a correction to my Blue Buddha post a few days ago, for in it I said "I am dying of cancer."  Not a good choice of words, the correct statement is "I am living with Cancer."  That's how it is.  For there is no difference in one's life as long as he/she can walk, talk, or bicycle.  And for the time being I can do all three.

For the last few days my chest has been hurting.  Could be the cancer, or it could be a pulled muscle from lowering video production equipment in my car.  That's right,  I am still working for the man.  It is what some of us do.  "We work until we drop," as my grandfather used to say, and he did, he died mowing the grass a few months before he was going to retire from his factory job and enjoy a life of leisure in the Florida sun.

Yes, the sun is shining through my window this morning and I'm alive with cancer.  This moment is worth a million bucks people, breath deep, enjoy it.  It is all we get to share in the end, breath.

~~ Eso Terry  

Closed For Business Until Further Notice Due To Wars

 I'm taking a war break: Remember, which ever side you're on, sides suck.  ~~ Eso Terry 

Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!