April 29, 2022

How I Plan to Save America Before This Cancer Kills Me.

I got to thinking last night, 'who's going to want to read about my cancer,' but then I thought, who wants to read about the Fall of Rome?  Everyone, because it is happening again in the US.  Case in point, around the 3rd century, Rome had become politically divided and so there was infighting which caused territories to split off only to be reclaimed by the Roman army.  Seeing this the Roman senate increased its military spending to be over half of its tax collections, and Support the Troops became the word of the day.  And to keep its massive military power it kept taxing the people more and more in the form of fees on water, toll roads, traffic violations, etc., while demanding little from it's wealthy 1%.   No shit.  The USA is on the identical path of Rome.  

Just like we had a civil war around 1863, Rome had a terrible civil war around 135 AD.  The military leader who won that war was general Septimius Severus, who became the War Machine leader.  He took all the money once used for public education and put it in more war machines to show its power to the world.  But the problem wasn't the world, the problem was the Roman politicians who blamed each other for the problems of the country while excusing the wealthy oligarchs who didn't want to improve the streets or schools, but only be left alone to make more money.  Finally, then as now the problems of the day were blamed on the liberal gardeners who wanted to plant pretty smelling flowers around the collisium to help cover the stinch of spilled gladiator blood. 

And of course, as I tell you each year on its anniversary, the end of Rome came in the year 410 when the Visigoth attacked the city after planting lunatic moles in the country that kept Romans fighting Romans instead of noticing that being divided was the Visigoths tool of choice, much as the enemies of the USA are waiting to walk in and take over our country while Conservatives fight Liberals, instead of realizing it takes both sides to run a country. Think about it, what if the world was made up of nothing but gun-toting Red Necks? Who would plant the flowers? Likewise, what if the world was made up of nothing but flower growers? Who would kill the flower eating deer?

As simple as is it to say, it is true: together we stand, divided we fall.

Rome’s enemies knew this and so do ours.

I only have a short time left in this existence, so let’s get this shit right before I return!

I love you Vladimir Putin. I love you Birney Sanders! I love you Donald Trump! I love you Joe Biden! I love you Marge Greene! I love you Elon Musk! I love you Elizabeth Warren!…

That’s how we each need to start, then we can talk about the little things. 

Our enemies are watching. 

On another good note, on this day in 1898 the first American cancer lab was established in New York State, and since then they have cured, well, I'll save that over the course of my chemo treatment.  So don't go away, this is just getting interesting as I try to save America before I die. 

~~ Eso Terry

Closed For Business Until Further Notice Due To Wars

 I'm taking a war break: Remember, which ever side you're on, sides suck.  ~~ Eso Terry 

Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!