April 9, 2022

Esoteric Message for April 9th: You Are God.


April 9th, what a day, what a day.  Did you know that the father of the computer age was born on this day in 1919, no it wasn't Bill Gates or Steve Jobs.  It was John Presper Eckert, Jr. 

In 1946 Eckert and John W. Mauchly unveiled ENIAC, the first feneral-purpose electronic digital computer.  It weighed 30 tons; filled an entire room; and used some 18,000 vacuum tubes, 70,000 resistors, and 10,000 capacitors.  They began the work in 1943 at the University of Pennsylvania for the U.S government, and by December 1945 the machine solved the first problem on the U.S. government's mind.   What do you think it was?  Hunger? Environment?  Medicine?  No, it was the f*(king hydrogen bomb.  That's right, that's what the government wanted calculations for to ensure the computer age started with a big prick-sounding bang.  

Statue at Lin Moniang Park in Tainan
Food for thought:  if the U.S. had been a matriarchy society rather than a patriarchy society, do you really think a bomb would have been our first calculation request?  Of course not.  It would have been something like solving world hunger or achieving world peace.  Thank god the age of matriarchy has come with the Age of Aquarius. -- in case you forgot, the Age of Aquarius is the age of love and understanding, and is feminine, where as the Age of Pieces, which we are now leaving,  is the age of spirituality, fire, isolation, war, greed, and hunger.  Esoterist like myself believe this is why we have today's Cultural Wars from bigots and racist holding onto their God Given Masculine Picies power of greed and separation as we usher in the inclusive, humanistic, Feminine Aquarius and her open waters to put down their false teachings and say "no" to their materialistic Satanism.  Maybe, I am just thinking out loud here, but, things are getting better.
Case in point, just a few years ago on this day in 2011, the population of Iceland said no for the second time to the International Monetary Fund -- in case you don't know, the International Monetary Fund does to countries what student debt does to you and me: it keeps us down and working for the man. There, I said it.  They lend money to starving countries who remain indebted to them forever.  This was another conservative solution to "helping countries pull themselves up by their own bootstraps," which was all done in the name of more tax cuts for the wealthy and profits for the bankers. 

The Fund and the European Union had decided that Iceland's three hundred twenty thousand inhabitants should be liable for the bankruptcy of its bankers, for which each and every Icelander owed a foreign debt of twelve thousand euros.

  Yes, socialism in reverse, which fortunately for us all was rejected by the Icelanders who said: "The debt is  not our debt.  Why should we pay it? Go f&*k yourself!"  I added the "go f&*k yourself, but the sentiment was there.

In this world controlled by greed and Satan's Demiurge Knights, this small island lost in the waters of the North Atlantic stood up to greed and tyranny.  Which is made more interesting by the fact that in ancient times on this day, April 9th, Icelanders celebrated the Goddess A-Ma (Matzu).  Yes, the guardian of the sea and protector of all fishermen and sailors, and they did this with offerings of fresh seafood and flowers as an offering on their altars, for you see, everyone had an altar in their homes before the churches required you to use their altars.  So if you have an altar today, offer something to A-Ma, and maybe, just maybe, you'll catch the Icelander courage to tell the money changer: go f&*k yourself.  
why not. 

~~ Eso Terry

"He eats simple fare, but he is a great man."  This is a good proverb that we all should follow.

When you could have walked for a while but instead drove, your legs began to weaken.  In the same way, when we become used to luxuries and the trappings of wealth, we begin to forget simple living and lose our inner joy and peace and freedom.

-- Father Tolstoy

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 I'm taking a war break: Remember, which ever side you're on, sides suck.  ~~ Eso Terry 

Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!