February 21, 2022

Viola, My Spirit Guide, and the Curse of Wealth and Fame.

 Spirit Land is that place we go before reincarnating.  How do I know this?  It was revealed to me from the other side, from my spirit guide, Viola, who in mortal terms, was my grandmother before crossing over in 1972.  

She comes to me with a flowery scent which alerts me to stop, think, and look to avoid an accident, or see an opportunity; other times she visits me in dreams, and sometimes she whispers to me from just behind my right ear.   You see, I come from a long line of mystics who no one has ever heard of or seen, and that is not by accident.  The most recent, Viola, who lived in the West Virginia and died having attained no wealth or popularity.  Today she tells me how fortunate she was to have not attained any riches or fame in this lifetime for if she had, she wouldn't be with me now.  

I have always had the ability to connect with my spirit guides, only couldn't recognize it until I was in my fifties.  I guess you could call it a gift, but I only consider it as a gift to those who recognize it early in life, for we all have the ability from the day we are born.  The spirits are everywhere, good spirits, bad spirits, light spirits, dark spirits.  If you are fortunate like me, you will have a guide who will guide you away form the dark spirits and into the light spirits.   I have had two spirit guides watching over me in this life.  The first was Marvin, my decease uncle who died in a terrible car accident a year before I was born, and then my grandmother, Viola.  

My grandmother was dying of cancer when I was twelve.  I visited her a few times on her death bed and each time she called me Melvin.  My grandfather said it was because I reminded her of her oldest son.  Others said it was the cancer in her head.  Today, I know she saw me more completely than anyone else in the room for she saw my spirit guide beside me who she would soon be replacing.  After she died, I began to smell the flowery scents she would use to announce her presence when she needed my attention.  

Viola has showed me so much over the years, things I can only now write about, and the first is how the curse of fame and fortune in this lifetime will be paid for in the next.  For those who have the most in this life will have the least in Spirit Land.  Every time the money they left behind is circulated, they will feel shame; anytime their name is mentioned in idolatry, they will feel shame; and anytime their image is shared, or song sung,  they will feel shame.  The shame Viola speaks of is like no shame we have in our mortal existence, it is a shame that will makes it impossible to connect with anyone living or in Spirit Land until the next incarnation.

This warning Viola tells me of is mentioned in one way or another in all of the spiritual teachings.  The ancient Vedas text calls it a negative energy that will be swallowed up by the good in the afterlife; the Buddha teachings call it karma retribution; and here in the West, the Christian bible says, " is easier to thread a camel through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter heaven" -- I paraphrase. 

Viola tells me that those of us who have not gained a lot in this lifetime should not despair for we will have the most in the next by being able to contact those left behind and their children's children for 250 generations to come; while those who died with everything, will sit in shame, lost, alone, unable to contact anyone of light.  Their only contact will be with the other dark spirits, a room filled with Rock Stars, Movie Stars, Rockefeller's, and DuPont's.  

"But not all are lost for the rich and famous," she tells me. "There are those who secretly give away their fortune to the needy, like Chuck Feeney, who saw the curse of his wealth before he died, and so now watches his friends and family in bliss, but few are as strong as Feeney, for society in run by the dark spirits, and all wants are dark. 

~~ Eso Terry - Viola Files

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Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!