June 26, 2020

Trump Still Has Work To Do!

 It's a funny thought how fate comes at us.  Take your Donald Trump for example, a king, so he thinks.  What he doesn't realize is that in olden days fools were allowed to be king for a week at Golden Bough ceremonies.  They were runaway slaves who were caught and teased until their execution.  There's no doubt Trump is a slave to his desires, his ego, he money, and these things have landed him in his own prison.  A prison we must all now take part in.  In 1995 he was at the bottom of his rope, his empire had failed, his name would soon be dirt.  In steps the King Maker, Vladimir Putin and the rest is history. 

That was 1995, today's problem for Trump can't be fixed by Putin and can be summed in one phrase: N95 Mask.  It is Trumps downfall.  The Corona virus was the first and only real thing he had to do.  It was his only challenge.  He inherited a working economy from Obama.  For those who forget, Obama inherited the worst economy since the great depression of 1929 and turned it around.  Trump has let it sink again.  When will you learn! The Republicans don't believe in good government and continue to prove it.  They are like that employee who hates his/her job and so drags in late and says it's the system's fault.  "If they wouldn't have hired me I would be on time," is the logic, which is no logic at all.  Stop voting Republican people.  They've proven their point over and over and over!  From the Reagan deficit, to the Bush Sr S&L crisis, to Bush 43's unfunded war and great depression!  No Government (with them in it) is good government.  We need big government; we need good government.  We need liberal government!  So shut the f**k up. 

"I was choking in 1995 and needed an N95 mask; fortunately Putin helped me out."
But for you Trump supporters don't worry, he's not done yet.  He still has work to do in the months he has left.  Today he announced he is going to end Obama Care without anything to replace it with.  That's right, with the help of the Suprmeme Court thousands of people insured throught the Affordable Care Act given to us by former President Obama will be wiped out.  Good luck yall!  Let's see what is left?  Social Security and the U.S. Post Office. 

Look out kid
They keep it all hid
Better jump down a manhole
Light yourself a candle
Don't wear sandals
Try to avoid the scandals
Don't want to be a bum
You better chew gum
The pump don't work
'Cause the vandals took the handles....(Bob Dylan song lyrics from the first revolution).

Closed For Business Until Further Notice Due To Wars

 I'm taking a war break: Remember, which ever side you're on, sides suck.  ~~ Eso Terry 

Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!