June 9, 2020

No one is 100 percent liberal or conservative. That's a start.

Tucker Carlson on Fox News is saying "The Liberals Are Coming For You!" 

That's right, we are going to cut your pay and sell off 1/2 of your assets so you have to live like the rest of us.

What an ass.  We don't want shit from you but truth, and what Tucker Carlson is saying is a another lie.

I'm going to forgive him though, for I see what the problem is.   The problem is that those of you who have something to lose are scared shitless.  You are afraid that when people-of-color are the majority (the year 2040 if not sooner) they are going to do to you as you have done to them.  They're not, so relax.   

You're life isn't going to change no matter what Tucker Carlson is telling you.  You'll still have your gated community with your mostly white neighbors, your closed-minded church organization, and your Rapid File Automatic Kill Tool if you like, what you won't have is liberals to blame any longer.  We're tired of it.  There are no pure "liberals" or "conservatives" and we all know it.  There is a scaling tool and most of us are more one than the other.  I happen to be more "liberal" than "conservative," but I'm not blindly toting the line like so many Republicans are doing now in defending Donald Trump when they know he is a madman who is destroying America.

Say what you will about liberals, but we bury our own when we have to.  We did it with President Johnson in 1967 when he sent in the U.S. Army to kill protester in Detroit during the 1967 Race Protest there.  What you probably don't know is the Detroit protest of 1967 was started when the police raided a party and began beating up and arresting black people.  The party they invaded was a welcome home party for two black men returning from Vietnam.  Of course you didn't hear that part, you just heard about blacks looting. Things got so bad in Detroit that President Johnson sent in the U.S. Army to stop the protesting -- he called it Riots.  After that thousands of liberals were on the streets protesting President Johnson and Johnson saw the writing on the wall and decided not to run for a second term.  Trump would do the same if more Republicans would stand up for what they believe.

Getting back on my "levels of liberal/conservative."  It's true.  Case in point:  I joined the Black Lives Matter march in Dallas Saturday.  It was great.  Having said this, I do feel sorry for the young police officers being hung by the public without a hearing, especially the guy who held Floyd by the legs and even asked his superior (the murdering cop) to turn Floyd over; this same police officer had asked the murdering cop to back off the only way he could, and when Floyd was put in an ambulance, gave Floyd CPR.  I don't put him in the same boat as the cold-blooded murderer with his knee on Floyd's neck.  So this liberal does have a conservative side which I'm in touch with.  Furthermore, we can't de-fund the police.  That makes as much sense to me as the deregulation policies of the Republicans.  It's bullshit, corporations are the same as crackheads on the streets and need to be policed, so enough with your Ronald Reagan Deregulation shit.  Corporations need to be regulated, and we the people, will always need cops.  Good cops.  This talk about "defunding" the police is bullshit and plays right in Trumps hand, so much, I have to wonder if this isn't a lie created by a Russian Bot?  We all back good cops.  When I was protesting the Young Republicans at a George Bush Rally in 2002 here in Dallas -- I'm a Veteran For Peace and we stood outside the convention building yelling at the young war mongers to join the military and fight Bush's War, which they thought was insulting: the cops were my only protection from those chicken shit college boys too sissy to fight for a war they voted for.

Wow, I just made my liberal with degree points of conservatism perfectly.  Didn't I?

So, yes, I'm a liberal, but I'll call bush shit on the policies of my party when it is time to.  Wouldn't it be nice if one fucking Republican chicken shit besides Mitt Romney did the same.   We might save the country. 

Closed For Business Until Further Notice Due To Wars

 I'm taking a war break: Remember, which ever side you're on, sides suck.  ~~ Eso Terry 

Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!